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We are a bunch of music exorcists who often talk about how lazy we are, but being lazy can turn out as super productivity after all. We can not hide our enthusiasm for the new music that pleases us this year! This is our personal list of treasures and we are more than sure that at least two or three people trust our taste. So, we have prepared bunch of frightening and beautiful stories of the deepest forests. Another thing is that Archiv Hate collaborated with Monster Alphabet to create limited time merch : two week campaign with 3 limited edition t-shirts designed by Monster Alphabet. Three colours: MOBYDICK, OBARACK & BARON. Don’t waste your chance to get these limited edition shirts, we will do it only once, so when it's gone, it's gone! Support those who support you! Be weird!?

-ARCHIV HATE, April 2014

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About a week ago I finally got the opportunity to do an interview with Rebecca Vernon of SubRosa. I wanted to do this when they were playing with Samothrace last November. But life being what it is, it didn't happen. Oh well though I can do it again some other time I thought. It kind of took me longer than I thought it would but that's okay. They're busy people and what not and I'm a dumbass that easily gets sidetracked with other stuff. Finally about a couple weeks prior to this interview I got talking to them at another show with Eagle Twin and Lord Dying. Finally we set up a time when we could get together and do this interview / conversation. So enjoy! -Danial Gambler

SO LETS START WITH THE BASIC QUESTION. THE HISTORY OF THE BAND. HOW DID IT START? WHERE DID IT START? SubRosa started in the summer of 2005 and for a couple years, 3 years before that I had an idea that I wanted to start this kind of a band. Not the violins necessarily but I knew I wanted to start a heavy sludgy really angry band. Then in the summer of 2005 my friends Sarah was learning the violin, just learning and she wanted to join the band. But that's not as this is going to work because I want this brutal like this angry energy and violins is like really pretty. So it was total accident that violins became part of SubRosa. But as we evolved it turned out the riffs I wrote are more emotional, melodic and with folk elements and then with Sarah's Violin and now Kim's element magnifies it and that's how that came to be. Then in 2008 we released “Strega” on I Hate Records. Before that we released “The Worm Has Turned”, we self-released it, and there are only 75 copies of it actually. And then we released “No Hope For The Mighty Ones” on Profound Lore in 2011 and “More Constant Than The Gods” last year on Profound Lore.

WHENEVER I SEE “MORE CONSTANT THAN THE GODS” I HAVE THIS HABIT OF CALLING IT “MORE CONSISTENT THAN THE GODS”. Whenever an album title has more than two world it's easy to forget, you know what I mean? Yeah I've heard a few different things. HERE WE ARE IN A LIBRARY, IF SUBROSA WERE TO BE A BOOK. WHAT WOULD IT BE AND WHO WOULD IT BE BY? Like, what author would it be by? I guess that would be a really good question. I guess I would picture it kind of some obscure mysterious book in the corner of some old library in HP Lovecraft's New England or something. Just stuck in a corner, kind of dusty, probably full of esoteric mystical knowledge about portals between worlds and such. I don't know who it would be by. I think HP Lovecraft is a little too egocentic to say it would be by him. But it would be, probably by some horror writer of some sort. I picture really old scrolly letters on the front. It would be an old falling apart book.

And this is where we go off on some garbledy blerble glarble about book stores in the downtown Salt Lake City area. Her

naming off book stores asking if any of those were the one I forgot the name of and me trying to remember the name of a book store that I saw that had books of the description that she described. And then next question...... LOOKING BACK IN THE PAST, “THE WORM HAS TURNED” WAS RECORDED IN A BASEMENT FROM WHAT I UNDERSTAND? Actually “Strega” was recorded in a basement. The bassist at the time Eric LaCroix (Don't know if that's the right spelling or not. But since that's how I usually see the name “LaCroix” spelled, I'm going with that), his Mom lived in Bountiful and we went and recorded in her basement.“The Worm Has Turned” was recorded, it was kind of the same thing, recorded in someones house in the bedroom. It was actually just supposed to be scratch tracks for the band to listen to and learn the parts. Instead it turned out well enough and we ended up becoming more elaborate than we thought in recording all the parts with it. And they thought,“Gosh this is good enough to release I guess.” And we just decided to release it as a demo. But we still consider it our first full length album. YEAH, THAT'S KIND OF HOW I FEEL ABOUT MY LIVLØS PROJECT THAT I STARTED BACK IN '07 THAT NEVER WENT ANYWHERE. JUST HAVE SOME TRACKS UP ON MYSPACE. Yeah, you know those things count too. We even have some earlier recordings of that which, I've never said in an interview. We have 3 or 4 or 5 really rough demos that I made on a 4 track that I bought from Musician's Friend for $99. I have been trying to hunt down those demos because they're really cool. I like them better than “The Worm Has Turned”. But they're super rough, they sound like they were recorded in a chamber or cave or something.

ALWAYS LISTEN TO ON MYSPACE. I guess now the place is Bandcamp. That's where all our stuff is. Bandcamp, ReverbNation, Facebook, Twitter, we don't do Instagram. There's just too many social media outlets to keep track of everything. Facebook is like already, it's already so much to keep track of. FACEBOOK SEEMS TO BE GOING THE WAY OF MYSPACE. Yeah that's what I heard people are starting to abandon it. But I haven't. Where is everyone going? I HAVE NO IDEA. Well I'm sticking with facebook for a while. I'M NOT ONE TO REALLY KEEP UP WITH EVERYTHING. I think people are splitting off between Instagram and a couple other media places that just started that are getting a big buzz. Even with Twitter we just do an automatic feed from Facebook to Twitter. I don't ever make fresh posts to Twitter. I just let it feed automatically from Facebook. And I never log into ReverbNation, I never log into Bandcamp. It's just pretty much Facebook. We do have a personal website that I do log into about once a month. And then what else? There's our Youtube channel I log in every couple weeks. I'm not that social media savvy.

AS FAR AS THE MUSIC WRITING GOES. HOW DOES THAT GO ABOUT? So I write the initial riffs. And kind of come up with the initial structure and show the band. And the band will jump in and everyone writes their own parts. So there is creative input and people will, the violins especially. They have a lot of power over the emotional direction of the song. I'll write a riff and be like this is so brutal. And then they'll write their parts and I just want to cry now. You know they really spearhead the emotional direction of the song. Sometimes I'll have the lyrics already IF YOU HAVE A CHANCE YOU SHOULD CHECK OUT written and they'll listen to my lyrics and MY LIVLØS PROJECT. What it's called? kind of be inspired by what I'm singing Livløs? about when they write their parts. They YEAH, IT'S JUST ON MYSPACE. MySpace, It's just bring out so many hidden nuances of like a cemetery now. Land of abandoned the intention of the song. They're just pages. I don't know anyone who uses MySpace amazing, they're like magicians. anymore. YEAH I REALLY LIKE THEIR PART DURING THE I STILL GO THERE ONCE IN A WHILE AND CHECK IT OUT. LOOK FOR BANDS I HAVEN'T LISTEN TO IN A WHILE. I haven't been on there for probably over 2 years?

STRING CHANGE DURING YOUR SET LAST WEEK.. Yeah, my gosh, if the violins weren't in SubRosa you can hear how different it would be. It would be not only emptier but also it just wouldn't be as emotional. You know? OH YEAH? Yeah it's crazy. SubRosa's page So they're very important, of course the has been completely abandoned. bass and drum are important in their own YEAH I HAD A BUNCH OF SHOEGAZE THAT I WOULD way too. Because without them we can't


play a show. I mean we can, we can play an acoustic show but bass is usually riding their parts at the same time as the violins. And then drums come last. We show Andy almost a completed piece and writes his drums. And usually when drums come in we begin to see structure is off and it isn't working. Or some transitions are awkward and we'll together as a band work on transitions and we might move parts around. Or we'll be like this part needs to go one or two phrases longer because it seems like it's too short here. And you can only really hear those things when you're playing with the band.. so yeah! YEAH THAT MAKES SENSE.

