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Introduction Part of the Ingenium international group of companies, Archial NORR is a leading, UK-based, architectural practice, delivering intelligent solutions to clients in both the public and private sectors. We offer the highest level of service in both design and technical delivery. Our approach to projects is always client-focused: we deliver bespoke solutions innovating to suit the precise needs of the client. Our concept design and detailed construction technology is delivered with a high level of management experience, always with a Director allocated to every client throughout the commission. Our track record of award winning projects reflects the quality of our work and our attention to detail. Serving the needs of a diverse international client base, we create the spaces and places that people value for…

Creative Integrity Economic Performance Environmental Responsibility Personal Experience Social Contribution

This is our philosophy for achieving bespoke strategic solutions for clients in every commission…

…this is what we call ‘Intelligent Architecture’.

Making Life Better Through Intelligent Architecture

Our Ethos Archial NORR’s focus on client requirements encompasses the consideration of a set of 5 parameters which, together combine to create a unique strategic blueprint for every project.

We call this ‘Intelligent Architecture’.

Creative Integrity At the heart of all successful architecture. Our approach ensures that each project delivers at aesthetic, practical and technical levels.

Economic Performance Fundamental to every project’s success. We create high quality environments that are commercially robust ‘Added value’ by ‘Intelligent Architcture’ is central to Archial NORR.

Environmental Responsibility All buildings have a short and longer term impact on the environment. Archial NORR pioneer low-cost, commercially viable, sustainable designs.

Personal Experience A project ultimately succeeds or fails at an individual level: buildings must work on a human scale and create a positive experience for every user.

Social Contribution Archial NORR believes buildings can, and should, have a positive impact on the quality of life of those who use them, directly or indirectly.

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Making Life Better Through Intelligent Architecture

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Edmonton Ottawa

Inverness Aberdeen

Toronto Calgary Vancouver

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Washington Newcastle



Cambridge Birmingham

Abu Dhabi Mumbai


regional head office office

Archial NORR’s involvement in the education sector goes beyond the delivery of construction projects; we advise educational establishments on their estates and are also involved with sector advisory organisations.

Making Life Better Through Intelligent Architecture

EducAtIon SchooLS Archial norr believes that designing for children and young people is not just an exciting opportunity, but also a great privilege and a huge personal responsibility. We understand that the creation of a stimulating learning environment has the capacity to directly influence the development of children. furthEr EducAtIon our excellent reputation is firmly based on collaborative working with colleges to create spaces that enrich the experience of staff and students. hIghEr EducAtIon the complex requirements of universities present a particular opportunity: to provide clients with design excellence that genuinly reflects the aspirations of the aspirations of their users.

nurSEry, PrIMAry And SEcondAry ExPErIEncE MAP 1




Albyn School Aberdeen

St. Paul’s Academy dundee

carnegie Primary School dunfermline, fife

notre dame greenock

Albyn School for girls

robertson capital Projects

Morgan Sindall

Inverclyde council

4,300 m²

£22 million

4,200 m²

£6.95 million


£8 million


13,500 m²

£25 million





clydeview Academy Inverclyde

douglas Academy / turnbull high School / Bearsden Academy East dunbartonshire

hutcheson grammar School glasgow

Lauder Primary School Edinburgh

East dumbartonshire PPP

hutcheson grammar School

Lauder Primary School

£50 million (total)

