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The south bank sector, an area that kick starts regeneration in the Wilhelmsburg region. This new infrastructure seeks to invite people from Hamburg city centre to the new commercial and cultural attraction. The promenade rewards exploration of ‘leaping over the Elbe’ and aims to promote multi cultural formation. Mixed purpose units aim to promote growth, and allow the local community to structure their city. Disused docks once industrious are now at the forefront of recreational activity, connecting the people of Hamburg back to the river Elbe.

Performance Platform

Culture Hub


Plexus is a flux of social cohesion, a place to meet, relax or simply pass through on your daily commute. The need to reinstate the community, moving away from fragmented islands by implementing hubs and spaces on the water. The Performance platform: a plaza like pontoon promoting public realm influenced by recreational use, allows active flow in and around the bars, clubs, restaurants and the open-air theatre. The idea of our scheme is to create an ideal for the once neglected fragment. The cultural hub should be perceived as an extension to the public realm, concentrating on the active use by both communities north and south of the river. The position of the node acts as a cantilever balancing our ‘green ribbon’ from the weighted northern half of the city. The hub can be used as an information centre and a resting point with a café and park.


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Ham plexus city hs lod sa  

Ham plexus city hs lod sa