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December 2017 Vol 1 Issue 5

TOWN SQUARE OPENING After years of planning the idea to have a Town Square in the centre of the Broadway will finally come to fruition on Saturday December 2nd when the Town Square is opened officially by the Deputy Mayor at 1p.m. The Town Square during the Festive Period will host a 12 foot Christmas Tree as the centrepiece of the lights on the Broadway which will be switched on at 5p.m on Friday December 1st with music and a Christmas Market. Music will be provided and a bar over the two day festival. After a record turnout for the Fireworks which were absolutely fabulous - the organisers are hoping for record crowds for this Christmas Two Day festival event. It is history in the making. It is not every day that an area gets its own Town Square. So bring the camera and dont miss these two events.

In this issue we have a guide to Christmas events and information. We expect this edition to be our most read of the year and we thank you all for contributing and sharing MH Today to your friends. We are already a trusted source of local news and we maintain our “Good News” mantra only bringing you the best of news about the area. An approach that we know is very popular and reflects how we all feel about living or working in Marvellous Mill Hill. A truly independent voice for Mill Hill.

Comment Published by : Arc Media Group NW7 3LH

EDITOR : Ray Richards FEATURES WRITER : Eddie Mitchell COPY EDITOR : John Gillett ARTS EDITOR : Mark R Richards GAMING/INTERNET/YOUTH : Samantha Elliott MARVELLOUS MILL HILL : Caroline Oliver SPORTS EDITOR : Hugo Webster WRITERS : Richard Logue Hugo Webster Caroline Oliver Mark Richards Farhat Dar John Gillett Vibe Markets IMAGES : Caroline Oliver Broadway News Mill Hill Guide John Gillett Vibe Markets Graphics : Broadway Design & Graphics Advertising :



Thank you once again for all your contributions this month making another bumper and interesting edition. We welcome new writers again this month and a new monthly feature on the internet and gaming by our youngest feature writer Samantha Elliott. Christmas is a special time in Mill Hill and who can forget the Christmas of 2010 when we had snow for most of December including Christmas Day. Who knows what the weather has in store this year but we do know that the Christmas Market which proved so popular last year is back, bigger and better, with two big openings (Lights and Town Square), in the first weekend of December. Do come along to both events and support the Market Traders - most of whom are local. We will all be there - and hope to say hello to everyone in the Town Square and on the Neighbourhood Forum stall. The Fireworks were a great success with a record crowd attending of nearly 4,000. Again - thanks to everyone who came along and made it such a great atmosphere. The French Market and Music Stage were also great successes with record crowds. Mill Hill is pulling together as a community and so please join us all on Social Media and spread the word about this Newspaper. Please support local traders and shop local for Christmas and attend the local churches and schools for seasonal music and fun. Season’s greetings from us all. Contributions and comments please VIA EMAIL to Thank you.

ADVERTISING WITH We are non profit making. All proceeds will cover our online costs and any profits will go to NW7Hub Charity. E MAIL CONTACT : John at

NEWS RECORD CROWD FOR FIREWORKS The Fireworks at Allianz Park - Home of Saracens attracted a record crowd this year with nearly 4,000 attending. A fantastic evening of food - music - a bonfire culminated with a 15 minute display set to pulsating rock and pop music which thrilled old and young alike. Each year the event gets bigger and better and organisers have even bigger plans for next year - it is now easily the largest annual community event in the area and we do ask that everyone brings even more people next year !

NEWS IN SHORT OPEN EDITORIAL The second open editorial meeting at the NW7hub took place on Monday 20 November. The next one takes place on MONDAY 29 JANUARY at the NW7hub and is at 7p.m It only lasts one hour and is a great way to get involved in our local community. Please come and join us.

mh today December 2017



Shopping will be more enjoyable this holiday season with Barnet Council providing shoppers and visitors with free parking throughout the borough this December. Following positive results over the past two years, the council has again agreed to make free parking available every weekend in December. Everyone using Barnet’s high streets will be able to park for free on pay-to-park bays and council owned car-parks during the month. The free parking period starts on Small Business Saturday, 2 December, which is considered the biggest day of the year for small businesses in the country. The day of the Town Square opening and Christmas Market on Broadway. Councillor Dean Cohen, Chairman of Barnet Council’s Environment Committee, said: “This is a great way to give back to our community during the holiday season and encourages both residents and visitors to our region to come and explore the unique and diverse high streets we have in Barnet. It is an initiative we have successfully run in past years and I’m pleased it will once again be applied throughout the borough.” The dates for free parking are: 2/3 December 9/10 December 16/17 December 23/24 December 30/31 December Please note that free parking only applies to council operated ‘paid-for’ parking areas. It does not apply to permit bays or private car parks. Valid permits will still be required at these locations.


Constituency boundary changes The new Boundary Commission proposals would see Golders Green brought into the current Hendon Parliamentary Constituency. This is eminently more sensible than the previous proposal that suggested splitting Mill Hill ward off into Chipping Barnet thus dissecting our Town Centre, which serves Hale & Mill Hill Wards today, in two. See map to right showing proposed new area

Award Winning Pub in the heart of Mill Hill. Fine food and drink served from 12pm every day.




mh today December 2017


by John Gillett

The most talked about issue in Mill Hill for many years is the new proposal to build a huge development on the vacant Pentavia Park Retail site next to the Park including an 18 story tower block. Feelings are very strong against this plan in the community and each month we will get leading community leaders and political figures to share their opinions. MH Today is against the current plan. The developer, Meadow Residential have now exhibited their 4th possible scheme to the Public, for the redevelopment of this Retail Park. The site is located between the Midland Mainline Railway and the M1 on the west side and the A1/A41 on the east side. They state that “Mill Hill is known for its traditional and suburban character. The dominant form is the two storey semi-detached house. Many of these units were first built in the 1930s. ” In preparing their new design they state that • “The design should better reflect the character of Mill Hill. • The impact on neighbours should be reduced. • The vehicular access from Bunn’s Lane should be reviewed. • The scheme should include a greater variety of green spaces.” The first two points above could not be further from reality, while we are pleased to see that a vehicular access to Bunns Lane is no longer part of the proposal. You can see in the pictures supplied by the developer that while 9 storey blocks were included in the previous scheme and deemed to be unacceptable, we now have an 18 storey block proposed. We still have 718 flats with 550 car park spaces and 1160 cycle spaces. It is likely that this development will house 2500 people, which will alone add 10% to the population of Mill Hill ward, while our transport, medical, schooling and road infrastructure simply cannot cope today with the currently agreed levels of growth. There is pressure from the Mayor of London’s office to reduce car journeys but by taking away the amenities that were previously offered at this site it is now necessary to drive to Borehamwood or Finchley, to purchase, for example, DIY supplies which do not sit well on public transport.

