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ISSUE 03 // JULY 2011

Contributors _Meet the team


Melanie Archer is a designer, writer and publishing enthusiast based in Trinidad and Tobago. Her writing has appeared in PRINT magazine, Caribbean Review of Books, Caribbean Beat and Small Axe online. She is the art director of the trinidad + tobago film festival.

Darryn Boodan is a copywriter currently working in Trinidad and Tobago. He contributes to Outlish Magazine as well as Royal Report. Occasionally he writes something on his blog.

Holly Bynoe is a Vincentian visual artist and writer based in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. She is a recent graduate of Bard College International Center of Photography where she earned her M.F.A. in Advanced Photographic Studies. Her work has been shown regionally and internationally.


Contributors Photography and Artwork Courtesy: Mariamma Kambon Sabrina Charran Matthias Pick Richard Fung Marcel Pinas Simone Gilliatt Tavares Strachan Nadia Huggins

Charles Campbell is a Jamaican-born visual artist and writer. He has exhibited widely in the Americas and Europe, representing Jamaica in regional and international biennials and major exhibitions of Caribbean art. He has written art columns for the Jamaica Herald and Gleaner.

Andil Gosine His scholarship and artistic practices are concerned with iterations of desire, power and nature. He continues to work on ‘WARDROBES’, which draws on his experience growing up in rural Trinidad and subsequent migrations to North America and Europe.

Nadia Huggins is a digital photographer from St. Vincent and the Grenadines who has been specializing in documentary and conceptual photography for over eight years. She has been featured in several online and print publications internationally and is part of the Depthcore Collective.

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Text: 150 gr UPM Finesse Silk   Cover: 250 gr. Ensogloss Fold out: 170 gr. Arctic Volume Cover Image: Mamie (Family Portrait) by Lavar Munroe Inside Cover: Blast Off, 2008-09 by Tavares Strachan Inside Back Cover: Mary in the Hall by Elizabeth Colomba


Dr. Ja A. Jahannes is a cultural critic, writer of fiction and nonfiction, poet, psychologist and composer. He is a frequent columnist for numerous American and international publications. His work has appeared in diverse publications and anthologies, and he serves as contributing editor for two international online magazines.

Yao Ramesar is a Ghana-born Caribbean filmmaker honoured as the Caribbean’s first Laureate in Arts and Letters in 2006. That year his award-winning SISTAGOD became the first Trinidad and Tobago feature film in official selection at a major festival at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Our appreciation is extended to our writers and artists whose collaborations and dynamic work keep us dedicated, inspired and passionate about what we are doing. To the many distribution centres across the entire region and diaspora, we are grateful that you have housed ARC with such faith and kindness. Particular and special thanks to Joan Dayal of Paper Based, Monique Nouh Chaia and the entire Readytex Art Gallery gang, Candia Atwater at the Caribbean Museum of Art, Annalee Davis at Milking Parlour Studio, Celia Sorhaindo and Suzanne and Simon Fredericks in Jamaica. To Annie Paul, Nicholas Laughlin and Christopher Cozier who have encouraged and championed our efforts, thank you for engaging with ARC and opening many doors and opportunities for us. To Matthew Carson and Deirdre Donohue at the ICP, Marteinn and Diana at Oddi, and to our dedicated team who have worked in good faith towards ARC’s future – thank you Pam, Vanessa, Janyne, Tracy and Takeyra; you are allowing us to dream and create dangerously. ARC is dedicated always to the ones we hold dearest here and beyond.


Contents 06 Thank you Ms. Darling

14 There Is No Mother Roti

20 Guyana Quintet

_The Gradient: Tavares Strachan

_Culture: Richard Fung

_Poetry: Michelle Joan Wilkinson

22 Topics: A Common VisibilitĂŠ

28 Collections

48 Lavar Munroe: Portrait Of A Twenty-First Century Artist

_Pauline Marcelle Elizabeth Colomba Mark King

_Collectives: Topics Platform

62 The Eye-alect of Her Second Coming _24fps: Yao Ramesar

_Featured Artist

68 Where We Still Belong

76 The Artist as a Maggot

_The Gradient: Marcel Pinas

_Artist on Artist: Michelle Isava

80 Spotlight

82 Artist List

_Malaika BSL Sarah Knights Jennifer Lewis Yermine Richardson




Artist Portfolio

Collections _Artists’ portfolios



White Cockroach Oil on canvas 30” x 40”, 2010

Liamuiga of the Fertile Land Mixed media and 24k gold leaf on cut paper 10’’ x 14’’, 2011

Kingdom Come Graphite drawing, digital colour, Ultrachrome K3 ink on velvet paper (ed. 1/1) 40’’ x 31.5’’, 2010


ARC Magazine issue 3  
ARC Magazine issue 3  

Issue 3 brings together the work of Lavar Munroe, Michelle Isava, Richard Fung, Michelle Joan Wilkinson, Topics Platform, Marcel Pinas, Paul...