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Date: 17th Nov 2011 Time: 7pm Venue: Morrison Hotel, Ormond Quay, Dublin 1

Archie Talks

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Archie Talks

The Archie Talks is the story of a how a group of incredible

young people, completely unwittingly, set about building an Ireland unlike anything that had gone before. An Ireland of ideas and creativity, an Ireland of hopes and deeds, an Ireland unafraid of failure, but terrified of not having tried. An Ireland that appreciates success and the effort it necessitates, a nation of the most globalised young people on the planet, living without religious, political or human constraints, hungry to express themselves to the world. An Ireland capable of achieving the dreams previous generations dreamt of. This is the beginning of that story, the first chapter; we have begun, and we will continue to introduce you to the heroes and heroines of this cultural coup. The Archie Talks will catalogue the internationalist leaders of a new Ireland. We will bring you the country’s top young entrepreneurs and business leaders so you can hear first-hand what “entrepreneurship” and “Irishness” means to the Google generation. These are the beneficiaries of an unsophisticated boom building incredibly sophisticated businesses. If you’re looking for a hero, if you’re looking to one group to lead Ireland into a more fulfilling future, look behind you, look around you, look within you.

John Egan MD Archipelago


Connor Murphy Datahug

Andrew Fluery Transpoco

Julie Cobbe Stylefish

Paddy O’Connell Paddy’s O’Granola

James Whelton Disruptive Dev / Coder Dojo

Sponsors Note

Post Hoc Ergo Proptor Hoc...

The Archie Talks series is the culmination of a phenomenal amount of work and sacrifice by a great number of people.

It is a mechanism for the transference of optimism among a generation beset by doubt, as much as It is a mechanism for the transference of opportunity. Our hope for the Archie Talks is to inspire ideals as much as ideas, conversation as much as commerce and positivity as much as potential. The Archie Talks, narrated by the protagonists of an almost lost generation tells the story of things to come. It cannot, however be accomplished without the gracious financial support of established companies, organisations and individuals. Your support both financial and otherwise is greatly appreciated. Sponsors:


Speakers & Companies

Archie Talks Business & Finance Media Group present:

Connor Murphy Data Hug

As CEO and co-founder, Connor Murphy  leads the product and commercial activities of Datahug. Connor spent six years as a Management Consultant with PA Consulting Group where his clients included Thomson Reuters, Estee Lauder, PepCo, British Airways, Pfizer and Dubai World. He holds a first class honors (1H) degree in computer science from UCC. While still at college, he launched his first social travel web site which grew to over 5,000 members and 200,000 monthly unique visitors at its peak.

Mason Hayes & Curran present:

Andrew Fleury Transpoco

Andrew is MD and co-founder of Transpoco. He started the company in 2004 whilst studying Computer Applications in DCU with co-founders John Harrington and Barry Cronin. The company developed and trialled several software product ideas before gaining traction with GPS tracking in 2006. The tracking software records all vehicle and driver activity. This allows companies to reduce fuel costs by as much as 41% through the reduction of unnecessary mileage and improving the driving style of staff. The primary focus of Transpoco’s software is to give management intelligence to customers, the technology for us has never been about big brother or catching drivers doing things they should not be doing. The biggest savings come from better use of resources which is always driven at a management level. Transpoco has become one of the leaders in the Irish market and have achieved accumulated sales of €3 million from GPS tracking software. Building on success in Ireland, Transpoco has attracted business from the UK and France. Irish customers include Fingal County Council, Dublin City Council DHL, Breen Transport.  Transpoco also track ESB “eCars” a programme established to roll out the charging infrastructure and to support the introduction and demand for electric cars in Ireland.

RaboDirect presents:

Julie Cobbe Style Fish

Julie Cobbe is Founder of Ireland’s first online Fashion School for women, She has a Business & Law Degree from University College Cork and began her career as a solicitor. It didn’t take long to realise that patents and probate wasn’t for her. She has worked as Events & Marketing Manager for The Australia Day Council in Sydney. She has experience in online strategy & management working as Commercial Manager for Julie has worked as Advertising Manager with Johnston Press Newspaper Group she has even worked as a secondary school teacher. Having always wanted to have her own business, Julie gave up her job & moved to London to cultivate her creative side; working as a Wedding Coordinator with Virgin Brides. The changing and varied experience established a solid commercial base to develop her own concept.


Post Hoc Ergo Proptor Hoc... She set up in March 2009 to combine her love of teaching with her love of fashion. She was nominated in the same year for Image Magazines ‘Young Entrepreneur of the Year’ Award. Two years in she is a finalist in the National Enterprise Awards 2011. Style Fish appeared in March of this year on RTE’s Dragons Den securing Investment from media mogul Gavin Duffy and CEO & Owner of Harmonia Publishing, Norah Casey. Style Fish combines the realness of the classroom with the convenience of online for women. Style Fish delivers a personalized styling course for women in key shopping centres & department stores around the country. Once graduated each lady gains access to a VIP Members Area online where Style Fish shops for them. The goal is to franchise the course with new trainers in Ireland & the UK, which will feed the membership growth & online potential.

