Linda Bennett - CV & Portfolio (short version)

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Concept Diagrams

The context provides opportunity for the proposal to express and liberate surrounding buildings.

Channel 7 Studios and function area

The building is situated as an object within the space. Delicate and expressive.

A Chifley Plaza

Context Currently there is no Connection Between Martin place and Chifley Plaza.


Cafe /Restaurant

The site provides opportunity to visually and physically connect two major locations in the CBD.

B Gallery Public Art

The building is Lifted off the ground to open up the site to public activities.

C e

4 L ane s

434 LLaAn eN s ES

Connection Currently the disconnection between Martin Place and Chifley Plaza is further escalated by heavy traffic.


The site provides opportunity to redirect negative Vehicular Influences

3 Lanes 4 LANES 3 LANES

3 LANES 3 Lanes

6 Lanes

Lanes 44 LANES

3 3Lane Lane ss

Cafe / Restaurant


Public, retail and Commercial activities are located on Ground floor, Chifley Plaza is re-developed.


Retail Cafe Restaurant

Cafe /Restaurant

Currently the site has no access to Winter Sun Partial Winter Sunslight Full Winter Sunlight


The site provides opportunity to provide winter sunlight to more than 50% of the site.

Carpark Lifts D

The location of the building is moved to the front of the site.

Cafe / Restaurant Retail

Solar Access Harbour Views

Currently the site has expansive and significant Views.

Key Views

West Harbour Views

The location provides opportunity for the Floor Plate is directed to significant Views.

Australia Square

East Harbour Views

Significant Vistas


MLC Centre

Sydney Twr


The Domain & Hyde Park Views

The core is detatched from the floor plate and the building is made narrower at the bottom to extend the building higher & towards significant views.

Martin Place

Views Current Temperate winds.

Temperate North Easterly Wind

Naturally Ventilated Atria Temperate South Easterly Wind

Naturally Ventilated Atria Temperate South Westerly Wind


The Climatic conditions allows effective areas or Natural Ventilation. Naturally ventilated atriums and balconies are located to the North and South of the Floor plate.

Ground Floor Plan The ground level functions as an active civic square, it is both formal and temporal. The outcome of opening up the site, by removing built mass is that the adjacent buildings have more prominent street frontages, this increases their property value and provides an opportunity for them to respond by activating their own frontages. Various Public activities are placed on Ground floor including Channel 7 studios, temporary art/gallery spaces, cafes and restaurants, retail and commercial functions. In perspective the site reads coherently but with a diverse cross section of activities along the site. Fine Grain is encouraged at ground level which is open to the public, protected from downdrafts and exposed to winter sun. The ground floor functions as a social hub with a focus on public transport; the exit from the underground train station has direct relationship to the buildings core. The site also seeks to be flexible, capable of supporting various activities and responding to temporal and future demand. The ground floor has a relationship to the activates of the tower, active balcony edges allow longer views into the building creating a connection between those at ground plane & those above.

Academic - Commercial Tower Proposal


Currently the site is surrounded by a Dominant Built Context (Heritage)

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