650 m²

14,000 m²





grange campus Kilmarnock

St Joseph’s Academy Kilmarnock

Kingsland Primary School Peebles

football foundation Sunderland

East Ayrshire council

Scottish Borders council

hetton School

13,750 m²

£8.5 million

1,800 m²

Inverclyde council 13,568 m²

£23 million


East Ayrshire council 38,347 m²

£70 million


£25 million

£1.4 million



£1.1 million





national day nurseries hartlepool

unity city Academy Middlesbrough

St Peter’s rc Primary School Blackburn

Parkside School Bradford

national day nurseries Association

Staffordshire county council

diocese of Salford

Bradford Mdc

£1.3 million

12,000 m²

£4 million

4,650 m²





new Bridge Special needs School oldham

Moden Languages Building rutland

Sure Start, hattersley tameside

torc high School Stafford

Miller construction / oldham MBc

uppingham School

Sure Start

Staffordshire county council

5,200 m²

1,200 m²

£7.13 million


£20 million

£1.2 million


380 m²



9,000 m²

£6.5 million

£11 million







Littleton green community School Staffordshire

holte Mayfield Lozells BSf Birmingham

Elmhurst School of dance Edgbaston, Birmingham

Solihull School Solihull

Staffordshire county council

Birmingham Local Education Partnership

Elmhurst School of dance

governors of Solihull School

2,600 m²

14,500 m²

8,000 m²

3,200 m²

£8.2 million


Making Life Better through Intelligent Architecture

£24 million


£6 million


£5 million






Stratford high School Stratford-upon-Avon

oakgrove School Milton Keynes

Kitchen & dining facilities Bedford

Woodbridge Primary School Suffolk

Bedford School

rg carter

Warwickshire county council

Morgan Ashurst

13,200 m²

2,898 m²

£14 million


£8 million

february 2011

1,200 m²

£2.5 million

1,600 m²


£2.4 million





South Bristol Skills Academy Bristol

fawood children’s centre harlsden, London

chelsea Academy London

the Bridge School, hungerford Islington, London

city of Bristol college

Stonebridge housing Action trust

Wates construction

1,200 m²

11,100 m²

11,600 m²

£23 million


£2.3 million


London Borough of Islington

£26 million

6,750 m²


£14 million



the Bridge School, holloway Islington, London Islington Borough council £14 million

2007 1


2 3 4


6 8

Michael faraday community School Southwark, London

7 9



London Borough of Southwark 3,021 m²

£9.8 million


12 13




oldborough School Learning Plaza Maidstone, Kent

16 17 18



new Line Learning 385 m²



2008 22 23



24 26 27


30 31 32 29

33 34 35

gillingham School dorset dorset county council 600 m²

£1.2 million


CLIENT Unity City Academy SCALE 1,400 m² VALUE £20 million COMPLETION 2002

Unity City Academy Middlesbrough, UK Primary and Secondary Education The educational ambition behind the Unity City Academy was based on innovation, optimism and redefining conceptions of the way education will be delivered during the next century. Archial NORR’s architectural brief follows this ambitious programme, and is technically responsive enough to cope with its practical delivery over the coming years. As a signature element within the composition, the form of the building enclosure was derived from a giant oval cylinder, an engineered form redolent of the area’s industrial past. The building is based on the concept of an Italian Hill Town, clustered on terraces overlooking central communal spaces. This profile was derived by placing large objects like the sports hall and lecture theatres at the bottom and smaller spaces like teaching areas and staff accommodation on top. This microcosm of the city is housed within a ‘big tent’ enclosure minimising external surface area, maximising security and achieving genuine value for money for a highly creative soloution.

Making Life Better Through Intelligent Architecture

CLIENT City of Bristol College SCALE 11,600 m² VALUE £23 million COMPLETION 2010

South Bristol Skills Academy City of Bristol College, UK Primary and Secondary Education Archial NORR designed this iconic, dynamic, yet highly functional building for City of Bristol College which forms a key landmark at the entrance to the new Hengrove Park development. The primary aim of the design for this building was to provide a dramatic learning environment both internally and externally, whilst keeping all the facilities together under one simple roof form. The new building accommodates facilities for up to 2,000 students featuring vocational training workshops,tailored for curriculum areas covering motor vehicles, hairdressing and beauty therapy, retail, construction trades, health and catering. General classrooms, ICT suites, staff working environments and the college administration facilities are also provided each linked by the drama of the entrance atrium and the central winter garden. All of this is contained within an attractive overall form with an excellent floor area to wall ratio delivering genuine value for money in a creative and interesting manner.

Making Life Better Through Intelligent Architecture

CLIENT Hochtief Developments / East Ayrshire Council SCALE 13,700 m² VALUE £25 million COMPLETION 2008 BREEAM Very Good

St. Joseph’s Academy Kilmarnock, UK Primary and Secondary Education Designed by Archial NORR, St Joseph’s Campus forms part of a £70 million PPP project to provide two new secondary-primary combined campuses and two new primary schools. St Joseph’s Campus accommodates over 1,200 pupils, with a nursery located beneath a drum topped by the school’s conical copper oratory. The primary school lies within a curved element that sweeps round to create a large enclosed courtyard space for play. The entrance façade of St Joseph’s is dominated by the campus oratory, circulation around being via glazed links from either side. Internally, it is a calm, peaceful space lit naturally by a high-level band of glazing, whilst externally it provides a new visual landmark for Kirmarnock. The secondary school teaching areas are separated from the rest of the campus by the internal ‘street’ – a central shared zone which allows access to all of the main communal areas, providing a central focus to the campus. It acts as the heart of the circulation and provides a multi-purpose flexible area in which all pupils can dine and socialise. Overall, the campus takes a complex breif and distills it into a simple diagram which successfully manipulates its scale for the variety of children who use it. In so doing a spatially rich, diverse educational environment is created.

