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ARCHILOGICS ARCHILOGICS is a Barcelona & Mumbai collective of avantgarde designers and strategists pushing the envelope of contextual future living for an international audience. We work within and out of the traditional architecture-interior archetypes, shifting as required into urban planning, landscape, graphics and media. We believe that locating the genius loci of a project combined with thorough research will always solve client need. We eschew stereotypes, dogmatic theories and oversimplification of design issues in favor of iterative psychoanalysis of client briefs. We bundle in surprise and factor design-fatigue in creating ageless, relate-able work. These unique expressions both subtle and provocative are in our buildings, houses, apartments, furniture and on TV. Our Clientele ranges from the everyman to celebrities and Industrialists with the requirements of an exciting brief and the allowance to innovate. Archilogics is currently interested in developing smart city collaboratives and is developing a new design language for Archilogics projects in Europe that bring together history, culture, craft, design psychology, ecological response and the excitement of technical innovation in the future.

SAKET SETHI is the Founder and Principal of Archilogics in Mumbai and Barcelona - a collective of avant-garde designers redefining contextual future living from a historical perspective for an international audience. He has the rare distinction of being the only Indian Architect hosting two TV shows simultaneously; disseminating the latest on Indian design with NDTV GoodTimes “Luxe Interiors” and a celebrity design chat show with a makeover for Fox Life’s “Design HQ” Season 2. Saket has a Bachelor of Architecture from Woodbury University, LA; studied Digital Design at UC Berkeley and Interior Design at NYU. He interned with Eric Owen Moss, Frederick Gibson and KMD Architects before establishing Archilogics.

Saket engages in various teaching activities and has been featured in leading design magazines like AD & Elle Decor and also writes for the largest Indian newspapers including the Times and HT group. He was invited by the Spanish Government to be a guest at the opening of the Spanish Pavilion at LaBiennale 2018 in Venezia and is writing an article for his pick of Top Pavilions at the Biennale for Elle Decor India. SHASHANK SHRIVASTVA is a co-founder of Archilogics Barcelona S.L. He has a Masters degree in Advanced Design and Digital Architecture from Elisava Escola de diseño, Barcelona, Spain; after completing his Bachelors in Architecture from University of Mumbai. He has worked with firms like Studio DNA, Barcelona; Research & Publication Studio UDRI, Mumbai and HybridA, Barcelona. He has also been a fabrication consultant with FabLab, Barcelona. His involvement with research and fabrication, led to his collaboration with various research projects in Barcelona along with other architectural projects. Saket and Shashank are behind Archilogics new focus to deliver contextual and cutting edge design solutions for the European market.

ADITYA BIRLA SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY CENTER Closed competition invite entry winner turns the Aditya Birla Sun logo into a language for its world Science and Technology Headquarters. The corporate tower represents the leading ray of R&D and also serves as a beacon for the local area.

Navi Mumbai, India 45,000 sq.m. (22 acres)


B.A.S.F The new extension for the R&D center of BASF was developed by preserving the site trees and linking the existing building with a Vierendiel horizontal ‘Mobius' bridge for doubling space and being efficient, This bridge houses libraries, cafeterias & auditoriums.

Navi Mumbai, India 20,000 sq.m. (15 acres)


VERTICAL CONCEPTS for private developers Developer concepts gives buyers a choice between penthouse, duplex and triplex for the same 300 sq.m. BUA apartment with interlocking stack units.


Aditya Birla Global World Center, Saket was sent to NYC to find inspiration from the Chrysler building and turn it into an executional concept for the chairman of the Aditya Birla group Mr. Kumar Birla. (image 1)

Thakur Realty and Puravankara Developers, We developed green design concepts for these residential towers. (image 2&3)

BLUE MOON 180 Ambitious masterplan creates a mini-city for living outside the chaos of Indian Metropolises. Green earth housing and tree house units with spectacular views mix a residential component with R&D center, school, convention center, hospital, helipad and hotel with a bio dome, cinema, shopping, spa and arts center.

Mulshi, Maharashtra, India 728,500 sq.m. (180 acres)


Alta Monte Referring to the fractured plate scenery of mountains – the folding details of the roofs have been modified uniquely for various house configuration in an eclectic yet affordable masterplan.

Capricorn Realty Bangalore, India. 52,000 sq.m. (13 acres)


HAIKU 9 The Haiku 9 Masterplan for Capricorn Realty employs a new technique for home buyers varying plot form and layout options for different budgets and 9 miniature gardens interspersed on a magical walkway that make the site seems infinite.

Bangalore, India 36,421 sq.m. (9 acres)


INFINITY RESORTS This resort was based on a fictitious brief to develop a expatriate safari experience married to local forms and local materials. The resort has everything from a recreational center to an elephant hut and an artificial lake.

Uttarakhand, India Corbett National Park 60,000 sq.m. (15 acres)


MAIA What do you get when you cross Spanish, Indian and Modernist design styles for a house?

20,000 sq.m. Alibaug, Maharashtra, India


SUNOO TEMPLE HOUSE This house posits a number of firsts for Archilogics with one of the most dramatic and challenging cantilevers, a green roof and a mosaic temple inspired by a galaxy. Pushing the temple outside the house challenges the typical Indian perception of the courtyard; where the outdoor living room blurs boundaries and defines experiences previously dictated by the traditional relationship between temple courtyard and living room . 2,500 sq.m. Palghar, Maharashtra, India


ECO RESORT Independent green units based on plant life development are set on a man-made “stem� stream whilst a temple, reception block and farming areas occupy the rest of the master plan for a avantgarde eco resort.

4,000 sq.m. Alibaug, Maharashtra, India

HILL ROOF HOUSE This house is based on a brief from a client who wanted to reminisce the beauty of Holland and perineal blooms on a hill side, The house scheme pushed the program under the undulated roof with a temple in the center.

2,000 sq.m. Alibaug, Maharashtra, India


OWN, one with nature An inwardly facing house inspired by the fluidity of nature hides and yet expresses a shimmering facade, a double height marble temple and a cantilevered entry dramatically uniting green living concepts.

600 sq.m. Bangalore, India


PARADISO VIENTO A developer concept for a Portuguese inspired home on a challenging sloping site based on the heart of a traditional Indian house plan.

15,500 sq.m. Goa, India


OTHERS A house set in Hyderabad required elevational consulting bringing together disparate materials into a particular composition.

Hyderabad, India 3,000 sq.m.

EXPERIENCE CENTER A new customer experience center for Capricorn group in Bangalore engages drama, fluid forms and practical green living.

500 sq.m. Bangalore, India





Archilogics Architecture Portfolio December 2018  
Archilogics Architecture Portfolio December 2018