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Curriculum Vitae Education: 20072013


School of Architecture, Mississippi State University, MS

Activities during enrollment include; service on Dean’s Council of Students for two consecutive years, participation in multiple electives such as Carbon Inventory and Mitigation which inventoried the university’s carbon footprint and proposed mitigation strategies, and took part in multiple study abroad opportunities such as a summer studio hosted by the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam and a semester at Izmir University of Economics.


Study Abroad

Izmir University of Economics, Balçova, Izmir, Turkey

Served as a liasion between MSU and IUE, communicating with directors and department heads from both institutions in an attempt to build a formal relationship between the two institutions in the interest of continued exchanges and cultural interaction.



Starkville High School Honors Class, Starkville, MS

Extra-curricular activities include participation in varsity sports such as soccer and swimming as well as participation in the school choir and drama programs. Leadership activities include the founding and organization of a chapter of the Tri-M Musical Honor Society.

Work Experience: Freelance 2012

Office for Local Architecture, Austin, Texas Rio Grande Restaurant and Bar, Austin, TX • Involvement included work towards creating a project visualization pack for the client’s use in marketing and fundraising. Work on this pack included 3-D modeling, rendering, and Photoshop work.

Freelance 2012

Southern Outdoor Technologies, West Point, Mississippi Sportsman’s Condo™: DEER THUGS Blind • Work on the Sportsman’s Condo: DEER THUGS Blind involved comprehensive product design beginning with conceptual sketches and models, through technical schematics, and ending with product manufacturing. • This product is currently being manufactured and will be available for sale online starting in 2013.

Freelance, Intern 2008-12

Thomas S. Jones & Associates. Starkville, Mississippi Renasant Bank, Starkville, Mississippi • Participation in this project included the creation of a project visualizations for the client’s use in marketing and fundraising. Work on this pack included 3-D modeling, rendering, and Photoshop work.

West Main Street Re-Development, Starkville, Mississippi • This project is comprised of three seperate designs for single family residences to be sited just off the historic downtown. • Work on the project includes conceptual and schematic design of these residences including situation, material, and program studies.

Starkville School District, Starkville Mississippi • Contribution included office tasks such as correspondence with consultants and contrac tors, aiding in the bidding process, red-lining consultants documents, compiling specifications booklets, and basic drafting.

Designer 2011

Architects Without Borders, Austin, Texas Calabaza EcoLodge, Calabaza, Peru • Involvement included the creation of a proposal for a structure comprised of visitor’s lodgings, kitchens, a museum space dedicated to the Cloud Forest, gardens, and bird-watching stations, all of which according to strict life-cycle analysis systems. • This proposal was selected by the team to best portray the organizations vision for the project and was presented to the client at its fundraiser, A Night in the Clouds, in Austin, Texas.

Intern 2011

Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems, Austin, Texas City Sense: 2011 IAAC Competition Submission (Island Nations Initiative) • Participation included the creation of a set of competition boards adapted from exisiting project documents (see below), and a video short illustrating the system’s adaptability.

Community Supported Development, Austin, Texas • Work towards creating a framework for EcoBalanced™ re-development of typical residential areas in typical American cities (this project used Hyde Park in Austin, Texas as its site). Community Supported Development (CSD) is seen as the governing body over such existing frameworks as Community Supported Agriculture, Community Supported Architecture, etc. • Within CSD the highest emphasis is placed on the development and use of a unified building system as the building blocks for the new development. These blocks are then arranged according to a number of factors such as the attractor point system, the network of needs, and the crowd-sourced development EcoBalance™ Online Game. • The attractor point system takes advantage of basic, two-dimensional distance/power algorithms to suggest places within the building system where specifics nodes should be

placed according to their proximity to existing nodes of a similar nature. Nodes may represent anything from a grocery store to a power-plant. By using this system zones are diversified and resources are localized thus improving the sites ability for self-sufficiency. • The network of needs is an algorithm which draws from a number of databases which supply information on dietary health, land needs for farming, and ratios of people per area for waste mitigation. Use of this system together with the linked building system can determine the bulk of the programmatic needs for the community simply based on population, age, and gender. • Once the program of the community is mostly determined the crowd-sourced nature of the system is employed through existing online, social media networks. The EcoBalance™ Online Game allows members of the community to trade with each other things such as land, goods, and services in an attempt to reach a maximum efficiency at all three scales; personal, household, and community. As maximum efficiencies are approached within each of these varying scales awards are given to succesful members that allow them to continue to increase their efficiency.

