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Issue 8

Issue 8

Established in 1997, The Meon Survey Partnership is a high quality land surveying company specialising in measured building surveys, topographic surveys and 3d modelling. The company has a wealth of experience in surveying historic buildings including Grade 1 Listed buildings, Churches, Museums, Manor Houses and even Underground World War II tunnels, in fact we have or could survey any type of building you can imagine. Over the last 3 years we have gained invaluable experience in using Laser Scanners, this “state of the art” technology creates 3 dimensional ‘point clouds’ consisting of hundreds of thousands of data points which are collected in a matter of minutes. This 3d data can then be used for differing types of projects, ranging from capturing a high level of detail for producing large scale 2d drawings to producing 3d models for “rights of light” studies. Rest assured, whatever your survey requirements The Meon Survey Partnership will deliver a high quality and yet efficient service.

Š Laser scanning Š 3d point clouds Š Wireframe models Š Fully rendered models Š Walkthroughs Š Heritage detailing Š Infringement surveys

Laser scanner in operation

3d interior model


Elevational section

Floor plans Roof plans Roofspace plans Elevations Sections

Fully detailed plans Layout plans Fire plans Area letting drawings Estate agent layouts

Floor plan

Detailed front elevation

Rights to light elevations 3d modelling/massing Laser scanning Visualisations Fully detailed elevations

Topographic surveys GPS ties 3d terrain models Drainage Service tracing

The Meon Survey Partnership Ltd, Campbell Park, Fernhurst Rd, Milland, Liphook, Hampshire, GU30 7LU W: E: T: 01428 741699 F: 01428 741466

All main data outputs; Autocad 2013 Architecture 2013 Revit 2013 Civil 3d 2013

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H C E T E H C e AR n i z a g a M e8 Issu

Infrastructure investment ‘is needed’ Unless billions are invested in infrastructure projects and similar schemes Britain will suffer a decade of low productivity and stagnating living standards, a research group has warned. Ahead of next week’s Autumn Statement the Work Foundation said “it would be a mistake for the Chancellor to go for expensive short-term tax cuts”. Instead it said the Government needs to spend £4.5 billion on infrastructure investment to support science, design, technology and innovation, and underpin sustainable growth. The Work Foundation submitted proposals to the Government calling for a new growth plan, including an extra £1 billion of regional investment and £300 million for science and technology schemes. Director of the Work Foundation, Ian Brinkley, said: “We believe the Government has scope to relax the pace of deficit reduction in the short term in order to directly fund new investment and stimulate growth. “While there are legitimate concerns about the impact this may have on the markets, there is less likely to be an adverse reaction if the stimulus is clearly focused on creating assets and underpinning sustainable growth.” Copyright Press Association 2012

Plan to cut waste in construction sector The construction and demolition industry in Wales is to be set waste prevention and recycling targets as part of the country’s ambitious recycling targets. Wales’s Environment Minister, John Griffiths, announced the plan, which aims to increase recycling rates and reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill. Copyright Press Association 2012

Earl’s Court project a step closer

Chief executive of the developer Capital and Counties (Capco) Ian

An £8 billion regeneration plan for Earl’s Court has moved a step closer after it received outline planning approval from the London Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. The proposed 10.1 million sq ft

Kensington and Chelsea approved the Section 106 agreement this the neighbouring authorities. A decision from the Greater London

The project at Earl’s Court is one of a number of London residential projects in the pipeline with a combined value of £38 billion over the

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Clegg pledges £225m Green building firms ‘face hurdles’ Green construction businesses face major obstacles because of unfavourable government policies, research suggests. for new homes The Government plans to make £225 million of funding available to “unblock” delayed housing projects, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has announced.

In a speech to the National House-Building Council, Mr Clegg called for the creation of new towns and cities to address the UK’s housing shortage. He highlighted the example of post-war garden cities, such as Letchworth and Welwyn, and early 20th century towns such as Stevenage and Milton Keynes. Ambitious projects of up to 25,000 homes will be needed in future to tackle the growing housing crisis, Mr Clegg said. will create up to 48,600 new homes. In order to tackle the problem, the new funding will help work get under way on a series of major local housing projects ranging in size from 4,000 homes to 9,500. Mr Clegg said: “It’s time to rediscover that proud tradition of creating new places. We can either condemn ourselves to haphazard urban sprawl - the surest way to damage the countryside, we can cram ever more people into existing settlements, concreting over gardens and parks - and bear in mind we already build the smallest homes in Western Europe, or we can build places people want to live.” Copyright Press Association 2012

Companies said inconsistent central and local government policies are a barrier to growth in the sustainable construction sector, according to a University of Hull study. They said government policy tends to favour big business over small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the construction sector, stifling firms trying to introduce innovative sustainable products and practices. Green businesses also said they encountered major differences in the application of planning rules across different local authorities, making it difficult to get projects off the ground. There was also concern that risk-averse banks are shying away from backing sustainable construction firms, the university’s department of geography, environment and earth sciences found. They said too few workers have the necessary knowledge to make best use of sustainable building materials and incorporate new green methods in construction projects. Researchers Prof David Gibbs and Dr Kirstie O’Neill warned the UK could miss out on “a big opportunity” if measures to support the sector are not put in place. Copyright Press Association 2012

Prince opens ‘remarkable’ gas plant A pioneering facility that pumps renewable gas directly into the local distribution network has been officially opened by the Prince of Wales. Prince Charles described the first commercial full-scale anaerobic digester and biomethane plant in the country as a “remarkable engineering feat”. The facility is located at Rainbarrow Farm and will supply renewable gas directly to the experimental new development on the outskirts of Dorchester, known as the Poundbury, which was built on land owned by the Duchy of Cornwall. It looks set to offer a more sustainable way of heating homes, with up to 56,000 newbuilds potentially being supplied with renewable gas. The system works when organic matter is broken down by micro-organisms anaerobically - in the absence of oxygen - to produce methane-rich biogas. Some 41,000 tonnes of maize, grass silage and food waste will be used to produce the biogas each year, with local companies and farms such as Dorset Cereals and Express Potatoes supplying the materials. Prince Charles has provided input to help guide the project that is owned and operated by JV Energen, a joint venture between local farmers and the Duchy of Cornwall. Copyright Press Association 2012

Architectural FabricationServices

PDL Fabrications Limited Unit 14 Trafalgar Wharf Hamilton Road Portsmouth PO6 4PX

T: +44 (0) 2392 808 192 E: W:

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Wind farms receive public backing

British homeowners would rather have a wind turbine close to their property than a shale gas well, according to new research.

The ICM asked 2,027 people if they would rather have a turbine installed nearby or a well extracting shale gas, with 67% choosing the renewable energy source and only 11% opting for shale gas. Almost half (49%) of those polled said they would back wind power within a two-mile radius of their home, while 64% of 18 to 24-year-olds were also more likely to support a wind turbine close to their house. More than two-thirds (68%) said they backed plans to provide a greener future for Britain by providing green construction projects, with wind turbines proving to be popular option among all age groups if they were community-owned and the benefits were put back into the local area. Sustainable schemes topped the poll of people’s preferred source of electricity, with solar panels coming out on top, followed by hydropower and offshore wind farms. Copyright Press Association 2012

Glasgow regeneration plans approved A Glasgow regeneration project has been given the green light by the Scottish Government ahead of the 2014 Commonwealth Games. Glasgow City Council’s Buchanan Quarter scheme will see the regeneration of George Square and Upper Dundas Street before the Games kick off in 2014. The Royal Concert Hall and Buchanan Street will also see improvements, while the Cathedral Street bridge is to be strengthened and Queen Street railway station given better access. The money for the £80 million plans will come from the Tax Incremental Financing (TIF) project. Also, it is hoped that the Buchanan Quarter will generate £310 million in private investment, leading to the creation of nearly 1,500 employment opportunities. Deputy First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, said: “Big building projects like Buchanan Quarter are not just about the improved infrastructure we gain at the end, they are about the employment and the training that takes place during construction.” Copyright Press Association 2012 Astor-Bannerman (Medical) Ltd design and manufacture a wide range of height adjustable patient handling and assisted bathing care equipment throughout the UK for people with varied and special needs within the community, care homes, social services and the NHS A variety of bespoke high quality care solutions include

Energy-saving homes project planned

An eco-friendly housing project is planned that will see the creation of 335 green properties to tie in with the Government’s energy policies. Notting Hill housing association, Countryside Properties and E.ON are working together on the flagship scheme, which will help regenerate Sudbury’s Barham Park estate in Brent, a borough of London. And E.ON’s Sustainable Energy arm has struck a deal to both fit and then deliver heating and hot water at the properties. A gas-fired communal energy plant on the estate will produce the heating and also electricity so the homes will not need to each have their own boiler. And the energy-saving measures used in the creation of the homes are expected to see people living there paying just 75% of the average amount spent on heating and hot water. Copyright Press Association 2012

Anglian Architectural Glazing & Rainscreen Systems Telephone: 0845 270 6464

Height adjustable baths Ceiling track and mobile hoists Wall mounted and mobile changing units Height adjustable frames and desks And much more


Astor-Bannerman have WRAS approval on a number of baths and can offer


multi user environments.


If you require technical CAD drawings, site surveys, technical advice, assessments or demonstrations then we are pleased to help at no cost and without obligation.


Astor-Bannerman believe that making the right decision really can change lives.