A few minutes of people watching while I'm trying to put together another question to ask since me being the professional that I am. I neglected to do any research or any of the other stuff that goes along with professional interviews. Another one of those moments where we just babble on about random things of no real importance. Other Native Americans giving me dirty looks outside the library when I was walking to get to this interview. Her love for the Quizup app, my love for Candy Crush and Pet Rescue. I thought about adding it in but I'm sure most of the people reading don't really give a shit. I mean hearing about Candy Crush, QuizUp and what ever else is no where near as important as reading about multimedia pages.. I USED TO LISTEN TO SOME BANDS ON I HATE RECORDS, MOSTLY JUST JEX THOTH. BUT I HAD KNOW ABOUT THE LABEL FOR A WHILE PRIOR TO SUBROSA. HOW DID YOU GET HOOKED UP WITH THEM? I READ THE STORY ONCE BUT YEAH SINCE THEN I FORGOT. The way it happened, I became friends with Ola Blomkvist. He was the co-owner of I Hate Records at the time, he ended up quitting the label a couple years after signing us. But at the time he heard us and he really liked us and heard our potential. I listen to “The Worm Has Turned” now and I'm just like, wow he was like digging deep for that potential. I mean its a really rough album. It's really lo-fi, he heard it and really liked it. The reason he heard it, our friend Chuck Berret wrote in an interview and it appeared in “Under Strain Magazine”. And Ola subscribed to that in Sweden, saw that article, checked us out, and added me on Facebook. I happened to see a record label, I Hate Records had added us and I was like. I had never heard of them. And I just

reached out and asked them if they were accepting demos right now. Expecting them to write back and be like no and good luck. But he wrote back and wrote this huge message about how much he loved SubRosa. And he read that interview and he just got really excited. But he was like we can't sign you. I Hate Records is very traditional Doom and Thrash and just can't sign you. And I was like, Oh that is fine. But we stayed friends and became really good friends over the next year just through messaging. And then a year went by and “Strege”, we finished “Strega”. Sent him a copy, thinking he'd listen to it and be like “Great work!” or “Love it but can't help you”. Anyway, but then I had this weird intuition that something was going to happen. I didn't hear from him for weeks and I thought I guess he didn't like it. Then he wrote back this huge email talking about each song why he liked it and what it meant to him. Then he was like, I'm going to try and convince my partner to sign you. I know he doesn't get SubRosa but I'm going I'm going to convince him. So he did and they put out “Strega”. So that was the first step. Because once “Strega” came out, Chris Bruni from Profound Lore emailed me a few weeks after it came out and was, “Hey if you ever want to release another album, your next album you should consider Profound Lore.” And I was, “We're really happy with I Hate Records but 'll let you know.” But then Ola ended up leaving I Hate Records. And so something something something 2 years later something something email. (The “something something” moments was recording problems that I just discovered.) Very long answer but.. I WAS LOOKING ON THE I HATE RECORDS WEB PAGE ONE DAY AND WAS LIKE “SUBROSA?” HOW DID THAT HAPPEN? I know right? How did that happen? It was Ola. He is like Chris Bruni. He hears music and it doesn't matter if it's popular at the time. He has a certain taste in music....He just has good taste in music. Not trying to brag about SubRosa but anything they check is, it can be very different, it can not be popular, they just have a good radar for music. We're very lucky to be with good, such great label mates on Profound Lore. It's just incredible, an honor to be on a label with bands like Portal, Agalloch, and Pallbearer and on and on.

Asinine babbling for a minute or two. I

thought maybe somebody might want to read this just for the hell of it..


YOB THEY JUST SIGNED TO NEUROT RECORDS. Oh Neurot? I love Neurot, they're great too.

YEAH, STONE CARVER WHAT THAT MEANT AND TRANSLATED INTO. So Sarah dated a Russian boyfriend for about 5 years. She became really good at speaking Russian. I learned Russian in School and forgot it all. She speaks Russian and she's the one speaking. And it's basically excerpts from a fairy tale called, I think it's called “The Stone Flower”. And it's about a man who basically abandons human pursuits like marrying and having a family. To pursue the art of stone carving. And in order to do it he has to go live in a mountain for like years, basically his whole life. And just devote himself to stone carving. I think at the end of it, he's kind of in under an enchantment. And it's questionable whether it's a good thing or not that he's devoting himself to this. And at the end of the story in some versions he is reunited with the girl he's going to marry. And in some versions I don't think they ever find him again. And it kind of goes along with the themes of the song. Isolation, alienation, things like that.

YEAH I REMEMBER WHEN THEY WERE JUST STARTING THAT UP. Really? I'VE BEEN FOLLOWING THE METAL SCENE FOR YEARS. When Yob was first starting or Neurot? NEUROT, I WAS INTO NEUROSIS WAY BACK IN THE MID 90'S. Yeah that's cool. I didn't find out about Neurosis until 2001. And I had no idea there was even a doom scene until then. YEAH IT WAS UHHHHHH CRAP, I JUST SPACED THE NAME. Isis? Neurosis? Eyehategod? The Melvins? IT'LL COME TO ME EVENTUALLY.. THORR'S HAMMER! IT WAS THEM THAT GOT ME INTO THE WHOLE DOOM SCENE. I haven't listened to Thorr's Hammer but I've heard of them. YEAH I HEARD THEM ON.. UHH SONIC SLAUGHTERHOUSE ON KRCL. It can be one song that can change your life. Like my friend Berny gave me a mix tape of metal bands and they were great bands but none of it struck me emotionally. And then Electric Wizard came on and it hit me so hard. I had not heard them before. This was like 2003 or something and I was like you have to burn me everything this band has ever done. It was so good. IT WAS THORR'S HAMMER AND CIANIDE THAT GOT ME ALL INTO DOOM. Yeah, I'll have to check them out. YEAH, CIANIDE THEY WERE MOSTLY KNOWN AS JUST A DEATH METAL BAND. REALLY SLOW DEATH METAL. I pretty much like anything that's slow. Anytime I'd hear a song growing up I'd be like. That sounds pretty good but it sounds so much better slower. Always, always been like that. YEAH PELICAN THEIR FIRST EP,, SOMETHING SOMETHING. (I CAN'T FIGURE OUT WHAT THE FUCK I JUST SAID ON THE TAPE). What was the name of it? SELF-TITLED. Oh, okay, I don't know their albums by name. Of course I've seen them, I know them. YEAH I NEVER SAW THEM OR MET THEM. I THINK WHEN THEY CAME THROUGH ONCE HERE I WAS BUSY CAUGHT UP IN BEING FUCKED UP. I didn't meet them but I saw them play live once. I think it was at Club Sound, You know? In The Venue, that venue right by it.

INTERESTING, I THINK I'LL HAVE TO LOOK THAT UP. I think it's call “The Stone Flower”, I'm pretty sure about that. Let me just look it up really quick. In this version I think he's reunited with the girl. I think that's how it is in most of the versions. ALRIGHT COOL, I THINK I'M REALLY GOING TO HAVE TO LOOK THAT ONE UP. I WONDER IF THEY HAVE A COPY HERE. Yeah you should. Online it's a really short story, it's a fairy tail. Just type in “The Stone Flower, Russian Fairy Tale” and I think it will come up. FOR THE ALBUM COVER FOR “MORE CONSTANT THAN THE GODS” WAS THE CONCEPT BEHIND IT? Mmmhm, the theme of the album is death and the girl on the album is the personification of death. As you can see she's not a horrible scary specter. She's not anything scary or unpleasant. She's a beautiful young girl who almost has this radiance around her. We wanted to present death as this psychophant. Like a guide to help the souls through death to the next phase of life after this life. And it's nothing to be terrified of. So I worked with the artist on explaining these concepts. And a lot of it was based on the death of my mom. Because when she passed away it struck me for the first time what a



great thing death is. It doesn't seem like it to many people and of course when death comes to someone who's young and full of promise and it comes suddenly it has a different flavor to it. But when my mom passed away she had lived a full life, she lived a happy life, she was happy. And she fell into cancer and so when death came for her it was a blessing. And I was like what if there was no such thing as death and my mom, there was no release ever from that and it would have been horrible. And it made me just think about death in a new way. You know, no matter what you go through at least there is an end one day. I know that might sound morbid but it does.. it does have a bitterness to it. There is a bitter aspect and a sarcastic aspect to it. But there is also it's genuinely, I'm genuinely glad there is an end one day. So we hope to capture those concepts in the cover. And Glen put in a lot of symbolism, he's the artist, Glen Smith from England he does a lot of art for a lot of metal bands. And everything on that cover is a symbol. The 9 dots at the bottom, the comb in her hair is a symbol of the moon. Which ties into the theme. I have it written down somewhere. And the locust in the corner is a symbol of the migration of the soul towards death. And so it's all tied together with Glen's amazing talent.

death. But the title itself “More Constant Than The Gods” it's pulled from the song “The Usher” you know? The full line is you are more constant than the gods. Because sometimes when we call, they don't answer at all. So it's referring.. The “You” is death. You know? Death is more constant than the gods. And that's a very bitter statement. That whole, the whole song “The Usher” is really sarcastic and bittersweet. And that whole line “More constant than the gods.” It's basically saying that in this world and especially in US society and mainstream culture I feel like people try to distract themselves from the fact that there is an end to this life. Nobody wants to look at that. We are terrified of death. We put sick and dead and dying and old people away, shut off from society and homes so that we can't ever see it. We're obsessed with youth and beauty it almost seems to me like an escape from reality and I don't think an acceptance of death is morbid at all. I think it's healthy. I think the Native American culture had a really strong and healthy understanding of death. Don't you?

