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Environmental Considerations: Active Service Zone

Naturally Ventilated


1. 2. 3.

2750 9.




North Facing Shading and Light Shelf



5 6. 7. Winter Sun Penetration

Blocked Summer Sun 8.

400 150 250

Commercial Tower Proposal - Academic

Passive Service Zone

5248 (Extent of Direct Winter Sunlight)



1. Profiled Facade Details Optimise Air Movement - 2. Continuation of Raised Access Floor for Maintenance. - 3. Exposed Concrete Soffit. - 4. Vertical Shading on East and West Facades Only - 5. 800mm (Clear) Ventilated Cavity - 6. Clear Low Iron Double Glazed Panels, Daylight-42, Solar -0.21, U-Value-3.6 - 7.Clear Low Iron Glass Panels , Daylight-76, Solar -0.5, U-Value-3.6 - 8. 900mm x 350mm Upturn Beam - 9. Perforated Metal Ceiling Tiles (1 Way) 400mm x 1500mm (No Services to be located in Ceiling) - 10. Multi-service Chilled Beam (Contains, lighting, heating/cooling, Sprinklers Smoke Detectors, PIR Sensors, Fresh Air BMS Cables Voice & Data Cables. - 11. Fan Coil Unit At Perimeter - 12. 250mm Raised Access floor for services - 13. 150mm Concrete Slab - 14. 800mm x 600mm Steel Structure. Orientation: 8% More efficient than a rectangle West Facade Shaded by Core

Power Generation:


Water Collection:

Deep Sunlight Penetration

Underground triGeneration Plant capable of supplying 100% of the buildings electrical energy requirements 20% More efficient structure

Flexibility: Flexible Fit-out, floorplate and service design

Large Scale water Collection and Recycling

Deep Sunlight Penetration

The building is supported by the fundamental principles of ESD. The building orientation & location of the core seeks to maximise both sunlight penetration & provides shading to the Western facade. 20% of the volume is naturally ventilated. The structural system is more efficient than traditional construction and the shape of the building is 8% more efficient than a rectangle.

Trigeneration or trigen is the simultaneous production of mechanical power (often converted to electricity), heat and cooling from a single heat source such as fuel or solar energy. As with cogeneration, the "waste heat" which is produced as a by product that results from power generation is harnessed & used to supply 100% of the buildings electrical and power requirements.

The facade is designed to be both efficient, elegant and sustainable. The shape of the building reduces the volume to surface are ratio, while fixed shading is incorporated into the a 800mm clear ventilated cavity. A number of calculations were used to test the facade shading effectiveness. The shading is fixed and integrated into the design concept in order to minimise cost.

PCA Premium Grade Summary: Environmental: Environmental requirements are exceeded to achieve a 6 Star Green Star and 5 Star Nabers rating. Configuration: Configuration requirements are exceeded. The building is larger than 30, 000 sqm with all floor plates larger than 1, 200 sqm, tenant service zone is more than 150mm and 5% of the floor plate is capable of High loading. Mechanical: The mechanical selection with floor by floor fresh air is zoned and supplied to suit. Tenant Risers: General Exhaust, kitchen exhaust, supplementary toilet exhaust and supplementary outside air provided as per requirements, refer to core plan.

The project recognises the importance of water conservation. High Efficiency fixtures, dual flush toilets, waterless urinals are install- ed. 100% of Large scale rainwater collection is to be used for flushing toilets, hosedown areas and irrigation.

The floor plate is organised around social sustainability and workplace quality. The floor plate offers flexibility which is a key concept in Environmental design. In any number of configurations the building functions the same.

On site Water collection /retention will reduce flow to sewer rates by approx 90%. Details are incorporated into paving for seamless collection.

The building is easily divided and maintained in such a way that running costs are low and Indoor environmental quality is mainted at a high standard.

Standby Power: All standby power requirements are met. Not discussed in further detail. Building Management: Building management room with all requirements located on Ground Floor, refer to ground floor plan for location. Communications: Data Tenant risers provided, refer to core plan. Mater antenna located on roof, incorporated into structure, not visible, two carrier and mobile services with 100% coverage. Hydraulics: All Hydraulic requirements are met. Not discussed in further detail. Security: CCTV provided as required, 24-7 control room located in Basements.

Amenities: Showers located on every level in accessible bathroom, security and Lifts: All lifting requirements are met. Refer to core, GF plan and lifting diagrams. car wash bay provided. Electrical: All Electrical requirements are met. Refer to RCP and 1:50 Section. Max 10W/sq.

Parking: Car, bicycle, courier parking and loading docks provided at basement levels. No on-grade parking provided.

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