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Blogging the World I started The Boston Fashionista in 2011. I was an avid consumer of fashion magazines and style blogs, and all I was seeing were stories about New York and L.A. I knew that there were designers and fashion entrepreneurs in other regions, so I decided to look at design and fashion through a New England lens.

Where would you recommend visitors head to… …get a sense of history? Every Bostonian is going to tell you to take the Freedom Trail – and they are right! Just follow the red line painted through the city to see a number of historical sites and monuments. It’s magical to see historical sites from the beginning of our country, side by side with modern architecture. …eat with the locals? For a more swanky night out, head to The Hawthorne and Island Creek Oyster Bar, both at the Hotel Commonwealth in Kenmore Square. The Hawthorne is the best cocktail bar in the city, and Island Creek offers a unique oyster experience – friendly, knowledgeable waiting staff (it’s OK if you aren’t an oyster expert!) will guide you through a variety of fresh, local oysters. 16


It’s divine. For a more quiet night, head to Coppa in the South End. This cozy restaurant is home to Jamie Bissonnette, a recent James Beard winner, who is one of the most accessible chefs in the city – he’ll likely come strolling though the dining room to chat! Finally, if you want really low key, try some of Boston’s amazing food trucks. Bon Me and Roxy’s Grilled Cheese are two of my favorites. …escape the bustle of the city?

Boston Ballet - Swan Lake

Island Creek Oyster Bar

Just fifteen miles north of Boston, Marblehead is a quaint town with a large, winding neighbourhood of homes dating back to the 1600’s (full disclosure: I live in one!). A true sailing community, over 2000 boats fill Marblehead’s picturesque harbour in the summer. Take the short walk up to Ft. Sewall; you’ll be rewarded by 270 degree views of the Atlantic ocean. Whale Watching

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