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February 2018 Vol 2 Issue 1 Issue no. 7

FROM DARKNESS TO LIGHT On the first Saturday in January a local shop worker Vijay Patel was attacked on Mill Hill Broadway after an incident with three teenage boys aged 15 and 16. He died in hospital on the Monday. The Police arrested and charged one of them with murder within days. The incident has deeply shocked the Mill Hill community. We have a low crime area but recently have seen much low level vandalism taking place in the area. This was not expected and the community have rallied around the family of the worker. The following Saturday a Candlelit Vigil was held on the Broadway outside the shop Rota Express where Mr Patel worked. A large crowd gathered and heard words from the Bishop of Edmonton and Father Stephen from St Michaels and from Mr Patel’s local community leader. An appeal is raising money for the family. In addition a further event is planned for February 10th at Sacred Heart Church where the community will gather again for food and celebration of his life.


Comment Published by : Arc Media Group NW7 3LH

EDITOR : Ray Richards COPY EDITOR : John Gillett ARTS EDITOR : Mark R Richards GAMING/INTERNET/YOUTH : Samantha Elliott MARVELLOUS MILL HILL : Caroline Oliver SPORTS EDITOR : Hugo Webster WRITERS : Richard Logue Hugo Webster Caroline Oliver Mark Richards Farhat Dar John Gillett Niamh Vibe Markets IMAGES : Caroline Oliver Broadway News Mill Hill Guide John Gillett Vibe Markets

The first month of the year started with sad news and we offer our condolences to the family of Vijay Patel. This is a rare event which made it very shocking. Special thanks to one of the people who helped Mr Patel after the attack for writing for us. A real hero. Plus the community has pulled together to support the shop and the family in a fantastic way. Mill Hill has a growing community and everyone needs to work together to get things done and to maintain the small town - village feel of the area. It is possible.

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On a positive note : Mill Hill Litter Pickers started their monthly clean ups in January at the Mill Hill Park. Around 20 locals grabbed litter pickers and had coffee afterwards, both supplied by Zoe Samuelson. The Neighbourhood Forum’s Caroline Oliver was also a driving force in the setting up of this group who writes for us and the Neighbourhood Forum. Let’s all try our best for Mill Hill this month. ARTICLES FOR NEXT ISSUE SEND TO

ADVERTISING WITH We are non profit making. All proceeds will cover our online costs and any profits will go to NW7Hub Charity. E MAIL CONTACT : John at

NEWS NEW LEISURE CENTRE AT COPTHALL Barnet Council have announced they are building a new leisure centre at Copthall. Including the other new one in New Barnet they are spending ÂŁ41 million to help boost sport and pphysical activity in the area. Graham Construction Liminted will b ebuilding the centres and it should be complete by summer of 2019. So not long to wait. The state of the art facilities that will be offered at the new Copthall include : Learner Pool Community Pool ( 25m 6 lane ) Competition Pool (25m 8 lane) Cafe Sports Hall Health and Fitness Suite Three health improvement rooms The work started in early December with removing obstructions and creating office space for construction staff. A hoarding now surrounds the site.


Shop closures : The recent month has seen a few shops close. Hees Chinese Takeaway has closed. As has The Creamery. The new supermarket is not yet open next to The Bridge Tavern but work is progressing well.

mh today February 2018

FEATURE PENTAVIA PARK PLANNING Pentavia Retail Park - Planning Application 17/8102/FUL The above referenced application has now been submitted to Barnet Council for consideration. It proposes the Redevelopment of the site including the demolition of all existing buildings and construction

of 717 new Build to Rent residential units (Use Class C3) along with 745 sqm of ancillary residential facilities, 985 sqm of retail floorspace (Use Class A1), 558 sqm of food and drink uses (Use Class A3 and A4), 152 sqm of community floorspace (Use Class D1) within buildings ranging from 5 to 15 storeys, a new pedestrian access off Bunns Lane, open space, landscaping, car parking, acoustic mitigation and highway / pedestrian improvements (Environmental Statement Received) | Pentavia Retail Park Watford Way London NW7 2ET.