Making Life Better Through Intelligent Architecture

CLIENT Wates Construction SCALE 11,000 m² VALUE £26 million COMPLETION 2010

Chelsea Academy Chelsea, London, UK Primary and Secondary Education The new ‘Chelsea Academy’ provides teaching facilities for 1,060 pupils and is sponsored by both the London Diocesan Board for Schools and the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. Situated in a dense residential area on a tight urban site opposite Lots Road power station in south-west London, this is a building that enriches both itself and its neighbourhood in the process. The form of the design consists of several department houses, IT, Science, Arts & Technology, all located off the main circulation routes from the main entrance through the central restaurant. The scale of the blocks varies from two stories to match the existing residential terraces, to five stories high, reflecting the large existing power station. Externally the elevation treatment also reflects the scale, proportion and materials of the adjacent buildings. The main cladding consists of brickwork with large windows maximising natural daylight. Zones of copper gold coloured metal panels identify the main elements of the project particularly the main entrances.

CLIENT Islington Borough Council SCALE 77 place

The Bridge School: Hungerford Islington, London, UK Primary and Secondary Education

VALUE ÂŁ14 million

Designed by Archial NORR, Hungerford School is one of the most ambitious education projects ever developed by Islington Council.


The building, providing primary education, and Holloway School providing secondary education, accommodates a new special educational needs accommodation for the Bridge School, which was previously housed across three other sites in Islington. The two buildings will deliver a new level of mixed use for educational buildings with nearly 40 apartments for key workers and private occupation and a 60 person conference centre also included within the wider project.

Making Life Better Through Intelligent Architecture

CLIENT Islington Borough Council SCALE 84 place

The Bridge School: Holloway Holloway, London, UK Primary and Secondary Education

VALUE ÂŁ14 million

Designed by Archial NORR, it is one of the most ambitious education projects ever developed by Islington Borough Council.


The Holloway site is occupied by a new special education needs secondary school providing 84 places and forming part of the bridge schools project. The revolutionary new concept integrates community leisure centre facilities with a sports hall, a 25 metre swimming pool, outdoor all weather pitch and fitness centre.

CLIENT Bovis Lend Lease SCALE 17,500 m² VALUE £32 million COMPLETION 2011 BREEAM Excellent

Holte Mayfield Lozells Birmingham, UK Primary and Secondary Education This school co-locates three schools together on a single site and within a single building envelope. A clear and legible building organisation has emerged that achieves learning gains through the integration of the schools both in plan and in section. All three schools maintain their identity by forming a sequence of learning environments arranged around a central covered courtyard – the ‘Market Place’. The Market Place is the heart of the school where learning within the school is visible to all so that there is a collective awareness of the activity and environment within. Around the Market Place, on two levels, is then wrapped learning clusters and primary circulation collectively creating a rich layering of indoor and outdoor space. The main entrance is on Wheeler Street with the main body of the school set back from the street frontage. A new gateway and small public square on the street open up to a much larger Civic Square beyond. Anticipating a greater sharing of resource between the three schools Lozells is directly connected to the Marketplace allowing large cohorts of children to move between the schools. It also provides a second entrance for Lozells for those visitors arriving at the main reception who can then be collected and taken through the Marketplace to the primary school. We were careful to maintain a scale of built form in keeping with the new development around it. The new school does not exceed two storeys for the majority of its footprint ensuring that it hugs the topography of the site does not dominate its immediate neighbours. The main entrance is on Wheeler Street, with the main body of the school set back from the street frontage. A new gateway and small public square on the street also open up to a much larger Civic Square beyond.

Making Life Better Through Intelligent Architecture


East Dunbartonshire PPP East Dunbartonshire, UK Primary and Secondary Education Archial NORR was responsible for the design of three new schools in East Dunbartonshire for the inspirED consortium headed by Morgan Ashurst (now Morgan Sindall). The schools are Bearsden Academy, Douglas Academy and Turnbull High School with a total value of approximately ÂŁ50 million. Each design responds individually to its context through the use of a variety of different materials and forms, imbuing each building with its own site-specific character. Some underlying common components have however been used to enhance value for money for East Dunbartonshire Council, whilst also being manipulated to create a unique soloution for each building.

Making Life Better Through Intelligent Architecture

Douglas Academy

Turnbull High School

Bearsden Academy

CLIENT Staffordshire County Council SCALE 9,000 m²

Torc High School Stafford, UK Primary and Secondary Education

VALUE £11 million

Archial NORR provided design services to the remodelling of an existing 1960s School to create a striking Community, Vocational and Special Education Needs School.


Consequently the primary objective of this £11 million project was to ‘introduce new learning and life opportunities within a sustainable community in the Tamworth District’. The requirement for Staffordshire to address Special Education Needs throughout the country and the Tomlinson 14–19 National Vocational Agenda had been reviewed specifically within the Tamworth District.