YEAH I'M TRYING TO REMEMBER WHAT THE STORY IS WITH THE NAVAJO CONCERNING THE MOVING ON. Yeah, like elderly people were respected. They were the wise people of the tribe. They were revered and valued and MY BRAIN IS ATTEMPTING TO WORK RIGHT NOW look at old people now. They're made fun of BUT IT'S NOT COOPERATING. It's okay, if you and they're put away in homes. They're want I can look at the question and see if seen as valueless, like there is no value. there are any I haven't answered. And it's such a deeply engrained belief in our culture like once you're old you're OKAY, I THINK THERE IS A COUPLE, JUST THE worthless. It's really sad. Again I feel TWO I HAVE MISSED AND ONE IS. WOULD YOU like it's this running. LIKE TO GO BACK THERE TO RECORD ONCE MORE IN THIS ROUGH AND UNCOMMON ATMOSPHERE? RUNNING FROM THE INEVITABLE. Yes! Even when Probably not, we definitely feel like the the truth is unpleasant. I'd much rather last two albums have been recorded with a have the truth than bury it in a bunch of lot more.. We just realized how important illusions and lies. So to run from death, production is and to bring alive and bring you can't. I just read a book called songs to their potential. And even though “White Noise” and its all about the there is a charm to those lo-fi recordings. characters in the book grappling with We still feel like we've been able to death. And they have this overwhelming fear progress with production and realize more of death to the point where they can't and more what we need to do to make the function. And I feel like that is a song sound the best. So we'll probably keep reflection of our society for sure. I don't trying to improve the production more and know.. some more “More Constant Than The more not to get all squeaky clean but to Gods” and it has a few other meanings too. get closer to what we want. It has a subtle reference to religion. A TO GET MORE FULLER SOUND. Yeah, a full rich lot of religions disagree as to what god is and what the truth is and go to war over just deep sound, bassy sound. it. But ultimately death will be there “MORE CONSTANT THAN THE GODS”, FOLKLORE waiting for us all. Out of all that we have AND MYTHS. CAN YOU TELL US MORE ABOUT THE death in common. It stands like a silent CONCEPT? The theme of the album is about

specter waiting and that's ironic, yeah heavily ironic.

videos. I have always loved them. It's weird that we've been together eight years YEAH EVERY TIME I FEEL A SEIZURE STARTING, and we've never done one. But I just love the aesthetic when it's done correctly. So OR WANTING TO START. I FIND MYSELF WONDERING. AM I GOING TO LIVE THROUGH THIS the film make that is doing ours also did the videos for Corrections House, the first ONE? I think that everyday realizing and thinking that you're going to die one day. second I saw one of them. That's the film maker I want. He just has a great Is actually not a bad thing. It helps you aesthetic, He's incredible. I think the with perspective because if you do always visuals in music videos with audio can just keep that in mind you will live your life make the audio twice as powerful or three more fully. And you're also less scared when the end does come. You are ready, you times as powerful. are like death is going to come. And if you YEAH TURNED TO STONE THEY JUST PUT OUT A have a chronic disease or a problem it VIDEO NOT TOO LONG AGO. I CHECKED OUT makes it more pleasant. I think that's THEIR ALBUM AND I WAS AMAZED BY IT. Really? actually not a bad thing. I think it's Okay, I'll check it out. running from death and the truth brings YEAH THEY'RE PLAYING AGAIN HERE IN NOT TOO people so much pain. LONG TOO. SO IF YOU GET A CHANCE YOU YEAH EVERY TIME I FEEL A SEIZURE WANTING TO START I OFTEN THINK, “I'M NOT READY TO GO YET”. Maybe you're not ready. Maybe it's time to start living life to the fullest. There have been times when I wasn't ready but now I feel like I want to accomplish many things before I go. But if I died today I would feel that I lived my life, I would definitely feel okay. I know that's probably not a very common statement. It's not that I lived a perfect life but I definitely feel satisfied. THERE ARE A LOT OF SHOWS COMING UP FOR THE BAND. Yeah, we have TreeFort next weekend. We've got HellFest in June. We've got the Cult Leader Tour Kick Off on April 4th at Shred Shed. In May we're not going to do any shows. In July we playing Kilby Court's 15th Anniversary Party. We're playing in August with Bell Witch at Shred Shed. We're planning a three week tour in Europe. A three week tour in the US in September. And then we might be playing a festival in October. And we're play Hopscotch Festival in September in North Carolina. So that's a lot I guess. YEAH SEEMS LIKE A BUSY YEAR. It is, but we'd like to be even more busy. We'd eventually like to be able to tour even more. YEAH I SEE A LOT OF COMMENTS ON YOU'RE FACEBOOK ABOUT GOING TO THE EAST COAST. I know. People keep asking and I feel like I'm putting them off. We are doing it but the plans just aren't all confirmed. We know the time frame and our booking agent is starting working on it. Oh we're also working on a music video in April. I know not every underground metal band does videos, music videos. But I LOVE music

SHOULD GO. Yeah let me know when it is and everything. ANY BURNING QUESTIONS OR ANYTHING I HAVE..? (ME TRYING TO GET MY HEAD BACK IN THE GAME OR WHAT EVER AGAIN). Any personal questions you have apart from those you have? NOTHING I CAN THINK OF OFF HAND. THAT'S ONE OF THE PROBLEMS WITH WORKING WITH COLD MEDICINE AND A HANGOVER. Where were you last night? I WAS JUST AT HOME. I DRANK A LITTLE BIT MORE THAN I EXPECTED. I was at the Gravecode Nebula CD release and it was SO good. I've never seen them live. I STILL HAVEN'T EVEN HEARD THEM YET. I'VE BEEN MEANING TO FOR LONG TIME. I just bought their album “SempiternalVoid”. I'm listening to this in the car on my way home. Anyway, they are so incredible live. I knew they would be good. The energy that they have on stage that they push out is just menace, pure menace. And terror and darkness. They were so good. The vibe on stage is just incredible. It was inspiring, I was definitely like, man SubRosa has got to think about maybe.. GETTING A LITTLE BIT DARKER. Yeah we've gotten better. We've been working on our stage presence for a long time now. And in the last 6 months I think we've gotten even better. But I do like the idea of some kind of, not necessarily costumes but kind of like that. Something that we wear every night that brings a certain ambiance. I've always been a little bit like anti-costumes and just anti-trying too hard on stage. But now I see the live show is an experience that you're trying to draw people into. And it's really important to do all you can to

make that experience as amazing as possible now we wear really heavy make up. But I for people and to connect to music as don't know, we'll have to see about that. possible. Probably in hour music video we are going to have some very elaborate costumes. But BUT YEAH LIKE GHOST, I HAVE A HARD TIME it's a music video so, yeah. WITH COSTUMES. Yeah, I mean when it's all about costumes. Sometimes image can overshadow the music. And it's like the music is like some accoutrement or something and then it becomes a problem. But if it amplifies what you're trying to say in the music then I like it. WATCHING SUNN O))) VIDEOS ON YOUTUBE. I HAVE A HARD TIME TAKING THEM SERIOUSLY ON STAGE. I like the whole robe thing. But with SubRosa it wouldn't be that elaborate. It would be more like veils or some lace hood thing. Something easy to put on and just put over what we are wearing. Maybe some kind of different make up. Like right


We kind of sat around and talked about some other random stuff such as the transit trains in the valley. What we watch on TV. And I think some other stuff too but yeah I kind of forgot what it all was. But I don't think it was anything of any real importance anyway. So there it is. A conversation I got to have with Rebecca Vernon of the now infamous SubRosa. Rebecca I can't thank you enough for letting me have the opportunity to do this interview. It allowed me to learn on the mistakes I made previous to setting things up. And it also showed me what I need to do better for future attempts at interviews. Once again I thank you for this opportunity. – Danial Gambler





















TERRA TENEBROSA IS A PICTORIAL VISION OF THE DARK PSYCHE OF BEHIND THE MASKS HIDDEN PERSONAS. WHY DO YOU OPT FOR REMAINING ANONYMOUS AND DO THE MASKS SYMBOLIZE ANYTHING PARTICULAR? It was never our ambition when starting out to be anonymous but we wanted pictures that corresponded to the mood of the music, therefore the masks. And when we had masks on we saw no point in using our real names either. Its all just an extension of the music. The Cuckoos mask is something I made long before Terra Tenebrosa was conceived. It is an effigy of something I´ve seen in dreams and visions. The other masks was just something I made to make us look uniform. IN THE EARLY TERRA TENEBROSA PHASE BAND NEVER INTENDED TO PLAY LIVE, IT WAS A STUDIO PROJECT. WHAT CHANGED YOUR MIND? I didn´t want to play live initially because I didn´t think it was possible with all the samples and stuff going on in the music. I´ve never been a big fan of using backing tracks, then you might as well do it playback, so that wasn´t an option. But we scaled it down to only the essentials which I can control on stage and we decided to try it out on the release party for The Purging. Now we´ve tasted blood. THE SOUND IS INCREDIBLY CHAOTIC, PSYCHOTIC AND STILL VERY MUSICALLY INTERESTING. WITH BOTH RELEASES YOU PERFECTLY REFLECTED INNER UNIVERSE, BOTH DARKNESS AND LIGHT, OF HUMAN SOUL ACTUALLY FOR THE MAIN CHARACTER THE CUCKOO. When writing for TT I try to translate certain emotions and thoughts into music, many of which comes to me while meditating or in other ways go deep into myself. A lot of the lyrical content revolves around the excavations of the mind and I want the music to reflect that as well. In the darkness of our own minds we find both frightening and beautiful things. I try to balance that in the music.

