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R E T T LE In 2010 EAT celebrated it’s 10 year old birthday. This magazine celebrates selected residential projects we have completed in the last decade, and at the same time allows us to share with you many precious materials - some unpublished, we have collected in the process of creating a special place called home for our clients. We also give special credits to many involved in our projects our entire project team including the builders, and of course our clients. These are important ingredients (of which we call the human context) that directly influence our design, and ultimately the quality and aura of our products. We hope you enjoy getting acquainted with those individuals featured here. Other highlights include E589 on Elizabeth Street, Melbourne. Due to be completed in 2013, this is one of several apartment buildings on our drawing board. You will also find on page 28, a teaser to our new website and corporate identity, to be rolled out gradually by early 2012.

This is a publication of inspirations, style, good design and even a little bit of lightheartedness. So sit back, put your feet up and enjoy what we have put together. And of course if you, after reading this, ever feel so compelled to give us feedback, or even get us to design your next house, please feel free to give us a call. Cheers! Write to us at

The Architects EAT Magazine No.01  
The Architects EAT Magazine No.01  

A rough guide to Architects EAT's residential portfolio, focusing on people, lifestyle, and inspiration.