Making Life Better Through Intelligent Architecture

Fotheringray Building

CLIENT Hutcheson’s Grammar School SCALE 650 m² VALUE £1.5 million


Hutcheson’s Grammar School Glasgow, UK Primary and Secondary Education Archial NORR was asked to look at the reconfiguration of the grade ‘C’ listed junior school based around the requirement for a new library. Archial NORR has arrived out a number of projects at this prestigious private school in Glasgow over several years, including; a new dinning facility, Kingarth street junior school library, Fotheringray building for music and IT drama building. We proposed to centre the new library at the heart of the school within two existing classrooms. Both classrooms were joined together and completely refurbished to contain an enclosed junior section, alcoves held within the existing door openings, a lowered curved ceiling which enhances the traditional windows whilst housing services and has IT and audio visual screens installed.

CLIENT Inverclyde Council SCALE 13,789 m² VALUE £29 million COMPLETION 2011 BREEAM Very Good

Notre Dame Inverclyde School Greenock, UK Primary and Secondary Education This project is one of two new secondary schools designed by Archial NORR for Inverclyde Council. The building has a clear and legible diagram composed of four separate parts, each of which responds to the various functional requirements of the brief, and to the contextual constraints of the site, with the central focus being the boat shaped library and three storey social dining area. Here the creative expression of built form and space, the visual connection between, through and around other spaces, the manipulation of scale and the contextual allusions to the ship building history of the area all combine in a satisfying design which is imbued with integrity, delight and honesty of expression. The project has been universally well received, both by its users, and by the wider community. Perhaps the most telling contribution was, however, from Notre Dame’s new Headteacher, Mr Grant McGovern. Commenting on the new building, Mr McGovern said that, ‘When I look around this new school, I can see that its design shows that young people are valued by the society which created it’.

Making Life Better Through Intelligent Architecture

CLIENT Warwick District Council SCALE 15,700 m² VALUE £16.5 million COMPLETION 2010

Stratford-upon-Avon High School & Extension Warwickshire, UK Primary and Secondary Education In 2000 Stratford-upon-Avon High School was a failing school academically; its buildings dated from the 1930s and though in reasonable condition were cramped and no longer fit for purpose. One of the real benefits the school did have was extensive playing fields and woodland. Following a Design & Build competition, Archial NORR was selected to design a replacement 1,200 place secondary school. The new building was confined to a much smaller site near to the town and, in exchange for building the school, the developer received some of the woodland upon which to build very exclusive houses. The nature of the catchment meant that many pupils and staff arrived by car and bus dictating a large open, semi public plaza to the front of the school. This would then also serve for community use of the sports complex which also formed part of the new school. Because of the need for extensive public access, and to secure the public plaza from the rest of the school, the building is conceptually conceived as a ‘necklace’ gently curving in order around the plaza. The ‘lace’ is a glazed three storey street which forms the spine route and primary circulation. Several three storey blocks connect to the street with the spaces between them serving as private learning courtyards of differing characters. Hence, the fully glazed street allows public view of the school going about its daily routine but the main teaching goes on in the privacy of the spaces behind. More recently, Archial NORR returned to the school to add an additional 2,500 m² of new accommodation including a mezzanine addition to the LRC, new drama spaces and a three storey Sixth Form Base. The sixth form features teaching and study accommodation arranged around a three storey open atrium giving a collegiate feeling in this part of the school.

Making Life Better Through Intelligent Architecture

CLIENT Solihull School SCALE 16 classrooms

Solihull School Solihull, UK Primary and Secondary Education

VALUE ÂŁ5 million

Archial NORR designed a new ÂŁ5 million extension for Solihull School which provides 16 classrooms, study rooms and social space.


The George Hill Building is designed to be state-of-the-art whilst blending in with the historic Grade II Listed buildings on the 50 acre campus. The development is also environmentally sound and has been designed to give the teaching area high levels of natural light and ventilation within a distinctive overall form.

Making Life Better Through Intelligent Architecture

CLIENT Elmhurst Dance School SCALE 8,000 m²

Elmhurst Dance School Edgbaston, Birmingham, UK Primary and Secondary Education

VALUE £6 million

Archial NORR acted as design and build architects for Mowlem Construction for this purpose built ballet school, relocating to Birmingham from Sussex.


The new five-acre site has a suite of seven dance studios, a performance venue auditorium for 250, a dedicated exercise centre, theatre workshop, classrooms, library and music facilities, and first-class on-site boarding facilities for over 100 pupils. Elmhurst is the UK’s oldest vocational dance school and offers the highest-quality training in ballet to students aged 11 to 19 years, as well as academic tuition for their wider education needs.

