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LOCAL THEATRE GROUP TAKE TO THE STAGE OF ROYAL ALBERT HALL TO LAUNCH CHARITY SINGLE ‘Theatretrain Mill Hill is a local performing arts group and celebrated 25 years on Sunday 24th September in the Royal Albert Hall with the launch of ‘SOMETHING’ the Theatretrain Charity Single to help raise money for the ‘Theodora Children’s Charity’. The group run classes for children aged 6-18 years, that are held in Copthall School every Saturday. They are passionate about the performing arts. Through drama, dance and singing students can widen their skills and benefit from it. Through a specially created curriculum, these classes develop an understanding of how theatre works. Theatretain Mill Hill gives their students the opportunity to perform regularly in a local or West End theatre. If interested you are very welcome to come along for a free taster session with lots of fun. Contact: THIS MONTH p9 AUTUMN MARKET the photos p11 LIBRARY OPEN DAY get the full story with MHNF p36-38 All the news and fixtures from local sports

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ARTS PAGES October 2017 Vol 1 Issue 3

Comment Published by : Arc Media Group NW7 3LH EDITOR : Ray R Richards FEATURES WRITER : Eddie Mitchell

WRITERS : S A Alani Hugo Webster Caroline Oliver Mark Richards Farhat Dar John Gillett Vibe Markets IMAGES : Caroline Oliver Broadway News Mill Hill Guide John Gillett Vibe Markets Eric Duvet Graphics : Broadway Design & Graphics Advertising :


Thank you once again for reading our local newspaper in even bigger numbers. Up to 2000 viewed the September issue with many downloading and many reading online. It is still early days and we have not yet finalised our page design which we hope to do by the end of the year. In addition we still need more writers but are pleased to say we are getting more contributions every month. We have comitted to producing this Local News for 5 years as a project to help the area. Please spread the word about us. Please advertise with us. If you already advertise in the Guide then you get very cheap rates and we also offer competitive rates for one offs. Contact the Neighbourhood Forum. Any profit goes to the hub so it is a WIN WIN situation. Please get involved and the forthcoming Mill Hill Guide will have loads of information about local groups and organisations that you can join.



Thank you to everyone who is contributing. We are so pleased you want to write. ON MONDAY 18 SEPTEMBER we had an OPEN EDITORIAL MEET UP for everyone who writes or wants to write for us. It was a small but very helpful one hour. We will have another on MONDAY NOVEMBER 21st at 7p.m. please come along. Keep in touch on Social Media until next month !


ADVERTISING WITH We are non profit making. All proceeds will cover our online costs and any profits will go to NW7 Hub Charity. E MAIL CONTACT : John at

NEWS NEW TOWN SQUARE WORK BEGINS Last year the Neighbourhood Forum proposed a town square called a Pocket Park for the middle of Broadway. You can read more in the forthcoming Mill HIll Guide. This last week of September the work has started on the Broadway to create the park. See photograph below for the beginnings of the new square. Next month we will reveal all the details about the opening and events.

NEWS IN SHORT A small number of window breakings in early September has led to the creation of pressure group called “ A Better Mill Hill� - you can find them on Twitter Mill Hill Broadway News and Blog have created both Twitter (700 followers) and Instagram (100 followers) recentlty to help keep everyone in touch daily with local news,

NEWS SALCOMBE GARDENS GETS NEW SHOP FRONTS The exciting developments in Mill Hill continue with this local shopping area getting new shop fronts just this week. Yet another great project from the Neighbourhood Forum coming to fruition with grants to update and make better this neglected shopping area. Why not show your support for this local area by paying it a visit in October to have a look at the progress,


The closure of the Halifax and Nat West Banks in the last week of September has been greeted by dismay by Mill Hill bloggers and tweeters who took to the social nedia to complain about the closures adding time to journeys for shops and charities plus the growing number of empty bank properties on the Broadway. Broadway Blog has called for the Council to waive the rates for these properties and landlords to cut rental, to attract tenants. We will try and find out what is happening with these properties for you and come back next month with statements from the Council and the property owners about their plans. We agree that these buildings are fantastic assets to the area which need to be used not left as zombie buildings on the High Street.

NEWS IN SHORT The NW7 Hub Cafe opened on 4 September and by the end of the month we were pleased to see that when we visited it had many customers both drinking coffee and using the space for college work and meeting up. Do check it out and visit for a coffee. The Autumn Market was much busier than last year’s and saw large crowds come to Broadway where many of the stalls sold out of food and goods by mid Afternoon. See our photo report later in MH Today. FREE CAR PARKING is available in Mill HIll for 3 hours on Saturdays in the large station car park. You need to register. Check with the Mill Hill Neighbourhood Forum for details. We will provide more information about local parking and issues over the next few months. Let us know your views.,

NEWS The NW7 Hub is inviting all of Mill Hill to an open day which takes place on October 17th. For the details see the Community Page. The Barnet library changes did not please everyone, but the progress made by the local community in revitalising this asset to our locality is nothing short of amazing and deserves all our support. Look out for the BOOKS FOR SALE In the Hub Cafe - loads of great Christmas presents from just ÂŁ2 for glossy Coffee Table style books. The place is already busier than it has been for many decades and the cafe is a great meeting place for all ages.

This month you will get a 40 page colour copy of the latest MILL HILL GUIDE drop through your letterbox. If you have not had one by the end of October then call into the Hub to report this and they will arrange a copy for you, It has expanded shopping and restaurant sections plus loads of exclusive news about Mill Hill. Last year’s was incredibly successful and it promotes the area.

NEWS IN SHORT CHRISTMAS MARKET STALLS AVAILABLE There are still a couple of stalls available for the big CHRISTMAS MARKET which this year will have a stage and lighting ceremony in the new TOWN SQUARE over 2 days on Dec 1/2. Large crowds attended in the Autumn and it is an ideal 2 day event to bring your stall or business to sell to Christmas shoppers. Contact Vibe Markets via their website or twitter or email.

EATING & DRINKING MILL HILL GOLF CLUB OFFER SUNDAY LUNCHES AT JUST £8.50 Mill Hill Golf Club invites non members and members to join them for their Sunday Lunches every Sunday at their picturesque Clubhouse in the green of Mill Hill. At just £8.50 it is great value. There is plenty of parking and a safe grassy outdoor area for children to play in. The club asks that diners wear Smart Casual Dress. On NOVEMBER 11th there is live music with a NEIL DIAMOND TRIBUTE. Booking in advance is essential and there are two sittings at 1p.m and 3.30p.m. To book your table please telephone on :

020 8959 2339 option 5

Another great addition to places to eat in and around Mill Hill. Why not try it next weekend.

