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our people 2000-2011

Left to right from top row: Nicole Yim, Kasia Maksel, Andre Vilhena, Fiona Kirkwood, Gerhana Waty, CJ Foo, William Anderson, William Golding, Janon Ternura, Hayley Greenwood, Luke Wright, Evelyn Chin, Cheer Lin, James Coombe, Julie Sloane, Maggie Chu, Melany Masel, Mireille Leong, Peter Fox, Louise Molloy, Vincent Chin, Shereen Tay, James Taylor, Robert Gray, Sasha Hadjimouratis, Phillip Teakle, Peter Knights, Lindy Hayter, Brandon Eu and (not pictured) Hally Ongkosanjojo, Thomas Pai, & Harvey Tancuan

The Architects EAT Magazine No.01  

A rough guide to Architects EAT's residential portfolio, focusing on people, lifestyle, and inspiration.