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Tel: 01242 820820 Email: Website:

Anglian Architectural Ltd Unit 1, Mill Lane, Waterford Industrial Estate, Gt. Massingham, Norfolk PE32 2HT Tel: 01485 520860 Sales Fax: 01485 521196 Email:

In an era of cost cutting and cheaper solutions, and in the midst of very painful cash cut backs, it’s made a refreshing change for one national cycle shelter and covered walkway manufacturer to create a feature covered walkway at Farleigh College, Somerset. The challenge from our client was to design a structure that blended together the traditional stone built structure with the more modern prefab type structure, and at the same time blending in with local architectural features. Our design team visited the local area where a host of potential design features were discussed, however it was immediately clear that the subtle traditional features of the prominent Victorian style canopy situated in the market place style (as pictured inset) would be the driving inspiration behind the new covered walkway for Farleigh college, with particular emphasis placed on the decorative columns supporting the roof structure. Victorian Style Canopy

These features would be a welcomed addition to what otherwise would have been plain steel columns. Additionally, we made a design feature of the main central roof support beam, which includes an internal guttering system, and also incorporates the decorative roof section attachment. We’ve also provided a shaped design feature to the roof rafters section thus giving the overall structure a traditionally manufactured appearance.

walkways and canopies in the UK. Our e-commerce web site – – contains a wealth of information on our vast product range, which includes cycle shelters with storage capacities from 4 cycles to 200 cycles, including our high density two tier cycle rack system. Technical fact sheets and detailed product information are also included on our website. From our manufacturing base in the Midlands, we are able to supply to all parts of the country, and also offer a complete installation service. Quality control is key to our continued growth, and to ensure that our high standards are maintained the vast majority of our Our services to architects include bespoke design by our in house design team, and we are also able to provide a structural calculations

Fulwood Road South

Notts NG17 2JZ

Tel 01623 442543 Fax 01623 443698

Kemper Keeps Kids Safe, Warm And Dry Without Razing The Roof Generally UK school buildings fall into one of three categories: imposing Victorian school houses; 1960s/1970s classroom blocks or state-of-the-art 21st century schools that benefitted from the flood of public spending before the age of austerity dawned. While Victorian school buildings might not be the most thermally efficient, they are solid ‘don’t-make-them-like-that-anymore’ structures that have withstood the test of time. Meanwhile many contemporary schools demonstrate the best of architectural talent and eco-friendly specification. Which leaves the 1960s & 1970s school stock that can no longer be left to decay but is unlikely to be replaced any time soon either.

As part of a £1m refurbishment of a maternity unit carried out by main contractor E Manton, Yeoman Shield wall and door protection has been supplied and fitted into the new Midwife Led Unit (MLU) at New Cross Hospital, Wolverhampton. The corridors of the unit (including vulnerable corners) are protected from damage caused by pedestrian footfall and traffic (such as trolleys) by Yeoman Shield ‘FalmouthEx’ wall sheet along with 200mm Protection Rail and Strip. Doors, which can easily succumb to unsightly ‘knocks and bumps’ have been fitted with door frame protection and kickplates, whilst side ward doors have been covered with half height frame protection.

The challenge now, therefore, is not just to design the ‘school of the future’ but to find a way of helping the legacy of old-style school design increase its longevity and match the performance of contemporary buildings. One key area where this can be achieved is on the roof: the flat roofs so typical of 1960s & 1970s school building stock represent both a vulnerable design element in need of protection and an opportunity to enhance the building’s aesthetics and thermal performance. This was certainly the case at Redhills Primary School in Exeter, where the 30+ year-old school’s original three-layer felt roof was widely failing, despite repairs in several places. Devon County Council’s building surveyor, NPS (SW) Ltd, was brought in to specify the best approach to renewing the 2,500m2 roof and, having used Kemper System’s Kemperol 2K-PUR solvent-free wet-on-wet waterproofing membrane successfully on other roof refurbishment projects, NPS specified the system for Redhills School along with Kempertherm PIR insulation board.

Lyndsay Durkin, midwifery led unit manager, said: “We are delighted with the way the unit looks and having Yeoman Shield fitted has given us an attractive finish which will help us to keep it looking pristine for many years to come.”

Yeoman Shield Tel: 01925 445532

Better by Design Archetech - Issue 8 [Page 8]

Raaft® Terrafina brings you the complete system in composite decking. By combining all the construction elements, from the substructure to the finished decking boards, Raaft® Terrafina combines robust performance and durability with elegant aesthetics.

Low maintenance Splinter free

Non-slip No rot

Unique fixing system, simply clicks into place

To see how Terrafina could work for your project, just contact our sales team.

t: +44 (0)1424 533 103 e: w:

Target Fixings Ltd e tensions

house extensions without the stress

Fully fitted electrics and plumbing - just connect and go! Ideal for OT adaptations Heli Pile foundations - no concrete and ideal for limited access Any interior available - Even fully fitted bathrooms or kitchens! Install in a day and use in minutes Up to 4 storeys

Two storeys installed and in use in just 8 hours!

Telephone: 0845 2600 190 Fax: 0845 2600 189 E-mail:

View the publication online!

Go to our website and click the cover image to view the magazine direct from your computer or iPad!

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Archetech Magazine can now be viewed as an online digital publication.




he Brassworks is a remodelling of a former factory in central London into a series of light-filled, spacious apartments. Located in a quiet mews street close to Marble Arch and Hyde Park, The Brassworks offers high-quality residential accommodation in a prime location.

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The Brassworks was originally built in 1819 as a brass instrument factory for Distin’s Military Musical Instrument Manufactory, and was substantially rebuilt in 1916. For much of its life it was used as an instrument factory by Boosey & Co - a well-known manufacturer familiar to generations of musicians. During the 20th century it suffered from numerous alterations and significant damage, and was more recently used for offices. Until its conversion by Belsize Architects, it was neglected and falling further into disrepair.

Belsize Architects were engaged by the Church Commissioners to convert the building - previously known as 6A-10 Frederick Close - into a series of loft-style apartments. Belsize Architects were anxious to create attractive, liveable spaces while respecting the original structure as much as possible, and worked with the building to give it a new life for contemporary residential use. Although the building itself is not listed, it is situated in a conservation area close to many other listed buildings. As a consequence, negotiations with the planning authority were conducted as if the building were listed and great care was taken to respect its architectural and historical characteristics as well as neighbouring buildings while trying to create a unique residential block.

At ground floor, an imposing central entrance gives way to a warm, welcoming reception area. On either side, car parking and other facilities are screened behind large arched doorways, whose gates contain a playful brass motif referencing the building’s musical history. Tucked away on this level lie two apartments, including a particularly playful flat with irregular walls, an internal glazed courtyard and a sunken media room. From the first floor level, Belsize Architects have exploited the U-shaped layout of the building. A series of former workshops were removed to create a central courtyard over the parking level which now acts as a focal point for the building. The central garden, containing a specially-commissioned bronze sculpture, is a peaceful haven and brings daylight and a sense of space and meditation into the heart of every apartment. The apartments facing the courtyard at first floor level enjoy privacy thanks to a series of screen-printed sliding glass panels that add further visual interest to the facades. Each apartment has been designed to the highest specification including custom-made kitchens and furniture, en-suite bathrooms and bespoke wardrobes in all bedrooms and high-specification flooring and other finishes. State-of-the art heating, cooling and AV technology has been used throughout the development, and the energy efficiency of the building has been maximised wherever possible. In this project, the heritage of the original building shines through: for example the bronze-effect windows and huge steel beams traversing each apartment are a reminder that the contemporary living spaces are contained within a building that remains full of history and character. Externally, the original facade has been restored, allowing the building to sit proudly once again within its conservation area setting. For more information please visit

Heidi Lichterman FSDC +44(0)1223 811461

THE SILVER ZEBRA The Silver Zebra glass studio is based in Cheshire and was founded in 2004 by Deborah Moses. We provide bespoke hand cut and kiln formed glass panels to suit our individual clients, interior designers, trade and all ‘home’ sectors. splashbacks and up stands kitchen and bathroom tiles art work Windows and door panels bar panels and screens All glass is cut to size with no size to big or to small, we can even offer shapes, not

Heidi’s work is found across the world in offices, homes, public spaces and even a crematorium. Using copper, stainless steel wire and silk yarns, she works with architects, interior designers and clients to enliven and enhance the spaces she touches. Her work is fresh and exciting, creating pools of colour and interest with an impact suited to the particular space.

for you. Sophisticated and contemporary in design, our panels will make a statement. Not only that, they are easy to maintain and offer a practical but creative solution to your needs.

For more information T: 01270 526014 E: Or visit our new ‘interiors & home’ page on

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ART MANAGEMENT PROFILE Art Management was formed in 1994 by Tanja Gertik. Tanja Gertik BA (Hons), MA, MPhil, has over twenty years’ experience in arts consultancy and is widely recognised as a leading international advisor. Tanja is one of a very few UK based consultants who have been invited to join the ‘International Association for Professional Art Advisors’. Tanja’s dedicated and experienced Art Management team offers comprehensive and independent art consultancy services for both corporate and private art collectors. Throughout the UK and abroad we have worked with Interior Designers and Architects, incorporating artwork and imaginative new commissioning ideas into the project. CLIENT LIST We work with a wide range of individuals and corporations who value our strategic approach, art expertise, industry connections and absolute discretion. Our reliability has secured loyal and long-standing relationships. Our clientele include FTSE 100 companies, top fund managers , international lawyers, restaurants and private members clubs.



t t

t t

t t t

Planning: Understanding the client’s requirements by reference to the allocated budget, the architecture and interior space. If required we will assist you in obtaining planning permission to include Public Art in your development proposal. Selection: We will work with the client to select the most appropriate artwork for their business, building and budget. We have established relationships with an extensive range of galleries and artists worldwide. Purchasing art: Our long standing relationships with galleries and artists enable us to achieve the best price for you. Commissions: Commissioning art is the ideal way for a company to reinforce brand values. We will guide you through the process of developing bespoke artworks for specific locations. Project Management: We have unrivalled experience of working seamlessly with clients, architects and interior designers to deliver our art projects on time and on budget. Concept and brand development: We will advise on art sponsorship, corporate social responsibility programmes, catalogues, unique business gifts and innovative exhibition programmes. Framing: A cost-effective framing service tailored to meet your specific requirements using conservation and museum quality materials. Delivery and installation: This is undertaken by specialist companies and our team of trusted technicians. Rental: In the current economic climate we can provide financial flexibility for your art programme through the provision of art on a rental basis.

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SERVICES Art Management works with architects and interior designers . Our tailored consultancy services include:

The German Design Award 2013 goes to VOLA Round Series Both the new built-in waste bin,VOLA RS1 and the Round Series as design concept were nominated for the German Design Award 2013. The German Design Council has now announced that the built-in waste bin,VOLA RS1 receives the German Design Award 2013. The jury judging the 2013 German Design Award is made up of experts from different disciplines, from business, science and the design industry. Last year VOLA Round Series won the award “Best Product of the Year 2011” in its category at the Plus X Award contest. Furthermore the VOLA Round Series won the seals of approval in Innovation, Design and Functionality. Furthermore the VOLA RS1, built-in waste bin won the GOOD DESIGN Award as awarded by The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design. Founded in Chicago in 1950 GOOD DESIGN remains the oldest and the world’s most recognized program for design excellence worldwide.