THE RESTAURANT CLUB Why not join this fast growing and exciting club if you like eating out . Based in Mill Hill and including discounts for many Mill Hill restaurants. FULL DETAILS FROM

MILL & BREW OPEN FOR BOOZE FROM 11a.m If you are looking for a place for an alcoholic drink on the Broadway then newly opened and very chic MILL & BREW Is fast becoming the place to have a wine or beer. They start serving at 11a.m and you can also find their excellent brunch menu and then a lunch menu each day. As well as coffees and cakes etc. Join Mill Hill’s newest place on Instagram for amazing food shots !

REVIEW | MHMTC Coffee Morning by Farhat Dar

The MHMTC had a good turnout and the treats donated included fruit tarts made with frutis from chairwomans garden, home-made cupcakes, ciambella and coconut and lime cake. Also doughnuts, samosas and sweets. We raised 150 pounds and counting as a lot of the leftovers will be bought and gobbled up by members during our rehearsals. A further £380 was raised by the NW7 Hub as well last week. With many thanks to all who attended and donated so generously at both events’ We will be doing another fundraiser next year... its an annual event now!

VISIT MHMTC for info about events

REVIEW | Autumn Market

The AUTUMN MARKET Traders came to the Broadway and look at the great food and other things that they brought along - packed for both days and most stalls sold out.

COMMUNITY A vitally important event for all local people takes place in October at The Library. Many people do not yet understand the massive changes that have taken place and now have an opportunity to come and find out for themselves about what is on offer and talk to staff about the centre. Do come along.


Mill Hill residents are invited by the NW7hub charity to an


at the Library building in Hartley Ave, Mill Hill, NW72HX on

TUESDAY OCTOBER 17th This event is in three parts; From 2.30 both the Library and the new CafÊ, Gallery & Business Zone will be available for you to view and discuss with our staff your reaction to what is now being provided, the events and activities you would like to see us organise and how you may benefit from the new amenities. From 5.30 until 7.00pm Local businesses will be invited to visit the new facility and to discuss how the NW7hub can help to boost the economy of our Town Centre. Of note here is that the 2nd Edition of the Mill Hill Guide will largely have been distributed to the 10,000 households in NW7 by 17th October. This guide is produced at cost, solely to raise awareness of what is available locally and to encourage Mill Hill residents to support local establishments. ¡

From 7.00pm until 9.00pm there will be a further opportunity for residents and business owners to visit us to see what is on offer and to network with local people. including at 8p.m The Opening of the Sir James Murray Room and Speeches in the presence of family members and the Deputy Mayor We hope this Open Day will be of interest to many in the Mill Hill community. Do please join us.

#MARVELLOUSMILLHILL As you may have seen MHNF’s Social Media Editor Caroline Oliver is currently running a hugely successful weekly social media project featuring local people. Make sure you visit Twitter - Instagram or the Facebook page every Wednesday evening to be first to see whether you know anyone ! Here are the four featured stars ftom ~September’s #marvellousmillhill. "A lot of what I do is word of mouth. A lot of the kids that have started have got sisters that will be following on. I think the classes get the confidence up in kids. After a couple of weeks some of the most shy students start to join in."

"I’m always looking for new clientele. It’s great meeting new people, you build up special relationships with your clients. They’re not just clients, they’re friends. They leave here feeling good about themselves."

Erna | Jumpup Dance School

Rachel | Beauty Therapis

"I’ve got lots of lovely, loyal customers that come back week after week. I’ve seen kids grow since they were three to now fifteen. Sometimes I employ them and they end up working for me."

"I love everything that Mill Hill is about. I will always remember a customer even if I haven’t seen them for a year. Mill Hill will always be here for me and I will always be here for Mill Hill."

Ruth | Fired Treasures

Romel | Day of the Raj

EVERY WEDNESDAY SOCIAL MEDIA Check Mill Hill Neighbourhood Forum Social Media Acounts #marvellousmillhill

Active Generation ( Over 50s) Wednesday Programme 2.15pm - 4.15pm Weekly social afternoon featuring computer tuition, Scrabble, art and occasional speakers/ events

Admission £3.00

September 6th Afternoon Social

CHECK WITH HUB VISIT or PHONE FOR DETAILS OF THE September 20th Afternoon Tea Party for Macmillan Cancer Charity OCTOBER EVENTS

September 13th On the Bench - Recollections of a Decade of Service as a Magistrate

September 27th Alastair Entertains - A Musical Afternoon

Where to find us : Mill Hill Library Hartley Avenue Mill Hill London NW7 2HX Telephone 020 359 3830 Email:


During the last 7 years nearly 100 years of history has been re-written by the Austerity policies of our recent Governments. Here is a brief look at how those services began and where. In 1931 the Parish of Edgware became part of Hendon U.D. with a population of 115,682 making it the largest urban district in the country this led to Borough Status the following year - 1932. Once Borough status was achieved local services were then provided, opening new schools and health centres and preserving open spaces for recreation. The Library Service improved by the opening of the Central Libary in The Burroughs Hendon in 1929 and was joined by new branches in Golders Green in 1935 and Mill Hill in 1937. The Metropolitan Police college also opened at the same time in 1935. Post war reconstruction was also organised through the Borough Council with a meeting in March 1945 calling for Education and Housing to be top of the agenda. Austerity was happening after World War 2 but our ancestors had a completely different approach to it. They put people - housing and libraries first. Unable to expand (Yes they wanted to expand) the Library Service in the Borough they arranged for a Travelling Libary in 1947. They also buit over 1,300 new homes between 1945 and 1952 in traditional units. Industrial sites were taken for housing. Further industrial improvements were made by opening Endeavour House to house various industrial concerns. The GLC was created in 1963 leading to the London Borough of Barnet in 1965. This now included Hendon (with Mill Hill) and Finchley, Barnet, East Barnet and Friern Barnet. interestingly, Hendon(Mill Hill) at this time had

the most highly developed services and its councillors fought a protracted but ultimately unsuccessful battle to name the new Borough Hendon.... Sadly, during the 1980s cuts began to Services in the whole of the UK. However, it was not until the Great Crash & Recession of 2008 (and continuing) that all services except those that were statutory were cut by the policy of Austerity. Our current local and national politicians will be judged harshly by history. You only have to look at the past to see how successive generations have always put people first and always cut services last not first. However, Mill Hill is once again fighting back showing the spirit that we had in the 1930s to 1965. Then we had the best services in the UK. The best community. The new Neighbourhood Forum, the myriad of new initiatives including Public Meetings, The NW7 Hub, Markets and Church led food bank collections, mean that once again as a community we can pull together. (with thanks to the London Borough of Barnet Archives & Local Studies Centre )

MH Today is a non politically aligned paper. We only represent the community. All political opinions are equal. Yet, our agenda is clear and simple we want to learn from history and work together with the whole community to create an oasis of friendliness and concern in North London.