These Computer Generated future view visuals are provided by the developer, so will present the best picture. The London Borough of Barnet has a Local Plan which provides legal guidance for developers and specifically for this site there are agreed design guidelines. The developer chooses to ignore these and indeed the London Plan (see detail at: london-plan-chapter-seven-londons-living-spac-12 These documents which establish planning law are quite specific about the definition of “tall buildings” and very clear about where they might be appropriate and more importantly where they should not be part of the landscape. The New London Plan that is being launched at the end of November may of course suggest different concepts. We must wait and see. Fundamentally Mill Hill residents have chosen to live in Mill Hill because it is a green suburban village where 2-3 storey buildings are predominant and it is a great place for families to thrive. The proposed development also suggests that it will be solely for the Private Rental market and as such it’s short-term tenants are much less likely to engage with the Mill Hill community or add much to its economic development. On every level this development as proposed is unacceptable although there is no question that the site does need redevelopment. Of course tower blocks are not the most appropriate places for children to grow-up. Comments we have received from residents include: “ This would absolutely blight Mill Hill”, “ Surely this can’t proceed….it would absolutely ruin the area”, “ Absolutely hideous. The plot is already raised so this would be a real eyesore.” “This literally doesn’t work in any way. “ “ I could cry when I see what could happen to our beloved Mill Hill!” The developer has not formally sent a planning application for this scheme into Barnet Council and when it is submitted, will be the time for all to comment. We will keep you up to date and call for your action as appropriate. John Gillett – Chairman, Mill Hill Neighbourhood Forum.


mh today December 2017

NEWS NEWs Newsa.


mh today December 2017

EATING & DRINKING CHRISTMAS MENUS AND GROUPS The Festive season sees many of our restaurants and cafes have seasonal offerings. The chains offer their big promotions incuding GREGGS with their FESTIVE BAKE at ÂŁ1.50 and Gingerbread Latte. COSTA Has a selection of festive coffees and hot chocolates. Our independent cafes are having special cakes and Wenzels has many festive cup cakes amongst their huge selection. Why not visit one of the many restaurants on Broadway or around the area to have a festive celebration. Some offer group bookings as well. Check out all the website via our MILL HILL GUIDE eating section which has links to all the websites on the INTERACTIVE version on ISSUU. Adam and Eve - and The Rising Sun both offer fabulous seasonal menus. If you want to review a visit for us please send us copy to the email address on the second page. We would love to hear from you.

THE RESTAURANT CLUB Why not join this fast growing and exciting club if you like eating out . Based in Mill Hill and including discounts for many Mill Hill restaurants. FULL DETAILS FROM

PREVIEW | Christmas Market GREAT LINE UP OF STALLS FOR THE CHRISTMAS MARKET We are excited to welcome another fantastic selection of quality stalls to the Mill Hill Christmas Market on the 1st and 2nd of December. The Christmas Market will be on Mill Hill Broadway between Santander and Mill Hill Wines, and in the new Town Square. Regular favourites, such as street food from African Rose, wood-fired pizza from Mangiamo’s Fiat 500, cakes from Jen Jen’s Cupcakery, homewares and gifts from Gifts by Berni, sweet treats from Artizan Fudge, sausages from Budapest Bangers, French cheese and delicatessen items from Chez Francis, mulled wine and craft beer from the Adam & Eve mobile bar, and vegetable boxes with Riverford Organic, will all be returning. Other exciting stalls include botanical essences from Yayoi, aloe health products from Aloebility, Portuguese delicacies from Silmar’s Taste, jewellery from Mihaela Christou, Greek street food from Taste of Kings, fresh pasta from Pastificio Mansi, Thai specialties from Khon Thai, slippers and sheepskin rugs from PopatPorto and more.

Be sure to stop by the Town Square on Friday the 1st of December to say hello to tsome of he team from Saracens Rugby as well.

Information about the markets can be found online from the following: Facebook: Facebook: Twitter: @Vibemarket and @millhill_nf

CARDS |From NW7Hub Mill Hill Preservation Society's Christmas Card is available for sale at the NW7hub Cafe in Mill Hill's Library Just £6 a pack

Also available are BOOKS covering Art, history, reference, cookery, humour and much more available in the NW7Hub cafe every day with most under £10

OPEN WEEKDAYS 8.45a.m to 5.30p.m With Great Cake and Coffee plus soft drinks and snacks !

mh today December 2017

FEATURE | Transport For Mill Hill Mill Hill is a great place in which to live. We have the best of both the city and the country on our doorsteps and Central London is a short tube or train ride away. However Mill Hill’s population is expanding, we can expect our area’s population to rise over the next ten years as the Millbrook Park and Crick Centre developments are completed. Anyone who has sat in a traffic queue on Bunns Lane or Daws Lane in the mornings will know that we have streets that are severe traffic bottlenecks. The traffic will get worse as more people move to Mill Hill, unless we plan ahead and start thinking of new ways to manage transportation in our area.

by Richard Logue

Start thinking of new ways to manage transportation in our area

Mill Hill’s transport infrastructure is largely designed around the need to get people to work in Central London. A lot of our road traffic comes from radial or east-west journeys. There are a limited number of streets that act as cross-borough roads, hence the lengthy peak time queues on Pursley Road and the Ridgeway, especially on school mornings. As more and more parents insist on driving their children relatively short distances to school, our roads are getting more and more crowded. How can we solve our current traffic problems and at the same time make provision for the future and an even more populated Mill Hill?

The answer lies in some “Quick Wins” and some long term planning

We need to first look at bus services

For “Quick Wins” we need to first look at bus services. The 221 and 240 bus routes link Mill Hill Broadway and Mill Hill East. The 221 goes on to North Finchley and Turnpike Lane, while the 240 travels on to Hendon and Golders Green. The 240 is the only bus route that serves the busy school route on the Ridgeway but even at peak times the 240’s frequency is quite poor compared to the 221. Additional 240 buses would allow the route to carry far more passengers than at present.

Encourage and develop cycle safe routes in and around Mill Hill

Another “Quick Win” would be to encourage and develop cycle safe routes in and around Mill Hill. Barnet Council did very little in the past to encourage cycling in the borough as a matter of policy. Despite this, cycling is becoming more and more popular yet we do not have the same level of cycling infrastructure as other places in London. One potential link between Mill Hill Broadway and Mill Hill East is the longclosed Mill Hill East to Edgware railway line, a flat route which remains largely intact. This could be the kernel of a network of cycling and walking routes around Mill Hill, which is possibly London’s greenest suburb, as it has substantial parkland and even farming land at its heart. Technology may even come to the rescue of cyclists struggling up Mill Hill’s steep hills. New e-bikes allow cyclists to climb up the steepest of hills with ease. At the same time safe cycling routes also need to established from Mill Hill to Central London. Much of the A41/A1 Route is wholly unsuitable for safe cycling, the answer is to establish segregated cycle routes. In time these could become as strategically important as our tube, rail and bus networks.

Re-Open some of London’s Lost Railway Lines e.g Mill Hill East to Edgware

Regarding long term planning, the Mill Hill East to Edgware line would be ideal for a light rail route linking Mill Hill with Edgware and maybe even Bushey and St Albans. A segregated cycle path on the route would maintain the cycle route. A direct link from Mill Hill to new Crossrail station at Old Oak Common using the Dudding Hill freight rail line looks like it may happen in the near future. All the more reason to start thinking what some may consider unthinkable and re-open some of London’s lost railway lines to traffic again.