THIS IS WHERE CREEPY CREATURE COMES ALIVE NUMEROUS VOCAL STYLES! ARE THESE PERFORMED BY A SINGLE PERSON? AT TIMES IT DOESN'T SOUND HUMAN ANYMORE! I do all the vocals but we use a lot of effects on them to create that schizophrenic feeling. I want the music to sound like when you’re lost within the tunnels of your own mind. “THE TUNNEL” & “THE PURGING”, TWO CONCEPT ALBUMS WITH DIFFERENT KIND OF APPROACH TO THE MUSIC IN GENERAL - THE IDEA OF INSTRUMENT SWITCH AND NOT LIMITING BAND MEMBERS TO THEIR RELEVANCE IS A GREAT WAY TO DELVE INTO MUSIC MUCH DEAPER! WHAT WAS THE BENEFIT FROM THIS APPROACH AND HOW DOES THAT CHANGED THE SOUND OF TERRA TENEBROSA? If someone comes up with an idea, instead of trying to explain it to each other we just record it. Guitar is my first instrument but if I have an idea for a bassline I just go ahead and record it. Saves time and a lot of arguing. I´ve recorded entire tracks by myself. I think there is a lot to be gained from that approach, it creates a different sound and at times trying to sell in an idea is not as effective as recording it and playing it back to the others. AND STILL, THE CUCKOO IS THE MONARCH OF TERRA TENEBROSA – EVERYTHING IS FILTERED THROUGH THIS MAIN CHARACTER. I don’t believe in democracy when it comes to making music. I have the vision and sometimes the others might not get my ideas but someone has to be in control. The others might come up with good ideas but I have the final say. FORTHCOMING RELEASE “V.I.T.R.I.O.L. - PURGING THE TUNNELS” MARKS THE TRANSFORMATION OF THE CUCKOO. IS THERE A BOUNDARY BETWEEN YOUR PERSONALITY AND THE CUCKOO OR ALCHEMY OF YOU BOTH IS BECOMING AN INSEPARABLE AND IT’S THE REASON OF INEVITABLE CHANGE OF TERRA TENEBROSA?



Since the image of The Cuckoo is something I´ve encountered while in altered states of consciousness I see him/she/it as something out of my subconscious or maybe an archetype, so in a sense there is deep connection. But the mask also enables me to draw a distinct line between TT and everyday life. TT being in constant change is for no other reason that I don’t want to repeat myself. A lot of bands make the same album over and over but I want TT to be interesting both to me and the listener with every release. “V.I.T.R.I.O.L. - PURGING THE TUNNELS” IS A SYMBIOSIS OF “THE TUNNELS” AND “THE PURGING”, THAT COMBINES TWO TRACKS FROM BOTH ALBUM RECORDING SESSIONS AND IS A LOUD, VIOLENT FINAL THAT PUTS TO AN END THE CONCEPTUAL ALBUM APPROACH. IN WHICH DIRECTION THE NEW TERRA TENEBROSA EVOLVE? I don’t know if we have left the conceptual approach but we have a new studio and we wanted a clean slate and the leftover tracks were in our minds too good to just throw away. We have recorded three tracks so far and they have more parts and are overall more violent. Tomorrow we might go in another direction.




Everybody's got a way to live. Mike McClatchey speaks directly and he's organized as the universe - his spirit hides deep. He's focused on a 4 music projects and still capable to keep the diversity. He goes his trail. BY ARTURS VILMANIS


WHAT WAS SUBSTANTIALLY THE MUSICAL AND PERSONAL BACKDROP FOR YOU BECOMING A MUSICIAN? My buddy handed me a bass and showed me a riff and asked me to repeat that so he can solo over it. I fucking loved it. I didn't know anything about anything. Still don't. I just loved the control of, or lacking control of, sound. IN YOUR EARLIEST DAYS AS A MUSIC FAN, WHAT BANDS OR ARTISTS HAD THE BIGGEST INSPIRATION FOR YOU TO MAKE YOU WANT TO CREATE MUSIC? My parents exposed me to some good fucking music from a young age. My mom got me into pop music like Prince, Peter Gabriel/ Genesis/ Phil Collins, Depeche Mode. Pretty good shit for radio bands. My dad got me into AC/DC and Tom Petty and mostly the rock side of things. Then, 1992 happened. Ministry's "Psalm 69", Pantera's "Vulgar

Display of Power" and Nine Inch Nails' "Broken" came out. Those albums changed everything for me. STARTING WITH INSTRUMENTAL ROCK AND FOLLOWING THE DARKER EDGE OF YOUR MUSICAL WORK: DIPPED IN GOLD, THE BIRTHING SELF, LAMENT CITYSCAPE, THE CONCEAL. WHAT WAY HAVE YOU SEEN YOURSELF EVOLVE THE MOST AS A MUSICIAN? Dude, I have no idea. The last couple years of doing shit myself, and not in a traditional band dynamic, I've come to trust myself more, or just not fucking care about the flaws and second-guesses that I used to stress about. With each project I've tried keeping a focused theme but through time even those tend to blend together. It seems to be a bunch of who-gives-a-shit these days. Whatever sounds cool and feels right will usually just get released.

WHAT IS YOUR CREATIVE PROCESS LIKE AND WHAT HAS CHANGED FOR YOU PERSONALLY OVER THE YEARS? You can't dissect that shit. Sometimes a rhythmic pattern will spawn a whole song, sometimes just a noise or a visual. Who fucking knows? I guess, in the past, it was more planned out and cold. Dudes in a garage forcing inspiration. "I have this riff, so this is supposed to go next, etc." Getting out of that routine has been the biggest change. THERE SEEMS TO BE A MORE THAN NORMAL AMOUNT OF PRESSURE ON YOU - HOW DO YOU CHOOSE WHICH IDEAS TO IMPLEMENT IN WHICH PROJECT? Pressure? Not any more than anyone else, I'm sure. Especially not when it comes to music. I'm able to write/record when life allows me the time to. None of my projects are on a label so I don't have any pressure to do anything, other



than my own interest in playing live and putting together live projects. HEAVY MUSIC GENRE EVOLUTION BOTH GOOD AND BAD SINCE YOU FIRST BECAME INVOLVED WITH? More shit that I don't know about. I'm not a collector of music, or a historian of genres and subgenres. I try to listen to a lot of bands and see what's out there and find new shit but, for the most part, I don't find too many that I connect with or feel anything from. The staples from my youth are bands that I still love and listen to. I find maybe 5-10 new bands a year that I truly love, if I'm lucky. I notice old trends being taken over by new trends but most people who pay attention can see the garbage bands for what they are. They still have their place and they move things along, they just makes it

easier to know who is a fucking entertainment band and who is an artist that has something of interest to say musically. MAKING MUSIC LIVE: TELL US ABOUT THE PEOPLE SURROUNDING YOU AT ALL THESE MUSIC COLLECTIVES YOU’RE INVOLVED. I’m trying to get rid of the traditional band dynamic, I've wanted to just keep the studio side of projects more personal but when it comes to translating those projects live I've just focused on finding good dudes that I want to hang out with, drink and play loud music with. I like idea of a bunch of bands with a bunch of the same guys and if one dude can't play a show, one of the other guys can jump in because he's already done shows with us. The guys who are a part of these projects [who actually bring the talent to the shows] are:

*Scott Weiser [Morning Ablaze/ Ten Point Buck/ Autum Bawler/ 2182] is in Lament Cityscape and Dipped in Gold. *David L. Small [The Actress Not The Character] is in The Conceal, Lament Cityscape and Dipped in Gold. *Ben Everett [Ghost Parade] is in Lament Cityscape and The Conceal. *Matt Whelan[Psycho Tropics] is the other half of the studio version of Dipped in Gold. *Jake Wright is the other half of the studio version of The Conceal. What the fuck ever, all of that might be wrong. Good dudes though. YOU PRODUCED EVERY SINGLE RELEASE OF THE BANDS YOU HAVE BEEN COLLABORATED WITH. WHICH OF THE RECORDS YOU HAVE CREATED WAS THE MOST CHALLENGING? There were several recordings that I was on, just as a guitarist,

before I started recording my own shit. A couple Clearing Autumn Skies releases, an Apiary album and that first Early Graves album. After those, I took some time away to teach myself a couple things [bare minimum] about recording. I think the most challenging was recording Endless River / Stunted Prayer [The Conceal], because I was considering it our "pop" album. It was the first time I wrote in verse/chorus/verse structures. It was the first time I played around with normal rock riffs and not super dissonant oddtime signature riffs. There was singing. Jake is a fucking monster vocalist and his singing is amazing. I'd never worked with a singer whose voice I genuinely loved or who I got along with. It was all very new territory. They are all challenging in different

ways because I'm always trying to learn new shit. I still don't know shit. YOU ARE WORKING ON A COMPILATION OF COVERS FOR NINE INCH NAILS “THE DOWNWARD SPIRAL” ALBUM. TELL US MORE ABOUT IT. A couple years ago Jake [The Conceal], Peter [Flood Peak/ Sól] and I recorded a cover of Mr. Self Destruct and I thought that it would be rad to be a part of a compilation that covers NIN's The Downward Spiral in its entirety, so I asked a bunch of bands if they want to be a part of it and it slowly pieced itself together. Rusty [Diesto/ Sól] and Adam [GnarBoots] helped a lot by finding a some awesome bands. It's the 20th anniversary of the album so hopefully it'll come out sometime this year. FIVE BANDS WE ALL SHOULD SEE LIVE THIS YEAR? Author &

Punisher, Taurus, Primitive Man, Sea of Bones, Kowloon Walled City and Hellbeard [fuck you, there are six] are all amazing bands that deserve your attention and support.

