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Gravity Load Transfers

Structural Section Structural Concept The building incorporales a structural diagrid which reinforces the geometry. Most of the required columns are moved to the exterior of the floor plate to optimise NLA and internal quality of space. The Internal column loads are transferred to the diagrid at the mid rise and low rise plant levels to all the Ground floor to be liberated, this opens up the ground plane significantly and provides a more elegant solution. The structural diagrid is 20% more efficient than atypical construction. The structure and facade are highly integrated visually, while environmentally the structure allows a large cavity for natural ventilation and shading. The Core and Floor plates are expressed as separate objects, the lightness of the structure allows the floor plates to appear as light and elegant as possible. The up tuned edge beam allow high floor to ceiling heights which maximise useful daylight penetration and external views. Structure is vital to achieving the buildings concept, efficiency and effectiveness.

Academic - Commercial Tower Proposal



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