CLIENT Clydebank College SCALE 17,500 m² VALUE £33 million COMPLETION 2007

Clydebank College Glasgow, UK Further and Higher Education Archial NORR was closely involved in the development of the wider site master-plan for the former John Brown shipyard, which had effectively cut off the town from the riverside. With the creation of new streets (routes) and public uses (public squares and community facilities) people are now drawn down into the site and facilities along the river edge. This ensures that they stay on the riverside, engaging with the new facilities there. Both entrances have large, overhanging, cantilevered canopies, which appear to ‘float’ above you as you enter the College. Their form alludes to the scale and visual presence of the great shapes of ships, and the cranes which built them, all of which so dominated the townscape in years gone by. The College has several new innovative forms of teaching space, such as the Training Restaurant and Hair and Beauty Salon, each of which fronts onto one of the new public squares. Open to the general public, these spaces allow students to learn in ‘real’ working environments. Overall the college now enjoys the benefits of a dynamic new visual presence, whether seen from the road, from the river or from the air.

Making Life Better Through Intelligent Architecture

CLIENT Morgan Ashurst SCALE 2,898 m² VALUE £8 million COMPLETION 2011

Oakgrove School Milton Keynes, UK Primary and Secondary Education Archial NORR was commissioned to complete the final phase of a plan to construct the new Oakgrove School in Milton Keynes. Phase Three consisted of a new 6th Form block, social, study, and teaching spaces, additional general and ICT teaching facilities, a new drama studio with performing arts facilities, and a third multi-use game area court for the school. An external courtyard and road layout for the site were also completed, with additional car parking also provided. The school features a number of sustainable elements including wind turbines and photovoltaics.

Making Life Better Through Intelligent Architecture

Upper School

Lower School

CLIENT Albyn School SCALE 4,300 m² VALUE £6.95 million COMPLETION 2012

Albyn School Aberdeen, UK Primary and Secondary Education The Albyn School campus provides Nursery, Primary, and Secondary education for approximately 700 pupils. The School has recently made the transition from a ‘girls only’ establishment, and is now fully co-educational. The school building occupies a site in the west end of Aberdeen, on which stood four separate detached villas, designed by Matthews & McKenzie in 1879. Archial NORR’s initial involvement was to design a new and enlarged Lower School. This consisted of 14 classrooms, along with a new library, and a multi-purpose atrium space connected to existing gymnasium and assembly hall spaces. The completed extension has a light and airy interior, which provides a stimulating environment for the children, as well as modern teaching facilities for staff. Externally the mix of traditional granite materials with glazing and coloured render provides an interesting contrast with the traditional surroundings, whilst also appearing welcoming and fun. A further commission saw work to the Upper School, to assist with the transition to co-educational status and an increasing school role, whilst providing 10 additional classrooms, upgrading the main entrance and the links between the original villas, greatly improving the flow of pupils through the school. Glazed links provide light and airy circulation spaces, and a simple and sleek appearance externally which compliments the listed buildings. The glazed facades of the new links also provide life to Queens Road, whilst the new entrance is a sophisticated space giving a new focal point for the school. The extension housing the classrooms is similar in style to the lower school and sits discretely behind one of the existing buildings

Making Life Better Through Intelligent Architecture

CLIENT Robertson Capital Projects VALUE £22 million COMPLETION 2008

St Paul’s Academy Dundee, UK Primary and Secondary Education Part of the successful Robertson Construction bid for the Dundee Schools PPP, St. Paul’s Academy is a newbuild RC secondary school for 1,200 pupils Circulation links provide access to all accommodation, while a separate community entrance allows local people to make use of the excellent sports facilities outside school hours. These include a swimming pool, sports, gym and dance halls. Externally the school features synthetic and grass pitches.

CLIENT Uppingham School SCALE 1,200 m²

Modern Languages Building Uppingham School, Liverpool, UK Primary and Secondary Education

VALUE ÂŁ1.2 million

The scheme comprises extending the mixed comprehensive school and sixth form, with an innovative vibrant building comprising auditorium, drama, music rooms and dance studios.


The new three storey development takes a contemporary design, reflecting the activities that take place within the centre, whilst complementing and completing the recently redesigned school building.