Thanks to Artūrs and Archiv Hate for always being the first to help promote interesting shit. Mike McClatchey.





Facts are sacred, opinion is free. You were able to get acquainted with Latvian underground music scene at the last four Archiv Hate zine series, well prepared stories by Inese Tone. I don’t know how and when AH came across with Lauris Einbergs who actually was involved in early days of Latvian underground movement, but it’s more than clear that the Latvian underground scene has made an appetite for a guy to a music creation.

KAMPA, NEKAC AND ZABADAKS – KULDIGA’S AND THE LATVIAN UNDERGROUND SCENE FOUNDERS PROVIDED YOU A WIDE RANGE OF PUNK/ HARDCORE/ POWER-VIOLENCE RECORDS. DO YOU REMEMBER VERY FIRST FEW TRACKS AND IMPRESSIONS? Yes that’s right! It was mostly mid 90´s stuff like Capitalist Casualties, Los Crudos, Spazz, Dropdead, Doom… etc. And of course local bands, such as Vonosonoloppus and HUGO. I think the first impression was like – what is this noise? But I straight away realized that this music is full of anger and it is totally different from anything I ever heard before. By that time I was around 1314 years old and lyrics didn`t make much sense to me but for sure I really enjoyed the intensity of music. DID YOU ALREADY HAD THAT FEELING THAT SOON YOU’LL BEGIN TO CREATE A MUSIC AND WILL BE PLAYING IN THE BAND? Basically that idea came in to my mind after listening those bands for a while. First instrument I tried was bass guitar and I was quite lucky because guys from NEKAC allowed me to use their equipment and when I gathered few of my friends to participate, our first rehearsal place was actually a stage of Zabadaks. I think it lasted for something like half year maybe or a bit more. Guys at the house probably got tired from nonsense we tried to do because no one had any idea how to play. We just jammed.

HOW MANY YEARS OF YOUR LIFE ARE SPENT IN LATVIAN UNDERGROUND CULTURE? I think in overall around 5-6 years. In between I lived in London for year and another year also in Scotland. I`ve never really seen myself as a part of so called Latvian underground scene, maybe because I haven’t putted any major effort in to it and also didn’t focus so much on what`s going on in other cities than Kuldiga. I rarely went to other places to see gigs and alcohol/drug abuse has been also a big issue. I did play in local projects and did a small tape distro (small part of NEKAC Distribycia) but I guess I just couldn’t be responsible and serious about anything in that time. YOUR FONDEST MEMORIES OF YOUTH AND EVENTS? 2004-2008 gigs (most of them in Zabadaks). And also I saw quite a lot of UK crustpunk bands when I lived in London. Also squat party`s there were pretty insane thing too.

YOU PLAYED PUNK, POWER-VIOLENCE, DOOM/ SLUDGE TYPE OF MUSIC, WHEN YOU LIVED IN LATVIA. TELL US ABOUT THE PROJECTS IN WHICH YOU PARTICIPATED? My first band was TRIFELS which was simple punkrock. We did few shows, made a demo and that was it. Then few years later came RR which was faster and more intense but also kind of weird in some ways. It was kind of same story, we did few shows and then we split due some argues and bullshit. Maybe because alcohol and other things were important. Then the last one was SKARDA FATERS. That was completely opposite previous ones. We actually for first time intended to play something what is not fast but rather slower and heavier. We did one show and shortly after I moved to Finland. Rest of them quitted playing. WHAT KIND OF MOOD MUSIC IS EASIER TO CREATE? Hard to say. Whatever comes out I guess. HOW MUCH YOU WANTED TO LEAVE AN IMPRESSION ON THE WORLD OF MUSIC, WHEN DID YOU START PLAYING? I started to play about 9-10 years ago but with very long breaks in between and never had a serious approach to it until last 3 years while learning to play guitar but even now it`s pretty much enjoying playing stuff that I like and that’s it. AS TIME PASSES VALUES REMAIN? Not even a half but music is something what I always liked. THE ROAD FROM COUNTRY TO COUNTRY AND FIND BELONGING. HOW EASY OR DIFFICULT FOR A YOUNG PERSON IS TO FIT OTHER COUNTRY HARDCORE SOCIETY? Most of time I lived abroad was related to some job. But besides work I went to lot of gigs and eventually met few people who became my friends.

HOW MANY PROJECTS ARE YOU INVOLVED IN WHILE BEING IN FINLAND? TYHJYYS and another one which still is process. So two. TYHJYYS MEANING "VOID/EMPTINESS". IT IS A LOUD BAND NAME FOR A HARDCORE/ CRUST GENRE. HOW DO YOU CHOSE IT AND HOW DID THE BAND FORMED? Band was found by me, Juuso and Tatu in late 2012. When we wrote first 2 songs we gathered rest of the guys and a girl. Now Tyhjyys has 6 members which are Arto-vocals; Saara-vocals; Erkki-bass; Juuso-drums; Tatu-guitar and me –Laurisguitar. Name was given I think by our drummer( he also has written almost all lyrics). WHAT KIND OF SUBJECTS YOU REPRESENT IN TYHJYYS SONGS? Most of TYHJYYS songs are related to depression, misery and how fucked we think life can be. Some songs also speak against neo-nazis and police. LATVIAN FOLKLORE, ART, FILMS, OBJECTS, SPECIFIC CHARACTERS - DO YOU TRY TO KEEP IN MIND THESE ELEMENTS WHEN WORKING ON A BAND MATERIAL, OR NOW YOU TOTALLY ENGROSSED IN FINLAND? Not really, we just try play fast and raw music. HOW DEEP ARE YOU IN FINNISH HARDCORE CULTURE? Well I`m personally not doing anything else related to scene except band. Our drummer and both singers are part of JKLDIY crew, they organize shows every month in a local club, movie evenings, Reclaim the streets demo/streetparty and participate in other anarchist related projects. Our other guitar player works as a sound guy at local gigs. HAVE YOU MET THE FINNISH UNDERGROUND SCENE GRANDFATHERS? No, not really. I`ve seen Treveet Kädet live which is hardcore band from 1982. and they still play the same stuff and also others but maybe less known but still have been around for many years.


Filmmaker Rasmus Gajhede Sejersen creates excellent photographs & video that are wild like a dream or hallucinations that seems so genuine and real. His passion to camera is all about being creative. Small extract of Rasmus G. Sejersen talent in the following pages : selection of his private iPhone photos.

“A man paints with his brains and not with his hands” -Michelangelo.

+ HAVE YOU BEEN CARRYING A CAMERA WITH YOU SINCE THE VERY FIRST DAY OF THE PSYKE PROJECT OR DESIRE FOR VIDEO MAKING HAS NOT BEEN ASSOCIATED WITH YOUR BAND LIFE? It is mix of both, I guess. When I was a young kid I liked to play with my parents' holiday camera. But I had no aesthetic vision or ambition of taking it further - it was just for fun. From my late teens into my twenties I filmed a lot of underground metal/ hc/ punk shows such as The Psyke Project concerts and bands we played together with. Still, just for the fun of it. In 2010 I started to take the media more serious and began working with my desire to create things visually. I bought a semi good camera, started to learn editing software and began to film daily stuff while creating small videos. After 6 months (in 2011) I was working for Sony Music Denmark in Copenhagen as an in-house video producer and editor. Sony Music had seen some of my work and thought it looked cool. This is how it all began and how I worked my way into the business. Since then I have been been self-employed and do a broad variety of work ranging from high-end commercial productions to underground punk concerts. Sometimes I do The Psyke Project live videos too of all the live material we have. + WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO YOU BEING A VIDEO/FILMMAKER? It means that I have the opportunity to be creative every day, and do what I really like for a living. I am my own boss. It gives me a tremendous peace of mind. I love the fact that if I don't work - I don't get paid! It keeps me focused. I have an office in the center of Copenhagen where I share space with a commercial agency. We are sponsored by Carlsberg, so we enjoy many beers during the week. And I have my own home office in my house as well. When I work at home I hear bands like Celeste, Hexis and Birds in Row at full roar together with my dog while drinking coffee. I really enjoy that.

