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Preventing Drunk Driving Accidents in Texas Over the years, the United States has been suffering from a staggering number of alcohol-impaired driving accidents. Texas is one of the states that have the highest number of reported cases of this nature. Dallas and other cities in North Texas have lost so many lives because of this irresponsible and selfish act. What is very unfortunate about these fatalities is that drunk driving is one those things that is unnecessary and preventable. As reaction to the high rate of drunk driving accidents in the past years, the state of Texas has intensified its campaign to deter people from drinking and driving. An offender can be arrested and charged with DWI (drinking while intoxicated) or DUI (driving under the influence of alcohol). DWI is charged to adults who are caught driving with a BAC or a blood alcohol content of .08%. DUI, on the other hand, is charged to individuals below 21 years, who commit the same act. Conviction for DUI and DWI can result to the suspension or revocation of driver’s license. On top of this, offenders must pay a substantial fine and may expect jail time as imposed by the court of law. Greater penalties await those with repeated conviction. Accountability for drunk driving accidents also extends to licensed establishments who allowed the sale of alcohol to the driver involved. Alcohol sellers with valid license are given the responsibility to train their employees to follow proper procedures in serving alcohols to customers. Administrative and criminal actions can be made once a licensed seller violates this law especially if such negligence resulted into a car accident. Somehow intensified law enforcement can still lose out to people who take the risks in drunk driving lightly. Every time someone gets away with drunk driving, the confidence of repeating it increases. This is why the public is expected to do its part in decreasing drunk driving cases. The simple act of persuading an intoxicated person from driving can decrease the risk for accidents. Studies reveal drunkdriving accidents are prevalent during the weekends and holidays as these are the times that people party and consume excessive alcohol. Avoiding driving during the late hours of Fridays and Saturdays can lower the risk of accident involvement. People are also advised to be extra alert and precautious when driving pass bars and pubs areas during these dangerous times. The hard fact is that when drunk driving strikes, its devastating effects does not discriminate anyone. People who come out of it alive are considered fortunate. However, such accident does not only result to physical injuries, it can also bring a variety of problems. Someone who has gone through a traumatic incident may face more confusion and stress due to issues such as medical bills payment and work inhibition due to injuries. Knowing the proper steps to take after the accident can significantly help someone avert financial losses and inconvenience. One very important step is to immediately consult a personal injury attorney.

Preventing and handling drunk driving accidents in north texas  
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