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Architekti bez hranic, z.s. Annual Report 2017

Contents 1. About Architekti bez hranic 2. Projects ini 2017 Wayfinding System - Vltavskรก Different City Experience - Vltavskรก Public Wardrobes Sprchomat 3. Media responses 4. Financial Report 5. Authorities 6. Thanks 7. Contact

1. About Architekti bez hranic Architekti bez hranic Association has been created since 2015, when a group of young architects and designers has started to meet, discuss and formulate their visions. The Association was officially registered in April 2017. Platform Architekti bez hranic unites professionals interested in public space. Projects for disadvantaged people, revitalisation of abandoned places and projects which strengthen interpersonal relationships are done. „Our environment is important to us. We try to use gained education and our abilities to improve the surroundings which we live in. So that we can take a part in creating conditions for content life.�

photo. Magdalena Junger

Goals of Architekti bez hranic 1. Initiate and realize projects for disadvantaged people. 2. Connect people who want to do architecture in a non-commercial way and mediate an experience exchange. 3. Popularize topics of architecture and communicate them towards both professional and laic public. Ambition of the Platform is to become a member of an international network Architectes sans frontiers, whose philosophy is closed to the philosophy of Architekti bez hranic.

2. Projects in 2017 Carried out projects Wayfinding System - Vltavská Underpasses of Hlávkův Bridge near Vltavská Metro Station are a labyrinth developed in 60th. The way for cars were of more importance than those for pedestrians at that time. Due to the construction of north-south highway in Prague an enormous system of elevated crossings arised at this place. For both pedestrians and cyclists remain just leftovers: dark corridors under the roads. These ways are not popular, not even often used. They are neglected. Parts of them are occupied by homeless people: there is one of the oldest tolerated colonies of homeless in Prague. The Wayfinding System deals with a complicated ordering of twelve entrances, exits, ramps and staircases, in which even the local had been lost. The intervention helps with the orientation and what is more, it highlights a topic of neglected places in central Prague. The Wayfinding System consists of series of colours, pictograms and names of the main directions: Red for Underground Station Vltavská, Yellow stands for Strossmayerovo Place, Blue is Kapitána Jaroše Waterfront and Green for Bubenské waterfront. The names are completed by the direction to the Štvanice Island. Concrete surfaces which had been greyish painted, are now painted colorful. Project was carried out with a support of Prague 7 Municipality. It was financed thanks to the City council of Prague and thanks to the Proměny Karla Komárka Foundation. The painting was done by company Pražské služby a.s. The Wayfinding System was festively opened to the public within the Different City Experience on 16th September 2017.

Project coordinator: Karolína Kripnerová Team: Jakub Mikuláštík, Martin Chudíček and other members

Ongoing projects Different City Eperience - Vltavská For the third time, annual cultural afternoon event took place in the underground pathway places near the Vltavská Metro station. Local residents (community of homeless people living nearby), NGOs regarding homeless people care and public were able to meet vice versa during lectures, presentations, and workshops. In assistance of mayor of Prague's 7th district, Jan Čižinský and councilor Hana Třeštíková the Wayfinding System – Vltavská was launched by the ceremonial crossing of the tape with great interest of the public. A pleasant mood of all the afternoon was merely encouraged by jam session given by the students of Faculty of Architecture CTU. Refreshments were provided by Kuchařky bez domova (a cooking collective of women with homeless experience). Besides the rich program, attendees could also play the game Orientuj se! (a street game based on moving through The Wayfinding System).

photo. Jakub Linhart

Project coordinator: Martin Chudíček Team: Eliška Pomyjová and other members

Different City Experience - programme: Denisa Langrová – Humanita a práce (Labour and Humanity) In her project Labour and Humanity (derived from monumental statues placed at the Vltavská area), a young sculpture student Denisa Langrová presents visions of 'utopic-philanthropic spaces', which she designed with the participation of architecture student Tereza Veselá. Site-specific installations are situated into the concrete complex and in surroundings of Vltavská station. The following discussion reflected the possibilities and potentials of the installations. Barbora Bírová – Obrazy bez domova (Pictures of homelessness) Intimate moments of everyday life experiences of homeless people captured by social anthropologist Barbora Bírová together with her clients. Commented tour with the field worker - Salvation Army Walking with a Salvation Army field worker Filip Peregrin has brought our location and adjacent locations entirely in new contexts different from what is commonly known. At the same time, tour connected our event with Bohuslav Bureš Center for Social Services in Holešovice, which hosted another cultural program during their exhibition day. Václav Šíma - Pragulic A 'sightseeing' tour given by Václav Šíma from Pragulic – an agency providing services of tour guides around Prague, recruited from homeless people. Václav is also one of the residents at Vltavská. Humans of Prague – Mít svůj domov (Have Your Own Home) The exhibition of photographs and stories brought the diversity of the personal experience of the people who at a certain stage of their life found themselves in housing distress. Their portraits, accompanied by their own biography, captured by Tomáš Princ in the Humans of Prague project at the end of 2016 took a part of the campaign Mít svůj domov to adopt and promote the new social housing act. A discussion was held with representatives of the initiative. Hobohemia An exhibition of photographs taken by homeless people at Hobohemia research project of Institute of Sociology of the Czech Academy of Sciences. A discussion was held with Hana Daňková, one of the project's authors.

