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To, Archita Mishra, Local Committee President, AIESEC in Lucknow. Dt: 26th October, 2012. Dear Archita, Subject: Letter of intent for the candidature of the post of Local Committee President of AIESEC in Lucknow for 2013-2014 I, Neha Avasthi, Vice President for Out Going Exchange for Global Community Development Program for 2011-2012, intend on applying as a candidate to the position of Local Committee President of AIESEC in Lucknow, 2013-2014. My candidature has been proposed by Miss Niharika Mishra and seconded by Miss Mansi Kapuria. AIESEC has defined life in a different way for me; it has given me an attitude that is promising, an experience that is incomparable and a heart which is not bounded by mental barriers. Ever since I was recruited in AIESEC, each day I have experienced something new and it amazes me to see how AIESEC is still maintaining its freshness. Just like AIESEC I want to maintain mine, my Local Chapter’s and my city’s freshness and liveliness. I believe the organisation is a boon not only for the youth of the world but also for the society as a whole. I have been a dedicated AIESECer for a year and a half, have experienced things as a member of General Body, Management Body, Organising Committee, Conference Committee and Executive body and so I can very well understand what role a Local Committee President can play in delivering their happy experiences that will lead to accomplishment of their personal and AIESEC goals. I believe with all my learning from AIESEC and my personal life experiences; I will be able to be that leader that can take this Local Committee to new heights and will bring out best from it’s members because AIESEC deserves more than what we are putting in right now. I reassure you and this Local Committee that I will maintain my positive attitude, high spirits and productive energy throughout my term! It is with my intention of betterment for my Local Chapter, AIESEC in Lucknow and youth of the city that I intend on applying for the position of Local Committee President for AIESEC in Lucknow for the year 2013-2014. Thank-you. Yours Sincerely, Neha Avasthi.

Neha Avasthi_Letter of Intent_LCP 2013