In 2017 Barnet Council paid for the hire of sound and performers costs. In 2018 we are looking for sponsors for all or each event. Your name will go on the EVENT posters and e Flyers A banner on Stage as well. Great Opportunity.

mh today November 2017

COMMUNITY In community news this month we are pleased to share the latest developments at our local community centre THE NWhub. See the ads on this page and opposite to see daily activities - many of them free of charge or with a very small cover charge. You can use the cafe to work in for FREE if you buy a coffee etc. and this is a quiet place with excellent tables - and if you want you can hire a business hub workspace for the day or longer in rooms set apart from the public and with proper desks and chairs and other facilities. Go and have a look - it may suprise you that such a facility is available in Mill Hill. New pricing for the business hub is now happening check the hub space website here : THE MILL HILL GUIDE IS AVAILABLE IN THE CAFE IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A COPY

BUSINESS HUB FREE to work in the CAFE weekdays FREE Wifi available ( We ask that you buy some coffee etc) DESKS AVAILABLE Various Costs dependent on use MEETINGS ROOMS Available for hire for your business meetings LECTURES/CONCERTS/SUB 100 THEATRE/ MUSIC PRODUCTIONS The whole Hub is available to hire with various spaces to promote events up to 100 seated for your music or drama or comedy events


REVIEW | French Market

Over two days I spent some time at the French Market on November 10/11 on the Broadway. DAY ONE : It seemed that rain might spoil the first day but at 9a.m the Market opened in bright Winter sun. It was bigger than the last few French Markets and the items on sale ranged from less than £2 see left for many fun things to carpets and rugs at over £100. Food was also available - both for home and to eat on the day. It really was a tremendous selection adding to the Broadway. I spoke to many people at the Neighbourhood Forum stall - loads of then had travelled from other areas especially to experience the market and bring themselves to Mill Hill to enjoy the day. DAY TWO : Still cold and no sun - but the music started at 1p.m and was a great attraction. The new Town Square when finished will be an amazing asset for the community. Everyone went home happy ! Great bands and market. CONCLUSIONS The Markets are established but rely on us “locals” to spread the word and invite family and friends. The footfall for Broadway increased by 3 times on the Friday - the markets bring new shoppers in from surrounding areas which helps the other traders to gain visibility in a competitive market place. Many of them will also spend on the day in the shops and cafes. Therefore, it is vitally important that everyone who is local claims these markets as theirs and spreads the word. Community - we can build it together.


Social Media Editor Caroline Oliver

As you may have seen MHNF’s Social Media Editor Caroline Oliver is currently running a hugely successful weekly social media project featuring local people. Make sure you visit Twitter Instagram or the Facebook page every Wednesday evening to be first to see whether you know anyone ! Here are the four most recent featured stars #marvellousmillhill. “We’ve been here nearly three years and first it was just me and my brother working here, operating out of a little shed. Now there are nine of us. We did a pop up cinema here which was fabulous and that’s something we’re looking to do again in the future.” #marvellousMillHill NAOMI | Finchley Nurseries Cafe

“We lived in St John’s Wood for 9 years and after my little boy was born we started talking about schools. Mill Hill was the only place for us. My husband is an Old Mill Hillian and we wanted our boy to have those values.” #marvellousMillHill Mihaela | Mihaela Christou Bespoke Jewellery

“There’s a really nice sense of community in Mill Hill as it’s safe, it feels warm and people talk to each other which is lovely.”

“A lot of what I do is word of mouth. A lot of the kids that have started have got sisters that will be following on. I think the classes get the confidence up in kids. After a couple of weeks some of the most shy students start to join in.” Erna | Jumpup Dance School

Amir and Joanna | Feeling the Healing #marvellousMillHill

EVERY WEDNESDAY SOCIAL MEDIA Check Mill Hill Neighbourhood Forum Social Media Acounts #marvellousmillhill

WEB REVIEW | Internet | Computer Gam From this month we are pleased to welcome our “Youth Editor” who will be reviewing Web Things that interest many younger and informed readers of MH Today. Samantha Elliott has been in Mill Hill all her life with her family and is currently at college studying Game Design. She welcomes contributions - so if you are Under 35 and have some ideas or articles for this section then please send them to her via her website or our email address at

GAME REVIEW The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess The legend of Zelda: Twilight princess is an interesting adventure game to keep you entertained for hours. This is personally one of my favourites in the Zelda series because it’s a really well put together storyline. You begin as young teenage Link in Ordon village his home town which has its own unique spirit, you meet his friends the children of Ordon Malo, Talo, Colin, Beth and Lia these are his former childhood friends which give the player a beautiful sense of community within the game, they all play significant roles in Link’s quest as the hero of time. As you progress later into the story you start to find yourself involved in several different errands and tasks which reveal Link’s amazing skill and gets him useful gadgets in return for doing people favours e.g. the slingshot and the fishing rod. These are all much needed pieces of equipment for the different temples in the game. This game is very realistic and life-like every step of the way to finding Link’s destiny has a fascinating way of unravelling the plot. The weapons and gadgets in this game are truly significant to the unique print of this Zelda game. Reward for getting Uli back her cradle in lakebed Clawshoot from defeating the toad

This incarnation of Link is by far one of the strongest he can lift big rocks, wrestle goats in his bare hands and throw them and jump from unimaginable heights and only be scratched he is purely amazing! The game works purely by logic as you are free to do anything without limits allowing you to add your own character and go at your own pace.

Stunning Graphics

mes | Shopping and more


Hunting Poe souls is one of the side quests in the game to complete in order to free Jovanni’s soul from his jewelled golden prison that was his body. These Poes come in the form of floating glowing lanterns that appear in dark only, that are revealed to be little hooded ghosts when Link uses his wolf senses.

Midna his loyal sidekick, the creators did great work designing her. She is one of links most interesting and complex sidekicks, her story is later on revealed in the game to the player that she is in fact heir to the throne in the twilight kingdom but was betrayed by Zant, which caused Hyrule to be over-run with twilight monsters

The legendary master sword in its place as it was in the last Zelda game, the games are almost perfectly joined up in chronological order. In the next snippet we see link wielding the legendary heirloom that has been through many evolutions, the sword is shown to be powerful enough to rid link of his wolf form, once again maintaining its reputation as a significant item in all the Zelda games

THE CRAZY WORLD OF YOU TUBE My Favourite Crazy Videos






You are warmly invited to the Mill Hill Churches Christmas and Advent Services All of our fabulous local churches have special Carol Services which they warmly invite everyone to attend. They will all be delighted to see you there. Please see the Mill Hill Guide for details of all other Churches during December and for details of other faiths celebrations during this period. To start the Festive Season all the churches join together at St Michael’s on Sunday 3 December to have a very special Advent Festival with readings and choir items from a Choir formed from all the church choirs. This service is always well attended and lovely. A time for reflection amidst the stresses and strains of London living. Our January edition comes out on Friday 22 December and we will carry detailed Church Service times for the Christmas period. See the combined Church Choirs perform at the new Town Square at the Christmas Market !

CHRISTMAS is here The lights are up on Broadway awaiting their lighting on Friday 1 December ( see below ) and soon the furniture and Christmas Tree will be set up. We hope all local shops will have lights and festive decorations as usual this year to make The Broadway and all other shopping areas of Mill Hill really welcoming. Please visit our local traders at this time of year. Many rely on a good festive season for their profit for the year - and we all know how depressing empty shops and buildings can be - they also drive down house prices and encourage local crime and vandalism. One way to make sure we have a lovely area is to shop local and make sure that all our businesses thrive in these difficult times. The Christmas Market started last year and was an instant success. This year all stalls are already full with an amazing music line up in the new town square on both days from 1p.m. In addition the Christmas Tree and lights ceremony on Friday with reindeer will be the talk of the area for weeks to come. Bring the whole family down and we encourage you to combine the trip with a visit to a local restaurant or our amazing new Fish and Chip takeaway, The ADAM and EVE bar will be open for festive drinks where I am sure you will find local Forum members - residents association - local business people and councillors gathered at each of the ceremonies ( See Below ) and it is very kid friendly.

