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Learning Portfolio: Digital Session ARCH 20 SPRING 2014 / TRAN PHONG TRAN

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Getting Started: Doghouse 1


Perspective View

Getting Started: Doghouse 1


Exterior Elevation: Front, R Side, Rear, & L Side

Doghouse 1: Reflections • This is my first time learning how to utilize Sketch Up. So far learning the proper and efficient techniques has been really challenging but a lot of fun. However advised from Prof. Lum, one just has to put in the time to learn the program. It took me hours to just in the swing of things to complete Doghouse 1. • The initial purpose of this class is to get familiar with learning how to utilize the basic tools, converting an image that one would see but creating their own version from their mind’s eye with Sketch Up. • Initial ideas given, form to more design possibilities of shapes, sizes, proportions, detail, finishes, color, and entourage. •

Tools used (View>Tool Palettes>Large Tool Set): select, rectangle, measuring box, push/pull, arc, move/copy, scale, tape measure, protractor, orbit, pan, and zoom

• Dialog Boxes used (Window): Materials, Styles, Scenes, and Shadows

• Inference tools are important to control placement of objects and relate them to others.

Doghouse 1: Reflections (cont.) •

Right click dialog box was used to hide selected lines.

Only 2D components from 3D Warehouse were used to maximize computing speed.

Views of Doghouse 1 were saved as a JPEG file, exported to Doghouse 1 folder. It was difficult to save all orthographic views at the same scale and size.

It takes time to determine how best to develop and format this portfolio!

So far Prof. Lum has done an exceptional job in describing and instructing how the program works.

Doghouse 1: SLO Progress Report SLO 5: Develop an awareness of the relationships between graphic representations and fundamental design principles and elements

This initial doghouse is obvious and literal with a symmetrical organization of a gable roof, Dutch entry door, and round rear window. This dominant use of symmetry is balanced by an asymmetrical placement of the chimney/fireplace . . The space below the Cherry Blossoms creates an intimate context for the doghouse.

Learning portfolio arch 20 spring 14' phong tran  
Learning portfolio arch 20 spring 14' phong tran