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POLICY CONTEXT Encouraging Cultural Growth

The “New Cultural Policy” of the 1970s and 1980s reflected the priorities put forward by the Council of Europe on issues related to cultural identity, cultural heritage, cultural diversity and participation in cultural life. Today, one of the main objectives of cultural policy in the Federal Republic of Germany is to make the arts and cultural events accessible to as many people as possible. [1] Our plexus proposal will be a government funded program, with the enhancement of connectivity and green space top of Hamburg’s priority. The commercial sector, i.e., retail, foot eateries, museums, bars and clubs will be the investment areas that will grow and expand over time.

The objectives of the new cultural policy in Germany largely reflect requirements and aims corresponding to the Council of Europe’s definition of “social cohesion”. In addition, they are of increasing importance with respect to equality of cultural opportunities, cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue. In recent years, there has also been acknowledgment in the cultural field that Germany is a country of immigration. Integrating the culture of immigrants into cultural policy and to take account of the cultural needs of people with migrant backgrounds. [2] By creating a vast cultural program of activities will see the cohesion of the public, able to socialise from all backgrounds. The extension of the cultural mile from Hamburg’s main centre will promote the route to the south, making the areas accessible to all, whether rich or poor and will see a diverse mix of people.

There are frequent discussions on whether objects of industrial spaces can be used in a meaningful and sustainable way by cultural projects because public funds are more and more insufficient to pay for their high maintenance costs. [3]


Much of the area of our proposal was once a thriving industrial space, now derelict and inefficient. We are going to retain the heritage of the site but create a vibrant, usable area for the space to be more meaningful. At present the local residents seem to be ‘all work, no play’ with no socialising spots. Shops, museums, attractions, restaurants, bars etc., will generate an income, whilst funding for live venue acoustic events and creative performances will see public expenditure being used in a more community spirited way.


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