We hope to feature many local buidlings and personal memories of Mill Hill in this section. So if you have a story to tell or some photos you wish to share of OLD MILL HILL ! Then please do.

SPOTLIGHT PROFILE INSURANCE Just round the corner from Broadway there is a Mill Hill company many of you probably dont know but is a real local asset which we think everyone should know about. Dealing with local and famous people. Friendly and helpful.............

The Rooms Where It Happens Profile HQ

Melanie Burns on Why she started PROFILE

It made sense to set up my new business in Mill Hill in 1997. I grew up in MH and its situation with transport links for both road and rail made it the perfect place to grow my business whilst feeling safe and secure in familiar territory. We started off 20 years ago renting a single unit in Trafalgar House and am pleased to say we outgrew less than 2 years later and found the perfect spot a mile up the road in Langley Park. We are a general insurance broker- we can provide cover for ANY type of insurance – car, home, travel , commercial , aviation, private medical, liability,,,you name it we can insure it !



We’re more of a boutique broker in that we don‘t really court passing trade ( one of the reasons that we don’t need to be actually on the Broadway ) We will insure everyone and anyone but do our business organically by recommendation and referral. Our clients range from self employed plumbers to Premiership footballers, pop stars. TV personalities, local businesses. Our clients are spread the length and breadth of the Country and even overseas in Europe and Iceland.

We have a brilliant team of specialists and looking to grow ( currently hiring ) and pride ourselves on the fact that a considerable number of clients have been with us since the birth of the company. My team is literally the best and offer a level of service and care that shines in an industry that is so often criticized for being self centred. Come and say HI – a thorough insurance healthcheck is free and without obligation.

THE PROFILE TEAM CELEBRATING 20 YEARS OF INSURANCE IN MILL HILL 1997 - 2017 Profile Insurance celebrated 20 years trading this year with a cocktail party in Home House to thank their clients

ARTS SECTION | News Award Winning Author Vaseem Khan Visits Mill Hill Library


A Journey to Modern India ... with a Crime Fighting Elephant Monday 30th October

In this section we will cover events which you cant find in most local or national papers. We like to think it wont be obscure events but the inside knowledge of the best of what the local and London arts scenes have to offer.

Mill Hill Library is delighted to host an evening with London based author Vaseem Khan, author of the Baby Ganesh Detective Agency novels. His series of three crime novels set in India features retired Mumbai police Inspector Ashwin Chopra and his sidekick, a baby elephant named Ganesha. The first book in the series is entitled The Unexpected Inheritance of Inspector Chopra and was published in August 2015. It went on to become a Times best-seller. Vaseem has stat-We will cover Opera, Concerts, Ballet, Exhibitions, ed that his objective with this series was to take readers to the heart of modern gigs, and theatre. India to give them an idea of what India “looks like, feels like, sounds like, smells We will give you links to tickets and cheap ticket offers. like, even tastes like.

Start time 8pm Admission free

Finally we want you to write for us.

So if you are an arts fan get in touch.

UP TO 13,000 VISIT MONTHLY SINCE 2010 VISIT For Breaking Daily News From the heart of Mill HIll



MUSICALS The West End musical books up quickly for December. Here are some popular ones you may like to try.

WICKED at the Apollo Victoria : is very popular with all ages. Featuring a female friendship it tends to be a great musical for girls over the age of 11. Retelling the Wizard of Oz story with fabulous songs from Stephen Scharz. Extra matinees are added in the Christmas holiday so sign up for emails about those but get in quick because they book fast. Tickets start at around £17.50. ALADDIN at the Prince Edward is based on the Disney film of the same name and tickets are available for all dates still in the next few months. You get a flying carpet and it appeals to children of all ages. Big songs and plenty of laughs. Dont forget MOTOWN at the Shaftesbury, and KINKY BOOTS at the Adelphi for an adult night out with great songs old and new. Tickets still available but these will also be very popular in December. and sell out early.

BALLET and OPERA There are THREE Nutcrakers available in December and early January. The Royal Opera House has a large number of performances starting December 5th and tickets are still available but going fast and some performances are already sold out. You can see ENB at the Colisseum starting at just £14/£7 as well and at the Royal Albert Hall you can see the Birmingham Royal Ballet for one week only.

Also at the Royal Opera House is the brilliant SYLVIA with Natalia Osipova in the lead which has some incredible music. At Sadlers Wells you can see New Adventures with their Cinderella which is highly recommended and very clever. Operas in December at the Royal Opera House include : Cav & Pag which is a fantastic production, Rigoletto also returns as well. Tickets on sale now and from less than a tenner.

FOOD and DRINK It is important to book your tables nice and early in the restaurants of the area.

Aldready THE ADAM AND EVE have opened booking for the Christmas Period and you can check out their menu on their website. www.adamandever. This year if you run a business or work in a school or wherever why not bring your GROUP for your Christmas Meal out to Broadway. We suggest this would be a great way of supporting the local ecoomy and giving our restauranteurs a happy festive period. We will feature any offerings here but why not go into your favourite place and ask for details ! MILL HILL is open for eating and drinking especially at Christmas.

PLAYS AND OTHER At the OLD VIC there will be A CHRISTMAS CAROL with Hollywood star Rhys Ifans taking the lead. A must see this festive period. Tickets selling fast so get in soon. At the Royal Festival Hall there is SLAVA’s SNOWSHOW which has received rave reviews and promises loads of snow and is a unique blend of performance. After the Nutcracker Circque Du Sol returns to the Royal Albert Hall in early January. NEXT MONTH We will update this section with even more Christmas Events and news about what tickets are hot and which are selling out fast.

Finally if you are running a Christmas Show or Event or Offer then please let us know.

CHRISTMAS SHOPPING SPECIAL NEXT MONTH Let us know your specials and opening hours.

VENUE FEATURE | NW7 HUB CAFE The NW7 Hub Cafe is a fantastic new space which can be hired out for events in Mill Hill. The room was built in the 1930s as part of the Library. Seating 80 comfortably and having a small cafe the venue is ideal for children’s parties and for small concerts and readings. The windows have blackouts so films can be shown and lighting used. It has already gained the attention of some very famous people - when tweeted from the Mill Hill Broadway twitter account last month one of the likes came from World Famous opera star MICHAEL FABIANO who is currently starring in La Boheme at Covernt Garden and is one of the big stars of New York’s Metropolitan Opera. We visited and found the acoustics and ambience of the room perfect for acoustic and classical music as well as readings. It can be viewed Monday to Friday from 8.45 to 5.30p.m because it is open for coffees to the public and for workers including students. The venue also has several other rooms for public hire and a fully equipped kitchen as well as fully serviced co-working spaces with lockers etc. Finally it offers a FREE WIFI connection if you are out and about in Mill Hill make sure you visit.

