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Work out or go for a walk? The advantage of being a girl is that I do not need to spend hours in the gym to build up bigger arms, chest, shoulders, back muscles and 6 packs to make myself look incredible. However saying that I still try to hit the gym at least once a week to train up my body against bacteria, flu viruses and among other things. I don’t like going out for a walk unless it’s necessary. Not a very sporty person you can say but if I do go to the gym I usually go to Fitness First near my home. Buy a last-minute gift? Deciding what to get for a friend is one of the things I dislike but couldn’t avoid. I usually TRY to plan ahead but for many occasions I’ve just chip in with others to avoid the thinking process. However if that time comes and I need a last minute gift, I will hand draw a card and polish it with some DIY packaging. Buy a bottle of wine for a dinner party? If I have a spare bottle of wine from any vineyard I’ve visited, I’ll bring it along with me. Otherwise Dan Murphy is always my first choice. I always go for a red and say no to white and dessert wine. I don’t really have a favorite brand/ bottle, but Shiraz or Cabinet Sauvignon and anything from the Coonawarra will make me very happy. Buy a bunch of flowers? I hardly buy flowers. Couldn’t really think of any occasion right now. But my grandma has a garden and I know she has some really nice flowers there so I think if I need some I will just hand pick them at her place. Get your hair cut or have a facial? I have recently discovered a piece of gadget from Japan. It is a rotating level for fringe trimming. Through several experimentation I find it quite easy to handle and very handy. So I have been saving my haircut money for something else. Take an international visitor? Something I like most about our country is the relaxing lifestyle. I would bring them out to visit a few different wineries in the Yarra Valley, pamper them in the Mornington Peninsula hotspring or an adventurous horse-riding journey along the seaside. Go for your morning coffee? I don’t really drink coffee unless I really need it. How I wish coffee can taste like coffee but without the caffeine. Impossible, I know. I do however; can always use a cup of coffee during my brunch on a Sunday. I’d suggest Dukes Café in Prahran. Go for some peace and quiet? I’m a Buddhist and a member of Yun Yang Temple in Narre Warren. I always spend at least a couple of hours a week in the temple to recharge myself. I can always find inner peace there and also practice my spiritual thinking.

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