ROYAL UNIVERSE – Keuco’s new mirror cabinet with innovative LED lighting

Elegant. Sophisticated.Versatile. Available in 6 sizes from 500 mm to 1600 mm! Keuco’s ROYAL UNIVERSE mirror cabinet combines innovative LED technology with intelligent storage space. Slimline design, superior chrome surfaces and warm, delicate LED lighting make KEUCO’s ROYAL UNIVERSE mirror cabinet range an attractive feature for every style of bathroom. Clever lighting ensures your face is evenly illuminated and provides atmospheric lighting for your bathroom. And with LED’s characteristic low energy consumption and longevity, bulbs hardly ever need replacing.

Keuco UK Ltd:

Salamander’s ‘Force’ Range Goes From Strength To Strength

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Consumers are always looking for ways to give their showers a boost of extra power and Salamander Pumps have come up with a new way to beef performance.

In bathrooms around the country, and in more than 40 countries abroad, steamed up bathroom mirrors are no longer the norm. Whether you have wall mounted bathroom mirrors, or prefer the useful option of a bathroom cabinet, these can have demista™ heated mirror pads to ensure a clear view in the steamiest of rooms.

For further information: Tel: 01932 866600 Email: Web:

Launched around a year ago, the company’s highly successful ‘Force’ range of brass-ended pumps has already helped thousands of customers enjoy a better showering experience. ‘Its great to have struck gold in a double Olympic year’, said Salamander Pumps’ Sales Director, Chris Vallance. ‘Force is our response to customer demand. Brass-ended shower pumps account for 25% of the market and the trade encouraged us to provide a product that brings the Salamander attributes of quality, reliability and value for money to a sector of the market that will only increase in importance over the next few years. Force raises the bar for the entire category, setting new standards for ease of installation, value and quietness of operation.’

T: 0191 516 2002 W:

Ogee74 brings together a world-class selection for bathrooms and washrooms, which is matched

The Ogee74 collection of bathroom brands offers


Online resource:

Product selection:

Stock and delivery:

Product samples:

Contact details Ogee74 +44 (0)8456 012155

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“Sta-Tite®: perfect solution for contractors!” 1940 Carrara&Matta was founded in Turin, Italy. For decades it has been a leading manufacturer of toilet seats from thermoset resin, pioneers, innovators and trend setters. Since the ‘70s the bathroom has become a room: a place to live in, a place to set up with the same care given to the dining room and a

Archetech - Issue 8 [Page 18]

the personality and good taste of the person who furnishes it: Carrara&Matta has expanded its portfolio with the introduction of bathroom accessories signed by the most important designers.

performance. Carrara&Matta offer long-lasting durable seats and accessories which are easy to install and maintain. Everything is designed to meet the requirements of contemporary living as the last born in Carrrara&Matta range: the

The size and the amount of people visiting the stadium created challenges to all potential suppliers: innovation and durability became key criteria for the selection of products.

for toilet seats.

solution and Carrara&Matta was able to provide it: the 16SS toilet seat with the unique

The system removes the problem of loose seats, which are commonly found in bathrooms at the optimum torque ensuring the correct clamping force between seat and ceramic. Quick and easy to install than ordinary seats, ensures proper tightness even after extended use, NO more loose seats equates to NO installer callbacks to tighten.

It proved to be the perfect choice for this environment: today, two years from installation, more than 1.6million visitors have passed through the stadium and not one claim to replace or to tighten loose seats! No laboratory test could proof the advantages performance and endurance” test!

In 1999 Carrara&Matta joined the Bemis Mfg Group, global leader in the manufacture and distribution of toilet seats. This merger has strengthened the international presence of Carrara&Matta brand and its products are recognized and appreciated across the world.

A proof of this?

to cover the different needs.

2 years ago, Bemis was selected for the supply of 920 toilet seats for the Soccer City Stadium in Johannesburg, South Africa, one of the most striking and modern stadiums in the world, scene of 8 games during the 2010 World Cup,

Carrara & Matta: Italian design for the best solutions in commercial application.

The combination of Italian Design and advanced technology create passion and

With a total capacity to 94,700 seats Soccer City is the biggest stadium in Africa.

For more information or call our customer service 0800 7833687

Our products lines are in stock in the UK and available for immediate delivery.

White Parapan® & Satin Walnut


arapan® is the ultimate material for today’s contemporary kitchens. A high quality, high gloss acrylic with almost ‘mirror like’ reflective qualities it can be cut to any size for bespoke cupboards and drawers. Here Alpine White Parapan has been teamed with grain matched Satin Walnut for a sleek but warm interior. Parapan® comes in a palette of 22 colours including several shades of sophisticated neutrals and up- to -the -minute brights. The colours which are UV stable and will never fade run right through the 18mm thick material. Waterproof and very repairable it is hygienic and easy to maintain - minor blemishes can easily be removed - making it dramatically more hard wearing than lacquers.

For further details of Parapan® please contact Landau Holdings Ltd, Landau House, Bontoft Avenue, Hull, HU5 4HF Telephone: 01482 440680 Email: Website:


artof design 25

The Roca London Gallery, designed by Zaha Hadid Architects, offers a unique visual and interactive experience with Roca, the leading global bathroom brand. Situated in Imperial Wharf, the gallery showcases Roca’s commitment to innovation and design, highlighting its vast product portfolio and bathroom expertise.

audiovisual, sound and lighting equipment. This technology provides interaction with the brand and the opportunity to discover the company’s history, its landmark achievements and the values on which all of Roca’s work is based: the commitment to sustainability and particularly to innovation, design, wellness and water conservation.

The concept for the space is inspired by the various phases and states of water. Water acts as the transformational element moving across the façade, carving out the interior and moving through the main gallery as individual drops.

Much more than just a showroom, the Roca London Gallery is an active design centre and specification hub for architects and designers boasting a fully equipped meeting room, mock-up room and library as well as offering a dedicated project support team. Events and exhibitions about innovation, design and sustainability are held in the gallery on a regular basis.

Roca’s dedication to design and innovation is clearly visible in the exterior of the building with its distinctive and unique façade, giving the Roca London Gallery its identity. The interior occupies one floor and covers an area of 1,100m2 featuring cutting-edge

About Roca

Roca is a company specializing in the design, production and marketing of products for bathroom spaces as well as ceramic floorings

and wall coverings used in architecture, construction and interior design. The firm has more than 21,100 employees and 76 production plants and is present in more than 135 countries around the world. Roca, world leader in the definition of bathroom spaces, collaborates with highly prestigious designers, architects and interior designers such as R. Moneo, D. Chipperfield, Herzog & de Meuron, Schmidt & Lackner, and J. Mariscal, among others. Additionally, it works incessantly to develop and promote initiatives that aid environmental conservation.

Contact Roca London Gallery, Station Court, Townmead Road, London, SW6 2PY 020 7610 9503 /

Editors Choice

Ceilings, Walls & Partitions

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Curtains, Blinds & Shutters


Advanced Frameless Glazing

The Silver Zebra glass studio is based in Cheshire and was founded in 2004 by Deborah Moses. We provide bespoke hand cut and kiln formed glass panels to suit our individual clients, interior designers, trade and all ‘home’ sectors.

• Micro framed

• High performance • Joint options available for single and double glazing • Fully demountable and relocatable • Unique proven dry glazed system • Seamless integration with other Planet products

splashbacks and up stands kitchen and bathroom tiles art work Windows and door panels bar panels and screens All glass is cut to size with no size to big or to small, we can even offer shapes, not for you.

For more information T: 01270 526014 E: Or visit our new ‘interiors & home’ page on



Tel: 01444 237310

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Sophisticated and contemporary in design, our panels will make a statement. Not only that, they are easy to maintain and offer a practical but creative solution to your needs.


The owners bought the plot then known as “Kerals” in 2003. On it was a tatty old mobile home, which they replaced with the biggest and latest in static caravans, to which they added a conservatory. It was used as a holiday home for several years and the ‘jungle’ which covered the plot, was cleared and new gardens were planted. The unusual bonus of the plot, was that it has access to its own private beach (owned to low water mark), which is inaccessible to anyone other than via the sea.


Because there was a permanent use for a holiday caravan with year round occupation, the owner was able to argue that he could put a demountable building on the site - being up to 60 feet long, 20 feet wide and 10 feet floor to ceiling with any roof pitch and constructed of any materials – all without planning permission, as these are the provisions of the Caravan Act! The other problem was the site’s proximity to the cliff and coast, where there is a presumption against building houses unless it can be demonstrated that the site has a life of at least 100 years. This involved the commissioning of geological engineering professionals to undertake a study, which concluded that, subject to various stabilising techniques, the most draconian of which involved the placing of 1300 tonnes of rock armour at the cliff base to arrest any further potential coastal erosion, then the site was appropriate for the construction of a new dwelling. Construction of The Wave House started in January 2011 with the shell and external works being completed by an excellent local contractor JJJones and Sons Limited, by Christmas 2011.


The design which the owner created himself, was dependant on large areas of glass facing the sea views and terraces and the curvilinear style was what he wanted to achieve as part of his design ethos -based on the waves of the sea. Several suppliers of folding sliding doors and screens were considered – not many – in fact only two – being able to supply curved folding sliding doors. Originally the owner wanted all 5 sets of screens to be folding sliding, but costs were prohibitively high and so it was resolved to have only 3 of the 5 sets that could be opened, (in this country’s climate, there are few days in the year which would be conducive in any event). The owner had used Sunfold Systems on other projects and was impressed with the detailing and engineering and so decided to place the contract with Sunfold for the supply and installation. Due to the steel contract not due to be complete for 20 weeks, the owner decided to provide Sunfold with CAD information and fully dimensioned steelwork drawings with the several differing radii. The result, everything fitted perfectly to within the 5mm tolerances allowed for Sunfold’s installation, which according to the owner ‘was carried out with utmost professionalism and attention to detail’. Since the installation the owners have been absolutely delighted with the product and Sunfold’s after sales service which is second to NONE!! In their words ‘A brilliant product – by a brilliant company’.