The pictures below illustrate how the proposed development might look against the previous scheme which has been withdrawn. Below their images you can see the 2 storey homes we have today.


Please Express your views The Mill Hill Neighbourhood Forum have given their views on the application in an “open letter” which you can review at the following link: ategorized/open-letteropposing-the-application178102ful-for-developingpentavia-retail-park-nw7/ You should e-mail the Case Officer at Barnet Council:

with a copy to the GLA:

Alternatively, you can write to Carl Griffiths, Major Projects team, London Borough of Barnet, Barnet House, 1256 High Road, N20 0EJ With a copy to Sarah Considine Planning, GLA City Hall, the Queen’s Walk, SE1 2AA.

The MHNF is not against development per se, but this application could so drastically change the suburban nature of Mill Hill, as it is so out of kilter with everything the residents hold dear. We need everyone to express their views now please.

You also have the option to comment on-line at: uk/onlineapplications/applicationDetails. do?activeTab=summary&keyVal =P1BG4KJI0CJ00 The official deadline for comments is stated to be 6th February but as this is a “Major” planning application comments must be taken into consideration if received through February!

NEWS MILL HILL LITTER PICKERS In an initiative formed from Mill Hill Families by Zoe and Caroline a task force of 15 litter pickers descended on Mill Hill Park on the First Saturday morning of January and cleared the area and surrounding roads of rubbish. Over 20 bags were collected. Coffee was provided and it was a very enjoyable morning. The two major local blogs were represented Barnet Eye and Broadway News. The next event will take place in February. Keep reading the blogs or Mill Hill Families and you will find out when. All welcome. Litter pickers and high vis vests are available cheaply on Amazon. Some are provided. If you have an area which you think has too much litter and you want the MILL HILL PICKERS To blitz it then contact us and we will pass it on. NEXT LITTER PICK : 4 FEBRUARY time and place announced on Mill Hill Families on Facebook.

NEWS IN SHORT OPEN EDITORIAL The second open editorial meeting at the NW7hub took place on Monday 20 November. The next one takes place on MONDAY 19 FEBRUARY at the NW7hub and is at 7p.m It only lasts one hour and is a great way to get involved in our local community. Please come and join us.


mh today February 2018



This is the moment that GTR’s first Thameslink train, on a test run, makes history as it pulls into the newly-built platform 5 at London Bridge on New Year’s Day. The eight-carriage Class 700 (known as a reduced length unit, ‘RLU’) was the first passenger stock to cross over the new Bermondsey Dive-Under before it arrived in the through platform from New Cross Gate, at 19.24. The train stopped for a short while for platform and signal interface checks before carrying on to Blackfriars via the newly-commissioned Metropolitan and Blackfriars junctions. Cross-London Thameslink services stopped running via London Bridge in January 2015 and will resume after further testing and an intensive period of driver training in order to enable the major timetable change in May this year. Network Rail successfully completed the five new platforms and final section of the massive new concourse at London Bridge on 2 January. Platforms 4 & 5 will be dedicated to the new Thameslink service which will have a clear run from Blackfriars through to London Bridge and beyond thanks to the new dive-under at Bermondsey and a new viaduct built over Borough Market and Borough High Street (the latter now used by Charing Cross services). GTR project manager Gwyn Jones has been working on the Thameslink Programme since 2008 and was on the first test train. “It was a big moment to be on the first Class 700 train travelling on the new infrastructure into London Bridge and Blackfriars. The work will bring Thameslink back into London Bridge with dedicated routes, unblocking a bottleneck that will allow us to massively expand the Thameslink network this May.” Simon Blanchflower, Network Rail programme director for the Thameslink Programme, said: “This has already been a year of ‘firsts’ and this test train was a key moment for Thameslink. From this May trains will run from platform 5 at London Bridge, offering new journeys and destinations from what has become one of the biggest and best stations in the country.”

