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Charlesview Development Brighton, MA CBT Architects 2011-2013 Charlesview will bring 240 residential units, retail space and a community center to reinvigorate an industrial neighborhood in Brighton, MA. The project spans over 5 city blocks with 3 large apartment buildings and 19 townhomes. A single story parking garage sits below grade along Western Ave. Park space and a redesigned streetscape will enhance the former derelict site and bring a greater sense of community pride to the area. Charlesview is on schedule to be completed in Summer 2013. working sketch to understand detail

site plan



Graduate Thesis Project Self Storage Intervention: Wind Farm Hybrid Northeastern University Spring 2010 Wind power generation can be enhanced by hybridizing the wind farm form with strategically shaped and placed buildings. These buildings act to catch, direct and accelerate wind currents. The self storage program is one that is adaptable to any footprint and apolitical enough to be placed within almost any context. Additionally, self storage makes for a cheap yet profitable placeholdertenant. This allows construction to begin prior to locking in serious tenants. The intervention as a whole acts to invigorate the industrial banks of the Mystic River with a waterfront park and boardwalk peppered with amenities. This park will compliment the upcoming Assembly Square shopping development and T Stop across the river.

roof plan | rendered with 11am shadow

uppper floor plan | self storage units shown

summer and winter wind patterns

current pier boston | rendering

structure | unifying truss system built into architecture

sculpted wind

sculpted wind | compressed by berm and truss


turbine totems

master plan | buildings, urban park, boardwalk,

section | six floor plates bookended by turbine supporting cores; wind sculpting parapet



Undergraduate Degree Project New BSA Headquarters Northeastern University Spring 2009 This is the final project of my undergraduate education. Working in teams of two, most aspects of reallife architectural design and building construction were touched upon and resolved. The project considered site impact, material choice, user needs and relationships, the user and public experience, structure and loads, circulation, ventilation, heating and cooling, fire protection, accessibility, local sun and wind patterns and the construction sequence.

daylighting study

in situ rendering

Our responsibility as the designers was to utilize intelligent integrated design as much as possible. This included hydronic coils within the floor slabs, geothermal wells imbedded in the ground piles, an external shading system on the facade,naturalventilation,and strategically placed thermal masses and reflective surfaces.

bay model at 1/2� scale

The design promotes collegiality among a variety of user groups including the public. The large atrium and open floor plans create a web of visual connections that will foster a sense of unity for the BSA.

facade + slab section

The building becomes a vital element for the surrounding site with its grand public stair and urban balcony, connecting the upper Summer Street to the lower developing Seaport District.

evening southeast elevation

atrium rendering


Sugar Pavilion First Hand Projects Summer 2010 Project was part of an intensive studio. It was designed and built entirely by high school students under the design and construction guidance of Daniel Hewett and myself. Exploded Axon Section & Elevation Interior Photo Framing Deck Framing Walls Framing Roof

Kitchen & Greatroom Reno Lynnfield, MA Freelance Work 2012 Kitchen redesigned as open concept with a transitional aesthetic. This was achieved by removing walls and mixing contemporary appliances, lighting and tile work with traditional millwork and moldings.

Sketching Ability American Institute for Roman Culture Spring 2007 Personal Exercises: Trevi Fountain Elevation Roman Aqueducts Campenile at Pisa


Michael Griffin Work Samples  

Here is a collection of my work over the last few years. I am an enthusiastic junior architect with four years of industry experience on...

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