Art Classes Adults & Children with Marina Emphietzi

Tuesdays from 10th October 2017 Adults: Beginners: 10:30 am to 12:30 pm Intermediate: 1pm to 3 pm Explore your potential, whatever your current level , in fun and relaxing 5 or 10 week sessions, drawing and painting in acrylics and /or oils.

Children (from 8 years old): 4:15-5:45pm Fun. Creative. Stimulating.

Call Marina at 07534 604854 or Email

Hartley Avenue, Mill Hill , London, NW7 2HX Tel: 07970 250494



It’s been a hectic couple of months for new album releases, and the task of picking just one album of the month has been testing. For October we were torn between three contenders before something landed from the heavens. Trucker Diablo. They’re back and they mean business.

One of those few albums that arrests you on first listen, ‘Fighting for Everything’ is quite special. It starts with a bang and closes with an emotional punch in the face and, in between, the pace is relentless, the rhythms powerful and the rousing choruses are the stuff that could rock stadiums. This is a band that knows what they are about and in ‘Fighting for Everything’ they are making a clear statement on where they could be heading.

The album opener ‘Born Trucker’ makes an immediate impression and sets the tempo for the whole album – a signature Trucker rocker and one has the sense it would be a natural concert opener. In ‘We Will Conquer All’ I can pick up some of the band’s influences but the pace and magnetic guitar work keeps it fresh. This track along with ‘Drown In The Fire’ sums up well the feel of the album at large – an assertive mix of great melodies, driving riffs and rousing choruses. It’s direct, in your face and unapologetically fun. With ‘Voodoo II’ the gloves are off – from the opening chords there is a real attitude and swagger that you can only admire, even if you’re not an ardent rock fan there’s something here you will respect.

‘Let’s Just Ride’ is a dream track for radio – without doubt, the standout radio rocker on the album. This is one of those songs that has the potential to work well beyond rock media on mainstream radio: A real anthem for a Friday night driving home with the volume up and the windows down. A the modern day alternative to the likes of ‘Living on A Prayer’ or ‘Here I Go Again’ – classic rock staples loved by everyone and still played by radio. Rock music has always produced those special sing-along classics that stretch well beyond the rock community. ‘Let’s Just Ride’ along with Massive Wagons ‘Ratio,’ Theia’s ‘Home’ and Gasoline Outlaws ‘Breathe Again’ provide evidence that today’s rock bands are still creating gems for mainstream radio. It’s time for radio to notice them and play them. Next up is the title track ‘Fighting For Everything’ which I premiered during our radio hour special at the end of 2016. This song has survived the test of time well; every listen kind of retains the excitement of the first play. A very powerful, muscular song – a bit like Queen’s ‘I Want It All’ – I can see this track being adopted by people and groups fighting for things they believe in. It’s a modern day rally cry. The tail-enders on the album provides heavy rockers with an opportunity to put their black T-shirts on, let their hair down and shake it around. ‘Detroit Steel’ and ‘Die For You’ present fans with a brace of no-nonsense hard rock stompers with all the signature elements they would have loved from the early albums. Whilst this album hits you with an abundance of heavy riffs and attitude, don’t be fooled into thinking that Trucker Diablo is just another heavy rock outfit. For those that have heard ‘Where Angels Fly,’ it is clear that this band has a phenomenal eye for writing and structuring songs of immense power, depth and emotion. And they close the album with another emotional opus ‘When The Waters Rise:’ When it comes to combining rock power with soaring emotion, few in the music business do it better, more directly and more honestly than Trucker Diablo. This is rock with real heart. On my Friday rock show I’ve stopped talking about Classic Rock. I now talk about Contemporary Rock. From all corners of the UK, bright young performance rock bands are emerging. They’re not just the future – they are also the present; the bands setting out on new journeys and the bands on who we will depend to win new, younger audiences to guitar music. And Northern Ireland is fast becoming one of the exciting incubators behind this new generation of exciting rock bands. The Screaming Eagles, Gasoline Outlaws and Safire are bands we have covered in the past. Trucker Diablo are at the heart of this crop of bands – and with ‘Fighting For Everything’ we have one of the definitive heavy rock albums of 2017 – and an album that explains why it’s time for all of us to invest more time in tomorrow’s arena rock bands. The album will be launched on 14 October 2017.

GUY BELLAMY is the one of the UK’s leading ROCK DJ/JOURNALIST and EACH MONTH HE WILL WRITE FOR US AT MH TODAY CHOOSING HIS ALBUM of the MONTH. His hit show is on MERIDIAN 107FM and is available on the internet and on the TUNE IN APP.

ROH PREVIEW | Tickets on sale OCT 16th NEW SEASON

GENERAL BOOKING 9a.m 16 OCTOBER It is actually very cheap to go to the Royal Opera House but there are two things you need to know. 1. Only buy from the Royal Opera House website at 2. To get the cheap tickets you need to book on the day that booking opens and preferably at 9a.m on the day. Create your account first. So you can see the shows which go on sale in October to the General Booking and they include GISELLE which is a beautiful ballet, Tosca which is a fabulous Puccini opera and ideal to take first time opera goers to. For Opera fans a new production of Bizet’s CARMEN by Barrie Kosky and the rarely performed SEMIRAMIDE will be highlights. Christopher Wheeldons THE WINTER’s TALE is a fabulous ballet which has very reasonable tickets. Sit in the Amphitheatre for the cheapest tickets and the side centre are great value as is the first 12 seats in the Upper Slips. If you can stand then do so on the Balcony or Stalls Circle if any are left. I Don’t recommend Lower Slips standing at all.


Ballets from £4 and Operas from £8. With 50% of tickets under £50 in the whole theatre

For acoustic reasons it has become necessary to remove the seats on both sides of the Stalls Circle closest to the stage (shown above in grey). Occasionally, some of these seats may be reinstated and made available for sale at a later stage once rehearsals have started and noise levels have been assessed. If seats are released, Friends of Covent Garden who have identified an interest in these seats will be notified before they are released for general sale.

To see actual seat views, visit, choose your production, performance date and seating area, and then click on the available seats to see their views. Our current theatre was built in 1858, so please be aware that there are sightline, surtitles and legroom restrictions. See opposite.








