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Workspaces say a lot about us. Join us on a tour of architecture offices around the state, and you’ll see architects in a whole new light.


Curious about that storefront architecture studio on Lake Street near Lake Calhoun? Step inside! Architects Lars Peterssen, AIA, and Gabriel Keller, Assoc. AIA, love answering questions.

Favorite social-media tool or platform: Parties, with our office as the platform, that bring together disparate individuals and encourage collaboration. It’s not networking, it’s pollinating.

Peterssen/Keller Architecture

Founded: 2009 location: Uptown Minneapolis number of employees: 9 Areas of specialty: Residential, boutique commercial

Describe your studio space or culture in three words. Collaborative, relaxed, orange If you had $5,000 for office improvements, what would you add? A shower, so we could bike to work—we planned for it but have yet to complete it. $500,000? A satellite office/ apartment for our work in New York

How does your location reflect or reinforce your values or interests as a firm? Being close to historic homes and the lakes area constantly inspires our designs. Our storefront location allows us to develop close relationships with our community. Favorite restaurant or hangout in walking distance: Barbette What events have you hosted in your space? Art gallery opening, toddler dance party

Which past project taught you the most, and why? The ones we’ve built or designed for ourselves— the act of assembly is invaluable. Least favorite buzzword: Green—it’s overused and abused, but we hope we’re moving toward a more informed understanding of sustainability. The biggest misconception about architects: That we only design the outside, and leave the inside to interior designers

Recent brush with celebrity: Omar Ansari, the owner of Surly Brewing and a guru in the beer world, is a client. Favorite Minnesota building not designed by your firm: David Salmela’s Emerson sauna—inspirational design and a spiritual sauna experience Dream project: Something we’ve never done

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September/October 2011

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Architecture MN Magazine  

September/October 2011 Digital Preview

Architecture MN Magazine  

September/October 2011 Digital Preview