Formula Green, Circuit of the Americas, Austin, Texas • Involvement included work on the schematic design for a research and development site at the Circuit of the Americas which opened in 2012. The goal of this project was to take advantage of the combination of Austin’s existing environmental aware design strategies and Formula One’s engineering and design capabilities to create a more sustainable vision for the sport.

Green Mobility Challange: The Living Parkway, Austin, Texas • Participated in preparing a competition submittal to the Green Mobility Challange showcasing environmentally conscious road and bridge design. The Living Bridge is an attempt to integrate public interaction between delicate ecologies and transportation systems. Work on the this submission included, conceptual design, 3-D modeling, rendering, and final layout strategies. The proposal won second place in the competition.

Island Nations Initiative, Haiti • Contributed work towards adapting systems developed from CSD for use in under-developed countries, such as Haiti, namely the creation of an offline version of the EcoBalance™ Online Game using established trading card game frameworks, The EcoBalance™ Trading Card Game. Additionally adation of the building system from a high-tech concrete composit to a more user-friendly and manipulatable wood based system. • Another of the major focuses of the Island Nations Initiative was fostering micro-industry related to the resource needs of the building system to remove reliance on imports and rejuvenate stagnant economies due to over-dependence on foreign aid.

Intern 2009

Hibser-Yamauchi, Architects. Davis, California Kaiser Permanente AHU Penthouse, Walnut Creek, California • Contributed to schematic design of the penthouse using BIM, coordination with consultants including incorporation of consultants models into the master file, and on-site

inspections of proposed strategies.

Pacific Grove School District, Pacific Grove, California • Created basic detailing, red-lining of proposals, preparation and revision of submissions to the city government and OSHA and compilation of construction specifications.

Freelance 2008

Coggan + Crawford Architects. Brooklyn, New York Evans Chairs • Participated in the design and construction of a line of custom furniture making use of found objects such as old chairs, doors and household antiques.

Little Building Cafe, Starkville, Mississippi • Involvement included work towards the opening of Little Building Cafe such as site maintenence and carpentry.

Presentations: 06.2012

Mississippi Governor’s School: Visualizing Future Human Habitats • Starkville Mediatheque


Rainforest Partnership: A Night in the Clouds • Calabaza EcoLodge Fundraising Event


Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems: Open House • The Urban Connectome


Izmir University of Economics: Department of Architecture • “Studying Architecture at Mississippi State University.” An invitation to all third year students at IUE to consider spending a semester abroad at MSU.


Create Common Ground: Ponotoc Presentation to Ponotoc Mayor and Board of Aldermen of proposals under Create Founda tion.

Exhibitions: 04.2013

Crossroads Film Festival • visible( )


Cotton District Arts Festival, Starkville, Mississippi • Digital: The Vernacular II


“Boss Slivers of Domestic Bliss,” Creative Warehouse, Starkville, Mississippi • Toronto Sliver (Selected Drawings)


Cotton District Arts Festival, Starkville, Mississippi • Digital: The Vernacular I


Gestarc Gallery, Brooklyn, New York • Evans Chairs


“Modern + Design + Function,” New York, New York • Evans Chairs

Competitions: 2012

AIAS/ Kawneer: Enlightened Libraries - Results Available 1.18.13 • Starkville Mediatheque


Green Mobility Challenge - 2nd Place • The Living Parkway: Team Member (©J. Robert Anderson Landscape Architects &



IAAC: City Sense - Submitted • Island Nations Initiative: Team Member (©CMPBS)


Evolo Skyscraper Competition - Submitted • Urban Connectome


Leading Edge Competition - Submitted • Long Beach Sustainable Technology Training Center

Publications: Long, Nels & Schwartz, Aaron. "Architecture Design Studio: Third Year 3B." Barnworks 09/10. By Nels Long & Aaron Schwarz. Mississippi State University: School of Architecture College of Architecture, Art and Design, 2011. 58. Print.

Conferences: 02.2012 10.2009

Alabama Clay Conference, Birmingham, AL Merleau-Ponty Circle Conference, Mississippi State University, MS

References: Caleb Crawford: Principal, Coggan + Crawford Architects, Brooklyn, New York e-mail: Taze Fulford: Professor, Department of Landscape Architecture, Mississippi State University, Mississippi

e-mail: Dr. David Lewis: Associate Dean, College of Architecture, Art and Design, Mississippi State University, Mississippi


Curriculum Vitae  

Curriculum Vitae 2013

Curriculum Vitae  

Curriculum Vitae 2013