MARKETS NEWS 2018 DATES and INFORMATION Join us on Mill Hill Broadway for seasonal markets on the following dates during 2018: 17 March

Nowruz Iranian New Year Festival (TBC)

4-5 May

Mill Hill Spring Market

29-30 June

Mill Hill Summer Festival

21-22 September Mill Hill Autumn Market 2-3 November

‘France at Home’ French Market

30 November – 1 December Mill Hill Christmas Lights Switch On and Festive Market Stay tuned for details of the proposed monthly market in Mill Hill Town Square! Police Reports: ▪

There have been two recent Knifepoint related incidents on Mill Hill Broadway NW7, not linked

the recent murder. These however were linked the markets, offender was arrested, For more informationtoor to apply for incidents a pitch at one of and the please contact Vibe charged and remanded to court. ▪ An isolated incident happened Mill Hill Broadway LT station on 24 January atMore 1720hrs details are availaMarket at oroutside whereby a member of public was assaulted. This is not related to any other recent local incidents! If you have any further information about this incident please 101. Incident reference number is ble at CAD 5966/24JAN18 th

▪ ▪

Click here to see what action the police are taking against knife crime at #StopKnifeCrime

Mill Hill Police

(for details see )

Nowruz is the day of the vernal equinox, and marks the beginning of spring in the Northern Hemisphere. It marks the first day of the first month (Farvardin) in the Iranian calendar. It usually occurs on March 21 or the previous or following day, depending on where it is observed. The moment the sun crosses the celestial equator and equalizes night and day is calculated exactly every year, and families gather together to observe the rituals. Although having Iranian and religious Zoroastrian origins, Nowruz has been celebrated by people from diverse ethno-linguistic communities. It has been celebrated for over 3,000 years in Western Asia, Central Asia, the Caucasus, the Black Sea Basin, and the Balkans. It is a secular holiday for most celebrants that is enjoyed by people of several different faiths, but remains a holy day for Zoroastrians.

mh today February 2018

PENTAVIA PARK UPDATE Mill Hill’s Town Centre.

You are cordially invited!

The most talked about issue in Mill Hill for many years is the new proposal to build a huge development on the vacant PenRecent events have given us all cause for concern. Mill Hill has always been considered to be a safe tavia Park Retail sitepeople next toare theunderstandably Park including an 18 story tower block. very is strong against suburb and worried about what has Feelings changed.are There no doubt thatthis weplan are in the community eachsuch month we will leadingfront community leaders and political figures to share their opinions. MH Today is betterand facing issues withget a united rather than taking piecemeal actions. against the current plan. The retail landscape is changing and in last month’s article we talked about the fact that for a town to thrive it needs a co-ordinated approach to defining and directing its future. Accordingly, we would like to invite all shop and restaurant owners or managers, together with business leaders to a short meeting in the NW7hub on February 28th at 5.45 for 6.00pm. We will not keep you long but it is important that you all respond to this call for action. We must have everyone’s ideas on the table and a forward plan of action agreed by all. While some of you may compete, none of you have different strategic goals and while I know that some have tried to get unified action going in the past, there has never been a more urgent need for everyone to pull together to determine joint priorities and actions. At the event we will review a number of possible initiatives for your consideration and listen to your views and concerns. We will provide a little wine and nibbles, and a great incentive for those who attend. Please put the date firmly in your diaries and encourage you colleagues to attend. To paraphrase the allo, allo, series “We can only say this once”. John H Gillett.