ORCHESTRA STALLS A-T Sides STALLS CIRCLE A Sides, B Centre Sides BOXES* Grand Tier (price per seat) BALCONY B–C Centre ORCHESTRA STALLS A–B Centre, A–E Sides BALCONY A Sides BOXES* Grand Tier (price per seat) ORCHESTRA STALLS A Centre** BALCONY D Centre STALLS CIRCLE A Sides, B Sides, C Centre Sides STALLS CIRCLE A Sides, C Sides BALCONY A Sides**, B Sides†† AMPHITHEATRE B–G Centre, B–E Sides STALLS CIRCLE B Sides§, C Sides** BALCONY B–C Centre Sides**, A-B Sides** AMPHITHEATRE A Centre, H–K Centre, A–F Sides BOXES* Balcony** (price per seat) STALLS CIRCLE C Sides§† AMPHITHEATRE L–R Centre, G–K Sides BALCONY C Sides**†† AMPHITHEATRE S–T Centre†, A–B Sides**, C–S Sides


LOWER AND UPPER SLIPS Lower Slips**, SIDE UPPER SLIPS**§ STANDING Lower Slips**, Amphitheatre

AT ) /M

£9 £6

£13 £9





£37 £25 £28 £19









£46 £31

£59 £40

£78 £53

£140 £95

£148 £100

£165 £111

£173 £117

£185 £125

£9 £8

£13 £12

£30 £27

£39 £35

£48 £43

£62 £55

£82 £74

£147 £133

£156 £140

£174 £156

£182 £163

£195 £175

£9 £8

£13 £12

£30 £27

£39 £35

£48 £43

£62 £55

£82 £74

£147 £133

£156 £140

£174 £156

£182 £163

£195 £175

£6 £4

£10 £8

£14 £12

£24 £21

£35 £29

£56 £47

£66 £52

£85 £64

£95 £74

£103 £78

£112 £81

£115 £85

£6 £4

£10 £8

£14 £12

£24 £21

£35 £29

£56 £47

£66 £52

£85 £64

£95 £74

£103 £78

£112 £81

£115 £85














†† Wheelchair priority seats

£6 £5

£10 £8

£16 £14

£28 £20

£38 £31

£59 £49

£74 £58

£92 £73

£106 £84

£111 £89

£119 £97

£125 £100


For ticket prices to performances in other venues please see the respective production pages. *Boxes are only sold as four seats ** Restricted View § Bench Seats † Some are Friday Rush Tickets


AMPHITHEATRE V–W Centre** LOWER AND UPPER SLIPS Lower Slips**, Upper Slips**§ STANDING Stalls Circle†, Balcony**†

LOWER SLIPS Lower Slips**

L–M Sides**



ORCHESTRA STALLS C-D Centre, R–W Centre, H-U Sides BALCONY A Centre STALLS CIRCLE B–C Centre, A Centre Sides BOXES* Grand Tier (price per seat)

STALLS CIRCLE C Sides**§ AMPHITHEATRE T Centre**, U–V Centre†, B–E Sides**,








(E V









ROCK & POP & JAZZ Mill Hill has London’s leading rehearsal studios for music in particular rock, pop and jazz. There are many working in the Music Industry living in and around the area.


OCTOBER 9th 7.30p.m The erosion of the small venues in London has been ISLINGON ASSEMBLY a real problem for live music and Roger at Mill Hill HALL Music has led a campaign to #savelondonmusic AIR TRAFFIC which has brought attention to this by the media. This indie pop band from Bournemouth In this section we will list any gigs with a local link were signed to EMI and and support some of the best live artists in London, had three hit singles Send us your Gig Information and releases inforand a Top 30 album. mation and we will let people know about what is Then due to financial happening. cutbacks they were culled when EMI ran out LATEST RELEASES of money, BIG HITTERS START RELEASING FOR\ CHRISTMAS MARKET The major label acts are beginning to release their new albums for the Christmas market which is where the majority of CD and Download sales take place. So far we have seen MILEY CYRUS release her country tinged new album YOUNGER NOW which has some great tunes and a fun duet with her Godmother Dolly Parton. The festival favourites THE KILLERS also have released a new album after their short hiatus WONDERFUL WONDERFUL continues their hit making machine. Two excellent releases have come from rock/indie bands NOTHING BUT THIEVES second album is just as good as their debut and features strong songwriting and will appeal not only to guitar band fans but probably fans of pop as well. The band WOLF ALICE are unknown to most but again play atmospheric indie rock with a pop twist and their new album is well worth investigating. Of course you can find these on your streaming services - Apple Music - Amazon Unlimited - and Spotify. In addition you can go to Amazon. Sadly Mill Hill lost its last Record Shop nearly 10 years ago. So you cant go in person anymore and pick up a CD or vinyl locally. Next month we will feature more Christmas releases.

Now, on a 10 year comeback tour this is a gem of a band who should have been massive. You may have seen them on Jools Holland and they were playlisted on most stations 10 years ago. Great tunes and very good live. Album is on SPOTIFY and AMAZON UNLIMITED TICKETS ON SALE NOW £16 Hurry Most Sold https://www.airtrafficlive. com/

UPCOMING GIGS MON 6 NOV 7.30p.m THE SLAUGHTERED LAMB LISBEE STAINTON The Pop/Folk artist brings her UK Tour to London for one date at the cosy Slaughtered Lamb for an intimate night of top quality music. TICKETS ON SALE NOW £15 plsu information the-slaughtered-lamb/8xdpyrbf/lisbee-stainton

YOUR BAND YOUR GIG HERE Let us know FREE Tell NW London about your music !

REVIEWS/LISTINGS NEEDED If you go to a MusicalClassical Concert or Opera or Ballet or ANY local arts production then please do a review and send it with some photos and we will put it into the Newspaper !

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Contact us for more information if you want to discuss your review or just to find out how many words etc, We are a community newspaper. Share with us what is great out there !

REVIEW LA BOHEME SEPT 19 Royal Opera House After many years the Royal Opera decided to have a new production of La Boheme to replace the much loved John Copley production. That production had some memorable scenes so it was a big task to replace it. The omens were good when snow started falling onto the stage before the Opera had even started much to the delight of the gathering audience. It set the tone for a magical evening and a production which although not perfect was absolutely brilliant and has gained great critical adulation since opening a few weeks ago. The Opera is in 4 acts. The opening and closing are in the attic garrett flat of the young students. The second is in the Shopping and Cafe Momus and the third outside a pub in the streets of Paris. All were staged convincingly with stunning moving arcades in Act 2 and a Cafe Momus which was busy to the point of bursting and a stage so full of actors and children and marching bands that even the largest stage in the UK was barely able to cope. In Act 3 the snow fell throughout which made it a spine tingling piece of theatre to watch. Some had joked on opening night that they could see people in the audience opening Christmas presents - such was the glory of this effect. The cast for this opening show were young and included famous American tenor Michael Fabiano as Rodolfo and his Mimi was Australian soprano Nicole Carr. They sang superbly and had a great chemistry. In a late cast change we were treated to Joyce El Khoury as Musetta who played up the part and laughs in the Cafe to their fullest - and what a stunning voice. The chorus is now better than it has been for years with its new Chorus Master William Spaulding - who has taken them into new heights of excellence. Antonio Pappano conducted and his love of La Boheme was plain to see and hear. The orchestra gave it everything. A standing ovation greeted the ending and it was much deserved. This production is going to run and run. It returns in the summer - and tickets are on sale in March. Get a ticket - you will love this production if you love Theatre and/or music. We will tip you off about booking dates so you can get a ticket before it sells out !