Making Life Better Through Intelligent Architecture

CLIENT Bedford School SCALE 1,200 m² VALUE £2.5 million COMPLETION 2005

Kitchen and Dining Facilities Bedford School, UK Primary and Secondary Education

CLIENT Morgan Sindall SCALE 1,200 m² VALUE £8 million COMPLETION 2011 BREEAM Outstanding

Carnegie Primary School Dunfermline, Fife, UK Primary and Secondary Education The site for the new Carnegie Primary School occupies an elevated, sloping and south-facing position on the east side of Dunfermline. The site’s challenging topography was however, conducive to the creation of a truly stimulating and interesting educational environment. The building is composed of five subtly separate, yet intrinsically related parts: — The eastern teaching zone containing the nursery facilities, adjacent to the main entrance — The infants, or lower school, teaching wing — The middle school teaching wing — The upper school teaching wing, which also contains some of the school’s special needs facilities — A central, shared ‘hub’ zone incorporating all of the main communal areas, including the PE, assembly hall and administration facilities, together with the library and some further special needs facilities.

The last of these constituent parts, the bright, airy and geometrically interesting central hub, not only provides a multi-purpose, flexible area for all, but also a symbolic and functional heart to the project as a whole.

Making Life Better Through Intelligent Architecture

CLIENT Staffordshire County Council SCALE 2,600 m²

Littleton Green Community School Staffordshire, UK Primary and Secondary Education

VALUE ÂŁ8.2 million

The Council sought to build a signature building to provide an innovative primary school for the 21st century that would become the Staffordshire Primary Exemplar.


Huntington Community Primary School was a unique opportunity for Staffordshire County Council to relocate an existing primary school split over two sites, to a single site that has become available following the sale of Littleton Colliery for development.

Making Life Better Through Intelligent Architecture

CLIENT Dorset County Council SCALE 600 m² VALUE £1.2 million

Gillingham Primary School Dorset, UK Primary and Secondary Education A project in three parts: extensions to the current main school building; refurbishment and extension to the original Victorian schoolhouse; and a new-build classroom block linking the two The existing buildings were extended in a similar manner to their respective individually distinct styles. The new building was a modern interpretation using traditional materials to harmonise with its neighbours. A central ‘atrium’ corridor provided the linking axis, with class bases, speech / language unit, library area and cloakrooms positioned along both sides. Construction work was split into six phases to a precise timetable around term and holiday times, to minimising disruption of the school’s busy schedule.

Making Life Better Through Intelligent Architecture

CLIENT Miller Construction / Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council SCALE 5,200 m² VALUE £7.13 million COMPLETION 2005

New Bridge Special Needs School Oldham, UK Primary and Secondary Education This Special Needs School is to be a flagship centre for 180 secondary school students with complex needs and a wide range of physical and cognitive difficulties. It provides an innovative environment which stimulates and encourages learning, engenders a sense of belonging, identity, worth and pride. Located adjacent to the existing Kaskenmoor Secondary school, the building is a centre of excellence for the region providing a range of classrooms, rest, recreational facilities, a drama hall, assembly hall, swimming pool, hydrotherapy pool, food technology centre and an art and science area. Archial NORR designed the school in a contemporary style, with the aim of enhancing and developing the overall external environment within the area whilst also integrating the centre into the existing main school campus. The new centre is predominantly based at ground floor level to create easy access for children whilst also avoiding dependency on lifts and ramps. All main teaching activities are located at ground level with staff facilities and a library on the first floor served by a large access lift.

CLIENT RG Carter SCALE 1,600 m² VALUE £2.4 million COMPLETION 2007

Woodbridge Primary School Suffolk, UK Primary and Secondary Education Archial NORR was appointed by the D&B Contractor as Executive Architect to develop a concept for a new replacement 240-place primary school in Woodbridge. The school was part of a development agreement with Suffolk County Council. The project is in a sensitive wooded site and uses timber cladding and brise soleil externally to soften the form. The plan is in the form of a crescent with class bases opening out onto individual sheltered and shaded play areas. Internally the curved plan produces a stimulating series of spaces. Successfully manipulating the projects scale Glulaminated timber beams and natural light feature strongly. In all areas, the scale of spaces, window locations and heights are designed to bring delight to the children. The scheme incorporates several sustainable elements, the most noticeable of which are the roof turrets which form part of the natural ventilation scheme.

Making Life Better Through Intelligent Architecture

CLIENT RG Carter SCALE 1,600 m²

Lauder Primary School Edinburgh, UK Primary and Secondary Education

VALUE ÂŁ2.4 million

The 250 pupil Lauder Primary School sits on the edge of the village of lauder and has been designed to link the building to the surrounding countryside with a domestic scale utilising full height glazing within simple forms.


The School has been designed as a cluster of buildings with classrooms accessed through a glazed corridor, with each individual classroom cluster having its own particular identity. The building is an introverted, but friendly kind of school with a clear legibility in plan so that pupils progress through the project from one end to the other. Central to the design is the playground and how it sits within its wooded field. A colonnaded quadrangle defines the drop-off point creating a civic scale to the public entrance whilst the combined mass of the admin block and nursery, helps disguise the bulk of the gym and dining hall, from which the classrooms curve away in a cluster of simple yet elegant blocks.