NW7hub is located in the Library Building, Hartley Avenue, NW72HX

Please also be advised that Barnet Council are creating a Directory of Local Businesses. They plan to launch it in April but businesses can register now at:

• Its FREE


MAKE SURE YOU READ MH TODAY EACH MONTH & KEEP OWL keeps communities safe, helps reduce crime and keeps people of what's going on locally. It's LOOKING AT SOCIAL informed a shared, secure platform for the public local authorities to maximise the MEDIA FOR ANY and potential of Neighbourhood Watch, Rural Watch, Business Watch and dozens of URGENT other schemes. OWL sends you the latest local crime alerts and provides tools for maintaining and DEVELOPMENTS management expanding watches. OWL was recently

featured on BBC Crimewatch. (Watch clip)


Although not fully implemented across Barnet You can register now at:

mh today February 2018

Specialists in wedding and event planning here in the UK and in Florence, Italy For a bespoke and personal event planning service contact: Michelle Jacobs Mob: 07734 976459

NEWS | From NW7Hub

Also available are BOOKS covering Art, history, reference, cookery, humour and much more available in the NW7Hub cafe every day with most under £10

OPEN WEEKDAYS 8.45a.m to 5.30p.m With Great Cake and Coffee plus soft drinks and snacks !

mh today February 2017

FEATURE | Working on Broadway Have you ever wondered when you buy your coffee in one of the great coffee cafes on the Broadway what it is like to work in one ? We are pleased and grateful to Niamh for writing for us to tell us about her day ! This is her second installement If you work in Mill Hill please let us know about your day !

Unfiltered News : Entering the World of Brunch. For me, breakfast has always been more of a rushed snack than something I’ve treated as the critically acclaimed ‘most important meal of the day’. Although I’ll never skip breakfast, I have disrespected breakfast in more ways than I can count. Breakfast is half toasted bread whose spread cuts corners, cereal eaten dry, eaten on the way out, on the way there and occasionally, once I’ve reached my destination. Porridge has been ignored and granola, stereotyped. I’d say sorry to breakfast, but it has recently come to my attention that I should really be apologising to myself. I only realised the error of my ways on starting work as a waitress. When learning the menu, I questioned why brunch was so dominant, to which my colleague Ron, certified Mr. Know It All, nonchalantly replied, ‘Mill Hill loves brunch’. I screwfaced. ‘What? So, brunch is not a sacred meal saved for Christmas day and American families on road trips?’ ‘Yeah. Didn’t you know that already?’ Clearly not. Well what else don’t I know about the town in which I live? I thought. I didn’t say this aloud, for I’m sure Ron would have an answer to my rhetorical question. ‘Well actually…’ he’d start, just as I’d grab a trayful of dirty plates and make a run for the sink. In times of trauma, washing dishes can be extremely therapeutic. As the silky bubbles would slide over my hands and the pile of dirty plates would diminish I’d start to think about brunch. I’d think about how brunch seems to be a great excuse to move breakfast towards lunch and about how there’s rarely any lunch food involved in brunch. The only difference between breakfast and brunch is that it is acceptable to have an alcoholic drink with one of them. Not that we do that in Mill Hill! Brunch is, I’ve learnt, never a chore; It eggs don’t need to be woken up early for. It’s almost always social; It’s syrup dipped French toast mingles with bananas and strawberries. It doesn’t conform to schedules; often it’s available all day. Best of all, no one tells brunch that it must be healthy, unhealthy, sweet or savoury. So, I will be dragging myself out of the house at the next opportunity for this morning meal. Perhaps, I’ll drag a friend along too, just to make a point. For I now understand what all the fuss is about and I feel that if Mill Hill has fallen in love with brunch, then I must learn to be in love with it too. Niamh

mh today February 2017

COMMUNITY In community news this month we are pleased to share the latest developments at our local community centre THE NWhub. See the ads on this page and opposite to see daily activities - many of them free of charge or with a very small cover charge. You can use the cafe to work in for FREE if you buy a coffee etc. and this is a quiet place with excellent tables - and if you want you can hire a business hub workspace for the day or longer in rooms set apart from the public and with proper desks and chairs and other facilities. Go and have a look - it may surprise you that such a facility is available in Mill Hill. New pricing for the business hub is now happening check the hub space website here : THE MILL HILL GUIDE IS AVAILABLE IN THE CAFE IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A COPY