REVIEW AKRAM KHAN’S GISELLE ENB SEPT 22 SADLERS WELLS Much heralded and very sold out it was with excitement that the audience entered Sadlers Wells to see this matinee performance which had been added of the new ballet by Akram Khan based on Giselle. The original music had been used as the basis of a contemporary score with industrial sounds and ethnic features. The story was told in the same way but through the device of a factory with an elite class ruling over the poor of which Giselle was one of the workers. It reminded me much of Metropolis the great 1927 film and later a musical. Two worlds which collided when the staging spun around vertically to remove the wall which divided the two classes. The choreography was exciting and moving. The dancing superb. For once the hype was true - this is a truly brilliant dance work. ENB are at the peak of their powers at the moment under the guidance of Tamara Rojo and the Corps are in fine form. The principals for this performance were all drawn from First Soloists and so were young and very suited to the parts. They all gave a great account of themselves - many were debuting in the role.

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So if you love Giselle and are willing to accept a new version with more of a modern vibe and choreography then this is a must see version. I do hope it comes back to London soon, because there are many who are yet to be able to get a ticket. I suggest you join ENB’s mailing list. In the new season they will bring THE NUTCRACKER back to the Colisseum in December and then LA SYLPHYDE and other McMillan ballets in January. In April they return to Sadlers Wells with some new American works in a mixed bill (Tickets on Sale on Nov 6) and in June to the Colisseum with McMillan’s ABT version of SLEEPING BEAUTY which is next summer’s must see ballet event along with the Royal Ballet’s new staging of SWAN LAKE at ROH. Go to :

Unit 3, Mill Hill Industrial Estate, Flower Lane, NW7 2HU Free Easy Parking Showroom Opening Hours: Monday - Thursday: 9.30 - 17.00 Friday: 9:30 - 15:00 Sunday: 10:00 - 14:00 Telephone: 020 8959 9552

WHAT’S ON local



Reviews from More Openings at The Royal Opera The Royal Ballet & ENO. South Bank + More Your Reviews ?


BO Mill Hill Musical Theatre Company annual mega

musical this year is the brilliant SISTER ACT at The Hartley Hall. Tickets ON SALE NOWt and make sure you book. First performed in the West End in 2009 and now a global sensation, musical comedy Sister Act is about wannabe stage star Delores Van Cartier on the run from her gangland boyfriend, who’s given refuge in a rundown Philadelphia convent. At first in conflict with the nuns in the convent, Delores helps to turn round its fortunes– and finds love with cop Sweaty Eddie. MHMTC is bringing the larger-than-life production, featuring the music of Oscar-winner Alan Menken, to the leafy Mill Hill suburbs with five performances running from Wednesday 25-Saturday 28 October 2017 at 7.30pm (Saturday Matinee at 2.30pm). See our PREVIEW for more news. Sister Act will be performed at Hartley Hall, Flower Lane, Mill Hill, NW7 2JA

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OCTOBER OCTOBER 30 7.30p.m MILL HILL LIBARY FREE AUTHOR TALK See Arts Page News for full details of the author Vasseem Khan


SEE THE NEW MILL HILL GUIDE FOR MORE EVENTS IN OUR DECEMBER EVENTS SECTION Next Month We will have all the new booking information for shows

NOV-DEC DATE : First Thursday of month 7.30p.m The Chandos NW9 COMEDY CLUB FREE Laughter and great food. Dont miss !

DATE 3rd Weds of month 7.45p.m Adam & Eve NW7 COMEDY CLUB £6 Top comedy and extensive food offering. Upstairs at the Adam & Eve presents award-winning comedians delivering a mixture of new material as well as tried and tested bits. 3rd Wednesday of the month Doors Open at 7:45pm Show - 8:00pm to 10:00pm Ticket Price: £ 6.00 (advance) / £7.50 (at the door) www.adamandevemillhill.


FRI 11 / SAT 12 NOV 10 - 6pm MILL HILL BROADWAY FRENCH MARKET Various Stalls Plenty to buy and eat at this popular market. Authentic French goods and food at great prices and music.

WHAT’S ON West End, South Bank & Herts OCTOBER


26th SEPT - 2nd DEC 7.30p.m London Coliseum AIDA £12 - £105 New production of popular opera. NOTE : Also booking for Rodelina, La Traviata, The Barber of Seville and more. Check site

SAT 30 September 7.30p.m St Albans Cathedral St Albans £12 - £40 THE SIXTEEN CHORAL PILGRIMAGE The world famous choral singers perform Palestrina etc. in a beautiful setting, 12th SEPT -14 OCT 7.30p.m ROYAL OPERA HOUSE Covent Garden £9 - £185 DIE ZAUBERFLOTE Mozart’s Spectacular opera THE MAGIC FLUTE with big tunes book now for cheap tickets 5th OCT - 30th OCT 7.30p.m London Coliseum THE BARBER OF SEVILLE £12 - £105 Ideal and fun introduction to Opera. Row B Balcony at £12 amazing value ! Looks superb. Book now for seats.

SEE THE NEW MILL HILL GUIDE FOR MORE EVENTS IN OUR DECEMBER EVENTS SECTION Next Month We will have all the new booking information for shows

Until September 9th Various/ Daily ROYAL ALBERT HALL South Kensington Promming £6 SEND US YOUR Various TheEVENT World’s cheapest IT IStop classical concerts. Book TOTALLY online on the dayFREE at 9a.m for £7,25 or join the TO BE LISTED Q from about 5p.m HERE

DEC-JAN 13th Dec to Jan 6th 7.30p.m London Coliseum THE NUTCRACKER From £14 to £79 English National Ballet Festive Favourite with half price for children.

Dec 5th until Jan 10th 7.30p.m ROYAL OPERA HOUSE Covent Garden From £5 - £125 The Nutcracker The Festive Favourite is booking fast Dont Miss.

