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THIS LIST REPRESENTS GIFTS MADE TO THE ANNUAL FUND THROUGH JUNE 30, 2013. THE 2013 – 2014 ANNUAL FUND CLOSES JUNE 30, 2014. We look forward to continuing to recognize our Angels each year. CONSECUTIVE GIVERS 20 YEARS AND UP Mr. and Mrs. John D. Adams Mr. and Mrs. Sidney P. Allen Mr. and Mrs. Minor F. Buchanan Ms. Sally Murphy Caffery Mr. and Mrs. Vernon H. Chadwick Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Chain Mr. and Mrs. William H. Coker Ms. Marcia Collins Dr. and Mrs. R. Deaver Collins, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. O. Weir Conner III Mr. and Mrs. John H. Downey Mr. and Mrs. W. Wayne Drinkwater, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. James H. Eley Mr. and Mrs. Pete Everett Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Farr II Drs. Richard H. and Sethelle Flowers Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert B. Ford, Jr. Ms. Jan R. Graeber Mr. and Mrs. Dudley Collier Graham, Jr. Mr. Thomas E. Guillot, Jr. and Dr. Christina Glick Drs. H. Louis and Alison Harkey Mr. and Mrs. Bill E. Harrison Ms. Sandra Smith Hindsman Mr. and Mrs. David H. Hoster II Mr. and Mrs. Taylor Kitchings Mrs. Dorothy Kitchings Mr. and Mrs. James A. Lowe III Mr. and Mrs. J. David Marsh III Ms. Ann S. Marshall

Mrs. Hyman F. McCarty, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Vaughan W. McRae Ms. Laurie Hearin McRee Mr. Michael T. McRee Mr. and Mrs. George I. Melichar Mr. and Mrs. Cooper Morrison Dr. and Mrs. Walter P. Neely Ms. Lady K. Noel Mr. and Mrs. Stanley E. Patrick Dr. and Mrs. George D. Penick, Jr. Mr. Joe J. Powell, Jr. Ms. Anne Ranck Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Robinson, Jr. Mrs. Charlton S. Roby Drs. William and Joanna Storey Mr. and Mrs. Jerry M. Sullivan, Jr. Judge and Mrs. James C. Sumner Dr. and Mrs. David M. Temple Mr. and Mrs. Steven A. Whatley Dr. and Mrs. John D. Wofford, Jr. CONSECUTIVE GIVERS 15 – 19 YEARS Dr. and Mrs. John D. Adams, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Leigh B. Allen III Drs. Leslie H. and Katherine S. Bear Mr. and Mrs. Jack Conway Dr. and Mrs. Dennis R. Cranford Mr. and Mrs. Barney Lyrley Davis III Mrs. Cathy Pilgreen Davis Mr. and Mrs. L. Bruce Deer Dr. and Mrs. S. R. Evans, Jr. Mrs. John E. Fontaine III Mr. Greg Riggins Graeber


Mr. Kenneth James Graeber, Jr. The Rt. Rev. Duncan M. Gray, Jr. Mrs. Helen C. Green Mr. and Mrs. David R. Hardy Mr. and Mrs. William David Hays, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Hudson Mr. Jason B. and Dr. Priscilla Almond Jolly Dr. and Mrs. James S. Jones Ms. Frances B. Keane Mr. and Mrs. James A. Keith Mr. and Mrs. Burney C. King Ms. Jennifer Allison King Mr. and Mrs. R. Eason Leake Mr. and Mrs. Ken McCarley Mrs. Margaret P. McLarty Mr. and Mrs. David L. McMillin Dr. William C. McQuinn Mr. and Mrs. Carl D. Menist Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Mills, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. David S. Morse Dr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Mosley, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. William T. Neely III Mr. Kevin O’Malley Dr. and Mrs. C. Douglas Odom Mr. and Mrs. Steven D. Orlansky Dr. Randall G. Patterson Mrs. Katy Morgan Neely Pulvere Dr. and Mrs. Paul W. Purdy Mr. and Mrs. William A. Ray Mr. J. Stevenson Ray and Dr. Melinda Ray Dr. Audrey Sidney

Archways 19 - Spring 2014  
Archways 19 - Spring 2014  

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