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JURY CITATIONS Victoria Architecture Awards 2010 Behind this well-preserved Edwardian home a sequence of beautifully crafted, airy living spaces unfold around two mature existing elm and willow trees. Well-defined, elevated concrete floor and roof planes work in contrast with extensively glazed and louvered walls to emphasis the horizontal connections between the indoor and garden spaces. The addition is seen to hover in its landscape, with the courtyards between the pavilions becoming more reflective spaces to look on to rather than inhabit which provides an alternative to the typical ‘Great Australian Backyard’. In working with the materiality of concrete, timber and glass, the Architects have set themselves a difficult array of juncture details, which are deftly handled. Tactility of materials feature strongly and detailing throughout is understated but omnipresent, it is not so subliminal to go unnoticed but rather there is quiet acknowledgment in the joy of making space and embedding in it masterful detail.

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