Making Life Better Through Intelligent Architecture

CLIENT Hochtief Developments / East Ayrshire SCALE 13,750 m² VALUE £21.8 million COMPLETION 2007 BREEAM Very Good

Grange Campus Kilmarnock, UK Primary and Secondary Education Archial NORR has delivered inclusion by design to The Grange Campus in Kilmarnock – a pioneering project that brings together Grange Academy, Annanhill Primary School and Park School (the latter catering for children with special educational needs). The realisation of the ideal of inclusion at the Grange Campus can be attributed to a variety of factors, including that, from the outset, the client East Ayrshire Council was passionate about inclusion and its intent to secure a design of real quality for the project. The central focus of Grange Campus is its ‘street’, a dramatic top-lit, bright and airy space which not only provides a multi-purpose, flexible area for all, but also a symbolic and functional ‘heart’ to the campus as a whole. The street is a dramatic, multi-purpose volume, dominating the ground floor plan; as well as being a principal circulation artery it also acts as the main dining area for the campus. Teaching accomodation is arranged in a variety of building forms depending on function, educational needs and specific site context.

CLIENT Scottish Borders Council VALUE £8.5 million COMPLETION 2010 AWARDS 2011 Best Educational Building Design (Scotland)

Kingsland Primary School Peebles, UK Primary and Secondary Education The school accommodates more than 400 staff and pupils containing 14 classrooms and a nursery. With a timeless Scandinavian look and feel, Kingsland’s classrooms are all light and airy. Despite the fact that the structure is two storeys in places, 11 of its 15 classrooms have doors opening directly to the outside, emphasising the connection of the school to its semi-rural setting. The front elevation of the building facing the road, is clad in dry stone walling, while the use of timber and white render lends a tactile, friendly quality to the building. As the site has a steep north to south fall running across it, the design strategy was to hide the bulk of the school’s two-storey games hall by embedding it into the hill. The new school is well located on its prominent site, acting as a gateway into Peebles near Neidpath Castle on the edge of the town. Making the most of its location, the building has been designed to have a strong connection to the outdoors, with views out over Peebles to the South and East. This sensitive approach led to several awards including

Making Life Better Through Intelligent Architecture

CLIENT National Day Nurseries Association VALUE £1.3 million

National Day Nurseries Hartlepool, UK Nursery Archial NORR were awarded a landmark design commission to develop a new Regional Flagship Early Years Centre for the National Day Nurseries Association, NDNA. The new £1.3 million centre provides 80 quality and affordable full time places, out of school and holiday places, health facilities, community meeting space, toy library, crèche facilities, information services and also adult learning and training accomodation. The development is formed by two adjoining buildings with a shared reception and a large hall which can be partitioned for separate events. One building comprises the nursery whilst the other building is used for community use. The community building has a striking appearance with an elliptical plan form and an angled roof. The design of the centre takes children’s safety into consideration with the entire development covered by secure preventative features including high roofs, a fully equipped CCTV and a video door entry system. The flagship Centre also takes the lead as the first nursery in the UK to achieve an environmentally friendly BREEAM rating.

Making Life Better Through Intelligent Architecture

CLIENT Diocese of Salford, Board of Education VALUE £4 million

St Peter’s RC Primary School Blackburn, UK Primary and Secondary Education Archial NORR has commissioned by Salford Diocese to design a new 2FE Primary School in Blackburn. The project at St Peters RC Primary School, Mill Hill involved relocating the existing Foundation and Key Stage 1 accommodation together with the Key Stage 2 facilities onto one consolidated site. Proposals up to planning stage include general teaching accommodation, a central atrium area incorporating an IT Resource Zone, SEN Group Rooms and external (ground floor and first floor balcony) areas to every classroom. A full consultation period took place with the school and parents which included the presentation of the designs at key stages. These interactive sessions involved the use of the schools resource facilities where the plans were displayed on ‘Smart/White Boards’ and comments sketched and recorded in real-time to give the stakeholders a true and meaningful role in the design development process.

CLIENT National Day Nurseries Association SCALE 3,021 m² VALUE £12 million COMPLETION 2010 AWARDS RIBA Regional Award 2011 Civic Trust Award 2012

Michael Faraday Community School Southwark, London, UK Primary and Secondary Education The Michael Faraday Community school is a flagship project for the regeneration of the Aylesbury Estate, the largest social housing complex in Europe. Arranged over two levels the new building provides nursery, primary school, adult education and community facilities on a single site. In the main building classrooms are arranged as a ring of cellular accommodation around the ‘Living Room’ – a large open-plan learning environment at the heart of the school. A continuous external balcony provides external teaching spaces to the upper classrooms and also provides cover to the outdoor learning spaces at ground level. The main building is linked by a canopy to a smaller stand-alone pavilion, ‘The Ballroom’, which contains the school’s dining and main hall facilities.

