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Editorial EDITOR IN CHIEF Holly Bynoe holly@arcthemagazine.com CREATIVE DIRECTOR | DESIGN Nadia Huggins nadia@arcthemagazine.com

William Abbott is a teacher from St. Vincent and the Grenadines, currently living and teaching in Barbados. He is monumentally unimportant, and likes it this way.

Jonathan Ali is a freelance journalist born and raised in Trinidad, whose work has appeared in the Trinidad and Tobago Review, the Caribbean Review of Books and Caribbean Beat, among other publications. He is also the editorial director of the trinidad+tobago festival, which he has been a part of since its inception in 2006.

Holly Bynoe is a Vincentian visual artist and writer. She is a recent graduate of Bard College International Center of Photography. Her work has appeared in numerous publications including Diffusion Magazine and Revista A, and has been shown regionally and internationally, the latest as a part of Disillusions: Gendered Visions of the Caribbean and its Diasporas.

CONTRIBUTING EDITOR Tracy Assing tracy@arcthemagazine.com WEB CONTENT MANAGER Takeyra Herbert takeyra@arcthemagazine.com PROOFREADERS Pam Ratti pam@arcthemagazine.com Vanessa Simmons v_simmons@hotmail.com DISTRIBUTION ASSISTANT Janyne Golia janyne@arcthemagazine.com Lisel Bynoe lisel@arcthemagazine.com

Contributors Photography and Artwork Courtesy: Miquel Galofré William Abbott Nadia Huggins Yadira Albarran Kibwe Braithwaite Sheldon Lutchman Wendell McShine Holly Bynoe

Tracey Chan is an interdisciplinary visual artist, designer, writer and event manager from Trinidad. Her fine art practice is based on the human condition and she has exhibited and cocurated shows in Grenada and Trinidad. Her articles feature regional and international artists, and explore creative living.

Melanie Edmunds is an art dealer, curator, educator and writer based in Los Angeles, California. Edmunds studied Art History at Howard University. She is the founding director of M. Edmunds Associates, a full-scale art advisory and consulting company specializing in contemporary art of the African diaspora.

Nadia Huggins is a digital photographer from St. Vincent and the Grenadines who has been specializing in documentary and conceptual photography for over eight years. She has been featured in several online and print publications internationally and is part of the Depthcore Collective.

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Text: 150 gr UPM Finesse Silk Cover: 250 gr Arctic Volume Cover Image: Ah yaaard by Caroline ‘booops’ Sardine Inside Cover: New Reef by James Cooper Inside Back Cover: Not Even Unalterable Limitations by Firelei Báez


Jorge Alberto Perez is a Cuban-born artist and writer based in New York City. He is a contributor to Social Text and Semiotext. He is currently working on his Master’s Degree at the International Center of Photography/Bard College.

Oneika Russell is a Jamaican artist who makes work in animations, digital prints and drawings. Her studies of the present-day legacies of the British Empire, experiences and understanding of self in particular places, and play with drawing and representation in stories have been exhibited in the Caribbean and overseas.

Leon Wainwright is a lecturer in Art History at The Open University and a member of the editorial board of the journal, Third Text. He is the author of Timed Out: Art and the Transnational Caribbean (Manchester, 2011) and co-editor of the forthcoming volume in the series Art in Theory (Wiley Blackwell).

Our appreciation is extended always to our writers and artists whose collaborations and dynamic work keep us dedicated, inspired and passionate about what we are doing. To the many distribution centres across the entire region and diaspora, we are grateful that you have housed ARC with such faith and kindness. Particular and special thanks go out to the recent fruitful partnerships that we are nurturing and building: to Annalee Davis & FRESH MILK, Projects & Space, to the creative team at the African & African Caribbean Design Diaspora, to Melanie Archer, Emilie Upzcak, and the entire team of the trinidad + tobago film festival. We would like to thank you for a positive and productive 2011. And last but certainly not least, to our dedicated team who has worked in good faith towards ARC’s future – thank you Tracy, Pam, Vanessa, Janyne, Lisel and Takeyra; you are allowing us to chase our dreams and ambition. ARC is dedicated always to the ones we hold dearest here and beyond, and to Steve Jobs for making it all possible.

Contents 06 Pigmentocracy and the Calendar Girl

14 Without Boundaries?

20 Bloom

_Poetry: Danielle Boodoo-Fortuné

_Mediating Art’s Global Networks

_The Gradient: Firelei Báez

22 Contemporary Creative Culture _In conversation with Wendell McShine

66 Take this cup _24fps: Jean Gentil

28 Collections _James Cooper _Marlon James _Jasmine Murrell

70 Embracing Memory. Exploring Metaphor. Evoking Spirit. _The Gradient: Arthur Simms

80 Spotlight

82 Artist List

_Versia Abeda Harris _Michael Mapp _Adachi Pimentel _Delford T. Wilson


50 Bone Deep _Featured Artist: Caroline ‘booops’ Sardine

76 Performing Self: Damali Abrams _Artist on Artist


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Coral Sculpture 2 Coral and paint 2011

Fish Fetish Grouper head, gold and silver leaf, feathers, flower, balloon 2009

hannn-helll-hed work innn progresss mixmedia table tennnis� racket diemenshans vary

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Profile for ARC MAGAZINE

ARC Magazine issue 4  

Issue 4 brings together the work of Caroline Sardine, Wendell McShine, Firelei Baez, Alicia Alleyne, Carl Anderson, Danielle Boodoo Fortuné,...

ARC Magazine issue 4  

Issue 4 brings together the work of Caroline Sardine, Wendell McShine, Firelei Baez, Alicia Alleyne, Carl Anderson, Danielle Boodoo Fortuné,...