DECORATE THE AREA 4 CHRISTMAS We hope that shops and restaurats will all do their best within their budgets to light up the area and make it welcoming and festive. The West End is now amazing and almost every street has a display and every shop as well. It is no good local businesses bemoaning that trade is moving to the Internet or West End or big shopping centres if the customers do not get the full festive experience on our High Streets. LED lighting on Argos includes superb fairy lights starting at around £6 for 100 in warm white and £8 in colour and you can get to 500 lights in one string for just £15. These are bargains and with free shipping with Prime you can set your business up to look festive for less than £20. Projectors for larger shop fronts are around £50 which will project a variety of Christmas images. These are simple solutions to making your business festive. If you live on main routes in the area - it is alos a great boost to the area if you can decorate your windows etc and using these cheap ideas it wont be expensive. Lets be proud of our area and make it sparkle !

SHOPPING Ideas and Offers Thank you to everyone who has sent us Christmas Offers to our Mill Hill Broadway Instagram and Twitter accounts for this feature. Please keep sending us your offers throughtout the year.

THE TURKEY and MEATS We are lucky in Mill Hill to have some amazing independent butchers. On MILL HILL BROADWAY Cooksleys is very popular and are taking orders right now for TURKEYS and other meats for Christmas. This is worth doing if you want to make sure you are not running around near to Christmas. In Mill Hill East there is also HIGHLANDER ORGANICS.


Mill Hill has one Fishmonger ELIAS at Mill Hill East but what we lack in quantity we have in quality. Many people have fish over Christmas on Christmas Eve or Boxing Day. Visit ELIAS in Mill Hill East and you won’t be disappointed. Check out their INSTAGRAM account for photos of their amazing fish.

CARDS,ADVENT CALENDARS & CHOCOLATE M&S and ICELAND have huge selections of seasonal chocolate gifts including Advent Calendars starting at around £2. In addition WH Smith also has offers on chocolate including Thorntons. OXFAM have DIVINE FairTrade Advent Calendars at only £3.99 as well as very lovely Christmas Cards and by buying there you can help others.


Remember that ICELAND on Mill Hill Broadway has the best value mince pies with 12 lovely ones for just £1.75 and also they have the AWARD WINNING BEST UK MINCE PIE in 6s. These are called LUXURY mince pies and are still great value. WENZELS have adorable CUP CAKES and GINGERBREAD with Christmas themes - the Cupcake comes with a RING so that it is bound to keep everyone happy over Christmas. At just £1.20 each they are fantastic value and very tasty. GREGGS has the FESTIVE BAKE which at £1.50 is a hot pastie with Christmas flavours and ideal on a cold day. COSTA are serving their speciality Christmas coffees and Hot Chocolates. PIZZA EXPRESS have the Snowball Doughballs once again and other Christmas items on a special menu.


Ideas and Offers CLOTHES & GIFTS

Experts in jewellery design, manufacture & repair

Urgently looking to purchase pre-owned jewellery & watches 36b The Broadway

London NW7 3LH

0208 959 5821

As we got to press LOGO and BONI CARO and IMAGE 11 all have special offers/sales and are on Broadway. Also on Broadway is Rockman Jewellers as well as the larger shops for gifts. In addition WH Smiths has books and also the NW7Hub Cafe has a superb selection in its cafe of BOOKS for less than £10. Dont forget the CHRISTMAS MARKET on 1/2 DEC as well.

HAIR and BEAUTY Mill Hill Broadway and Mill Hill East have fantastic hair salons and spas.

We do recommend them for looking your best this Christmas or why not get a voucher for a friend as a gift. FRIENDS on Mill Hill Broadway/Station Road are one of the most established salons in Mill Hill and they are asking customers to book now for Christmas and we expect all salons will be very busy - so dont leave it too late to get the appointment you want. AMBA blow dry is ideal for getting pampered and ready to party at Christmas and has celebrity customers ! So you never know who you might be sitting next to.....

Pick up the PHONE today. A list of ALL Hair Salons and Spas in Mill Hill is included in the Mill Hill Guide with phone numbers and web links. There are also big display adverts for places such as The Laboratory and HDC Medspa. Check it out !

20 years

Keeping Mill Hill Fit & Healthy 020 8457 3300

Mill Hill, 1a Hall Lane NW4 4TJ


CHECK BEFORE TRAVELLING OVER CHRISTMAS ( See Chart for possible disruption ) Places to go include London’s Theatres, a wonderful Market outside the Royal Festival Hall and the Ice Skating at Somerset House which is this picture we took last week when visiting.

mh today December 2017

ARTS SECTION | News PAGE 28 to 45 | 18 Pages

THE BOYFRIEND MEN NEEDED FOR SHOW IN MILL HILL MEN - ARE YOU THE BOY FRIEND MATERIAL? After the success of Sister Act in October, Mill Hill Musical Theatre Company is to perform classic musical The Boy Friend in April 2018 – however, it needs men to take part. Sandy Wilson’s The Boy Friend is a light romantic spoof of 1920s musical comedies. Set in the French Riviera, it’s the story of an English heiress, who longs for a boyfriend, but is forbidden by her father to date for fear of fortune-hunters. However, she can't help ARTS SECTION falling in love a messenger boy – cue many cases of mistaken identity before, of course, In this section we will cover love triumphs all. The show boasts a raft of fun tunes and hilarious lines, with a bit of events which you cant find dancing thrown in. in most local or national

papers. We like to think it wont be obscure events but the inside knowledge of the best of what the local and London arts scenes have to offer.

MHMTC is looking to cast... · Percival Browne – a very proper, upstanding multi-millionaire · Tony Brockhurst – young Englishman, who has run away from his moneyed & titled lifestyle · Bobby Van Husen – a suave, rich young American We will cover Opera, Con· Lord Brockhurst – lecherous older gentleman. certs, Ballet, Exhibitions, · Marcel, Alphonse and Pierre – young Frenchman gigs, and theatre.

We will give you links to tick-

Rehearsals take place on Mondays at 8-10pm (plus Wednesday from February 2018) at ets and cheap ticket offers. Hartley Hall of the Broadway in Mill Hill, London NW7.Auditions are being held on MonFinally we want you to write day 11 December. for us.

If you’re interested in taking part or would like more information Please email or ring 07798 760004.

So if you are an arts fan get in touch.

UP TO 13,000 VISIT MONTHLY SINCE 2010 VISIT For Breaking Daily News From the heart of Mill HIll

Events | Sport | Pentavia Park Campaign | Links to all Mill Hill Sites

mh today December 2017

BOOK Review | Locally Based Story You're just a Picture on My Wall A Romantic Romp set at a Private Girls' School in Mill Hill, London, UK

I found out about Jude Haste via our Mill Hill Broadway twitter account. A local author with a book featuring a fictional school in our area. So I thought I would read it and let everyone know about it.

INTRODUCING JUDE HASTE AUTHOR Born in London, brought up in Mill Hill, in the UK. Once upon a time I was Head of Sociology and a Head of Year at Preston Manor High School in Wembley UK, it was great working there. I hold a PGCE in English with Media.

The book timer said that it takes 42 minutes to read and it comprises of 5 chapters. Therefore, it is not a time consuming or long read.

I now write zany comedies with a dash of romance, some of which I hope raise awareness of bullying and work related stress. Stop Workplace Bullying, don't remain silent. Value and look after your mental health. An anti-bullying advocate.

I soon got into the story. The main character was a teacher and the detail and light touch that Jude brings to her portrayal of school life is very realistic and probably reflects her years in the profession.

Follow me on twitter @judehaste_write and I am on facebook.

Buying a book for my phone Kindle App on Amazon meant that as soon as clicked “buy” my book downloaded and I was ready to read in seconds. The ease of the internet !

