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Morten B端low IaaC 2011 - Designing Associativity - Assignment 1: Data Visualization

The idea is to create a dynamic diagram, that is changing over time. The result is a 3-dimentional wind diagram - collecting the date in real time. Grasshopper is collecting data from pachube every 3o sec and stores previously data so the diagram grows over time. The result will never be the same twice. The height of the model is related to the wind speed in knot and the angle to the direction degrees. Wind data from Vertou near Nantes France Live updatet through Link:

Full definition

Getting data - timer = 30.000ms

Store data - setting up the diagram

The graphics - dependenting on the dynamic diagram

Process picture

Process picture

Process picture

Diagram evolution step 1

Diagram evolution step 2

Diagram evolution step 3

Diagram evolution step 4

Diagram evolution step 5

Diagram evolution step 6

MortenBulowIaaC2011_Designing_Associativity_ Data_Visualization