+ DOES IT GO HAND IN HAND WITH PHOTOGRAPHING? Video photography and traditional still images are two different worlds. But nailed down to the very core, the essence are the same. It's about seeing visual opportunities in (almost) everything - and then try to transform it to something aesthetic with the camera. I love to take pictures, and there's no doubt in my mind that the many pictures I take - with my iPhone for instance - trains my ability to capture and frame which I can use in my way of filming. + NAME A MOVIE THAT HAS HAD THE GREATEST IMPACT ON YOU PERSONALLY AND ONE THAT HAS INFLUENCED YOUR PERSONAL WORK? It's hard for me to name only one movie, but I really like ”Nanjing! Nanjing!” (City Of Life And Death, 2009) by Chuan Lu. It's beautiful filmed and visual very strong. Mostly handheld and graded in black and white. The story itself is cruel and portrays the Japanese invasion of China during the World War 2. + AS A CAMERA GUY YOU PROBABLY HAVE TONS OF VHS CASSETTES IN YOUR PERSONAL MOVIE COLLECTION? Not anymore ha ha. But I still have some awesome VHS movies left on original cassettes. For instance the original Star Wars movies released on VHS. Besides that I have 50-100 VHS cassettes of concerts of The Psyke Project + other local bands from the past. + HOW AND WHEN DID YOU CAME UP WITH THE IDEA OF LAUNCHING SEJERSEN KBH? I love to work and see things develop. So when I felt ”finally, I know enough to operate a camera and editing software” - I decided to start my own business and just go with the flow. I am a self-taught video photographer and editor, so I have not been educated in school or anything. Basically all of this has been a brand new world to me. + YOU’VE BEEN DOING ALL SORTS OF ROCK/ METAL GENRE BAND VIDEOS, ALSO CLUBBING AND COMMERCIAL VIDEOS. WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE PROJECT YOU'VE BEEN INVOLVED WITH AND WHAT IS THE ESSENTIAL DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THOSE “CLIENTS”? Mostly I love all aspects of working with video and film productions. High-end commercial stuff can be very demanding in the sense that the production always has to be screened and approved by an army of CEOs and marketing people from the client company before final launch. So I can't afford any mistakes. It' still great fun though and pays very well. I guess the projects where I can be the most creative are the metal/ hardcore videos - as well with some of the clubbing stuff. I like to have a ”dark” approach of creating these kind of productions and the clients are more ”down to earth” and chilled about it.

+ WHAT ARE SEJERSEN KBH WORKING ON AT THE MOMENT? At the moment I'm working on Pet The Preacher's music video (Napalm Records) and the Medley Sessions (Warner Music) plus some other projects. Besides my own company, SEJERSEN kbh, I've been working at Thinkhouse (commercial agency) as Film Producer since February 2014 in Copenhagen and currently we are working on a new Somersby and Tuborg campaign. + I KNOW YOU WITNESSED THE BIGGEST CIRCLE PIT OF HELLFEST 2012! WHAT I SAW THERE MUST BE THE SAME MADNESS GOING ON IN EVERY THE PSYKE PROJECT GIG? The circle pit at Hellfest in 2012 was massive and destroyed everything/everybody. You can see the clip on Youtube. In The Psyke Project we – mostly - play smaller venues so the mayhem is more like chaotic mosh and crazy crowdsurfing. Which is the kind of mayhem I like the most. I am going back to Hellfest this year. Meet me in the bar and we'll drink together! + THE PSYKE PROJECT HAVE BEEN ACTIVE FOR ABOUT 15 YEARS, I WAS SEARCHING FOR A BAND DOCUMENTARY. DO YOU THINK THE BAND NEED TO REACH A PARTICULAR STAGE WHERE THIS TYPE OF PROJECT COULD BE INTERESTING? That's a good question. I don't know to be honest. We have a long story and experienced so many things together – good and bad things. Maybe one day, when the band is finished, a person would like to tell our story via a documentary. You never know. + THE PSYKE PROJECT HAD JUST RETURNED FROM A 10 DAYS EUROPEAN TOUR WITH HEXIS. YOU ALL HAVE OBLIGATIONS OUTSIDE THE BAND LIFE; WORK, FAMILY AND STUFF, SO PROBABLY YOU WILL NOT HIT THE ROAD UNTIL THE NEXT YEAR. WHAT’S NEXT FOR THE BAND? CAN WE EXPECT BRAND NEW THE PSYKE PROJECT MATERIAL? We had a great tour with Hexis and it was nice to see how our latest album ”Guillotine” has opened up for a bigger audience in Europe. At the moment we're announced for a couple of festivals in the Summer (Copenhell + Roskilde Festival) which we look very much forward to. About new TPP material I do not know. For now we have no plans about it and take a day at a time.



NOÛS “ἀηδής” 2014

DYING SUN “Transcendence” 2014

So I was sitting around trying to figure out how to put words together for a review of the new Dying Sun release. Then I saw Hand O Doomradio post this on the their facebook page and just had to check it out. Holy fuck! 20 minutes of crushing and punishing dissonance. I am floored by it. This will definitely be one of my picks for releases of 2014 at the end of the year. If you like Dissonant crushingly heavy doom. You have to check out this release.

This is a fucking intense album. Crushing sounds of evil production machinery pulling out demons of our human flesh and throwing our empty meat shells in to the dark woods of vulnerability.

If you're not familiar with the band, just imagine Godflesh on steroids. Or for some reason I keep imagining the great battle that took place back in 1964 between Godzilla and Mothra with this being the soundtrack. Those are about the only way I can think of describing it. The band description on the bandcamp page pretty accurately describes their sound. "Dark heavy low end rumble, weighty drums, controlled dissonance with harsh guttural vocals and a dynamic shift with a repulse of cliché.“ Minus the cliché part. This is a fucking amazing release. I can't find any vinyl or anything for this album. I can only find it via their bandcamp page so you're going to have to dig it up that way. But check out this release, it's a must!

Evil tempting voice speaks to you. Every demon you have you have ever thought. Every demon you have will come out while listening to it. Dark closets will not save you, there's no safe spot for you, there's nothing. I tried listening to this while walking to thing the liquor store hoping the walk would save me. Instead I Found myself questioning everything about my world and/or the world around me. There is no letting go. What ever you have going on in your world, there is no letting go of it. This album is fucking intense. But it will take you somewhere sub-counciously. If you have any demons they will come out. It is BY FAR THE MOST AMAZING MOST INTENSE albums of 2014. It's hard for me to listen to because I have my own shit going on, emotions abound right now. Take my advise, LISTEN TO THIS.

LARVAE “Grave Descent” 2014

HIVELORDS “Cavern Apothecary” 2013


So I've been meaning to give this album a full listening to for about a month half now. I finally got around to doing that today.

I can't believe it took me this long to discovered this giant diamond in all the bullshit that was released last summer just this last January.

Holy shit this is bad ass.

Holy fuck this is a fucking bad fucking ass album. Blackened Death Doom for those that like Blackened Death Doom. Well more on the black/ hardcore/ doom side or how ever the fuck people want to describe it. Either way it's still fucking bad ass none the less. If you're just now discovering them as well. Do yourself a favour be sure to check this band out.

Nothing extravagant or anything. For the most part just straight up bad ass slow to mid-paced with occasional moments of up-tempo death metal. More along the lines of Grave's "Into The Grave". It's a must listen to if you love old school death metal before some sort of "core" or "technical", "math" or what ever got introduced the scene. No fancy names to describe it or anything, just what you see is what you get and they will crush you in the process. It's a fucking must listen to. An absolute must. So do yourself a favour and go to their Bandcamp page since that's the only place I've been able to find it and check it out.

Amazingness of holy fucking amazing badassedness. This is one of those albums that a person will never get tired of. It's off and on repeat for me. About the only time I don't listen to it is when I'm out running around on the town being a drunken dipshit. If you checked out the other stuff on the ARCHIV HATE webpage that was already posted then you already know the badassedness of this bad fucking ass release.

This will destroy you!

Vinyl, CD's, 7"s and t-shirts are available on their big cartel page.

And be sure to drink lots of beer in the process. If you don't drink beer or alcohol in general then drink lots of whatever beverage of your choosing.

So do yourself a huge favour and listen to this album, buy a vinyl or CD (which ever you prefer) and order a t-shirt or two.

Just be sure to listen to this while drinking it.

Now with all that being said. I'm off to go imbibe some intoxicating spirits and be a dipshit on the town. CHEERS!!!


SPECTRAL TOWER “Spectral Tower” 2014 Have you ever felt so lost and alone you don't know where to go and what to do. The only thing that gives you any solace is the music you're listening to? This album all of a sudden made me feel like I was in high school again. During that time, no one I was willing to trust, no one I was willing to reach out to. Just the cold dark world of nothing was all I had and wanted. I think that's kind of how I reached out and caressed a lot of doom metal back then. This album takes me back to those days. It's not the same as say Cianideor or Mindrot both of which I listened to a lot of back then. But damn this one takes me back to those days of my feelings of being lost and alone. Pushing others away and just wanting to keep to myself while crying out. Only now that I'm older looking back and at the very end song of this album do I start seeing things coming to light. Start seeing how things change. As the years and months and days go by. This album does the same while listening to it. It's cold, dark, and even surreal at times. By the end it gives you hope. An amazing album from some highly talented people.

CELOPHYS “Phobos Elevator” 2014 Damn those Ufo's. They be trippin yo! Hahaha.... God damn this is a good one. If you need some death/ doom/ stoner/ sludge from the Ukraine to listen to check this one out, if you haven't yet. Crushing riffs, crushing sounds, crushing vocal, crushing good stuff. In fact there is so much good stuff that I have to give it a few more consecutive listens. As well as figure out a way to use one of the song titles at the beginning of this review. But check it out if you all you're doing is sitting around smoking weed and playing video games. Perfect music for that. I don't play video games much aside from stupid shit like Candy Crush but it was still good for that too. But this one I don't know what else to say other than check it out if you like doom/ stoner/ sludge and shit. You won't be disappointed in this one. And as I said in a previous review article, "if you are disappointed, try listening to it again. You're probably doing it wrong."