It is funny, sweet and many of the situations are very real. It is also interesting living in Mill Hill and trying to recognise the places that are mentioned. There are several and I wont spoil the book by revealing any here. The story arc is really good. You really know and care about the main characters by the end. It is, at its heart, a very well writen story. I really enjoyed reading this book and look forward to reading more of Jude’s writing. If you have a spare hour in December then buying this book and reading it over the festive period will give you a chance to smile and enjoy a shortish read with a real local flavour. An antedote to the madness over the period. I Totally recommend the book and hope that Jude writes more featuring Mill Hill as some of the settings. Visit Jude on Amazon for more books.


BU THE BOOK ON AMAZON NOW £2.80 Kindle £3.49 Paperback




WHO WILL BE BAND OF THE YEAR 2017? Every artist that makes time for a Great Music Stories interview during the course of the year is eligible for our end of year vote. Following the first round of voting across 167 bands over 4 weeks, the shortlist has now been reduced to 50 acts and you are able to vote for up to THREE of the artists below. Voting closes on Wednesday 29 November 2017. How the voting works As ardent supporters of new bands and live music, we don’t give out gongs to our winner(s), but instead do something practical to help them: The winning band will get a Great Music Stories two-hour feature in 2018 plus a 6-month play-listing on Guy’s Friday rock show. The bands that come 2nd-5th will each get an Great Music Stories one-hour feature and a one-month play-listing. All the bands that make the top 20 will be the first to be offered an interview slot for 2018. Well done to all the artists for making the final list of 50 – and thanks to around 15,000 people that voted in the first round. VISIT THIS LINK FOR THE LIST OF 50 BANDS and to VOTE : Listen out to GUY for the result in December and the next review will be in the February edition and we will carry the result in the JANUARY ISSUE on 22 December.

GUY BELLAMY is the one of the UK’s leading ROCK DJ/JOURNALIST and EACH MONTH HE WILL WRITE FOR US AT MH TODAY CHOOSING HIS ALBUM of the MONTH. His hit show is on MERIDIAN 107FM and is available on the internet and on the TUNE IN APP.

mh today December 2017


Mill Hill has London’s leading rehearsal studios complex for music - in particular rock, pop and jazz. There are many working in the Music Industry living in and around the area. We are all proud of this. The erosion of the small venues in London has been a real problem for live music and Roger at Mill Hill Music has led a campaign to #savelondonmusic which has brought much attention to the issue in the London media. In this section we will list any gigs with a local link and support some of the best live artists in London, Send us your Gig Information and releases information and we will let people know about what is happening.

REVIEW MARKET SQUARE FESTIVAL Live music came to The Broadway on the Saturday of the French Market 11 November with local bands playing to enthusiastic crowds. Organised by Vibe Market and Mill Hill Music Studios and supported by Barnert Council the day was a resounding success. First to play were the BOSSA BANDITS who attracted a decent crowd of shoppers and amazed passers by. There sound is probably more suited to warm weather but they combine guitar - flute and drum rhythms into a fluid musical style which certainly got the crowd moving on a cold day. I believe they will return to later Festivals - so make sure you catch them. Second up were a band called SIMPLY GRAY - which could refer to their hair colour. Experieced and older musicians they whipped up a storm of rock and roll classics played with great style and musicianship. The Broadway was certainly rock and rolling ! Third up was DROP PINK who attracted a packed Town Square with their sizeable fan following. Young and energetic they were very entertaining playing alternative indie songs of their own with some covers thrown in for good measure. Hopefully we can see them again on a sunny day and they certainly have a good future. Finally the fourth act was RADFAX who were a guitar vocal duo who wound down the proceedings with acoustic rock which was execellent - sadly the cold weather meant that the large crowds had thinned out but they played a fabulous set including Beatles - Tom Petty covers and sent the small crowd home happy. Hopefully they will return at a better time and on a warmer day as well ! The stage is OPEN both days on Dec 1 and 2 - do come !


NEXT YEAR 7.30p.m A VENUE YOUR BAND Tell us if your band are playing in the London area or you know of a great gig ! TICKETS ÂŁ?? plus information

mh today December2017


SONG OF THE EARTH / THE JUDAS TREE ENGLISH NATIONAL BALLET /ROYAL BALLET OCT McMILLAN FESTIVAL Royal Opera House The Macmillan Festival lasted two weeks and featured many of the UK’s leading ballet companies. It took place over a few weeks in October. I managed to see two nights of performances. The first included Elite Syncopations - a homage to jazz which was first performed in the 1980s which had an on stage band and some fantastic set piece modern dancing. The second ight I went I saw the disurbing THE JUDAS TREE which is based at Canary Wharf and depicts a sexual assault on the only female in the ensemble on a building site. This piece is excellent - and it should be danced. However, it is also not suitable for children and need to be balanced with a lighter piece. I saw it twice because it was programmed both nights - and the second time was easier to watch. The Song of the Earth was danced by the ENB - who bring the piece to the Colisseum in January. This is a fantastic piece of dance and in this performance the lead was danced by ENB’s director Tamara Rojo. The ENB are excellent and I have seen them often this year. Fantastic.

THE ILLUSTRATED FAREWELL / THE WIND / UNTOUCHABLE /ROYAL BALLET NOVEMBER Royal Opera House A triple bill including two new ballets was also presented. by the Royal Ballet. This was an exceptional evening. Twla Tharp’s stunning choreography for The Illustrated Farewell danced incredibly by Steven McCrae. A ensemble revival Untouchable including the unforgetable singing of “Nigel Farage” in music with a Middle Eastern style. The new ballet THE WIND by Arthur Pita was my favourite. A stunning set like in the TV series Westworld - where real wind turbines created shapes out of the clothing and told a fantastic story about a visitor to a small frontier town. This deserves to be seen again or even expanded into a full length ballet. It was a real experience.

REVIEWS & LISTINGS NEEDED If you go to a MusicalClassical Concert or Opera or Ballet or ANY local arts production then please do a review and send it with some photos and we will put it into the Newspaper !

Send to

Contact us for more information if you want to discuss your review or just to find out how many words etc, We are a community newspaper. Share with us what is great out there !

mh today December 2017


LUCIA DI LAMMERMOOR ROYAL OPERA OCTOBER Royal Opera House This was the second production of Katie Mitchell’s Lucia at the ROH. I did not see the first run but read the reviews about its controversial aspects. I need not have worried. This production is certainly different, in that it has a split stage, but once you get used to it the story is illuminated in a almost cinematic fashion. The sets were fantastic with a cemetary and various roomsi being portrayed in the split stage. It is worth noting that hardly anyone had ever heard of Lisette Opiniva before the opening night but to say that she brought the house down would be no exaggeration. Singing the part of Lucia including the 14 minute “mad scene” is a real challenge for any opera singer. Lisette not only sang beautifully but inhabited the drama of the character for the whole opera. Seasoned older opera goers were coming out of the opera house claiming she was one of the best singers they had ever seen - which is an incredible accolade. I heard many comments including “this is why I love opera” from one of the most enthusiastic receptions for an opera I have seen at the ROH in recent years. The story is a told in a Gothic way of a tragic end for Lucia whose real love leaves and she is forced to marry for political reasons. The final act is her descent into madness which leads to her death and that of her returning lover is a stunning scene set in a large bathroom with a huge roll top bath tub ! Sadly by the time you read this the run will be almost over and I doubt if there are many tickets left for Monday’s final performance. However, if you see this opera advertised or see Lisette Opinova on the cast list for any opera then make sure you get a ticket - you wont be disappointed. A true star of World opera.