Further information: Sunfold installed 1 x 5 panel segmented, 1 x 3 panel, 1 x 2 panel, 1 x 6 panel curved fixed, 1 x 8 panel curved fixed. Top hung in RAL9002, grey white, fully weathered. For more information on our products please visit:

At Benchmark Doors we pride ourselves on our ability to supply innovative designs and colour options alongside industry standard composite door sets. Our exterior door ranges have evolved throughout the 16 years in which we have manufactured them and are a clear result of consolidated; experience, research and development. These product ranges have been specifically created to meet the requirements of today’s customer, whether it’s: Retail, Trade, Commercial or Specific such as; DDA, Fire or PAS qualified, our fresh and bespoke design capabilities allow us to provide the ultimate in door technology & style. Our innovative designs are complemented by our ability to paint finish doors and windows in any RAL or British standard colour to customer specification utilising our in house robotic spray line. All paint finishes are backed with a ten year guarantee.


Our product suite consists of; t Fibre Bronze: PAS 23/24 certified, 44mm GRP, economy doorset t Fibre Gold: PAS 23/24 certified 44mm GRP doorset with aluminium lock & hinge plate, available in an extensive range of designs including: cottage, stable, French and contemporary. t Fibre Fire (FD30): Fire rated & certified GRP door set. Including; side & top lights, multi point lock and handle options allowing for varied access. t PortEco: Timber doorset (as featured) t Revolution: 62mm GRP, twin rebated composite t Olympus: 68mm GRP, twin composite encompassing fresh leaf designs (as featured) AP Panel The Olympus 68mm over rebated door, provides the pinnacle of composite door performance. Fabricated from a GRP faced leaf, consisting of a triple glazed unit Argon filled with demonstrated ‘U’ value of <0.3 W/ (m2 – K) and build check certified as A* energy efficient. The Olympus represents the future of composite doors. In areas of conservation or disabled access the PortEco range comes into its own. Available as with all our doors in any RAL or British standard colour, the PortEco is a timber door leaf in a timber frame available with a Part M level threshold and max dimensions of H:2500 x W:1334mm, providing great design flexibility. Continuous innovation and design technology drives the development of more products to suit an ever changing market place. To this end, Benchmark has developed another industry first in the ‘AP’ GRP panel. The 28mm thick GRP faced panel is available in any colour and provides the opportunity to bead glaze a matching GRP panel alongside a composite door. The flexibility of the AP panel easily accommodates curtain walling projects, conservatories and the latest in foiled profiles for entrance doors.


Benchmark Doors Ltd 90 Main Road Hawkwell Essex SS5 4JH

Contact us today to discuss your requirements 01702 202795

Tel: 01702 202 795 Fax: 01702 562 738 Email: Web:

The Automatic Door Suppliers Association The Assurance of Safety and Quality Automatic doors are now a normal feature of many building types, from supermarkets to airports and from hotels to hospitals. Although they come in a variety of types, including sliding, swing, folding and revolving, what they all have in common is the need to conform to the highest standards of safety. This is where the ADSA â&#x20AC;&#x201C; the Automatic Door Suppliers Association â&#x20AC;&#x201C; plays a vital role. The Automatic Door Suppliers Association represents the common aims of suppliers and installers of door technology products and systems within the automatic door industry. ADSA members operate in retail and commercial premises, the public sector, banks and financial institutions, hotel and leisure facilities, hospitals, schools and airports. ADSA member companies supply over 90% of the UK market. They can advise on every aspect of automatic doors, from the initial selection and specification through to installation in order to ensure that clients end up with the right type of door for their particular requirements. â&#x20AC;&#x153;The basic questions users should ask are â&#x20AC;&#x201C; will the installation comply with British Standard 7036:1996 covering safety of powered doors for pedestrian use and the guidelines laid down by ADSA which cover both the provision and fitting of safety devices? Are these devices being offered as standard equipment? Is the supplier able to offer the required after-sales support, including a long-term maintenance agreement? If the answer to any of these questions is no, then the supplier is probably not an ADSA member.â&#x20AC;? Paul Watson â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Chairman of ADSA

Make sure your automatic doors meet the required standards  t #F3FMJBCMF*OTJTUPOBO"%4"NFNCFS  t #F4BGFo*OTJTUPOB#4"VUIPSJTFE5FDIOJDJBO  t #F*OGPSNFEoWJTJUXXXBETBPSHVL

Londonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s oldest supplier of British & European quality Door, Window and Cabinet Hardware

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Locks & Handles

Architectural Components Ltd Unit 2, 25 Effie Road, Fulham, London SW6 1EL close to Fulham Broadway station

Tel 020 7751 3397 Fax 020 7736 1282 Comprehensive stocks held at the showroom of all associated architectural ironmongery, locks & latches, hooks, brassware, electrical switch & socket plates, taps and bathroom accessories. Locks & Handles 45.indd 1

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Established in 1973, John Watson Joinery is located in Hartlepool, manufacturing high quality timber doorsets and windows, supplying throughout the United Kingdom. With almost 40 years of experience in providing a service to the UK social, public and commercial housing market, we have developed a unique range of products to meet stringent requirements for security, weather protection and durability. Our commitment to providing outstanding quality products and service for our customers has been central to our success and will remain an integral part of the companyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s philosophy.

Our bespoke timber doorset range, for internal & external situations, includes: Solid & hollow core, timber composite, OGF/ GRP, fire rated, severe duty, presidential steel and hardwood. JWJ products can be supplied Secure By Design PAS 23/24 certified if required. Up to 48dB acoustic rating is achievable on selected doors. The JWJ timber window range includes: Flush casement, Mock/Sliding sash, Stormproof, curved/shaped, tilt & turn, and Top Swing Fully Reversible, as well as fire rated internal and external screens. Windows come as Secured By Design, BS 44/7950 and with B.M Trada Q Mark certification.

Our windows and doors offer a choice of finishing options, including various hardware and glazing. SBD certification guarantees national Police approval of a product, providing architects, planners, specifiers, builders and end customers with reassurance that it provides a realistic level of resistance to criminal attack. All John Watson Joinery products carry an extensive range of guarantees, covering the timber, the hardware and a variety of finishes. Materials come from sustainable sources with chain of custody certification. Your peace of mind is vital to the products and service we offer. JWJ has continuously provided products for installation within structures such as schools, offices, hospitals, care homes and private dwellings. This is where fire rating, security and acoustic rating becomes an essential part of the design and specification of our merchandise. We have worked with high profile customers within the top 100 construction companies to our mutual & continual benefit. John Watson Joineryâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s manufacturing services are one of the most comprehensive in the UK. Our product knowledge is diverse and our engineering methods and expertise allow us to produce a magnitude of timber doorsets & windows to your requirements. In addition, our Fast Track service means urgent orders can be completed within a minimum time frame whilst providing a cost effective solution.

John Watson Joinery, Usworth Road Industrial Estate, Belle Vue Way, Hartlepool, TS25 1JU

01429 222023

T:01215222848 W:

Love Doors Ltd - The Automatic Doors Business of Excellence. â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;The Automatic Doors Peopleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; supply and install Automatic Doors Nationwide. Experts in Automatic Doors, Access Control, Architectural Glazing, Disabled Access and Service and Maintenance they are the preferred choice for major brand name clients across the UK. Covering nationwide with hubs in London, Newcastle, Cardiff, Bristol, Leeds, Leicester and Exeter they offer high quality products at fantastic prices. They have a unique instant quoting tool on their website which is a fresh and modern approach to the industry.

HINGE TECHNOLOGY SPECIFIED SIMONSWERK have launched a new website with an online advanced PRODUCTSELECTOR information system for Architects, details to be input and the system will then identify the best possible provides technical and service support along with the latest Company To complement the new website SIMONSWERK have produced an updated 84 page catalogue covering their outstanding range of Hinge

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For more information: Sales Line: 0203 600 0789 Website: Email:

The main feature hinge is the increasingly popular TRITECH solid brass hinge with concealed bearings, 25 year performance guarantee and a

NEW Royalty Range Aluminium Guttering With Stormguard Rainwater Systems we hope to give Architects and designers options on guttering that are innovative and exciting with our new Royalty range. Whilst there was a trend towards making the guttering invisible on some buildings in the past, we feel that guttering can not only look good and give a face lift, but also can become a main feature on any property and increase its selling potential. The aesthetic beauty of the king and queen brackets complete with Tudor Rose Emblem, together with our new S.W.C Aluminium guttering has the following benefits. t t t t t t

t t t t

Concealed gutter joints with no more nuts and bolts if desired. A really strong gutter bracket support system. Anti wind lift Gutter Brackets. 25 year powder coating Guarantee if the products are washed down annually. Can be powder coated in our cast a like finish to give an aged textured finish. The Aluminium guttering and Cast Aluminium rose have a lifetime guarantee and can be stripped down, re powder coated and re installed if a colour change was chosen in the future. Aluminium can be re cycled; a very â&#x20AC;&#x153; green â&#x20AC;&#x153; product. Tudor Roses can also be used on the down pipe collars if desired. The roses are removable for re powder coating if a different colour was desired in the future. Corporate identity can be achieved through colour specification much like the different Tartan designs are used.

The Royalty range of brackets are not over priced and make such a difference to the presentation of your building Contact us at 01625 665096 or visit our web page at

calendars to make the best impression, and ensure that your business is endorsed all year round. Along with fantastic high quality printing, Rose Calendars will help you through the design process to achieve the best promotional message for your company. The Iconic Structures calendar is available in wall and desk sizes to suit your clientele and this title is just one of a wide range of beautiful quality calendars to promote your business all year round. Full details of the whole range can be found on the website: or give us a call on 01206 844500

Rose Calendars’ Iconic Structures Calendar Did you know that the Skywalk suspended over the Grand Canyon sits higher than the tallest skyscraper on Earth? Or that it could take the weight of 71 fully loaded Boeing 747s? And did you know that The Shard was inspired by ship masts on the Thames, and the church spires from London’s past? And that it is now the first skyscraper in Western Europe to both reach and exceed 1,000 feet in height?

