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Sustainability Social challenge The Hamburg government has taken huge environmental action plans to sustain their city which assesses different criteria to the similar issues. The action plan does not address the issue of social sustainability concerns with a comprehensive level which we think is important in our idea. The community is being segregated by the infrastructure and the river that runs through it. The surrounding area lacks social activity but an opportunity to enhance it already presents itself. The river, instead of being viewed as a barrier can also be viewed as a passage, by adapting it to its surrounding hardscape to form a new infrastructure. The idea is then to heal the water edge as a place of critical ecological importance for the city, and the people. Allocated pedestrian and cycle routes will be introduced to improve the social sustainability of the neighbourhoods and to inhabit a healthier communal lifestyle. Social points are introduced in three nodes to improve social activities and to establish areas to be more socially specific. Communities from around Hamburg could then be pulled towards the area for growth in density. Transit points are easily accessible both on land and water to sustain the population with relevance to the use of the area. Economic Challenge Hamburg is a port city by default and river routes for industrial ships will be rerouted to the southern part of the river, allowing opportunity for our idea to expand through the numerous phases of connectivity. Our scheme when zoomed in has three sectors, the Performance Platform, the Culture Hub and a South Bank all connected through a linear public space on both land and water. Environmental areas should be treated as an important economic and ecologic asset such as the existing Elbpark Entenwerder which can create new value to adjacent lands and create the area a more desirable place. Opportunities to allow shops and restaurants and other social hub can boost the areas economic value and social desirability to work, play, live and invest in. During of which the idea will be proposed, the Olympic area and extension of Hafencity will be completed which then would grow the area economically. The introduction of the whole idea will also reduce the

In addition to the 3 pillars of sustainability, we have decided to include our fourth which is to sustain the culture of the master strategy. Hamburg is a city rich with cultural activities around the city and we have found locations to link together to form a cultural network. The idea of a cultural network is a continuous passage from the city centre along a diversity of various cultural areas existing and proposed which leads to the water towards a new centralized cultural area. This will indefinitely attract tourism to the area, following the context of the new development of the Olympic and Hafencity. This will suggest a strong success on social and economic sustainability if the culture of the area is sustained.


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