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EAT Associate, and photographer James Coombe shares his all time personal top faves and things , in no particular order... 3.




1. Camera - A device I wish I could carry everywhere, innocuously pointing at anything and everything. Not so much a record of what I do but rather a different way of looking at something I wouldn’t otherwise notice. 2. Motorbike - An immensely enjoyable adrenaline rush that is like nothing else I have ever tried. A good way to clear the mind, or just to get down and dirty with the mechanics of tinkering. 3. Coffee - The act of having a coffee with friends at a local cafe rather than the pure taste or caffeine hit. It’s a ceremony of sorts to me; the same thing, drunk the same way, every time. 4. Race days at Flemington - any excuse to don a sharp suit and tie, enjoy a few drinks and of course lose some money on the horses. 5. The Internet - the internet to me is the endless supply of information and entertainment. I can recede into just absorbing any sorts of random knowledge I desire, let alone the networking aspects. Libraries are old-hat! 6. Holidaying abroad - the world is a small place these days and I’m always thinking of the next new place I want to visit. I never fail to still get that amazing rush every time the airplane glides from the tarmac. Bring on Space! 7. Melbourne - Having grown up in undoubtedly one of the best cities in the world, I don’t think I could ever leave for long. Everything is here... everything! 8. iPhone - As much as I hate to admit it, this little thing keeps me connected absolutely everywhere, with whatever I may desire. More than entertainment, it is an essential tool for my day to day life and business. 9. Bagels - These would be my staple diet if my body could manage it. Bagels make absolutely anything better, especially with poppy seeds! 10. My Crumpler - it’s been around the world numerous times, seen any weather you could throw at it, been bashed, overstuffed, thrown about and lasted over a decade without a hitch while never being washed. It still works as intended perfectly for bike riding, and is a Melbourne icon, recognised worldwide.




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