HAVE A NICE LIFE “The Unnatural World” 2014 While I was listening to this a little while ago, pretty much when it was first released. I found myself wondering what it is that makes me like some of the music I like. What makes me like stuff that's seems pretty despondent and distant from the rest of the world. I can't quite put my fingers on what draws me to that area of life. All I know is that is how I often feel and thus liking a lot of the music that feels like it wants to have nothing to do with the world. This is one of those albums that is like that. Dark, brooding, distant and moments of what in the 80's would be Post-Punk, or "goth" as it is now called. But not the happy dancy bullshit that the "goth" kids seem to love these days. This is more of a darker brooding album. Something more reminiscent at moments of the days of the 80's. I fucking love it myself. Music that perfectly fits a cold rainy grey days while looking out over the city watching the rain fall at moments while wondering, "Why bother?" Be sure to listen to it. For me it's been on repeat for several days now.

TOTËMWOLF “TOTËMWOLF” 2013 And in crust we trust!


From what I gather these guys are from Madrid, either Spain or Columbia. My guess would be Spain though. But it's hard to tell now days with Columbia there is a lot of quality shit coming from there too.

Especially in the crust/ hardcore world. But anway, 9 songs of crusty hardcore Dbeatin goodness that I just can't stop listening to. It's been on repeat several times while I was talking to random people from around the world..

Fucking shit, I can only imagine how crazy a show from these guys would be. Fucking insane jams make for insane pits. I could only imagine if I were to see these guys in Spain, or even South American. I know South Americans go off at shows. But check these guys out! If I am completely wrong on what country they are from, oh well fuck it. Sorry Guys! My bad, I'm a dumb fuck!

But look for this album, I forgot where I found it. But I'm guessing the usual locations for crust and hardcore have a copy.


TURNED TO STONE “The Memory I've Become” 2014 There is a long history of some amazing bands that come out of Salt Lake City. This being one of those amazing bands. Some of them never get known and just fade away. Others getting lucky and making it big and well known through out the world. Hopefully this will be on of those bands that gets well known around the world. I just discovered them probably either the beginning of January or the end of December but fucking shit this is some bad ass stuff. There used to be a time when Anathema used to be a decent band way back in the early 90's. This is the direction they should have went. Holy fuck this is good. I saw the video for "The Memory I've Become" a while back and was blown away by them. After listening to this whole album I'm even more amazed by them.

INFINITE DESIGN “Fragments” 2013 I've had to listen to this a few times to try and get through the whole album. Stupid being busy and having to do shit. But oh well so goes the ways of life. At least I finally got to listen to the whole thing tonight. At first listen I thought it might be the American version of Fuck The Facts but they're not. They're got a sound and feel on this album completely different from FTF. Then on the second listen I got to get a little further into the album and there was a band in the mid/ late '90's they reminded me of. I can't remember the bands name but they had a feel to where this album is. I guess remembering the bands name that they remind me of would be helpful. But meh, fuck it.

People need to listen to this. LOTS OF PEOPLE NEED TO LISTEN TO THIS.. including myself again.

Anyway, all in all it's a good album, not a great one like their "Calculating Insanity EP" is, but still not bad. Some good grinding tech death metal with moments of blackened inanity guitar riffs. The blackened insanity parts are the moments that stand out the most to me.

It's an album that just cries out for constant repeat. So do yourselves a favour and be sure to check these guys out.

But check it out if you like grind/ tech/ death metal from I guess Muskegon, Michigan USA. At least that's where their Facebook page says they're from anyway.

A fucking bad ass combination of some doom/ melodic death metal and some just straight up death metal also.

RELIC POINT “VIXI” 2014 I have struggled long and hard on how to describe this. About the best I can come up with is..... Imagine Ministry meeting Godflesh taking a day, dropping acid (as well as other hallucinogens) and listening to nothing but doom albums all day. This is one of those albums that is so crushingly heavily intense. There are no words to describe it. Amazing brutality non-stop. I thought the new Dying Sun released last January was intense. Take another step in a different direction of intense listening to this. Nothing but slow down tuned brutality. Normally I can go off on some sort of rant about how amazing an album is. This one...... Nope. It's the years of the brutality, it's the world coming to an end. Let this be your sound track as it happens.

NO MANS LAND “The Last Monolith” 2014


On first listen of this I thought it was some bad fucking ass shit. But that's only because I was listening to some preArise era Sepultura right before I pushed the play button. Little did I know what the hell I was in for. Turns out it is some really kick ass doom. A little more metallic groove and up-beat moments to it than what I normally listen to when I'm jamming some doom. But it's still really good stuff regardless. I've listened to it a few times so far today trying to figure out the bands that it reminds me of. For some reason I keep falling short on comparisons. Which is a good thing. About all I can really think to say about them is that they're just straight up Doom Metal. No fancy down-tuning, no moments of experimentation with psychedelics and sounds. Just straight up Doom Metal the way it was back in the early days. I'm sure there are some others out there that would be quick to compare them to someone else. But fuck it, that's not how this guy rolls. At least not today anyway. I highly recommend giving them a listen. A little less crushingly intense heaviness like a lot of doom is now days. But still bringing the heavy, the last song on the album in particular. So if you're into Doom Metal and some of the other albums I tend to write reviews on are a little too much for you especially since some of it is noise, black metal, and other. Check this one out. More metal with less experimentation and crushing brutality.


KIMI KÄRKI “The Bone of My Bones” 2013 I forgot when it was exactly, I think last January, that Kimi Kärki sent me a message at what I think was at random saying I should check this out. Since I'm guessing he sent it to me what was most likely a drunken black out night for me. It kind of took me a while to discover the message and even longer to finally get around to listening to it. Sorry about that Kimi Kärki. But I finally did and was kind of pleasantly surprised by it. Mellow acoustic folk music that makes me look back on days that have since come and gone and evaluate where they have been and where they are going for myself. I don't know if that's what any of the songs on the album are about since I don't have any lyrics to read along with it. But that okay, that's just kind of what I get out of just listening to it. Really beautiful, really.....I don't know. Really good stuff on this album if you want to just sit back and take perspective on your life and think about things.

I recommend ordering a copy of either the CD or the Black or Green Vinyl copy from Svart Records. Or if there is a record store close by you that has a copy pick it up there. Either way just pick up a copy and check it out.

YANOMAMO “Capitolo Due” 2014 Well fuck! Coming at you straight out of Sydney, Australia it time to grab some beers and load the bong! Then when you're done with the beers and the bong being passed around a few times. Grab some spray cans and go bomb the freight yard! Get your mad fat graff skills shown around the world! Well at least that's what I would do if I was still in my 20's. Or at least that's what I would want to do if I was still in my 20's after chugging some beers, hitting the bong, and jamming this album and their previous demo also. Shit even now that's what I want to do. But anyway, check these guys out. Some pretty kick ass stoner sludge that doesn't make you all sad and depressed and wanting to destroy the world slowly in a downtuned apocalyptic rage like some of the other stuff I listen to. These guys just make you want to destroy the world in a drunken, stoned as fuck downtuned apocalyptic "fuck you" kind of rage. Or it will make you just want to get some spray paint and go paint on some train cars like it does for me. But what ever you decide to do be sure to do it while chugging some beers, hitting the bong, and jamming this album LOUD!


MOPE “Mope” 2014 Welp, without using “Holy shit..." or “Holy fuck this is good" an excessive amount of times like I have in the past. Let's see what I can come up with to say about this one. Time to get my creativity flowing. So the first song on this for some reason reminds me of old black and white cop movies. It's probably just the Saxamaphone (As Homer Simpson would call it) in it being used in a way like how they do where a police officer is walking down the street in the rain after either losing his lead for a great bust. Or he just lost the woman of his dreams because he was too far deep into an investigation and didn't spend a lot of time with her. You know? A black and white cop flick. The second song on the album he is sitting in a restaurant drinking coffee while mulling over all the evidence he has and everything else he has going on. The he gets it, he gets that great idea on how to bring down the bad guy! And off he goes. Haha..... I don't know why I decided write all that but fuck it, might as well run with it. So I've listened to this a few times before I started writing this. There isn't a lot to take in but there still is a fuck ton of a lot. It's an album that gets your head wandering and gets the creativity side of a person to want to come out. It's a really great release.

At first it kind of makes you think, "what the fuck?“ Then after a few more listens it's grown on you and it's a bad ass album. I don't really know how to describe it other than doomy, jazzy, and highly catchy. But not too catchy, just enough to make a person say, "This is pretty cool. I think I'll have to listen to his again."

Then by the third listen, there is just no getting rid of it. It's a release you're taking with you where ever you go and listening to constantly. Slow, heavy, catchy, and addictive as hell. But a good music is awesome kind of addictive as hell. Not the bad crack, meth, opiate, or whatever drug addictive as hell. I'm not entirely sure on where to find it other than the Taxy Drive Records Store webpage. Or even better you could do it the old fashioned way and go to one of their shows and buy a copy there. As it stands right now there seems to be no vinyl. So you die-hard fans of purchasing only records, your shit out of luck on this one. Next release though they're going to try and get some. So if you can, track this down, buy it, listen to it, and get lost in what ever story or movie that comes to mind while listening to it.