2018 9th Dec to Jan 27th 7.30p.m SADLER WELLS CINDERELLA From £12 - £75 New Adventures favourite returns. Superb. http://www.sadlerswells. com/whats-on/2017/ June/July 2018 7.30p.m Young Vic Theatre The Cut From £10 - £40 FUN HOME The brilliant Broadway hit comes to London

Visit The South Bank Dec 21st-Jan 4th Travel to Blackfriars Station 7.30p.m from Mill Hill Broadway ROYAL FESTIVAL HALL direct. From £20-£105 You can walk along the South Bank and within 15 Slavas Snowshow minutes have access to the Christmas and snow. National Theatre, BFI, The You cant beat it. Show Royal Festival Hall. Further for all the family (8+) on down the road is the Young the South Bank. Vic and Union Theatres. It has

great walks and views !

SEND US EVENTS AT LEAST 7 DAYS BEFORE LAST FRIDAY OF MONTH Need to be accessible via Bus Routes or Thameslink from Mill Hill

WHAT’S ON| Mill Hill Jazz Club OCT 04 STUART CURTIS & K GROOVE A seasonal return of our favourite Klezmer(ish) band at the height of the Jewish Festival Season. (Following Yom Kippur Stewart will have atoned for all his terrible jokes last year and will be able to tell them all to us again with no hesitation !!!) His music however requires no apologies - rather than that, it is to be relished and enjoyed - funky, latiny, groovy and bluesy with more than a touch of the klezmery. K-Groove never fails to provide a source of ear to ear grins and simply great foot tapping rhythms. Sax, flute, clarinet and recorder player Stewart has “music for fun” deep in his bones and K-Groove provides the perfect forum for him to bring us all a great evenings entertainment. £8 Members, £9 Guests

OCT 11 TRACEY MENDHAM QUARTET Tracey is a tenor sax player full of sassy swing with a storming strong sound in the tradition of Dexter Gordon, Hank Mobley and Sonny Rollins. She also writes some catchy tunes, and comes recommended by Alan Barnes and Willie and Alex Garnett. With her own quartet tonight she’s travelling from her Essex home to bring us some real bebop and exciting up- tempo Jazz. £8 Members, £9 Guests

OCT 18 CHRISTIAN MILLER Having traded Astronomy for jazz, Christian Miller has played guitar with the broadest possible spectrum of British jazz musicians, ranging from traditional jazz star Adrian Cox to fusion virtuoso Mike Mondesir, and taking in the likes of Nigel Price, Heidi Vogel, Alex Garnett and Ian Shaw. Internationally, Christian has collaborated with New York musicians including swing scene favourite Gordon Webster and Brandi Disterheft, and rising star New Orleans reedswoman Aurora Nealand (Treme, Royal Roses.) Equally at home on electric and acoustic instruments, his current projects include: Kit Massey’s Hot Club of Jupiter, the Balagan Café Band, Southside Gypsy Trio, Big Fan, the Melange Collective and his own trio. £8 Members, £9 Guests

OCT 25 VAL’S JAZZ JAM The last Wednesday of every month sees MHJC filled to the brim with Jazz singers, players and listening aficionados who flock to the club to give of their best for the sheer joy of all. Professionals and gifted amateurs all raise their game to provide their very best performances for the benefit of everyone. Our regular professional house band comprising Paulo Losi on keyboard, Mike Paxton on drums and Steve Picking on bass provide both top rate support and solo performances. If we’re lucky and if time permits we might even persuade our hostess Valerie to sing too.. £5 Members, £6 Guests

Directions Mill Hill is located in North West London, in the borough of Barnet. The Mill Hill Jazz Club takes place at Mill Hill Golf Club’s Clubhouse. Check out the directions below :

100 Barnet Way Mill Hill NW7 3AJ

By Car If you want to get there by car, the Club is located near the A1, A41 and M1, so its very easy to get to us. The Club is very close to Apex Corner roundabout. For directions from your own location, please consult GOOGLE MAPS Also please note that although the official post-code is NW7 3AL – the Golf Club is on two sides of the A1 – NW7 3AJ should make it easier to get to the correct side!

DECEMBER 13 2017 to JANUARY 6 2018

INSIDE | Free ARTS Exhibition | Review

MANY EXHIBITS ARE FOR SALE They are not cheap in general because of their high quality and their high resale value However, owning art from this exhibition would be a way to give hope and money to prisoners who are trying hard to create a life for themselves rather than end up homeless and workless. You can ask for details of how to buy if you visit the exhibition.

We were kindly allowed to show you some of these pictures from the exhibition by those working at the exhibiton.



I visited before I saw an Organ Recital which we will review next month. As I entered the room it said on the entrance wall that most prisoners in England are locked in their small and smelly cells for 23 and a half hours a day. Meaning that they only get 30 minutes out of them to do things like make phone calls and have showers and so on. This is a national scandal but is the report of the PRT. How this helps criminals reform and prepares them for life outside seems impossible. However, in their cells and Education units in prisons they must be doing something right because the ARTS on display were superb and as good as any exhibition in London. Possibly with the subtext of their incarcaration making them even deeper as statements of the artists thoughts and feelings. I found the Music items were excellent. The songs from HMP Bronzefield a women’s prison are worth a visit on their own. Well recorded, performed and written in various styles. There are headphones to listen to the music and the poetry - which is very good as well. Artworks included scupltures and models as well as pen and ink - multimedia and tradional watercolour and oils. The message was INSIDE and what it meant to each of them. Some were very sad - and some inspirational.

For most people luckily they will never see inside the walls of a Prison, so the places are dark and secretive and very little information is genuinely known. The press print stories that bear no resemblance to the reality according to one person at the Proms who worked at Wormwood Scrubs. It is outside Wormwood Scrubs front entrance that the KOESTLER TRUST is based. A Charity that works with thousands of prisoners around the UK in the arts. They encourage and run an annual awards competition with real cash prizes and written feedback to all entrants. For many of those entering this is the first time they have ever been treated so well. The majority of prisoners come from the poorest backgrounds and often have been in care and neglected. We as a society ignore them and so this exhibition opens our eyes to their feelings and the sheer monotomy of being locked up in a prison.

This exhibition is on the basement floor. Allow yourself at least an hour or two. It is fantastic and you get a FREE GUIDE and their are people to answer your questions and a small shop. I am going again at least once - there are videos as well. I could not see everything in the time I had allowed. Spread the word that the hottest art exhibition is free and is by Prisoners. You wont be disappointed. Hear them.

FITNESS & WALKING WALKING IN BARNET | Footpath Map Available In the MILL HILL GUIDE 2018 which comes out during the next few weeks you can read about the area’s special characteristics and there are several photos and links to where to get the excellent local footpath map created by the Mill Hill Preservation Society. Later in the year we will be putting together some walking outings for anyone to join in FREE in order to write some pieces with photos about our local walks. Look out for infomation about the dates and how to join us in future editions. Keep walking - it is great for your health and Mill Hill has some of the best walks within the M25. If you are a walker and want to write about your favourite walks which are either in Mill Hill or reachable from Mill Hill - then please let us know and we will feature your work on this page. This is YOUR community newspaper and we welcome contributions every month and you are also invited to join our OPEN EDITORIAL MEETINGS which take place once every 3 months at the NW7 HUB on Monday evening for one hour.




