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Architect Cork Role In Designing a Buildin Your architect has a number of roles in the design process of your building. Some of the responsibilities include: Consultation The professional architect cork should sit down with you and listen to your needs. The architect should discuss with you every detail of the construction. For example, if you need a warehouse, the professional should listen to your ideas and then advise you on the right things to do. Many clients tend to take designs from their friends or business associates with the aim of replicating them on their sites. When a building is constructed in a given area it doesn't mean that it can be constructed in any other place.

To give you better advice the professional should visit the construction site. Design Once you have agreed on the right design, now it's time for the architect cork to design the building. The design process involves both the structural and computer designs. To create the computer designs architects use computer programs such as AutoCAD. Construction Once the design has been approved the construction can now begin. The architect should help you in finding the right materials for the work. To make the work easy, the professional should work closely with the construction engineer. Related Link: Architecture

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