BREEAM Very Good

Making Life Better Through Intelligent Architecture

CLIENT New Line Learning SCALE 385 m² COMPLETION 2007

Oldborough Learning Plaza Maidstone, Kent, UK Primary and Secondary Education The ‘Learning Plaza Mock-up’ is a project that informed the design and layout of the innovative learning environments within the proposed new Oldborough and Senacre Schools. A total of 90 children in years 7 and 8 moved into the Plaza in January 2007 and, with the teaching staff, have been taking part in a series of induction exercises to familiarise themselves with their new learning environment.

Making Life Better Through Intelligent Architecture

CLIENT London Borough of Southwark SCALE 2,300 m² VALUE £6 million COMPLETION 1999

Peckham Library and Media Centre Peckham, London, UK Education Peckham Library won Britain’s most celebrated architectural award, the Stirling Prize, in November 2000. The brief called for a building of architectural merit which would bring prestige to the borough and engender a sense of ownership and pride for the building by local people. Archial NORR created a building of unique appearance which satisfied both criteria, comprising innovatory solutions to design problems, creating working, archive and meeting spaces of genuine delight and stimulating appearance. Suspending the main reading room on a cantilevered plane allowed the creation of a new public space below the soffit. Within this room, ‘pods’ contain meeting rooms and independent collections, with workstations clustered below. The brief included a children’s library and a range of adult learning facilities. The centre pod opens to the clerestory, allowing daylight to enter the main space while the ‘beret’ above affords shade. The library was conceived with sustainability in mind and has natural lighting and ventilation systems which significantly diminish the building’s energy requirements.

CLIENT Hattersley Development Trust VALUE £950,000 COMPLETION 2006

Sure Start Hattersley Tameside, UK Nursery This project involved the re-development and re-modelling of an existing nursery school to create a lively nursery environment with attractive play areas and modern community facilities. The centre features indoor play / wet play areas, three activity rooms, community teaching areas, together with ancillary office / administrative and storage. A special ‘training kitchen’ was introduced for local families and also a ‘Snoezlan’, which comprises visual and acoustic calming features for children with special needs.

Making Life Better Through Intelligent Architecture

CLIENT Stonebridge Housing Action Trust SCALE 1,220 m²

Fawood Children’s Centre Harlesden, London, UK Nursery

VALUE £2.3 million

The Fawood Children’s Centre in Stonebridge Housing Estate is designed to provide a safe learning and play environment for local pre-school children.


The design team sought to provide a total integration of the external and internal learning environments within a simple building enclosure.

AWARDS 2006 Civic Trust Award

A part translucent and part solid roof hovers above the entire site, which together with the mesh ‘walls’ encloses both the open play space and the internal nursery facilities, which are accommodated in separate heated enclosures.

2006 Hot Dip Galvanising Award, highly commended 2005 RIBA London Region Award 2005 RIBA Stirling Prize, shortlisted 2005 AIA/UK Excellence in Design Awards, commendation 2005 Royal Fine Art Commission Building of the Year – Special Award

Quality + Sustainability In each project, regardless of scale, we are driven by the pursuit of excellence. We are a creatively focused organisation believing that our ethos of ‘Intelligent Architecture’ makes life better. At the same time we are aware of our social, economic, and environmental responsibilities: we seek to implement appropriate design solutions, use resources wisely, and advise our clients accordingly.

Small Animal Hospital, Glasgow

We Care About  uality of Service Q Use of Energy Materials and Water Use Staff and Community Engagement Suppliers and Purchasing Transport Waste & Recycling

Our Commitment As leading members of the World’s design and construction professions, we commit ourselves to: – Place social, economic, and environmental sustainability at the core of our practices and professional responsibilities – Develop and continually improve practices, to enable the implementation of sustainable design – Educate our fellow professionals, the building industry, clients, students and the general public about the critical importance and substantial opportunities of sustainable design

Making Life Better Through Intelligent Architecture

A Decade of Green Buildings Working with UK government BRE/University research work Projects achieving BREEAM Excellent rating Buildings Design Advice (LCBDAA) Carbon emission / energy figures, EPC rating Carbon Management Energy Efficiency advice (CMEE) for the 2014 Commonwealth Games

Making Life Better Through Intelligent Architecture

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