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Architecture is inspiring. It defines cities and preserves history. It tells stories and evokes emotion. It reflects human endeavour and encourages people to look upwards, to reach their goals. Architects and engineers are constantly pushing the boundaries, building higher, more efficient, more innovative structures that redefine the landscape they inhabit. The best architects fuse beauty with functionality to create landmarks that enrich the society that they are part of, be it a pioneering skyscraper or a dizzying suspension bridge. The UK proudly boasts a whole host of these cutting edge designs, such as the double arched Millennium Bridge in Gateshead and the urban history Museum of Liverpool, and of course the ground-breaking Shard tower at London Bridge. Each one of these structures means something to the cities they occupy. They are icons, designed to make a statement about where they sit and what they stand for; progress, efficiency, solidarity. They are the ultimate spokesperson for their society. Rose Calendars’ Iconic Structures calendar title features some of the UK’s most visionary architecture to inspire and impress everyone who sees it. Rose Calendars can help you to create your own promotional business

Shade Sails

providing innovative & versatile shade & UV protection Established nearly 10 years ago, Shade Sails Ltd was the first company to introduce shade sails to the UK. t




All our shade sails are bespoke and ethically made in the UK, allowing you to choose the colour, shape and size. They are highly versatile and modular in design, allowing you to increase the area of shade as and when funds permit. Create visually stunning designs with imaginative use of colour and shapes; our shade sails are manufactured from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). This is a very strong and stable knitted fabric (Rachel-knitted – to ensure material will not unravel when cut), specifically developed in Australia for outdoor use. It allows air to circulate, thereby producing a significantly cooler environment. The fabric has UV additives providing up to 96% protection against harmful UV rays and offers up to 95% shade protection. This fabric is also showerproof. Choose from 15 different colours – from vibrant primary to tranquil shades ideal for conservation areas. We specialize in maintenancefree timber posts which posts are manufactured from carefully selected

t t t t t t t

FSC accredited timber from well managed, sustainable forests. Our posts are “Greenguard” certified, indicating they have undergone rigorous testing and have met the stringent standards for low volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions, which make them the ideal choice for schools and nurseries. The fabric has been wind tested to a rating of 200km/h – Gale Force 12 is 118km/h! Our shade sails can be easily put up and taken down. All our operatives are CRB checked. £10 million public liability insurance. Health and Safety compliant. Full design and installation service. We work with local authorities, architects, landscape designers and construction companies. We offer comprehensive guarantees. 01293 863 339

Kumutoto toilets

These public toilets are located at the Synergy Plaza in the Kumutoto precinct on Wellington’s waterfront. As well as taking into account practical considerations such as security, hygiene and vandalism, the brief was to create a structure with a sculptural form, something iconic, highly visible and unusual that was also well integrated into the visual and historical context of the surrounding precinct. To be seen in the round, the design comprises two elongated, irregularly curved forms, instantly recognisable from all key pedestrian approaches and terminating a sequence of spaces and elements along the laneway. These organic forms, eye-catching and instantly memorable, are suggestive of crustaceans or sea creatures, as if the structure was a kind of fossilised husk that had been discovered and inhabited. Recalling the waterfront’s shipping past, they cling to the surface of the precinct like barnacles to the underside of a boat. Each form contains one accessible public toilet, with one of the two also including cleaning facilities. Their robust concrete construction is appropriate to the surrounding maritime environment. A metal rainscreen, painted the brick red of the neighbouring sheds, ties them into the heritage context and enhances their visibility. While they contrast with the linear architecture of the surrounding buildings, making them visually distinct, the curves of the new structure also echo some of the ornate detailing on the nearby sheds. Cantilevered ‘tails’ provide natural ventilation. Architect Client Location Cost Completion Materials Photographer

Studio Pacific Architecture Wellington Waterfront Ltd Wellington, New Zealand $375,000.00 September 2011 Concrete, steel Patrick Reynolds

For more information visit

HR PROF Exciting updates to Switchtec’s sounder beacons bring greater versatility to a wider range of users Distributed by Switchtec, Sirena’s M-Line range of beacons and sounders truly represents the state of the art in signalling. Important updates have been introduced to the range that expand its potential uses and even further hones the units to the specific tasks and apps in which they are asked to perform.

Also t

New colours for the units’ bases have been added. The allRED line has been developed for fire warning applications and to complement the civil line when the colour red is required. allRED is designed to be aesthetically pleasing yet also highly noticeable when turned off. The allWHITE line has been introduced for the civil world where aesthetically appealing and non-intrusive devices are required. The allWHITE line’s clean appearance is ideal for use in hotels, offices, airports, stations, hospitals, etc.

For more information please visit: or call 01785 818600


? Eliminate slip-accidents at

a fraction of the cost of any reliable alternative

? Fast, once only application ? Guaranteed 5 years ? Effective even when wet or greasy

? Instant slip-resistance, no shutdown of your facilities

SLIPSTOP (European) Ltd. P.O Box 7404, Coalville LE67 4ZS ENGLAND Tel.: 01530 813 500, Fax: 01530 813 400 Email: Website:

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Hotel Design by Receives Approval from City of London Endurance Land & Scottish Widows Investment Partnership (SWIP) is pleased to announce that their 9500 m2 development for the 291 bedroom Minories Hotel, located on 24-26 Minories, EC3N 1BQ, was granted planning approval on June 2012 by the City of London. The scheme replaces an unoccupied 1960s office building with a state of the art 291 room hotel, providing much needed new facilities in this area of The City. Jonathan Fletcher Managing Director, Endurance Land said, “The bold and imaginative design by Architects Mackay +Partners was warmly welcomed by the City of London Planning Committee. It comprises a composition of two blocks; one lower, facing the street, and one taller, rising to 18 storey’s and defining the skyline. The lower block utilizes a rain screen cladding system manufactured from sold surface material, the first of its type in the UK. It will give the building a strongly decorative and translucent appearance along Minories, especially at night, when it will be back lit and gently glow. The taller block is composed of a palette of clear and highly insulated coloured glass cladding, which add to the distinctive form of the building on the City’s skyline.” Architect Ken Mackay said, ‘’Our design for Minories respects and enhances the street level activities, and also creates a strong building form which builds upon the City’s other recently completed portfolio of tall buildings. The building’s gently LED glowing façade will literally act as a beacon for the regeneration of this area of The City. At street level the building opens outwards, with the hotel’s fully glazed restaurant and lobbies. The solid surface exterior is brought throughout the interior public space”

Green Hotel The building utilizes a number of intelligent building systems to help achieve a BREEAM excellent energy rating. These include the design of highly thermally efficient facades with just 35% glazing, heat recovery systems, and green roofs to help thermal efficiency and mitigate rainwater run off. Demolition is expected to start September 2012 with the new hotel scheduled to open Summer 2014.

Key Points Regeneration Demolition of a vacant office building and replacement with a high quality new hotel development which supports the regeneration of the area.

Quality Introducing a high quality building of architectural merit that will act as a benchmark for future developments.

Highly sustainable The scheme will deliver a BREEAM excellent rating, and incorporate bio-diversity and surface water run off attenuation with a green roof and wall.

Active street scene A glazed lobby interacts with the streetscape, inviting people into the building and promoting activity.

Enhancing local views The scheme enhances local views and preserves protected views.

Environmental The design will be a good neighbour, respecting the privacy of residents and their daylight; ensuring low noise emissions; reduced traffic impact and investment in the area

for more information:


Flowcrete Mondéco Seamless Terrazzo – Timeless Flooring For The Long Term Flowcrete Mondéco offers a fresh take on the traditional terrazzo floor, providing a functional, seamless finish that is built to last and a medium for creativity underfoot. Introducing striking vivid shades through the entire spectrum from bright primary colours through to neutral hues, Mondéco gives architects and designers the creative freedom to make fashionable floors come to life. Mondéco seamless resin terrazzo not only comes in many different colours, but also has great depth and individuality. Depth is created through the use of eye-catching aggregates and other products, which are added to the floor finish to bring a unique feel underfoot. Mondéco also fulfills all the general requirements needed from a floor installed in public spaces, namely that it is hardwearing, durable and easy to clean and maintain. Furthermore, the system includes a number of sustainable options, including Mondéco Mirrazzo, which is made of 60 per cent recycled material, as well as Mondéco Crystal Ice, which has a significant amount of recycled mirror glass to reduce the need for additional lighting. The floor finish also works in tandem with Flowcrete’s ‘GREEN Floorzone,’ system, which covers every aspect of a commercial flooring installation from substrate through to final floor finish, with the option of underfloor heating and sound-proofing built-in. ‘GREEN’ Floorzone features a number of sustainable flooring options, including choices in resin floor finish such as Mondéco, together with an Ordinary Portland Cement from Isocrete Floor Screed, energy-saving Isowarm underfloor heating system and noise reducing acoustic layer. Ian Jones, marketing manager of Flowcrete UK, said: “Mondéco provides a floor finish that gives the right impression, without compromising on functionality in areas such as slip resistance, cleanability and longevity. “It has the stunning, luxury feel of traditional terrazzo, with the ability to introduce a wide variety of colours and aggregates to the mix for a bespoke floor that really stands up to wear and tear. “Ultimately Mondéco creates a floor for life, with the product looking as good as new even decades after installation.” Mondéco can also be specified and installed under Flowcrete UK’s project management service, Isocrete Project Management. The service offers a single source route, extending from the initial project consultation process, through to warranty and aftercare. Operating throughout the key stages of a project, the management process offers a bespoke service from initial consultation, product specification, product manufacture and logistics management, through to product installation from a trained Flowcrete approved contractor - and all backed by a comprehensive product and installation warranty. Mondéco Mirrazzo will be on show at Ecobuild 2013, where Flowcrete UK will be on stand S450. The flooring manufacturer will be showcasing the terrazzo within the GREEN Floorzone package on the stand. For further information please contact Or visit us on the web at

Specify todayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s materials for fitting the perfect wood floor

5IFnPPSmUUJOHCSBOEUIBUTBT IBSNMFTTBTJUJTFGGFDUJWF Proflex revolutionises wood-floor fitting, eliminating all the conventional nasty elements and retaining only top performance and dependable results. Every Proflex product boasts completely non-hazardous formulations together with faster and easier usage. Every project can now be specified green and clean when it comes to fitting the floors.