BUSINESS HUB FREE to work in the CAFE weekdays FREE Wifi available ( We ask that you buy some coffee etc) DESKS AVAILABLE Various Costs dependent on use MEETINGS ROOMS Available for hire for your business meetings LECTURES/CONCERTS/SUB 100 THEATRE/ MUSIC PRODUCTIONS The whole Hub is available to hire with various spaces to promote events up to 100 seated for your music or drama or comedy events



Social Media Editor Caroline Oliver

As you may have seen MHNF’s Social Media Editor Caroline Oliver is currently running a hugely successful weekly social media project featuring local people. Make sure you visit Twitter Instagram or the Facebook page every Wednesday evening to be first to see whether you know anyone ! Here are the four most recent featured stars #marvellousmillhill.


SOCIAL MEDIA Check Mill Hill Neighbourhood Forum Social Media Acounts #marvellousmillhill

COMMUNITY UPDATE in the light of recent incidents we will carry up to date information from the local police Police Reports: ▪ ▪

▪ ▪

There have been two recent Knifepoint related incidents on Mill Hill Broadway NW7, not linked to the recent murder. These incidents however were linked and the offender was arrested, charged and remanded to court. An isolated incident happened outside Mill Hill Broadway LT station on 24th January at 1720hrs whereby a member of public was assaulted. This is not related to any other recent local incidents! If you have any further information about this incident please ring 101. Incident reference number is CAD 5966/24JAN18 Click here to see what action the police are taking against knife crime at #StopKnifeCrime

Mill Hill Police

(for details see ) Arts & Crafts Fair at the Introducing the first NW7hub (Library Building) Hartley Avenue, NW72HX Saturday February 24th between 2.00pm & 5.00pm

20 Local artists will be displaying their creativity and offering their unique products for sale. There will be handmade jewellery, glassware, photographic art, paintings, hair bows, ladies and children’s fashion, fun & affordable gifts for men and women, Henna crafts and more.


Our Youth Editor is college student, Games Designer and Musician : Sam Elliott : If you have a story you want her to cover about the Net - or an activity then please contact her using this address

FUNNY VIDEO MIOW !!!! user/HowToBasic

This is a channel where a man titles his videos as food tutorials but you are surprised when you see something completely absurd and hilarious appears on screen. He does many wacky videos depicting him destroying recipes and taking drastically funny turns on recipes. He invents his own style of humour and is very authentic com/watch?v=fujYoh0SXBs&t=10s

He loves eggs! I personally love his videos they always make me laugh in my free time and brighten up the mood with his unique recipes.

FAMILY SEASON Summer and Winter 2018 at Mill Hill Library

Wizard of Oz Theatrical Experience Come join the great & powerful Oz for his interactive magic show!

Halloween Fun Day Fun day of scary face paints, spooky singing and monster mashing! Fairytale Ball Dance the day away with all your favourite fairytale characters!

Christmas Pantomime Brand new professional pantomime!

TRIBUTE TO VIJAY PATEL from A Witness at the Scene

The recent attack on shopkeeper, Vijay Patel, is an incident that personally touched me. As one of the first witnesses on the scene, I was with Vijay and shop owner, Abdullah, in the immediate aftermath of the attack. I hope it provides Vijay’s family with some comfort to know that he was surrounded by people who cared about him; putting him into recovery position, keeping him warm and aiding the efforts of the ambulance service. Vijay was a gentle man who came to England to work in order to support his wife back in India and children studying abroad. Unfortunately, by simply trying to uphold the law and protect his shop from being vandalised, Vijay suffered as a result of one act of thoughtless aggression. The entire incident feels extremely unjust; on Vijay, his family, and Abdullah, who has lost a friend he described as, “the best man in the world”. We never expect incidents like this to happen on our doorstep but this is too close to home. The Mill Hill community has been incredible in its support of Vijay’s family. However far £30,000 goes here, it will go a lot further in India. I hope this is a call to action to look out for Rota Express and our local shop owners and be alert and vigilant so that we can prevent something like this ever happening again. Anon.