KPMG present:

Paddy O’Connell Paddy’s O’Granola

Paddy’s desire to be in the food business started as a student, when for a bit of extra cash he made this granola at the weekends, to sell at Stillorgan Farmer’s market each Wednesday morning. Six months of great sales and positive feedback followed, with customers returning for more each week. Then his college commitments kicked in, and the granola making was put on hold for quite some time, much to the disappointment of regular customers. But this story has a happy ending! After one year working in the property industry in Dublin, Paddy made the step to pick up his dream again to start a business in food – spurred on by previous completion of a Ballymaloe Cookery course. His aim was to develop the granola idea, to create a tasty breakfast which kick starts the day in a positive and nutritious manner. Paddy’s O’Granola is currently stocked in Tesco, Superquinn, Dunnes Stores, Eurospar, SuperValu and independent stores.

Baumler Menswear presents:

James Whelton Disruptive Dev/Coder Dojo

James Whelton started his first company, Disruptive Developments, and first not-for-profit, Coder Dojo, with Bill Liao while in 6th year prior to his leaving cert. Disruptive Developments currently has 3 employees. The company develops Sociero, a Social Media Monitoring and Analytical Platform. James raised seed capital just after his mocks. Coder Dojo runs free coding sessions across Ireland, teaching youths to code in locations like Google and the NSC. James has appeared in Wired, TechCrunch, Engadget, SF Chronicle and more for hacking and has created several viral content.



Archie Talks


Post Hoc Ergo Proptor Hoc...


Archie Talks

N e w s

Archie Talks and Business & Finance Media Group announce €50,000 exclusive media partnership for 2012. We’re delighted to announce our new media partnership with Business & Finance magazine which will see Business & Finance play a prominent role in the Archie Talks over the next 13 months and beyond. Archie Talks podcast to be launched in January. The weekly Archie Talks podcast will begin in January 2012 and will be available on iTunes. All participants will be under 35, but unlike the Archie Talks events there will be a wider mix of interesting young Irish people with not all of them being drawn from enterprise. We’re currently looking for prelaunch tech companies for the tech corner segment and young Irish people doing interesting jobs overseas. If you know anyone who would be interested in being interviewed for the podcast, let us know at turtle@ Archipelago announce “Archie Talks” E-zine to be launched in the new year. The Archie Talks online magazine will feature regular columns from past, present and future Archie Talks speakers and will be made available online through the Archipelago website. Archipelago set to launch Start-up Workshop in January 2012. The Archipelago’s Start-up workshop will be the cat’s jammies of “start your own business” courses with presenters at the workshops being drawn directly from the Archie Talks. The details are still to be publicised, but we can confirm that among the presenters will be former entrepreneur of the year and Archie Talks alum, John Beckett. If your business has any startup news, from big new clients to new funding to product launches and partnerships we’d love to know about it for the Archie Talks magazine and Podcast. Let us know at: Archipelago are delighted  to announce we’ve become the Irish ambassadors for the international consortium of university entrepreneurs (ICUE). Archipelago will be working with youth enterprise groups from over 25 countries promote and facilitate enterprise at University Level. We should


have some exciting news to announce about this at the next Archie Talk. Enterprise Ireland has ring fenced a €10m fund to attract entrepreneurs to relocate to Ireland and establish their start-ups here. Future Archie Talks speaker Dylan Collins (March event) was one of the prominent entrepreneurs been named as one of the funds ambassadors. Check out the Enterprise Ireland website for further details.

In March 2012, Ashoka will host the Change Nation Summit in Dublin. 50 of the world’s leading social innovators will be invited to Dublin to start working with entrepreneurial Irish leaders on our most pressing social challenges.. Bill Clinton, Dermot Desmond, Mary Robinson & Bill Drayton   are already committed to participating.  Ashoka in association with GenePool are building a team of 20 talented and passionate Change Executives, a PR and Communications Executive and an Events and Logistics Executive to join us in building this unprecedented programme.  To view and apply for any of these roles or to learn more about Change Nation please visit:

Datahug have raised $1.5 Million From Ron Conway and others. CEO Connor Murphy will be speaking at the November ArchieTalks event.

In addition to Dunes Stores, Super Value, Super Quinn, and Palas Foods in recent months, Paddy’s O’Granola have secured an Irish wide distribution deal with Spar.

Send us your start up news to

Archie Talks

The Archipelago Generation are all of us who can tell the difference between Zig and Zag,

all of us who know that Thundercats “Ho”, all of us always knew that Kelly and Zach would end up together, all of us who were the academic and intellectual beneficiaries of the boom, and all of us who are quickly becoming the  forgotten  generation. It’s the hundreds of people who have contributed to this project already. It’s every Irish Graduate who’s had to emigrate, it’s every artist working in an office. Archipelago is for us, because of us. We will now and forever be the Archipelago Generation, Islands scattered here there and everywhere, standing alone together. Check out previous speakers on our YouTube channel

John Beckett Eirtight Technology

Dr Johnny Ryan Owjo

Serena Mizzoni Genepool

Jack Connolly Mint Design

Rachel Kavanagh Rockstar Tan


Archie Talks Beginnings  

The Brochure for the 2nd event in the Archie Talks series promoting young Irish entrepreneurship. Featuring Connor Murphy from Datahug, Andr...

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