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Who do these belong to ? Items that inpire and delight an architect



1. Century, edited by Bruce Bernard, Phaidon Press (1999). This book is a photo-retrospective of the last 100 years, that is equal parts photography and history. It is inspiring to look at human interaction influencing the course of our history in the twentieth century. 2. John Rabone & Sons No. 435’ 66ft. steel tape in steel case, Brimingham, England (c. 1900s). One of architect’s best friends, and this one is still in good nick.

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3. Pintoys Eco-friendly wooden toy car, from Fairground Child. One doesn’t realise one misses toys until one has a kid. These wooden toys are well crafted, and it is more of an adult novelty than for the children! 4. Prada black frame glasses. You hope that by wearing one of these, you might look as stylish as Colin Firth in A Single Man.


5. Wooden puzzle, from Mind Games. This is more than a mere puzzle, it is a spatial exploration and form making tool, the key to architecture. 6. Menace metal puzzle, from Mind Games. It is described as the greatest metal puzzle ever invented. If you have no patience, don’t try it. 7. Le Modulor and Modulor 2, by Le Corbusier, Birkhäuser (2000). Reprints of the seminal

work of Le Corb published in 1948 & 1955. This box set is printed in a square format using the Modulor with the series twenty seven to one hundred and forty reduced in size to one tenth. 8. Lamy 185 Scribble Sketch pencil 3.15mm, by Hannes Wettstein. A fantastic pencil for sketching early ideas down on your hotel’s notepad, and without getting your fingers dirty. 9. Vitra Modulor measuring tape, by Le Corbusier. During the great architect’s lifetime only a few samples of this measuring tape were created - for his personal use, and this edition is perfect to measure your own creations or your partner! 10. Four fold architects rules, in Stanley boxwood/brass and Rabone ivory/silver (c. 1900s). 11. Futsal trophy. This sport is called football not soccer please. 12. Twinings Earl Grey tea 13. Tag Heuer Professional watch. A key attribute to being an architect is on time. 14. Fujifilm FinePix X100. An unexpected release at the Photokina 2010, this almighty camera reminds one of the old time rangefinder, and not being able to get every shot in focus.

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