mh today December 2017


SYLVIA Choreography Frederick Ashton November Royal Ballet At the moment the Royal Ballet will be performing Sylvia and The Nutcracker through December. Both ballets are lovely to watch and are real crowd pleasers. It is not suprising that both are just about sold out. Sylvia tells a tale of the Gods and love in three acts. It has some of the most incredible ballet music ever written by Leo Delibes. It has a very traditional look and the curtains open at the beginning to mist in a sacred wood. What follows is a three act procession of fabulous dancing and sets in a traditional large scale ballet. The performance that I attended had Marianela Nunez as Sylvia and Vadim Mutgagirev as Aminta plus Thiago Soares as Orion. The story is simple to follow and Sylvia is the love interest of both other main characters. This is certainly a ballet that I would recommend to everyone who loves dance and music. It puts a huge smile on everyone's faces as they leave. It is like a delicious Ice Cream Sundae of entertainment. A real treat. You can still get tickets on Friday at 1p,m with the FRIDAY RUSH for the following week's performances - 49 tickets for each one are released online at the website. See our listings page for the link. Or their is a fabulous DVD of this starring Darcy Bussell from 2005 which is great to watch at home.

SEMIRAMIDE Rossini The Royal Opera November This opera has never been staged in modern times by the Royal Opera and is rarely staged around the world. Therefore it has been eagerly anticipated by the Opera fans at the Royal Opera House. The production set the story of Semiramide - a Queen whose husband had died 15 years previously - in a dictatorship with echoes of North Korea and old Eastern Block states. The sets were massive and costume varied. The first act is very long and very complex and despite the stunning music it was hard to follow. Luckily the second act was much easier and the production seemed less busy. There was great drama within the opera including a ghost scene with lighening and effects. A huge statue. Large crowd scenes. The star of the show was Joyce DiDinato as Semiramide. She is an exceptional performer and singer and did not disappoint. I had seen her at The Phoenix Cinema in Finchley only a few weeks ago in Norma. It was incredible to hear the texture of her voice in the theatre. She was rightly cheered madly at the end. The Royal Opera Chorus is currently enjoying a golden period and they had alot to do as well in big crowd scenes in the Temple scenes. Although long and sometimes not that easy to follow there is so much beautiful music in this opera which was delivered superbly to make this run a must see. The cast is exceptional and there will be tickets available through the Friday rush system ( See other reviews) to enable people to get a seat and at time of writing there are still some more expensive seats left.

mh today December 2017


RODELINDA ENGLISH NATIONAL OPERA NOVEMBER 15 2017 COLISSEUM The ENO have a reputation for being expert at Handel operas. This production was superb and proved that this reputation is much deserved. This production had been seen once before and such was its success most of the current run was sold out. The sets are fantastic with rooms side by side and then huge statues and projections on screens. The action moving seemlessly over the length of the opera. This is an opera which has some exceptional music by Handel and has a really interesting story about a power struggle. There are also moments of humour. The setting was in a dictatorship - much like the ROH Semiramide - but in this case the action was easy to follow and was less sylised. Although lasting nearly 4 hours the time flew by and it was a thoroughly entertaining evening. I cant wait for this production to return because it really is a fantastic opera and night out. For more information please visit

Are you struggling with Mid- life Change? ð Find out how you could o reinvent yourself, find purpose and meaning o progress at work or change careers (including CV update) o solve ‘ageing parent’ dilemmas

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Give your child the opportunity to discover their creative side, be inspired, and learn through art in a fun environment with experienced designers. All materials are provided. Expert confidential coaching – Mill Hill (or by phone) Contact Lesley for details




07919 880250 Email :

PLEASE CALL US ON 07817 806011/07968 498364 OR Twitter @LesleyTrenner





On Saturday 28 October at 10pm, the curtain came down on Mill Hill Musical Theatre Company’s smash hit production of Sister Act. We had played to packed houses, had standing ovations for all five performances and were showered with plaudits. Backstage, the cast and crew were all on an incredible high – months of blood, sweat and hard work had paid off in the most thrilling and gratifying way. There were, we’re not ashamed to say, the odd tear or two at the reaction we had received. However, let’s rewind events by a year. In October 2016, when MHMTC decided to stage Sister Act, it was one of the most ambitious decisions we had made in our 63-year history and we knew that it would prove a challenge – but we didn’t know just how big it would be! We had broken new ground by reinventing ourselves from Mill Hill Amateur Operatic Society to MHMTC in order put on more modern show that audiences were now expecting to see. We put on Oliver! in 2014, which proved a steep learning curve, featuring as it did for the first time children in the cast and a hired set, but it too was a big hit. But Sister Act was taking things to a another level. Based on the much-loved Whoopi Goldberg film, it’s one of the biggest musical-theatre hits of the decade. It boasts a great, uplifting storyline and a fabulous gospel and disco-inspired score from the pen of Disney legend Alan Menken, which is quite tricky to teach and learn. And due to extra costs of staging such a big show, we had to ensure we sold enough tickets. Unfortunately, our Musical Director was forced to pull out even before we started rehearsals in April! And, as the first couple of months involve note-bashing through the songs with the MD, we suddenly found ourselves in a mad scramble to find a replacement. Sadly, the demands of the complex tunes and tricky harmonies, proved a handful for the two pianists we hired. Luckily, long-standing MHMTC member Clare Shah, who had already won the coveted lead role of Deloris Van Cartier, is an expert pianist and accompanist, and was able to stand in until we were able to get an MD in place, which wasn’t until half way through the rehearsal period. Youtube also proved invaluable, as we learnt dance routines during extra Sunday rehearsals through September and October accompanied by uploaded recordings from the West End version of the musical.

On top of Clare’s musical input, we had directo missteps. Meanwhile, in the background, our p that are vital to a successful production. And af

There were also vital contributions from each a word out by putting up posters in libraries, put It all made such a difference.

MHMTC’s committee sends a big thank you to e amazingly helpful team.

And we’re all busy on our next show in April 20


or Robin Scarborough’s calm hand at the helm and choreographer Nikki Hurley’s patience and good humour at our producer David Peston was busy beavering away sourcing a breath-taking, co-ordinating the lighting, and other tasks fter months of worry, he put the committee’s mind at ease by taking on the important role of stage manager!

and every one of the cast members and backstage helpers, who assisted in many different ways, from getting the ts, churches, etc and handing out leaflets, bringing in props and chivvying their family and friends into buying tickets.

everyone who had a hand in the success of Sister Act, including Hartley Hall for their brilliant facilities and their

018 – The Boy Friend. No rest for the wicked!!

mh today December 2017

WHAT’S ON local PRO ARTE CAROLS FOR ALL The Pro Arte Choir invite everyone to attend their Carol Concert at an early 5p.m on Saturday 16 December. Featuring Carols to sing along to this is a favourite way for shoppers to finish their afternoon on the Broadway just before Christmas. Just turn up on the day at around 4.45p.m and enjoy a lovely musical Chtristmas treat. The following evening at St Michael’s the annual Carol Service is always a fantastic event for all the family. If you have never been then this is also a way to become part of the Mill Hill community. Featuring choir pieces and congregational carols and bible readings telling the story of the first Christmas - it is also a great way to spend time before Christmas away from the hustle and bustle of the shops and preparations. We will certainly be at both and hope to see you all there.


Reviews from More Openings at The Royal Opera The Royal Ballet & ENO. South Bank + More Your Reviews ?

