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The Architect, Issue 1, January-March 2013

God’s guidance and principles to accomplish political iconic projects. It was simply mind-boggling. In 2004, Kenya Government also floated a competition to modernise the current National Assembly. We also wonthis was becoming the beginning of now... The modernisation of an existing building is tough. There were too many unknown challenges. The building technology involved was enormous and the set timelines dazzling. This project boasting of the digital congress network system and red seats is now complete and occupied. Soon after completing Tanzania parliament we also submitted a proposal for Pan African Parliament in Cape Town, and East African Community headquarters. We got third place for our submission for EAC. At the moment I am involved in two projects in the region: one is The interior of the Kenyan Parliament as redesigned by K&M Archplans

a thirty-five floor commercial project for Tanzania Ports Authority. This project is under construction. I am also involved in the

publish a book on “Parliaments and

design and supervision of ultra-modern Mwanza Com-

their Architecture – Design, Art and

mercial Complex. This four level project has 50,000

Technology.” The book is available

square metres (yes!) of shopping space and contains

and has been published by “Images

escalators and panoramic lifts. This project is currently

of Australia” Publishing house. Pub-

on the first floor level.

lishing is very involving particularly

The other project that I am currently involved in is

publishing technical books but I am

the design of Kilimanjaro Towers. This is a twin tower

grateful to my wife, children, and

project, 22 floors and 12 floors owned by the Tanzania

colleagues who gave me a lot of en-

Government on two acre plot at Upper Hill Nairobi.


This project is at design stage.

Yes, I have a wife Grace Kimathi

Doors were opening. When all this is going on in

and four children (actually adult

one’s life, there is this need to find an outlet to express

children) and three grandchildren.

oneself. One such natural one is writing. Through the

She is an author who has learnt ar-

support of my family and friends, I have been able to

chitecture through osmosis. I am 67 years now though still feeling young. I do not see how you can enjoy architecture if you are not close to your family. If not for any other reason, you will need their comfort when clients are very tough on you or when you lose in a competition.

The Tanzanian Parliament from outside

The light well within the Tanzania parliament


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The Architect Issue 1 2013  

The Architect Magazine is an initiative of the AAK Architects' Chapter.

The Architect Issue 1 2013  

The Architect Magazine is an initiative of the AAK Architects' Chapter.