SPECIAL OFFER 16 Months for Price of 12

mh today February 2018


VER POETS OPEN COMPETITION 2018 The locally run competion is open to all over 16 years old and closing date for entry in April 30 2018. It is run by Adrian Buckner the poet. Details Poems should be no more than 30 lines in length Each poem should be typed clearly in English on one side of A4 Two copies need to provided of each poem Competitors names should not appear anywhere on these sheets or in the poems Entry Forms are available from the NW7 HUB / Library You can submit any number of poems for £4 per poem 3 poems for £10 and £2 per poem afterwards. A donation will be made to Grove House which is a cancer centre. The winners will be awarded at The Maltings Arts Theatre St Albans on June 30th.

A smaller section this month because January is a quiet time for shows and concerts but we have several reviews. Plus look at the listings for future events. With the new Arts Centre at the NW7 Hub and Market Square doing events this year in the heart of Mill Hill it will be a great year for the arts in the area. Send us details of your classes - events - concerts etc. We would love to hear from you.

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Every spring, Mill Hill Musical Theatre Company stages a private party for its patrons – the people who support us financially with a (minimum) annual subscription of £15 (£8 for under 16s). Not to put too finer point on it, the Company would not exist if it wasn’t for our patrons. As it gets harder and harder to make a profit from the main autumn shows, there is a bigger and bigger reliance on this invaluable type of financial support. These Patrons’ Parties for the past few years have been in the form of a revue, including 2014’s A Night At The Oscars featuring Academy Award-winning favourites, and in 2017 we performed songs with boys or girls names in the title in Name That Tune. This year, however, MHMTC is putting on a full-blown musical – and rehearsals of Sandy Wilson’s hit musical comedy The Boy Friend are in full swing. All our members are enjoying the nostalgic, Twenties-style songs including I Could Be Happy With You and the title number, the hilarious, saucy dialogue, Margaret Dewar excellent, tongue-in-cheek musical direction, and director/choreographer Nikki Hurley’s charming, fun dance moves. MHMTC’s patrons are invited to attend our spring shows for free, as long as they have paid their subscription and have booked a ticket through Patrons’ Secretary Sharon Brandelli. These performances are not open to the public. The Boy Friend is being staged on Friday 13 and Saturday 14 April from 7.30pm, at Hartley Hall, Flower Lane, Mill Hill, NW7 2JA. Patrons also get advance booking for our main autumn production along with reduced ticket prices for the gala performances (Friday and Saturday), plus invitations to our twice-yearly quiz evenings and other occasional functions and events. If you would like to become a patron, and also see The Boy Friend, email Sharon Brandelli, Patrons Secretary, at or call 020 8449 4943.

mh today January 2018

BOOK Review | Locally Based Story

mh today February 2018


THE NUTCRACKER ENGLISH NATIONAL BALLET London Colisseum ENB’s Nutracker is a real treat for the family. Packed out over Christmas week we visited to see the legendary ballet at a matinee. It was a great show. The dancing was excellent and there was humour throughout the performance making families especially happy. This production has been coming back to the Colisseum for some years now and it is easy to see why it is so popular. Ideal for all ages and it looks great with sparly costumes - a balloon ride scene and snow. Already looking forward to going next year. Book early !

GREGG MORRIS Bach Organ Recital 8 January ST MARTIN IN THE FIELDS Gregg Morris started his Bach series of concerts in October and he finishes in June. This was a special event at St Martin in the Fields in Trafalgar Square where a full church enjoyed an hour of Bach on the fabulous organ. Gregg played a series of preludes and Sonatas which were seasonal in nature for Epiphany and the Christmas period. The hour went by very quickly and it was a great way to spend a luncthime listening to music which certainly makes you feel relaxed and ready to face the rest of the day at work.