TICKETS And INFO The Carol Concert Popular and at 5p.m Please support the amazing locally based choir from

WHAT’S ON The Fireworks Review Here are some FIREWORKS PHOTOS from the large event at Allianz Park on 5 November. Huge thanks to SARACENS who are staging this event for the local community each year. It really is well run and a fantastic safe night out for local families and locals. Nearly 4,000 attended this year and organisers hope to see that get towards 5,000 next year ! It is easily the largest community even in Mill Hill/Hendon and next year they promise will be even better and bigger ! So look out for when tickets go on sale. Next year I am going to get a Wood Fired Pizza - they looked amazing !!

Make sure that you get your tickets for next year in October when they go on sale - Your chance to visit the amazing Allianz Park and see the fantastic facilities at our Premiership Rugby Ground and enjoy a great evening out with the family.


Our 2018 Patrons’ Party is Sandy Wilson’s classic musical…



FRIDAY 13 & SATURDAY 14 APRIL 2018 at 7.30pm

Hartley Hall, Flower Lane, Mill Hill, NW7 2JA YOU MUST BE A PATRON TO SEE THE SHOW To become a patron, please contact Sharon Brandelli on 020 8449 4943 or

GET INVOLVED local arts Mill Hill has some fantastic arts organisations and drama/dance schools catering for all ages. We also have the best Music Studios complex in London. There is therefore no excuse but to get involved. Along with our Sports we want to encourage all Mill Hill residents not just to read on Social Media and on MH Today but actively support or take part in Arts and Sports activities in the area. It is good for the community and it is good for our wellbeing. Each month we will highlight Dance and Drama schools - tell you how you can join the fab Mill Hill Music Theatre Company and take part - or just become a Patron to support others and get great invites to events or become a Friend of the Pro Arte Choir or better still if you can sing join them ! We are encouraging advertising from all arts groups - and the NW7Hub will be doubling as an Arts Centre from 2018 with many shows and activities for the area - watch this space. In addition we will continue to bring you the booking information about the most exciting arts events via Thameslink and review them all as well. Let us know your news if you are running a Dance or Drama or Arts organisation in the area. We’d love to hear from you.

WHAT’S ON local THE BOYFRIEND in APRIL Patrons Performance by MHMTC Mill Hill Music Theatre Company [MHMTC] will be performing a special show THE BOYFRIEND in early 2018 ( See advert on previous page ).

Send your events to


DEC - JAN DATE : First Thursday of month 7.30p.m The Chandos NW9 COMEDY CLUB FREE Laughter and great food. Dont miss !

DATE 3rd Weds of month 7.45p.m Adam & Eve NW7 COMEDY CLUB £6 Top comedy and extensive food offering. Upstairs at the Adam & Eve presents award-winning comedians delivering a mixture of new material as well as tried and tested bits. 3rd Wednesday of the month Doors Open at 7:45pm Show - 8:00pm to 10:00pm Ticket Price: £ 6.00 (advance) / £7.50 (at the door) www.adamandevemillhill.

FRI 1 / SAT 2 DEC 12 - 6pm MILL HILL BROADWAY CHRISTMAS MARKET Various Stalls Huge selection of goods and food plus Music and special events. Dont miss the BIG ONE!

WHAT’S ON West End, South Bank & Herts DEC-JAN



2018 7.30p.m London Coliseum VARIOUS £12 - £105 now booking for La Traviata, The Barber of Seville and more. Check site

13th Dec to Jan 6th 7.30p.m London Coliseum THE NUTCRACKER From £14 to £79 English National Ballet Festive Favourite with half price for children.

SAT 20 JANUARY 5.30p.m St Albans Cathedral St Albans FREE ORGAN RECITAL/ SIDNEY SUSSEX with CHOIR of CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY The internatiomal organ festival have their regular event. See site for details.

14 DEC - 16 JAN 7.30p.m ROYAL OPERA HOUSE Covent Garden From £12 - £185 RIGOLETTO Established production with star USA tenor Michael Fabiano. Booking now but going fast. 19 JAN - 9 MARCH 7.30p.m ROYAL OPERA HOUSE GISELLE £4 - £115 Stunning ballet with beautiful music, A must see but selling fast. 15 JAN - 3 MARCH 7.30p.m ROYAL OPERA HOUSE TOSCA £9 - £195 Great opera with JOSEPH CALLEJA !

9th Dec to Jan 27th 7.30p.m SADLER WELLS CINDERELLA From £12 - £75 New Adventures favourite returns. Superb. http://www.sadlerswells. com/whats-on/2017/ Dec 21st-Jan 4th 7.30p.m ROYAL FESTIVAL HALL From £20-£105 Slavas Snowshow Christmas and snow. You cant beat it. Show for all the family (8+) on the South Bank.

Visit The South Bank

Travel to Blackfriars Station from Mill Hill Broadway direct. You can walk along the South Bank and within 15 minutes have access to the National Theatre, BFI, The Royal Festival Hall. Further down the road is the Young Vic and Union Theatres. It has great walks and views !

EVENTS June/July 2018 7.30p.m Young Vic Theatre The Cut From £10 - £40 FUN HOME The brilliant Broadway hit comes to London July 13th -September Various/ Daily ROYAL ALBERT HALL South Kensington Promming £6 Various The World’s cheapest top classical concerts. Book online on the day at 9a.m for £7,25 or join the Q from about 5p.m

Dec 5th until Jan 10th 7.30p.m ROYAL OPERA HOUSE Covent Garden From £5 - £125 The Nutcracker Tickets ONLY available every FRIDAY at 1p.m from £5 at website rush.

SEND US EVENTS AT LEAST 7 DAYS BEFORE LAST FRIDAY OF MONTH Need to be accessible via Bus Routes or Thameslink from Mill Hill

WHAT’S ON| Mill Hill Jazz Club NOV 29 VAL’S JAZZ JAM

The last Wednesday of every month sees MHJC filled to the brim with Jazz singers, players and listening aficionados who flock to the club to give of their best for the sheer joy of all. Professionals and gifted amateurs all raise their game to provide their very best performances for the benefit of everyone. Our regular professional house band comprising Paulo Losi on keyboard, Mike Paxton on drums and Steve Picking on bass provide both top rate support and solo performances. If we’re lucky and if time permits we might even persuade our hostess Valerie to sing too.. £6 Members & Guests


Alexandra Ridout was crowned the winner of the BBC Young Musician Jazz Award 2016 at the age of 17. ” We were enchanted by Alexandra’s presence as a musician, her sound, but I think most importantly there was a relationship with the blues and swinging that sounds important in her playing” – Julian Joseph, Chair of the jury of the BBC Young Musician Jazz Award 2016 - did you see the show? As a sign that indicates just how our club has risen in importance to the UK Jazz scene we have tonight one of Britains leading musicians and her band. The members of the quintet all met at The Royal Academy of Music Junior Jazz department. Their passion for the music and outstanding musicianship produce an incredibly mature band sound that belies their tender years. They are equally at home playing hard swinging jazz, contemporary jazz, poignant ballads and solid funk tunes. The band is Alexandra Ridout – 18 (trumpet), Noah Stoneman – 16 (piano), Miles Mindlin – 16 (guitar), Freddie Jensen -18 (bass) and Luca Caruso -18 (drums). £10 Members & Guests