Městomil The aim of the project is to revitalize a part of the public space at the Vltavská Metro area. At the same time, the project seeks to link the majority and homeless people together and to remove the barriers between these social groups. The project has two main aspects. The material one, in which architectural-artistic interventions improve the immediate surroundings of the Vltavská station. This will take small-scale public space improvements and installation of an artistic object with the possibility of multifunctional use (stage for exhibitions, performances, busking, lectures...). The second aspect is informational and social, where the project fights with prejudice and negative image of homelessness (for example, a prepared cultural program in place the intervention will be held). Apart from our organization, the Auto*mat initiative and Nový prostor (magazine distributed by homeless people) and other nonprofit organizations took part in this project. In the current stage of development, the proposal is completed. Consultations were held with municipal authorities of Prague City 7.

Project coordinator: Martin Chudíček Team: Jana Mercogliano, Alžběta Stodolová, Vojtěch Sigmund and other members; cooperation: Tereza Špinková

Public Wardrobes In year 2017 were managed four Public Wardrobes. One was located in Pankrác in Café na půl cesty (together with Public Fridge). Two Wardrobes in Žižkov: one in Klinika. in Jeseniova street and another one close by in Zelenky-Hajského street. Wardrobe, which was located near Modřanského cinema last year, was temporarily moved to Kobylisy. By the end of 2017 two Wardrobes are operational, in Žižkov in Zelenky-Hajského, which is managed by active and resourceful caretaker Marek, who is also organizing second-hand swaps ‘Hrabárny’ in the neighbourhood, and manages community garden ‘Na balkoně’, workshop and other activities in his neighbourhood. We’re big fans of his work. Wardrobe in Pankrác is also actively used. In the same there is raising public awerness about his project, media and also people are more intersted in Public Wardrobes. A meeting with Mayor of Prague 6th District, Mr. Kolář was held in 2017. Mr. Kolář showed interest in The Public Wardrobes Project. Unfortunately a common agreement on the final design was not found.

Project coordinator: Vojtěch Sigmund Team: Markéta Jestřábová, Jana Mercogliano, Martin Chudíček and other members

Prepared projects Sprchomat Are you tourist or cyclist? And do you know where to have a shower in the city? There are not many possibilities though. And how should homeless people solve the similar situation? The smell is the most bothering on homeless says the majority. But how to manage personal hygiene, when there is roughly one public shower for two hundred homeless in Prague? A project for Mr. Vojtěch Sedláček (Nejdřiv střecha – Roof First Organisation) was prepared. It consists of an adaptation of current public toilets into public showers and users’ manual. The resulting public shower called Sprchomat (from Czech sprcha = shower) is resistant and simple to maintain.

Project coordinato: Karolína Kripnerová Team: Martin Chudíček, Jakub Mikuláštík a další členové

3. Media responses Facebook By the end of 2017 we reached 900 likes. We believe to reach magical 1000 in the beginning of next year. Instagram We published 16 posts, and have 99 followers. Printed media Magazín Ego! Hospodářských novin – Orientační systém v podchodech na Vltavské, 24. 11. 2017

Television Praha TV Hlávkův most má nový orientační systém, 10. 10. 2017 (Karolína Kripnerová) Radio Český rozhlas V podchodech u metra Vltavská už se neztratíte, jsou přehlednější díky barvám, 16. 9. 2017 (Karolína Kripnerová) -vltavska-uz-se-neztratite-jsou-prehlednejsi-diky-barvam--1754585 Český rozhlas Vltava, ArtCafé Wayfinding 20. 10. 2017 (Jakub Mikuláštík, Martin Chudíček)