REVIEWS & LISTINGS NEEDED If you go to a MusicalClassical Concert or Opera or Ballet or ANY local arts production then please do a review and send it with some photos and we will put it into the Newspaper !

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Contact us for more information if you want to discuss your review or just to find out how many words etc, We are a community newspaper. Share with us what is great out there !

London Philharmonic Russian Classics January 17 ROYAL FESTIVAL HALL We have mentioned that the Festival Hall is a lovely walk away from Thameslink’s Blackfriars Station making it easy to get to from Mill Hill Broadway. On a Wednesday evening in January a packed out Festival hall watched one of the best concerts I have ever seen at the Festival Hall. Featuring three Russian pieces with a Russian conductor and a Russian pianist. The audience loved Tchaikovsky’s 4th Symphony with its theme of fate - Khachaturian’s Adagio from Spartacus and the fantastic Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto No 3 in D Minor. A visit to the Festival Hall is always a fantastic night out. This was one of the best I can remember. MIKHAIL AGREST conductor ANDREY GUGNIN piano LONDON PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA

mh today February 2018


RIGOLETTO ROYAL OPERA JANUARY Royal Opera House The Royal Opera have brought back Rigoletto for the New Year and it is a spectacular show. Opening with an orgy - which attracted a heckler from the audience ! and telling a story which ends in mistaken identity and death. Featuring the brilliant Michael Fabiano as the Duke - who you may have seen on your TVs over Christmas as Rodolfo in La Boheme. The cast was excellent. The singing superb. The staging is brilliant moving the action quickly and the second act felt like only a few minutes had passed because the intensity was so great. This is an Opera production which is tremendous to watch and very enjoyable. If it returns again - which I am sure it will - then get yourself a ticket. SALOME ROYAL OPERA JANUARY A production of Richard Straus single act opera Salome is always something to look forward to. This production is stark and highlights the imprisonment of John the Baptist whom Princess Salome has taken a fancy. There is stunning music and the bloody finale is done superbly - as well as the Dance of the Seven Veils which Salome is forced to perform. This is an opera which will leave you spellbound and its jaw dropping ending is a real coup de theatre. Tickets may still be available for the last few performances. The cast were excellent and it is another in a run of great successes at the Royal Opera in this season.

mh today February 2018


mh today February 2018


London Pro Arte Choir

Saturday 24 March 2018 at 7.30pm St Michael’s Church, Flower Lane, Mill Hill NW7 2JA


Mass in D

Poulenc Gloria

Charles Andrews - Organ Tom Winpenny - Conductor Tickets: from Kilworth AudioVisual, 91 The Broadway, NW7 3TG or or phone 020 8420 7238 £14 in advance or £15 on the door; under 18 years - free

GET INVOLVED local arts


The Mad Hatter's Tea Party 6th, 7th & 8th April

ÂŁ7 per child

Meet Alice and the White Rabbit as they take you on their journey through the library to find the Mad Hatter's tea party. Finish the day with a wonderful show and a yummy slice of cake...if you can find the Mad Hatter that is!

WHAT’S ON local THE BOYFRIEND in APRIL Patrons Performance by MHMTC Mill Hill Music Theatre Company [MHMTC] will be performing a special show THE BOYFRIEND in early 2018 ( See advert on previous page ).

Send your events to


With flyer and/or images

MONTHLY DATE : First Thursday of month 7.30p.m The Chandos NW9 COMEDY CLUB FREE Laughter and great food. Dont miss !

DATE 3rd Weds of month 7.45p.m Adam & Eve NW7 COMEDY CLUB £6 Top comedy and extensive food offering. Upstairs at the Adam & Eve presents award-winning comedians delivering a mixture of new material as well as tried and tested bits. 3rd Wednesday of the month Doors Open at 7:45pm Show - 8:00pm to 10:00pm Ticket Price: £ 6.00 (advance) / £7.50 (at the door) www.adamandevemillhill.