Request more information and details of your nearest distributor.  TBMFT!QSPnPPSPSHVL



Visit the newly updated Proflex website - XXXQSPnFYnPPSJOHDPN See the NEW architectâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s zone at XXXQSPnFYnPPSJOHDPNBSDIJUFDUT[POFIUNM

HC2083 Proflex A4 Architect advert_J.indd 1

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Double Award Winners RMF are leading the way in Raised Access Floor Recycling… RMF Installation and Services Limited were founded in 1988 as a raised flooring refurbishment operation and have since grown to be a major contractor in the supply and installation of raised floors throughout Europe with a multimillion pound turnover.

RMF were recently awarded 1000m² of the RMF EcoRange product supplied and installed into the Charles Street Buildings New HQ. Pat Murphy, Director commented “we chose RMF to supply and install our raised access floor into our new headquarters as they have a great reputation for RMF are award winning quality and service and were specialists in the supply highly recommended to us, and installation of new coupled with the fact they and recycled raised access offer a full recycled panel, flooring, they have fully meant were able not only warranted and tested second to save money but improve user ECO-Range products always in stock are leading the way in raised floor reclamation and recycling.

Archetech - Issue 8 [Page 38]

RMF are able to refurbish all access flooring and computer floors regardless of their age and condition. RMF can help stamp out the carbon foot print of construction raised access flooring heading for landfill, helping clients improve construction build BREEAM

and Ska ratings through their unique recycling initiatives.

Typical savings choosing an RMF ECO-Range recycled raised access floor are often around 25% from supplying new systems. Sales Director, Simon Middleton commented “This project typifies our total understanding and flexibility

to bring the right flooring our BREEAM ratings on the solution to the right parts of build process which was the project, demonstrating extremely important to us” the effectiveness of our wide range of products and The product installed was recycling initiatives, thus the RMF ECO-32C product giving our client peace of which originally arrived as mind that we are not simply a typical old raised floor just “trading” a product and panel with soiled factory supplying what we want to bonded carpet applied to sell, but what is actually right the top .This was removed for the project. with the top steel to reveal a perfectly useable clean steel tray, bare chipboard faced panel. This was re installed onto new pedestals and fully warranted by RMF.

The Current Challenge:

Reclaimed panels from existing strip out refurbishment projects typically arrive with old carpet tackifier and builders residue on them as they are often used as

RMF are proud winners of the “AIS Best Practice Eco Award” and “Green Apple Environment Award” 2012 in the national campaign to find Britain’s greenest


The RMF ECO-Range is further testament to their commitment to the environment, and the creation of new practices through their raised floor recycling innovation. The RMF ECORange can help improve construction BREEAM and Ska M07 criteria. This product range not only encourages buyers and specifiers just to think about the “bottom line”, but it is slowly educating them into a “greener” more sensible and sustainable way of approaching their projects. For more information visit their new website

RMF Installation and Services Limited Hangar One, Harbury Lane, Royal Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, CV33 9SA Tel: 01926 425289

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the working platform for the strip out phase. This RMF has researched that a tackify residue has always vast amount of old raised been a problematic to floor panels every year are remove…until now! stripped out of buildings and simply sent to landfill The unique RMF “D-tac” as they are no longer solution applied to required and nearly the panels enables the always undetected and professional adhesive and simply not wanted by the dirt removal. industry. The pictures show the RMF “D-tac” in action, after the process is complete; it leaves a perfectly serviceable raised floor panel for future use. This process can be applied on site across the whole area of existing floor to avoid removal, ideal for clients Essentially, the panels looking to re let areas or to “Ugly Out” not “Wear individual tiles as shown Out”, especially when they ready for re installation. have existing residue of carpet tackifier left on them after the carpet tile removal process and therefore not deemed suitable for the new tenants during the new fit out phase.

NATURALLY WOOD FLOORS Beautiful Bespoke Floors, By Design

Experts in providing quality, bespoke wooden flooring, Naturally Wood Floors are the preferred choice when looking for an extensive range of styles and finishes along with traditional craftsmanship. As recognised specialists, Naturally Wood Floors have continued to build on their reputation by working on some exciting and distinctive projects that demonstrate the quality and adaptability of their products. In a series of high-profile commissions, Naturally Wood have recently been appointed to supply and install wooden flooring in the head offices of both Red Bull and Innocent, and the newly opened St James Theatre in London. Managing Director Richard Coletta explains the company ethos: “As well as having a highly experienced team of flooring specialists, we are passionate about all types of wooden flooring and work closely with architects and designers to meet even the most complex or challenging specification.” “We love the diversity of one day working on a contemporary design spec for an exclusive city office space to the next working on a country house requiring a more traditionally designed floor.” The company has recently launched an online virtual showroom. Using this interactive service, one can explore Naturally Wood’s extensive product ranges to visualise a finished floor in a wide selection of species and designs. In early 2013, Naturally Wood will be opening their state of the art, in house pre-finishing department. This will see the launch of their “Creations” range - a new collection of coloured and textured pre-finished floors, creating a wealth of choice to suit all requirements, budgets and site conditions.

Archetech - Issue 8 [Page 40]

Richard says: “We are constantly striving to provide fresh ideas for our clients. There is no such thing as ‘just wooden flooring’, and getting the feel and look just right for each project is paramount. We have an invaluable sampling service which allows us to work with our clients from the onset of the project, ensuring they achieve the right colour, texture and feel for the design brief.” For more information on their full range of flooring and finishes contact the team at Naturally Wood Floors on 020 8508 2555 or visit the company’s interactive website:

Preparation is key for a The successful application and durability of screeds, resins and coatings is dependent on a sound background surface; the key is in the preparation. When selecting the correct equipment and methods, consideration must be made for potential problems such as uneven joints, high spots, contaminants, worn coatings, sticky residues, old tiles and friable substrates, which need to be tackled to achieve a clean

accessories on the market and a vast array of techniques that can be expert advice. The Preparation Group specialises in surface preparation, removal manufactured in-house by its team of engineers. its team of experts can identify equipment needs and provide technical removal of old or defective materials.

Methods include: Multi-stripping

Polishing concrete screed

membranes, asphalt, bituminous materials, adhesives, epoxies, polyurethanes, sticky residues, and thermoplastic materials. Planing - to remove materials in excess of 2mm in thickness; old screeds, asphalt, latex and adhesives and for reducing tamped surfaces and levels. Grinding - to remove surface contaminants, adhesives, paint, sealers and coatings and for cleaning and polishing. Shotblasting remove laitance, coatings, light surface contaminants and also for steel preparation. Surfaces to be shotblasted must be sound/hard.

Stripping Vinyl

Archetech - Issue 8 [Page 42]

Project management experts, The Preparation Group can detail the results achievable through different preparation methods, and calculate timescales to assist with job costings. Support services also include; 24 hour call out, repairs and maintenance on all makes of equipment, on site servicing and training facilities, all designed to offer customers the backing that they need and to reduce issues like unplanned downtime and loss of revenue. The Preparation Groups ultimate aim is to ensure that clients receive the highest level of service and professionalism to achieve optimum results on every project.

For further information or advice 01522 561460 or

Shotblasting to remove surface laitance

Double award winners, RMF are specialists in the supply and installation of new and recycled raised access flooring.

Fully warranted and tested second user recycled ECO-RANGE systems always in stock. Let RMF help you to improve your construction build BREEAM and Ska M07 criteria through our unique recycling initiatives, by recycling raised access flooring back in to the interior fit-out market.

For more information call 01926 425289

Hangar One, Harbury Lane, Bishops Tachbrook, Leamington Spa, CV33 9SA


The Customhouse Located in the Harbour Quays precinct near the Wellington waterfront, the Customhouse makes the most of its unusual triangular island site, bounded on one side by a railway line, to gain excellent natural light on all sides and to maximise sea views. Curved on one side, its streamlined white and glass upper storeys float above the double height base of the building, wrapped in a timber rainscreen to bring warmth and human scale as well as visual weight to the base of the building. A two-storey rounded ‘nose’, like the prow of an ocean liner, forms an inviting entry to a separate retail tenancy on the ground floor and links the building visually to nearby port. The exterior features dramatically tessellated precast concrete façade panels, inspired by port barriers and thus incorporating the idea of the designation and protection of borders. Double-glazing runs horizontally in strips between the dynamic shapes of the concrete spandrels. On the west façade, adjacent to Jervois Quay, heavy exposure to the setting sun has been addressed with striking metal sunshades that unfold like flags along its curved length. At the top of the building, the series of cubes that forms the profile of the plantroom is suggestive of a stack of shipping containers, reflecting the surrounding maritime activities. A planted rooftop garden provides amenities for Customs staff. The interior is anchored around a heavy shear core, with a curving interconnecting stair, clad in warm honey-coloured timber, that creates a hub at the centre of each floor for building users. While the interior fitout was not completed by Studio Pacific, the interior spaces, oriented to the magnificent harbour views and featuring expansive areas of column-free space, support a high-quality fitout design. Awarded a NZGBC 5 Green Star rating, the Customhouse uses extensive areas of internal exposed thermal mass through an exposed double T concrete beam structure to reduce internal temperature fluctuations, as well as providing a higher ceiling height and a ceiling ‘landscape’. Heating and cooling is by means of ceiling-mounted chilled beams. Low VOC-emitting paints and carpets from Environmental Choice ranges were selected throughout and all composite products are low-emission formaldehyde. Rainwater is collected and stored for toilet flushing; the building also includes solar hot water heating units and a swale drainage network for infrastructure stormwater.

Archetech - Issue

Along with existing buildings in the area, the Customhouse building also delineates an urban space that will be developed into a vibrant square for the Harbour Quays precinct.

Bespoke glazing solutions for Suitable for any commercial or residential application â&#x20AC;&#x201C; give your client exactly what they want â&#x20AC;Ś in glass!