Online Nadace Proměny Karla Komárka Orientační systém v podchodech na Vltavské Dení Pražský labyrint podchodů hrůzy: lidé v nich prý brzy přestanou bloudit, 10. 4. 2017 -prestanou-bloudit-20170410.html Prahou na kole Kličkujeme uličkami IV.- labyrintem na Vltavské, 2. 5. 2017 IRozhlas Pandy, želvy a snové postavy. Projděte si zajímavě vymalované pražské podchody, 20. 5. 2017 -zajimave-vymalovanych-prazskych_1705201320_ako Archiweb Blíží se oživení podchodů na Vltavské, 8. 8. 2017 Radio Wave Podchody u pražského metra Vltavská získají značky a směrovky od Architektů bez hranic, 9. 8. 2017 -smerovky-od-architektu-bez-5960566 Czech Design Architekti bez hranic navrhli orientační systém, který oživí podchod u Vltavské, 29. 8. 2017 -system-ktery-ozivi-podchod-u-vltavske Labyrintu pod Hlávkovým mostem se lidé vyhýbají, orientaci usnadní barvy, 11. 9. 2017 praha-zpravy.aspx?c=A170911_134604_praha-zpravy_rsr Designmag Hlávkův most má nový orientační systém pro pěší, 20. 9. 2017 -pro-pesi.html

Lectures, presentations. publications An exhibittion Drazí architekti… in Galerie Architektury Brno, 13. -27. 6. 2017 (Jakub Mikuláštík, Karolína Kripnerová) Contribution to publication Drazí architekti… Author: PLÁŠKOVÁ, Karolína, ed. Drazíarchitekti… [online]. Brno: Galerie Architektury Brno, 2018. ISBN 978-80-907120-0-3. Available here:

photo. Martin Vlček

Art District 7 Talks Bio Oko, 14.11.2017 (Jana Mercogliano, Karolína Kripnerová)

Social responsibility awards Nomination for Gratias Tibi price Project runner for O2 SmartUp

4. Financial Report FINANCIAL STATEMENTS ARCHITEKTI BEZ HRANIC - YEAR 2017 PROPERTY Peníze a ceniny Banking account Sum of assets BINDINGS DIFFERENCE

start of term 0 0 0 0

end of term 0 3.100 CZK 3.100 CZK 0 3.100 CZK

REVENUE sale of merchandise and sevices other income gifts and deposits REVENUE TOTAL

0 0 0 0

0 11.444 CZK 5.146 CZK 16.590 CZK

EXPENSES Purchase of material Commodity (grant) Wages Operation EXPENSES TOTAL

0 0 0 0 0

3.531 CZK 9.549 CZK 0 410 CZK 13.490 CZK


3.100 CZK

On day 5.3.2017 was started transparent account, registred on Architekti bez hranic, z.s. Account nb: 2001215619 / 2010 Account owner: Architekti bez hranic, z.s. Account name: Architekti bez hranic, z.s. FIO Bank -

5. Authorities of Architekti bez hranic The highest authority of the association is membership meeting. The statutory body is the committee which has two members: Ing. arch. Vojtěch Sigmund, Ing. arch. Karolína Kripnerová. Chairman of the review committee is BA. Nora Behová, members of the review commission are Ing. arch. Martin Chudíček a Ing. arch. Alžběta Stodolová. Association Architekti bez hranic has following members in year 2017: BA. Nora Behová Ing. arch. Martin Chudíček Ing. arch. Markéta Jestřábová Ing. arch. Karolína Kripnerová Ing. arch. Pavel Lejdar M. arch. Jana Mercogliano MFA. Jakub Mikuláštík Ing. arch. Eliška Pomyjová (terminated 14.11.2017) Ing. arch. Anna Sigmund Ing. arch. Vojtěch Sigmund Ing. arch. Alžběta Stodolová Pavel Vodička (terminated 21.12.2017) 6. Thanks We would like to thank councilwoman Mrs. Hana Třeštíková and councilman Mr. Ondřej Mirovský (Cityhall Prague 7) for their support of Wayfinding System - Vltavská, Mrs. Markéta Kůtová (Pražské služby a.s.) for the realization of project, Mr. Přemysl Palan for his help with sign templates. Thank you to volunteers Františka and Nora, who helped us during Different City Experience. Thank you to photographer Magdaléna Junger for great portraits of members of our organization. Thank you to photographer Jakub Linhart for his effort and time during documentation of our events. Thank you Eliška Stodolová for her help with texts. 7. Contact Architekti bez hranic, z.s. Registration April 8 2017 at Municipal Court in Prague Site Sídlo Archangelská 2, 100 00 Praha 10 Transparent account nb. 2001215619 / 2010 (Fio banka)

Architekti bez hranic - Annual report 2017 Editor: Karolína Kripnerová Photo: Jakub Linhart, Magdaléna Junger, Karolína Kripnerová Graphic design: Jakub Mikuláštík

Architekti bez hranic annual report 2017  
Architekti bez hranic annual report 2017