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Of water and time Inspired in part by the luminous translucence of water, the design of these bathrooms also retains a degree of historical integrity Character homes, regardless of their ilk, have an in-built charm that many of us like to emphasize or retain. This is especially true if the home in question has remained in the same family for many years. When Alan Berman, principal of Archetype Design Studio, was contracted to remodel this 1920s-era apartment, the owner was adamant that the design scheme needed to reference family and architectural histories in its response. “The family link to the building began not long after its construction, when my

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client’s mother bought a new apartment there. When it was time to downsize, she purchased this smaller ground-floor unit,” says Berman. “Typical of its time, the apartment was a series of self-contained spaces, which were not conducive to modern-day living. A small half-bathroom adjoined the master bedroom and a slightly larger full bathroom was located alongside. “To make the spaces more functional, we removed the wall between the two to make a single ensuite bathroom.”

Facing page: The multifaceted design of this master bath by Alan Berman references the historical nature of the building, as well as the family history of the owner. Above: Personal items from the owner’s travels add a contemporary touch. Following pages: Art Deco details are found throughout the building, and Berman has incorporated components of this style into the design scheme – weaving together the architectural history of the building with the personal history of the apartment.

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