WHAT’S ON West End, South Bank & Herts FEB


2018 7.30p.m London Coliseum VARIOUS £12 - £105 now booking for La Traviata, The Barber of Seville and more. Check site

15 JAN - 3 MARCH 7.30p.m ROYAL OPERA HOUSE TOSCA £9 - £195 Great opera with JOSEPH CALLEJA !

19 JAN - 9 MARCH 7.30p.m ROYAL OPERA HOUSE GISELLE £4 - £115 Stunning ballet with beautiful music, A must see but selling fast.

Visit The South Bank

Travel to Blackfriars Station from Mill Hill Broadway direct. You can walk along the South Bank and within 15 minutes have access to the National Theatre, BFI, The Royal Festival Hall. Further down the road is the Young Vic and Union Theatres. It has great walks and views !


June/July 2018 7.30p.m Young Vic Theatre The Cut From £10 - £40 FUN HOME The brilliant Broadway hit comes to London July 13th -September Various/ Daily ROYAL ALBERT HALL South Kensington Promming £6 Various The World’s cheapest top classical concerts. Book online on the day at 9a.m for £7,25 or join the Q from about 5p.m

SEND US EVENTS AT LEAST 7 DAYS BEFORE LAST FRIDAY OF MONTH Need to be accessible via Bus Routes or Thameslink from Mill Hill

SPORT HENDON FC Hendon Football Club are historically the biggest in the local area. This year they have many special offers to entice you to attend their games. They play at SILVER JUBILEE PARK sports ground.

Support The European Champions Saracens have started 2018 well with a resounding victory over rivals Wasps. Defending their European crown with a 62 point haul against Saints and going for the double will make this run in very exciting. Get behind the team and get a ticket for a match.


LET US KNOW ABOUT YOUR SPORTS CLUB and YOUR FIXTURES WRITE MONTHLY FOR US More Sports Pages Will be added if we get more writers about local clubs. YOUR PAPER - YOUR COMMUNITY !

Did you know?

You can earn Mill Hill RFC cashback on all Saracens ticket purchases! Simply buy through our website!

SPORT by Hugo Webster

MILL HILL RUGBY CLUB Celebrating 80 Years

The club finished 2017 on high note, both sides finishing the first half of the season at the top of their respective leagues in hard fought competition. We’ve been extremely humbled as a club having been nominated and then won the Barnet Eye Community Award for Sports Club of the Year. We deeply appreciate the recognition of our efforts to benefit and contribute to the community and we endeavour to continue and further our efforts. Looking into the new year; 2018 has seen the 1st XV remain strong as ever with some convincing wins keeping them at the top, the 2’s have had a couple of narrow loses seeing them only slip to 2nd. With the growing depth in the squad with new faces arriving in the club we’ve no doubt both sides will flourish in the second half of the season. This is Mill Hill Rugby Clubs 80th Year and to celebrate there’ll be an extra special end of season dinner on May 12th – a date for all diaries! We also look forward to then touring through Romania, playing some rugby with our European neighbours and have a culturally enriching experience! Something new in this new year – being built on something we already run – launched by the RFU, Premiership Rugby and supported by Saracens & The Saracens Sport Foundation is ‘Project Rugby’. This is an incentive to get people of mixed disAbilities playing rugby and keep active. Mill Hill RFC will run our FREE sessions on Tuesdays from 6:30pm-7:30pm for ages 16+. In other news, we’re collecting for a variety of charities this year such as Barnet Mencap as well as others, if you’re looking for a good home for all that change then you know where it’d be most welcome. As always, we hope to see more new faces grace our clubhouse, we are your club – we are Mill Hill! FIXTURES

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Did you know?

Mill Hill Rugby Club was formed at a meeting in the Adam & Eve Pub in 1937 – another great Mill Hill Institution!

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OPEN EDITORIAL MEETING Monday 19 February 7p.m - 8pm All Welcome


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Mill Hill's only newspaper with local news and arts reviews and Internet Fun. Pentavia Park Special. Thousands now read monthly.