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Note: Ceiling to be installed before wall lining. Allow adequate tolerances to ensure fixing of mechanical air boots and air grilles


1 Bligh Street - Professional

Construction Documentation Details

Reference plans for wall type - varies Ceiling Bracing to suit Ceiling system to finish flush with speed panel

Ceiling system to finish flush with speed panel

2600 AFFL



20mm shadow gap

MDF infill strip by IJF painted white to match lining

Ductwork to mechanical engineer’s specification painted matt black

Two layers of plasterboard steped to support linear diffuser

Note: All exposed mechanical equipment and fixings to be painted matt black


Door frame - shown indicatively, refer to door detail A12-34

Ceiling structure to subcontractors detail Set Corner Linear diffuser to be painted white Framing to stop 50mm below lining Concrete painted out matt black Refer to plans for lining and wall type TOILET

Ceiling Section - Junction at Toilet (Construction Documentation Drawing)

Ceiling Section- Toilet Vent Theshold (Construction Documentation Drawing)

Cistern to suit

Concrete or Speedpanel Refer to plan drawings Stud System to suit

IWS-14 Door/lining position

TIL-07 - Black granite floor tile

Furring to Suit Fixing Adhesive to suit IL-21 Lining Filet to Suit Sanitary Drainage

56mm Aluminimum angle to suit

WSP-01 - Waterproofing membrane

Concrete Slab

9mm FC Sheet to suit

FL-02 - Carpet Tiles (FFL + 6mm)

Clear anodised edge protection

Screed to falls

WSP-01 - Waterproofing membrane

Insitu concrete jump form core wall


TIL-05 - Black granite upstand Fillet to suit Epoxy waterproof grout joint


Concrete Slab Screed to falls Fixing Adhesive to suit TIL-07 - Black granite tiles Laid to falls





Floor Section- Junction at Toilet (Construction Documentation Drawing)

Floor Section- Toilet door Threshold (Construction Documentation Drawing)

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