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ANOTHER IMPORTANT CONTRIBUTION TO ST. ANDREW’S Between the five of them, Mimi Bradley, Dottee Everett, Frances Jean Neely, Patsy Ricks and Libby Walden have produced eight St. Andrew’s alumni. Patsy Ricks and Libby Walden also have grandchildren currently attending St. Andrew’s.

the unique experience of counting her own son tardy “because just like many of today’s students, he would not get up!” Everett also served as a chaperone on three memorable student trips to Italy and Greece. One of Everett’s favorite memories was of a solemn occasion gone wrong. “At the 1989 graduation ceremony at St. Andrew’s Cathedral, the time came to award the medals…and they weren’t there,” Everett recalls. “The Upper School head looked at me out in the audience, and I just shrugged my shoulders because I didn’t have them. At that point in my career, graduation wasn’t my responsibility, but I have served as the point person for every graduation since. It was a humorous moment no one wanted to experience again.” When asked what she will miss the most, Everett has a difficult time deciding as there are so many aspects of St. Andrew’s she has come to love. “I will miss the community of friends – fellow teachers, students, and parents. I’ll miss Birthday Cake Thursdays in the faculty workroom, and the many assemblies in which we were entertained by Russian pianists, the Yale Whiffenpoofs, and Chinese acrobats. The cultural exposure to students from Ghana, Spain, and France has been wonderful, too. I feel very lucky to have had a job that allows me to use my skills in an educational setting where I can be around young people. It has also been spiritually rewarding to experience regular chapel services, which provide a calming moment of reflection during busy weeks.” Everett has an easier time describing the few things she will not miss. “Getting up at 5:00 a.m., and the occasional, clearly forged ‘parental excuses,’ the best one of which was a note signed with a rubber stamp instead of a real signature,” Everett adds with a wry smile, “Like I wouldn’t notice that little sleight of hand.” 38

FRANCES JEAN NEELY Director of Annual Giving Frances Jean Neely had been a parent volunteer for many years when she and her husband, Walter, agreed to chair the 1998 Annual Fund. The Annual Fund has been Neely’s baby ever since. Following her successful stint as co-chair, Neely was appointed to the fulltime position of director of annual giving. “Head of School Dave Wood took a leap of faith and hired me as a fund-raiser,” Neely says. “Walter and I had a good year as Annual Fund co-chairs, but I think I really sold Dave when I was able to make a go of the Spirit Bus. I was chairman of the Spirit Committee and student attendance at out-of-town games was down. It made sense to me that we could rent a nice bus, serve food, charge a little, and make getting to the game a fun experience. The Spirit Bus was successful and Dave Wood thanked me for proving him wrong. I think that made him think I was a ‘can do’ type person.” Neely has more than proved that she is indeed a can do person. When she began as director of annual giving in 1999, the Annual Fund was at $200,000. Today, the Annual Fund is approaching $600,000. During its 15 years under Neely’s leadership, the Annual Fund has raised $6.5 million, driven largely by Neely’s ability to make an annual appeal for gifts fresh and exciting year in and year out. “One of the things I’ve worked hardest on over the years is coming up with innovative ways to move the Annual Fund to another level. Forming the 1947 Society, launching Annual Fund Blitz week, creating the Sapphire level of giving, and most recently, designating faithful givers as the Annual Fund Angels have all been successful in keeping the Annual Fund exciting. One of my personal favorites is the annual 1947 Society Party at BRAVO! I love getting together with these

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Archways 19 - Spring 2014  

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