Jazz pianist & composer Marco Marconi is an inspirational artist regularly performing in piano solo, duo or with his trio throughout the UK & Europe. Currently signed with 33Jazz and following on from the success of the album Nordik, the label has recently released Marco’s latest CD, Trialogue, with the Marco Marconi Trio, featuring Marco Marconi (piano) Tom Farmer (double bass) and Emiliano Caroselli (drums). Once again the fantastic Marco brings his band (and keyboard) to MHJC. Marco considers us to be his home base since his first UK performance was at our club when he first arrived in GB. Marco is simply bursting with talent - he plays and composes complex but fun tunes and rhythms that totally absorb the audience and leaves them spellbound with the speed and commitment that he inputs to every note, cord and lick. Not only that, Marco is simply a really nice guy always happy to chat with club members during the interval and before and after the performance. £10 Members & Guests


Our annual Xmas bash that sees players, singers, performers and the best audience in NW7 come together to celebrate our 8th Xmas at our present venue at the golf club and the start of our 19th birthday year. Yup - MHJC has been going for 18 years and continues to thrive under Val and Gordon’s leadership and drive. The last Wednesday of the last month of the year sees MHJC filled to the brim with Jazz singers, players and listening aficionados who flock to the club to give of their best for the sheer joy of all. Professionals and gifted amateurs all raise their game to provide their very best performances for the benefit of everyone. Our regular professional house band comprising Paulo Losi on keyboard, Mike Paxton on drums and Steve Picking on bass provide both top rate support and solo performances. If we’re lucky and if time permits we might even persuade our hostess Valerie to sing too. £6 Members & Guests Directions Mill Hill is located in North West London, in the borough of Barnet. The Mill Hill Jazz Club takes place at Mill Hill Golf Club’s Clubhouse. Check out the directions below :

100 Barnet Way Mill Hill NW7 3A

If you want to get there by car, the Club is located near the A1, A41 and M1, so its very easy to get to us. The Club is very close to Apex Corner roundabout. For directions from your own location, please consult GOOGLE MAPS Also please note that although the official post-code is NW7 3AL – the Golf Club is on two sides of the A1 – NW7 3AJ should make it easier to get to the correct side!

WORLDWIDE DELIVERY DESIGN & PRINT MAILBOX RENTAL PHOTOCOPYING & SCANNING BINDING & LAMINATING PACKAGING MATERIALS SCANNING FAX SERVICES STATIONERY & OFFICE SUPPLIES BUSINESS STATIONERY LARGE FORMAT PRINTING 020 8381 0023 Mail Boxes Etc. Centres are owned and operated by licensed franchisees of Mail Boxes Etc. (UK) Limited in the uk & Ireland. © Mail Boxes Etc. services vary by location, participating stores only.

FITNESS & WALKING WALKING IN BARNET | Footpath Map Available In the MILL HILL GUIDE 2018 which is now out you can read about the area’s special characteristics and there are several photos and links to where to get the excellent local footpath map created by the Mill Hill Preservation Society. Later in the year we will be putting together some walking outings for anyone to join in FREE in order to write some pieces with photos about our local walks. Look out for infomation about the dates and how to join us in future editions. Keep walking - it is great for your health and Mill Hill has some of the best walks within the M25. If you are a walker and want to write about your favourite walks which are either in Mill Hill or reachable from Mill Hill - then please let us know and we will feature your work on this page. This is YOUR community newspaper and we welcome contributions every month and you are also invited to join our OPEN EDITORIAL MEETINGS which take place once every 3 months at the NW7 HUB on Monday evening for one hour.




Whether you are a novice, or an experienced diver the T O M D A L E Y

D I V I N G A C A D E M Y provides courses from beginner to those who want to start competing.

Come to P U B L I C D I V I N G every Saturday and Sunday between 2.00pm and 3.00pm at

Barnet Copthall Leisure Centre Champions Way Hendon London NW4 1PX . PHONE: 020 8457 9900


SPORT HENDON FC Hendon Football Club are historically the biggest in the local area. This year they have many special offers to entice you to attend their games. They play at SILVER JUBILEE PARK sports ground.

Support The European Champions Saracens have had a great start to the season although losing players to the Internationals has slowed down the wins. Therefore, it is important that the fans turn out in force for the last three home games of the year and cheer our team to success. These games are likely to sell out - so make sure you go to the website and get your ticket ASAP.

FOR TICKETS GO TO Did you know?

You can earn Mill Hill RFC cashback on all Saracens ticket purchases! Simply buy through our website!

LET US KNOW ABOUT YOUR SPORTS CLUB and YOUR FIXTURES WRITE MONTHLY FOR US More Sports Pages Will be added if we get more writers about local clubs. YOUR PAPER - YOUR COMMUNITY !


SPORT by Hugo Webster

MILL HILL RUGBY CLUB Celebrating 80 Years

November Review:

November has been a positive month for Mill Hill RFC. The 1st XV were looking to go into the Christmas break unbeaten and the 2nd XV also looked to top the table. Unfortunately, a couple of losses saw both sides go into December both 2nd in their respective leagues. Nevertheless, the rugby has been of an ever-improving standard and the feeling amongst the players is incredibly positive for the future as we look to bounce back and regain the top spots!

We’ll continue to open for the Saracens fixtures at Allianz Park. What we seek in the new year: To continue bring the game of rugby to more people’s lives and show the benefits of both the sport and the club. We’ll continue to run the Mencap rugby (Rugby4All Tuesdays 6:30-7:30) free of charge and open to all. A realistic vision to expand to a 3rd XV side for developing players new to rugby (17+) mixed with veterans. Restart Ladies Rugby! Working with the RFU & Middlesex Rugby we will start training sessions in the new year with progression into friendlies and with luck officially enter the leagues in the 18/19 season. Looking to December The more interest that we hear the easiDecember brings a much-needed rest to those aching bodies and the last game er it will be to set up. If there’s anyone who would be interested in helping of the calendar year will be the 16th, which we will host our Christmas party out in any way from showing interest in playing or volunteering please on and everyone is welcome to join, with rugby then resuming on January don’t hesitate to get in contact! 6th.

The autumn internationals came upon us and it was great to see new faces coming to watch in our clubhouse as well as some old ones coming back to use the facilities. We hope to see more friends of the club for the 6 Nation in 2018. As always, we encourage all friends of Mill Hill to pop in on Saracens match days, sit by a warm fire with some great food and friends, soak up the rugby atmosphere and get involved in the club! We’ve welcomed many travelling from far and wide already this year and are looking forward to seeing many more through our doors in the rest of the season.

We had a VP’s lunch to raise money for Blind Veterans in early November which saw the return of players past, and though some faces hadn’t seen each other’s in decades the warm embraces and heart felt laughter showed the true fraternity which is ever long among those who’ve played together. A fantastic occasion and good times had by all. The club used this opportunity to thank and present Rob Gillespie, Mill Hill stalwart and resident, Director of Comfort Controls, with framed 1st&2nd team shirts for the compa- Both sides hope to go into the second ny’s continued support of the club. Find our half of the season as strong as we’ve started; there’s been a real resurgence of more via quality rugby at Mill Hill.


Did you know?

Mill Hill RFC love to tour both country and globe! In June 2018 we’re heading on a tour of Romania & Hungary for some cultural enrichment! Previous tours have included: Sweden, Malta, Czech Rep., East Germany (read that right!), France, Portugal, Spain, Poland, and many more including most of the UK!

Website: Facebook:\ Twitter: @MillHillRFC Google maps:

We’d like to thank the community as a whole for showing such a renewed interest in the club this season and your continued support is ever appreciated and invaluable.


A bumper Christmas special with local news and events plus shopping guide for Mill Hill NW7


A bumper Christmas special with local news and events plus shopping guide for Mill Hill NW7