AJATAR When asked to contribute to the latest Archiv Hate, there was already had a plan. Following last time’s article on the Perchtenmasken tradition, tracing ancient traditions, myths and legends from Eastern Europe has become a slight obsession. Ancient myth and music have been together forever. Devils and demons inhabit lyrics from nursery rhymes (for example, Ring a Ring o' Roses is thought to be about the Black Death…) blues songs talk about the Devil ALL the time, and so on. Just think about the ‘first’ heavy album, ‘Black Sabbath’… spirits, demons and ghouls all over the place. Back to Eastern Europe. Moving on from the Tyrol region, our journey continues into Latvia, on the Baltic Sea, where we find the tradition of Jurmala, or the ‘Singing Revolution’. This involves young people (again), celebrating the Pagan festival of Jāņi, at the Summer Solstice by eating and drinking, staying up all night and dancing around fires, celebrating fertility… sound like a music festival? Another deity linked with this area, time and tradition is Ajatar, also known as ‘The Devil of the Woods’. An evil female spirit, who is supposedly the mother of the Devil, spreads disease and pestilence, suckles serpents, and sometimes manifests as giant serpents or dragons. Sounds pretty standard heavy music fare, yeah? The illustration here is in the tradition of Mucha, who portrayed female spirits and deities. This one is with a twist to the darker side of life.



MASSIVE THUNDERFUCK did an excellent cover on almighty Dopethrone. YES, they are working on their debut full-length. They set on fire Tokyo Hotel boys and girls at their gigs.. Actually, NO! My mind playing tricks on me! I’ve sent them Archiv Hate stickers and band family members decided that we are a drug dealer community. NO, we just worship MASSIVE THUNDERFUCK. BY ARTURS VILMANIS

I AM ONE OF THOSE KIDS WHO GREW UP WITH VIVA ZWEI. WHAT’S HAPPENED IN GERMANY AFTER ITS CLOSURE BACK IN 2001/ 2002? (Timo:)Viva Zwei really did leave a gaping hole for extreme music in the mainstream. But then again, I really can't tell what difference it would have made, more than ten years later. I enjoyed music channels back when I was a kid, but I stopped watching TV regularly several years ago. Would a more diverse program have made me a TV-enthusiast? Would that have been a good thing? The reality is that while people aren't as conscious of extreme music as in Sweden or Norway, where Entombed gets played on the radio, the local scenes here are alive and twitching. More than ever, I dare say. OH, AND WHEN DID THE GERMANS SWITCHED FROM TECHNO TO DOOM & SLUDGE? (Timo:) Germans are as many-faceted as any people. And just as susceptible to trends. It

just so happens that we were one of the first to realize what great fun raves are (which we warmly recommend to anyone), but when it comes to Sludge, we're really just hopping on the bandwagon. We didn't really “switch” from anything to anything either. Emo was and Dubstep still is the bigger trend than Sludge over here. The cool thing about it is that anything associated with Sludge suddenly gets ridiculous amounts of street credibility in the metal scene. Even people who aren't fans think it's cool as shit. ANYHOW, HOW DID THE MEMBERS OF THE BAND ARE CONNECTED AND WHAT MADE YOU WANT TO START THE BAND? Jan and me (Timo) probably know each other longest. We were introduced by a mutual friend and our parents as children and used to make oscar-worthy short films. In 2008, we started a black/death metal band called Omnivores, in which

we both played guitar and which disbanded in 2012 due to line-up issues. When Jan decided it was time to start a Sludge project, it didn't take long until he got Dennis and Jan-Marc together. Dennis has been active in many local bands of many stripes, but it's JanMarc's first band. We sometimes forget that because it all works so well. I sort of popped in semi-invited, adding Philipp to the mix. WHAT CAME FIRST - SONGS OR THE BAND NAME? ANY PARTICULAR MEANING BEHIND THE MASSIVE THUNDERFUCK? (Jan:) The name MASSIVE THUNDERFUCK came in on our very first rehearsal when the band only had one guitarist, bass and an old friend of ours on drums (we rarely saw him again after that day). We were basically joking around with different Bandnames when bassist Jan found that MASSIVE THUNDERFUCK would sound heavy and kinda evil and shit. In the early time of


rehearsing as a five-piece band we actually thought about changing the name to something more meaningfull or better sounding, but a lot of our friends that had known about our music said that the current name was cool and we should keep it. Later, many people would keep us in mind because of the kind of unusual bandname, which is really cool since we can use our name to create some buzz. Additional a few people came across our music when they we´re actually searching for porn on the internet (you sometimes can track where people came from when they we´re visiting your bandcamp). SO, MASSIVE THUNDERFUCK IS TOTALLY DIY.. WHAT DOES DIY MEANS TO YOU? (Jan:)It´s basically about having the most possible control about our band. This goes from simple texts like a line on facebook up to all recordings and gig arrangements. We want to be responsible for what we

do and what we create. As far as we can handle all those things we try to keep them to ourselves. I grew up listening to some local DIY punkrock bands and always thought doing as much as possible by yourself is the only right way to be in a band. This also contains all that stuff that isn´t as much fun as it probably should be, things like being kind of forced to rape the internet with our material or collecting money to buy some merch and shit, but in the end that's all part of how it works. Maybe one day we will need some help with some things, but hopefully not tomorrow. HOW DIFFICULT IT IS TO CREATE THAT VERY FIRST BAND MATERIAL? (Jan:)As far as I remember it was rather easy. The first Songs were written and rehearsed when there were only three of us in the band, with guitarist Jan on drums. It was basically like “You know, I got this riff and you got some ideas, let´s just put all

that stuff together and pretend it´s a song.” Later we rearranged things or added some stuff, but all in all we still play these songs, and many people like them a lot, which is not the case for every bandmember. Of course we had thrown some riffs or whole songs away, but they´re still somewhere tabbed, and maybe someday they will find their way into a song. DON’T PAY FOR “KILL THE THUNDER”.. STILL SOME OF THE PEOPLE HAVE PAID FOR THE DEMO. YOU WILL SPEND IT ON BEERS AND MORE BEERS? (Jan:) The donations we´re already spent on beers. I also bought TUMBLEWEED DEALER selftitled full-length via bandcamp but never told anybody about it. Thanks to the people who made this possible! YOU DID A GREAT JOB ON COVERING THE DOPETHRONE’S “DARK FOIL”. I GUESS IT HASN'T LEFT UNNOTICEABLE IN DOOM WORLD?! Yeah that was cool. We worship Dopethrone's incredibly

dirty riffage and we sometimes jammed the first few notes of the song during rehearsals. Which got us thinking: We DO all know the song by heart so why the fuck not cover it? Everyone loves Dopethrone! As expected, the song was received very enthusiastically. Luckily a friend was ready to hold the camera and the guys from Dopethrone actually saw and shared the video on their Facebook-Page! We were very flattered and have been keeping on touch with them. We're planning to have a barbecue and a few beers with the boys when they're here and maybe fuck some shit up. WHAT IS THE ATMOSPHERE OF MASSIVE THUNDERFUCK GIGS? DO YOU SET ON FIRE OR BURN AT THE STAKE ALL THOSE TOKYO HOTEL BOYS AND GIRLS? At our shows the emphasis is solely on making the whole crowd headbang as hard as possible. We don't discriminate people based on anything but their actions, so Tokyo Hotel

fans are very welcome to come! We try to appreciate all sorts of music and things in general and we see no point in policing anyone's taste. The world is full enough of real, unpleasant things you can't change and finding yourself in a position to provide a real, positive experience is blissful. At least to us. YES, FVCK, YEAH, YOU STARTED TO PREPARE YOUR FIRST FULL-LENGTH! TEASE US WITH SOME TITLES AND NUMBERS! Right now we have 10 songs good-to-go. There will be everything people have heard on the demo as well as an emphasis on more stoner-oriented, lengthier songs with a few jam-parts thrown in. But it will still most definitely be the steamroller people have come to expect after checking out the demo. We are pretty excited about this. We've finished preproduction and hope to be done completely in June. I shouldn't have said that, but fuck it there you go.

June. ANYTHING YOU WOULD LIKE TO ADD? Thanks a lot for everything man. People like you are the myocardium of the scene, you keep the blood pumping and provide circulation between bands and fans from all over the planet. Brilliant work!


MOBY DICK obarack


HTTP://TEESPRING.COM/ARCHIVHATE ARCHIV HATE collaborated with MONSTER ALPHABET to create something exceptionally good! Two week campaign with 3 limited edition t-shirts designed by Monster Alphabet. Three colours: MOBY-DICK of white t-shirts, a perfect thing for whales or powerful person in particular. OBARACK is black-on-black aka president edition. It's the real deal for a funeral or presidential elections. BARON 50 shades of grey with black print for the person in charge. We will do it once, so when it's gone, it's gone! Support those who support you!

W W W . F

W W W . A R C H I V H A T E . C O M A C E B O O K . C O M / A R C H I V

. H





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