Whether you are a novice, or an experienced diver the T O M D A L E Y

D I V I N G A C A D E M Y provides courses from beginner to those who want to start competing.

Come to P U B L I C D I V I N G every Saturday and Sunday between 2.00pm and 3.00pm at

Barnet Copthall Leisure Centre Champions Way Hendon London NW4 1PX . PHONE: 020 8457 9900


SPORT HENDON FC Hendon Football Club are historically the biggest in the local area. This year they have many special offers to entice you to attend their games. They play at SILVER JUBILEE PARK sports ground. OCTOBER FIXTURES Tue 03 19:45 Sat 07 15:00 Sat 14 15:00 Tue 17 19:45 Sat 21 15:00 Mon 2319:45 Sat 28 15:00


Enfield Town Billericay Town Tonbridge Angels Needham Market Worthing Wingate & Finchley Kings Langley

League - League - League - League - League - LSC - FAT -

7:45 PM 3:00 PM 3:00 PM 7:45 PM 3:00 PM 7:45 PM 3:00 PM

SARACENS RUGBY CLUB Support The European Champions

LET US KNOW ABOUT YOUR SPORTS CLUB and YOUR FIXTURES We are very lucky to have the Champions of Europe WRITE MONTHLY FOR US in Mill Hill. We are the only area with such a prestigMore Sports Pages Will be added if we get more ious sporting team in the UK at present. writers about local clubs. YOUR PAPER - YOUR COMMUNITY ! Allianz Park is a mecca for rugby fans worldwide and is constantly improving its facilities for fans. Sarries start their defence of the European Cup this month - they would love to see you there on 21st October to cheer them on to more success. They have started the season well and are already looking to challenge for the Premiership title.


Sat 8 OCT Wasps (h) ALLIANZ PARK Premiership

Sat 15th OCT Northampton Saints (A) Franklin Gardens European Cup Sat 21st OCT Ospreys 19.45p.m (h) ALLIANZ PARK European Cup Sat 28th OCT London Irish 15.00p.m (h) Allianz Park Aviva Premiership


SPORT by Hugo Webster Mill Hill Rugby Club 80th Season

Mill Hill has begun the season in a positive light with some wins on the table and fresh blood entering our ranks! Saracens returned to the Allianz Park on the 23rd and once again the clubhouse was packed from those near and far – a reminder to all that everyone is welcome here and we’re happy hosts to the community on match days. We look forward to October with both teams continuing their league campaigns each Saturday and Saracens taking on Wasps & London Irish.

Septembers results: Sat 9th Sept Finsbury Park vs. Mill Hill 1st XV – W: 10-29 Sat 16th Sept Mill Hill 1st XV vs. Cuffley – W: 34-17 Hemel Hempstead 3’s vs. Mill Hill 2nd XV – L: 22-10 (Game abandoned post 60 minutes due to emergency) Sat 23rd Sept Haringey Rhinos vs. Mill Hill 1st XV – L 20-14 Mill Hill 2nd XV vs. Fullarians 4’s – Postponed/To be rescheduled

MILL HILLL RUGBY CLUB Celebrating 80 Years

In our 80th year we are seeking to re-start women’s rugby at Mill Hill RFC. We can preach about it ourselves but we thought it best to hear from one who has some real experience! Kindly, one of our ex-players took the time to write about her experience and we hope that some interest from women in the local community will arise. Big thank you to Nicky Coote-Woolmore.

Rugby At Mill Hill RFC By Nicky Coote-Woolmore The first time I walked into the club, I was hooked. It was the camaraderie, the ethos, the family feel and the freedom. But, back then the idea of women playing rugby was almost in a foetal state. 1992,somewhere in North West London, my life was about to take an unexpected but welcome turn, which would eventually lead me to telling you all about it. It would be fair to say that back then, us ‘girls’ who attended the Saturday afternoon games, and then ventured into the bar, were pioneers of a sort. We were not wives or girlfriends (though we may have later become those),some of us were daughters or sisters and some of us had found the club more by accident than design. We started off as group that were there to support the men’s teams, to enjoy the rugby club antics and occasionally work the bar! It was a family and a home, the off season was quite torturous! I watched the guys training and playing, and began to wonder....I had heard about a fledgling group called the Women’s Rugby Union which the RFU was backing, turns out they were willing to come to clubs and talk about this blossoming sport. It was after that talk, that I put on a playing shirt for the first time, it was for my university team, I was unfit and knew about 10% of the rules! What was I doing? As I stepped out one rainy, cold evening in Winchester, I was a bag of nerves, worried I would do something wrong, make an idiot of myself, cause the others to rue my presence. And I did, several times! But, and here’s the crux, no one belittled me, no one laughed, we were in it together. We were a team. I had the bug, and so up on my return to London I joined Mill Hill Ladies, which by then had been 2 years in existence. A core of the team were the girls I had known in 92 and onwards, and there was new faces. There were girls and women who had rugby in their blood, and then there were those who this was literally a whole new ball game! The ladies in the team consisted of Mums, solicitors, Irish dancers, children’s nannies, medical reps, police women and accountants. We had the commonality of the love of the game. That team went on to win the league in 2003 and we went on several “tours” (it’s not all drinking and rude songs, that’s only a bit of It!) The friendship that were forged have lasted well over 20 years now, rugby has bred a closeness into many of us that exceeds any other sport in my opinion. The ethos at Mill Hill, which by the way still exists today, is absolutely one of friendship and family. Rugby is a physical sport, it demands that you put your body on the line, that you stand your ground and occasionally you take a nudge or two for your teammates. It’s what makes it fantastic, it makes it addictive and it makes you realise that life is for trying things outsider your comfort zone, having a go at something that society might perceive as unusual and for believing you are capable of anything your put your mind to.

Website: Facebook:\ Twitter: @MillHillRFC Google maps: MILL HILL RUGBY CLUB


Results on the day will be updated via our social media platforms, and monthly all results can be found here in Mill Hill Today.


You are Welcome Local residents are always welWe then open our doors for all come in on match days, whether heading to Allianz Park for Saracens’ home fixtures In general you’re just looking for a place the club will always be open 3.5 to watch the televised rugby in hours before a Saracens kick off. front of a fire or coming in for a drink while walking the dog.



News & Arts reviews from NW7 and London. Previews and Listings.


News & Arts reviews from NW7 and London. Previews and Listings.