Putting art into architecture

Tel: 01279 418643 Ref: FX

Project Information Architect Project team

Archetech - Issue 8 [Page 46]

Client Location Size Materials Photographer

Studio Pacific Architecture Stephen McDougall, Nick Barratt-Boyes, Marc Woodbury, Lauren Wong, Guy Marriage, Richard Beatson, Tara Warbrick, Bret Thurston, Dorian Minty, Michael Davis Wellington Waterfront Ltd / Dominion Funds Ltd Wellington, New Zealand 5965m2 Concrete, timber, glass, aluminium Simon Devitt

Meridian Building

Situated in the Kumutoto precinct on Wellingtonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s waterfront, the Meridian building is seamlessly integrated into the surrounding maritime environment, working with its neighbouring buildings to contribute to the character of the precinct, while also representing a strikingly distinctive and environmentally innovative architectural work in its own right. In addition to the clientâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s desire for a flagship green building, at the forefront of sustainable design, the siteâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s prominent waterfront position meant that any structure located there would be highly visible on all faces, necessitating a particularly coherent form. The ground floor was also required to function as a fluid, lively extension of the public waterfront space, interconnecting with the surrounding paved areas and walkways. The design of the final building, completed by Studio Pacific in association with Peddle Thorp architects, subtly translates elements from the heritage waterfront Sheds nearby into a contemporary register.

Archetech - Issue 8 [Page 48]

The building is articulated as two separate forms: a smaller curved annex portion, sitting close to the existing Sheds in the precinct, with richlycoloured and textured external louvres to relate to the colours and textures of the surrounding built fabric, and a smooth, white rectangular pavilion facing seawards, with the upper floors cantilevered out to seemingly float lightly above the water. The visual weight and detail of the annex anchors the lightness of the pavilion.

The top floor of the annex has been set back and sits like a lantern above the louvred screen, visually relating to the roof lights of the neighbouring Sheds, while the folding roof of the pavilion represents a modern interpretation of the varied roof forms of the sheds. Award-winning for its commitment to sustainability, the building uses partially recycled cement in the structure, significantly reducing CO² emissions; it also features twin skin east and west facades, operable external shading to north and west and reduced glazing to the south façade. Within the building there is extensive exposed thermal mass, chilled beam technology and high efficiency light fittings, all contributing to a 60% lower energy consumption than a typical office building.

Archetech - Issue 8 [Page ********]

A 70% reduction in water usage is also achieved through harvesting rainwater and using low flow fittings. All material selections are from sustainable sources wherever possible, have low embodied energy and are recyclable.

City Chic with Wood Burning Cassettes The new Stovax Riva Studio 500 is a compact addition to their cutting edge range of landscape wood burning fires offering outstanding flame visuals and a high efficiency heat output. With wood burning now widely appreciated as an environmentally friendly, carbon neutral fuel source the Riva Studio 500 has been introduced with the discerning consumer in mind. Available as an inbuilt cassette model (as pictured) or freestanding in the room for added impact, this impressive fire can be tailored with a wealth of frame styles to suit your interior scheme.

Caption: Stovax Riva Studio 500 cassette with Glass frame

This highly efficient cassette fire is suitable for use in Smoke Control Areas so whether you are designing a rural retreat or an urban apartment, the Riva Studio 500 brings this traditional fuel right into the heart of 21st century living.

INNOVATIVE WOOD BURNER FROM NEW Pumice Chimney System Designed for Wood Burning ZEALAND NOW AVAILABLE IN UK Stoves. The Schiedel Isokern DM36 chimney system has been designed to optimise the performance of smaller output stoves, inserts, pellet boilers and cookers that have an internal outlet diameter up to 150mm. The highly insulating properties of the pumice DM gases even in the middle of winter, allowing them to escape freely to the atmosphere and helping your appliance perform at its optimum level. Included in the system is a support block and stove connector, a chimney coping and chimney pot. The external option also includes a prepared access for the stove outlet and an external soot door for ease of cleaning. The prefabricated chimney blocks are lightweight and easy to install. The neat size of the chimney block allows it to be installed internally and externally without taking up too much space. The external installation The DM chimney system is also available in larger diameters for larger Pyroclassic Fires has launched New Zealand’s cleanest, most efficient boiler stove in the UK. Its innovative wood burner, named Pyroclassic IV, can heat a home of up to 250m2, reduce carbon emissions and provide all the hot water for the average family’s needs.

For more details visit

The Pyroclassic burns wood so efficiently it can provide a recoverable fire after 12-15 hours. The secret to Pyroclassic’s overnight burn ability is its unique circular ceramic fire chamber (warranted for 15 years), which means logs burn more evenly from front to back of the firebox and for longer, using approximately 1kg logs per hour at 5kw output.

Archetech - Issue 8 [Page 50]

The contemporary, eye-catching design sets it apart from other wood burners on the market and the exterior powder coated panels are available in 100 different colour ways. Established as a trusted brand in New Zealand for over 30 years and consistently rated the cleanest, most efficient stove available in New Zealand for the last 15, the Pyroclassic has passed all European efficiency and emission tests. DEFRA exempted for use in smoke control zones, Pyroclassic is the only purely log fire available which has a certified 12 hour continuous burn rating on logs. Using a Pyroclassic improves the energy SAP rating of any house and reduces a household’s carbon emissions by up to 200kg per year. For more information, visit Interested retailers or anyone looking for their nearest retailer should contact Pyroclassic Fires on

A modern infrared heating system can enhance your contemporary building showing

electrician provide you with an effective and simple to install solution in new builds



Tel: 0116 260 9257





eating homes is becoming a more forward thinking technology, we are all aware that fossil fuels are expensive and the ability to introduce a more sustainable fuel lies in the natural resources of wood, solar, airsource, ground source and biomass. We are a heating company who have been working with such forward thinking ideas for many years and together with associated companies such as Broseley and Greensquare we offer a solution to introduce the use of thermal integration into new homes and refurbishment projects. With the announcement of the renewable heat incentive due to be announced next year any new build currently in planning and discussion stages would greatly benefit from discussing the benefits of thermal integration and the installation of either pellet boilers, solar thermal or pv, and wood burning boiler stove like the Evolution 26 (currently the only MCS approved boilerstove on the market)

Archetech - Issue 8 [Page 52]

If you were to consider an installation like this for your client we would initially consult with you with regards to the heating requirements of the project, and through our associated software ( we would create a report of the required heating outputs and a schematic of the project. We can present you with a report on predicted performance outputs and the cost comparisons of these combined products and their performance compared to gas and oil.

By linking in all of these products through a thermal store the desired heating system can then be temperature controlled, on demand and store heat created over a 24-48 hour period. We are a Brighton based company and we have the full technological support of all of the companies we work with to combine a heating solution that not only is ready for the renewable heat incentive announcement and its 7 year payback duration, but we also have the knowledge and expertise to service and maintain the heating products so that your client receives all of the backup and support they need to enjoy the use of efficient and alternative heating and energy within their home. We run a series of CPD meetings in association with Greensquare at our Brighton showroom throughout the year, and we can also offer you a presentation within your offices or to your clients. If you want to find out more about our services and products please contact: Tara Parker 07889 149405 Magnificent Management Approved Installers Richard Hiblen 07787 557570 Greensquare Biomass and Thermal Integration products. Gary West 07816 880063 Broseley Fires and Evolution 26 Boilerstove

Solid Fuel Stoves & Fireplaces

Gas & Electric Stoves & Fireplaces

Firing imaginations for over 30 years... Over 30 years of British design and engineering have gone into creating the UKâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s most comprehensive range of high quality stoves and fireplaces.


STX-GZO_MD1 Archetech_Nov12.indd 1 s s 0844 4141 322

31/10/2012 12:24

A Century of Elegance Renewed:

Hotel Maria Cristina, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Unveils its “New Look” Designed by HBA London

The legendary Hotel Maria Cristina, a Luxury Collection Hotel in San Sebastian, reopened its doors in July 2012 following an extensive $25 million, nine-month restoration. The design of the interiors, led by The Gallery at HBA London which is dedicated to high concept bespoke interior design, enhances the elegant, feminine presence that has characterised the hotel since it opened a century ago. Now, the hotel’s interiors evoke the élan and striking presence of all the leading ladies that have graced the environs of the hotel and in this way rekindle the heart of its legacy as the home of its namesake, Spain’s revered Queen Consort Maria Cristina.

Archetech - Issue 8 [Page 54]

A beloved landmark in the city since it was inaugurated in July 1912 by the queen, the hotel has been centre stage to the San Sebastian International Film Festival since 1953. Hotel Maria Cristina was built during the Belle Époque when haute couture was born and women’s liberation was growing in importance. This provenance, alongside the

With soaring ceilings, intricate mouldings, towering marble pillars and a polished grey and white marble floor, the dramatic yet graciously styled reception area of Hotel Maria Cristina provides guests with a promise of the delights soon to unfold. The designers softened the lobby’s hard surfaces by creating a layered composition of details. New millwork trim adds fine nuances, and a sophisticated champagne and platinum palette provides an understated background for the mocha and copper touches found in the velvet upholstery and hand-tufted wool rugs. The suites are placed in the hotel’s most desirable spaces - the turrets on each corner of the building. Each floor celebrates inspiring women from different decades, starting with the 1910s on the first level and rising to the 1950s on the fifth storey. Guests are greeted in the entry hall of each suite by a “walk of fame” with photos and quotes honouring the illustrious stars who visited the hotel during the respective era.

fluid Art Nouveau detailing by its original architect Charles Mewès, has formed a beautiful canvas for the next chapter. The designers’ vision for the refurbishment was sympathetic to the building’s status as a listed structure, refined feminine touches were added within the hotel’s existing framework to create a sense of comfortable and abundant luxury. Inge Moore, Principal, HBA London and The Gallery, commented, “For Hotel Maria Cristina, named after the Spanish Queen Consort and located in a city with the stunning Art Nouveau architecture, creating a design narrative around powerful women felt right from the start, from the queen consort herself to the female stars of stage and screen who had stayed and played there. So we designed to reinvent the particular glamour, opulence and celebrity that has characterised this hotel. The femininity of Hotel Maria Cristina is now seductive and elegant as well as confident and forceful.”

For example, the rooftop suite on the fifth floor is decked-out with its own full-blown fascination with the Fifties. The images in this suite celebrate the shared qualities of the Belle Époque and the 1950s, when feminine glamour was explored and cherished as the West moved from austerity to prosperity. Its walls are hung with large format black and white photographs of models synonymous with leading European couturiers who had their images splashed across the pages of 1950s Vogue magazines. The renovation of Hotel Maria Cristina is part of a larger strategy to invest in the restoration of Starwood’s most celebrated Luxury Collection hotels. The reopening of Hotel Maria Cristina follows in the footsteps of Hotel Alfonso XIII, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Seville, which underwent a meticulous multi-million dollar refurbishment – with the interior design also led by The Gallery at HBA London – and re-opened in March this year.

