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The Parure House (that is, a set of jewellery to be adorned together at once) is an exercise in abject

darkness versus stark light; the compact crossed with the open, and closeted privacy against unabashed experiences of the exterior environment. Amidst the need to maximise space and storage - requiring full expansion to the boundaries of the land, windows (and also facade) were almost left to the wayside. Internal volume was the constant throughout the design. Punctuations in the external building fabric articulate the interior with strong exterior connections, even in such localised context.

Where little external space affords a view, and a sunken, subterranean feel is present (due to excavation of the land), portals in the building fabric became the counterpoints to an expansive yet introspective blending of areas - able to straddle the need of breadth or intimacy depending on occupancy and times of day. Where a tight, darkened corridor leads the way through the varying delineating levels of floor, light, neutral and textured rooms react willingly with the passing of daylight by ulterior means - an extension of ideas that we have been exploring in our practice; of light, space and tactile environments to mnemonically generate and trigger memories.

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