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10 minute presentation of

Archificio Studio associato di Architettura Paderno Dugnano (MI) Italy


Who is Archificio?

Diverse esperience and skills make a professional team: Helen




= • Creativity & design • Vision • Energy Management • Strategy • International PR • Relations PA

• Tecnology • Construction admin • CAD / BIM

• Strategy • Organization • Result oriented


What does Archificio do? Feasibility studies

Building projects involve cost and risk, so we carry out feasibility studies for our clients that include economic, urban and design assessments and preliminary design solutions.


Analysis of town planning tools

Context and market analysis

Surveys & prel. projects

Meetings with Public Authorities

Decisions are based on detailed assessments and strategies 3

What does Archificio do? Building design

We have a consolidated experience in the design and construction administration of residential, commercial and retail buildings, and work with a team of qualified partners. In the current economic and energy-conscious climate, our clients are investing mainly in exisiting buildings, which account for around 97% of the national property market in Italy. Design development & planning applications

Detail design

Construction Budget administration control


Conceptual designs


What does Archificio do? Interior design


Archificio has worked on several interior projects in the residential, retail and office sectors. We provide professional services to clients who are looking for creative, Italian-style interior design, and can act as an interior design partner for architecture practices, or work directly with clients.


What does Archificio do? Energy Efficiency

Energy costs play an important role in determining the competivity of companies. Energy reburbishments and retrofits result in greater energy efficiency of real estate and a major reduction of energy costs, and help safeguard the value of the property on the market.

Archificio works closely with its clients to improve energy efficiency in their organizations, offering consultancy in the following areas:

Energy refurbishments

Energy certificates

Energy efficiency

Energy audits

• Energy Certificates • Energy Refurbishments • Energy audits • Energy manager

Energy Manager

Consuming less is the best energy saving.


What does Archificio do? Energy Certificates

The energy class of a building is shown on its Energy Certificate. It indicates the “state of health” of a construction in terms of energy use. Most exisiting buildings are in low energy classes – class F and G – and require energy refurbishments to conform to current norms and regulations. ACE

Energy Certificates include indications regarding interventions on building envelopes and systems to improve energy performance. 7

What does Archificio do? Energy Audit

Definition objectives

Energy Certificates however are based on a series of standard parameters, and do not indicate the energy that is actually consumed by a building. Energy Audits, based on data, surveys and on-site measurements provide a complete and real analysis of the energy requirements of a building. For this reason, Energy Audits are a fundamental tool for understanding how much energy a building needs and for discovering inefficiencies, and form the basis for developing a global energy refurbishment plan.

Collection data & documents

On-site surveys & measurements

Identifiication interventions

Compilation technical report 8

What does Archificio do? Energy Refurbishments

In the current economic crisis, it makes good business sense to intervene on existing properties to improve their energy performance, taking advantage of the wide range of financial incentives and tax reductions still available. In this way organizations can release financial resources to invest in other areas. Single homes

Residential complexes

Schools and public buildings

Offices and large complexes

Retail outlets and shopping centres 9

What does Archificio do? Energy Refurbishments

Energy Refurbisment is an integrated intervention that involves the envelope and systems of a building, including renewable energy sources. Energy Refurbishments must be based on data that is collated, measured and analysed during the Energy Audit. The interventions to be carried out are selected on the basis of a careful assessment of costbenefit ratios and pay-back times. Energy Analysis of energy Selection of Analysis of costs Certificate consumption data interventions and pay-back times Confronto Interventi di Riqualificazione Energetica 1000000,00





0,00 1






















-400000,00 installazione valvole e pompa ad inverter UTA con recuperatore Sostituzione frigorifero


Sostituzione Finestre Pannelli Fotovoltaici Pannelli solari termici


What does Archificio do? Energy Refurbishments

Often the decision to carry out an Energy Refurbishment stems from a specific motivation: •

Building is unable to guarantee comfort in the interior spaces

Energy consumption is very high

Building heating and cooling systems need to be substituted (old or not conforming to norms and regulations)

Building envelope needs maintenance work

Energy Certificate shows the low energy efficiency of the building

Assessment of renewable energy sources (for example solar photovoltaic, solar thermal, geothermal energy, etc).


What does Archificio do? Energy Manager

Nowadays many organizations carry out interventions to reduce energy consumption, but these are often single and arbitrary events, without a global plan. The lack of an energy strategy, based on measured data, and technical and financial feasibility assessments, can lead to costly, inefficient and sometimes wrong decisions.

For this reason you need an Energy Manager.


What does Archificio do? Energy Manager

“Energy Manager� is a role defined by law and obligatory for public and private organizations that exceed a certain level of energy consumption. An EM is required to: Identify actions, interventions, and procedures necessary to promote a rational use of energy; Predispose energy balance sheets on the basis of economical parameters and energy uses; Predispose energy data when requested by the Ministry for industry and trade for organizations benefitting from state contributions and incentives.


What does Archificio do? Energy Manager

In our role as Energy Manager we support company decision makers in the choices to be made regarding the purchase and use of energy. In particular we help organizations to establish a successful:  Energy Policy  Energy Management System (EMS) defined according to the PLAN-DOCHECK-ACT cycle: thorough planning of all activities, implementation of interventions, monitoring of results and subsequent corrective actions and improvement policies.

A successful Energy Policy and EMS, combined with our strategic role as Energy Manager, can lead to energy savings of up to 70%. 14

How does Archificio work? BIM (Building Information Modelling)

Our designs are developed with BIM technology, a working method that allows constant monitoring and control of buildings from their conception, design and construction through to life-cycle management thereby drastically improving their quality and sustainability.


Why choose Archificio? For these reasons .....

Pragamatism, creativity and professional fundamental values on which we base our work.




Archificio is: • the mix of professional skills of the founding partners, based on many years of working experience • an indispensable, results oriented approach and the ability to understand what our clients say, mean and need • an international practice with an international vision Archificio as a partner in energy efficiency projects provides competent consultancy services in the field of sustainable design and energy refurbishment. Archificio has consolidated skills in the field of energy management, and Helen Rainey, one of the founding partners of the practice, is a qualified Energy Assessor, Green Energy Auditor and Energy Manager (course conforming to UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17024:2004).


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Archificio Studio associato di architettura di Stefano Bellinzona, Helen Rainey e Lorenzo Munafò via Nigra, 2 - 20037 Paderno Dugnano (MI) T(+39) | F(+39) 17

10 Minutes Presentation of Archificio  

10 minute presentation of Archificio - Stefano Bellinzona, Helen Rainey and Lorenzo Munafò Architectural Practice.

10 Minutes Presentation of Archificio  

10 minute presentation of Archificio - Stefano Bellinzona, Helen Rainey and Lorenzo Munafò Architectural Practice.