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Candidate for Memory of the World Heritage in 2015



Broadcasting Field Overview

Preservation & Access

The program was first televised on June 30, 1983 and people surged to KBS for an opportunity to hear from their separated family members. The walls of the KBS main building, neighboring sidewalks, Yeoeuido Plaza, and sidewalk trees were stacked with flyers and posters looking for lost relatives members. Journalists from 25 nations delivered reunion news at the KBS lobby, and KBS installed 24 VTR sets inside and outside of its building to help participants monitor the program again. In addition, a Finding Dispersed Families Project Headquarters was installed to guide and maintain order on a national scale.

_Isothermal-isohumidity Preservation Original records are being stored and managed continuously in a steady temperature and humidity through a preservation treatment process.

_Digital Archive KBS converted all related records into digital files. They can be found through the KBS archive system. They are being handled by experts.

The Archives of KBS Live Broadcast

離散家族을 찾습니다

Finding Dispersed Families

01 Historical Background and Purpose of the Program _The Korean War & 10 Million Separated Families The Korean War (June 25, 1950 – July 27, 1953) was the outcome of a political conflict between liberalists from the United Nations’ sixteen nations and communists from the Soviet Union and China. The war ended in an armistice, leaving 4 million casualties and 100 thousand war orphans. Still a sad legacy of the Cold War remains within the Korean peninsula.

_KBS : A Bridge to Reunite Separated Families KBS aired the Live Broadcast Special, “Finding Dispersed Families” to mark the 33rd anniversary of the Korean War and the 30th anniversary of the armistice agreement. KBS devoted 1,641 broadcasting

_Homepage Services You can access the records in the database through the KBS archive website ( and search for participants. You can also search the video records of “Finding Dispersed Families” on search engines and YouTube.

_Collection of Records KBS is continuously collecting related records through its website and other various channels. Subject | Entire recordings associated with “Finding Dispersed Families” Contact |+82 2 781 1000 / ▲

Crowds gathering in KBS main building nearby the posters of lost relatives.

experts at the corporate level to effectively execute the project. Later, the project expanded to a global campaign, touching the hearts of the world. *The program received the Humanitarian Award in 1983 by the World Congress of Journalists *Won the Gold Mercury Ad Honorem Award for peace in 1984, the 24th Gold Mercury International Peace & Cooperation Summit

The Archives of KBS live broadcast 'Finding Dispersed Families'  

Candidate for Memory of the World Heritage in 2015