Enhance your property, whatever its style or age, with a modern entertainment system based around Amina Invisible Loudspeakers. Aminaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s patented technology uses a musical soundboard technique to recreate sound naturally from a flat surface which is plastered over and decorated, creating the perfect room filling audio solution with zero visual inteference. Installed in walls or ceilings, they allow you to focus on the important things in life: the design and decoration of your home and your ability to relax in the surroundings you have created. Scan the QR code for quick access to our website or call to arrange a demonstration.

t: +44 1480 354390 e: w:

call 01438 777 700

Glasssolutions Launch Enhanced Interior Glass Range Glassolutions has launched an enhanced interior glass range for partitioning, doors, floors, balustrades, wall cladding, signage, table tops, shelving, screens and feature glazing. Giving you the ability to create stunning interiors without compromising safety or functionality. Products include VITRIO® backpainted coloured glass for wall cladding, worktops and splash-backs, CREALITE® moulded glass and CONTRAFLAM® fire-resistant glass (pictured), which can become an integral design feature.

Muraspec leads the way in BRE Ecopoints for Wallcoverings Muraspec is delighted to announce that its wallcoverings are the first to have a ‘BRE Ecopoints’ score determined by BRE Global. Muraspec’s wallcoverings have been given average a score of just 0.2 Ecopoints per m2, relative to the average European person’s environmental impact of 100 Ecopoints per year. The cradle-to-grave life cycle analysis examines 13 categories of impact, including Carbon footprint, use of natural resources and waste disposal. Muraspec’s wallcoverings are now available with an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), meaning that by using Muraspec wallcoverings clients can earn further valuable credits towards their environmentally responsible fit-out schemes. For more information please contact Chris Iredale, Muraspec’s QESH Manager at

Archetech - Issue 8 [Page 56]

Learn more at

CAZZANIGA INTERIORS, the Italian specialist in bespoke manufacturing of all interiors. Made to your exacting standards. Made to budget. Made intelligently. Made to last. Made in Italy. KITCHENS / LIVING ROOMS / BEDROOMS / BATHROOMS / CUSTOM FURNITURE CONTACT OUR UK AGENT IN LONDON: ITAL DESIGN FURNITURE Tel: 020 7266 2803 email: FAX: 020 7289 0617

Introducing Precision from Wellworking and Herman Miller. Ergonomics, Design and Service Excellence across a wide range of

W&Co help drive sales at

BMW Park Lane Following success with previous car showroom display projects including BMW Westminster, W&Co were invited to produce a range of light boxes for a new state of the art showroom in Mayfair, London - BMW Park Lane.

Archetech - Issue 8 [Page 58]

A selection of illuminated and non-illuminated fabric face displays were custom made to showcase a wide range of classic and modern BMW models on display. The frameless, chrome finished units, many LED illuminated, compliment the high quality brand and create a stunning backdrop within the contemporary showroom space.

One particularly large format Fabric Face LED light box, within the Motorrad display area of the showroom, reaches five and half metres high and spans two floors of the building!

W&Co Design Solutions Ltd 08456 25 35 45

Archetech - Issue 8 [Page 59]

The lightboxes were chosen not only for their high quality build and frameless design, but also because they offer the client the flexibility to easily replace and/or reuse the dye-sublimation printed textile graphics. W&Co Fabric Face systems offer a front loading graphic change whereby a rubber lip easily pushes into the face of the unit by hand without the need for specialist tools or installation teams.

FSC BOARDWALK AT BRADFORD CITY PARK The largest city centre water feature in any UK city has been complimented

a six acre park next to the Grade 1 listed City Hall in Centenary Square,

A sustainable hardwood with Forest Stewardship Council accreditation (FSC) was used in the manufacture and utilised both the Hi-Grip Excel non-

The boardwalk was edged with 150 x 400mm sections of FSC Ekki to CTS completed the boardwalk in time for Christmas 2011 for main

fl P



Contact Wendy Sykes on 01484 606416

Archetech - Issue 8 [Page 60]

The flip seat is our new funky seat based on the iconic 60’s design classic “the egg seat”. This stylish and hedonistic piece of furniture is manufactured from high quality recyclable plastic which is both hard wearing and robust, ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. It comes in a range of fantastic colours that will complement any room or outdoor space. The quirky design of the Flip allows it to be flipped over onto its back so it can be used as play pit or small paddling pool . The Flip seat is also very eco friendly as it can store and harvest up to 500 litres of rainwater. By fitting a simple conversion kit to the seat will allow the stored water inside to be utilised for watering gardens and landscaped areas and also accomodates a pressure washer connection for cleaning hard standing areas etc. Used effectively the Flip seat can save significantly on mains water bills.

Telephone 0844 6821718 Facsimile 0191 4046801 E mail Web

standard resin bound surfacing and is ideally suited to those projects that require a splash of colour, both inside and out. The 3mm quartz stone and resin mix is semi porous and comes in 12 standard colours. It is UV stable and ideal for demarcation, logos, patterns and designs as well as regular projects associated with resin bound surfacing such as footpaths, driveways and car parks. Addagrip Surface Treatments UK Ltd Tel 01825 761 333

PRP Architects, London Borough of Brent and L&Q have recently completed the first stage of their £600 million, 48 hectare regeneration masterplan scheme in South Kilburn, Brent. The complex, named Watling Place, features 113 affordable, 20 shared ownership and 20 private sale homes including 24 family maisonettes and 7 family apartments. The development showcases the ‘ethos’ of the London Borough of Brent by delivering high quality, tenure blind housing and sets a design precedent for future phases in South Kilburn. PRP’s design delivers dramatically expressed 11 storey blocks in strategic positions along Albert Road. These prominent buildings create key vistas from South Kilburn’s future focal point, an extended park in the heart of the masterplan. The spaces between the towers are occupied by smaller, lowerrise buildings which sit like a series of concertinaed, interlinking blocks each with their own identity yet working collectively. The design showcases a modern feel and a distinctive design, positioned to increase natural sunlight and also decrease the level of noise from the nearby station. The materials were chosen for robustness, longevity and quality, with the key taller blocks expressed dramatically in an Italian porcelain clay composite rain screen cladding system, made up of five different colours. The project acts as an exemplar to demonstrate that high quality materials and details can be used and procured within the constraints of affordable housing and a limited budget.

Archetech - Issue 8 [Page 62]

Bhupinder Singh Chawla, Associate Director at PRP commented “Watling Place demonstrates that high quality design and delivery using superior materials can be achieved within the confines of a challenging budget. The scheme provides the highest standard of housing for residents and the uplifting impact to the surrounding area is immediately apparent.”

The complex meets the Code for Sustainable Homes 4* with sustainable features ranging from photovoltaic panels and triple glazed windows to green roofs and increased sound insulation. Achieving high levels of thermal insulation was an important element of the scheme and so it was designed to maximise thermal mass and prevent overheating. Communal gardens create a series of multifunctional spaces for the community of Watling Place that include incidental natural play, beds of native and scented planting, plus paving and decking to provide areas for all weather seating. Adam Simpson, Assistant Director at L&Q commented “Completion of Watling Place is testament to the many years of hard work and perseverance of all involved in the scheme. L&Q is proud to deliver these high quality homes that will transform the lives of local people. The distinctive design creates a striking local landmark, and really sets the standard for future phases of development within the masterplan.” Andy Donald, Director of Regeneration and Major Projects at the London Borough of Brent added “This is a fantastic scheme – the regeneration of South Kilburn is already transforming the area and is having a really positive impact on local people’s lives. Regeneration gives people better quality homes and brings more opportunities and jobs into the area. That is why it is front and centre of everything we do in Brent.”


Archetech - Issue 8 [Page 63]

Tubello Light Tubes at ESSA Academy The Tubello range of decorative bollards and light poles have been designed by Kingfisher Exterior Lighting to create beautiful yet functional architectural luminaries. The Tubello range is made up of three different designs. The Tubello bollard is a highly stylish bollard available only in LED, in either 11w or 21w options. The bollard is also available in three height variations; 60cm, 1m or 2m. The Tubello slot is an extremely versatile LED light fitting that can be used as a bollard on it’s own, either 1m or 2m in height, or it can be mounted onto a pole to become a stand alone feature luminaire extending to 3m or 4m tall. The Tubello slot can also be mounted to a wall to make a stunning feature light. And last but not least is the Tubello light tube. A simply stunning luminaire that sits at 3m or 4m high – the Tubello light tube can be used as architectural feature lighting or functional amenity lighting, ideal for pathways and pedestrian areas. The Tubello tube contains two T5 fluorescent tubes; 2x 54w in the 3m and either 2x 49w or 2x 80w in the 4m. T5 tubes have an A class energy efficiency rating.

The Tubello light tubes have been installed at the ESSA Academy in Bolton. Light tubes lining the pathways at the Academy were commissioned to have the word ‘welcome’ written vertically in different languages down the black pole, creating a visual scene that really does welcome pupils and visitors alike to the Academy! As well as lighting the walkways, the tubes were also used to create a beautiful feature display, by placing five of the poles in a circle, installed at 45° angles right outside the building. The installation looks striking both at night and during the day. The entire Tubello range is manufactured at Kingfisher Lighting’s extensive warehouse based in the Midlands. Kingfisher Lighting are specialists in the exterior lighting field – by focussing purely on exterior lighting they have been able to build on years of experience throughout the team. Kingfisher have a dedicated and fully qualified lighting design team in-house, that can help create and design your ideal exterior lighting solution.

Contact details: T: 01623 415900 F: 01623 415910

Tubello slot wall-mounted and (inset) Tubello Bollard

Detailed model making made quick and easy – with Trotec laser systems Despite the complexity and power of 3D CAD or modelling software the journey from concept to design often starts with imagination. While it’s possible with software to render and display structures around 360 degrees it’s often desirable to use physical models to show clients and planners your ideas and results. As such, a laser machine can be an invaluable tool to any architectural model maker. In practice, much of the “hard work” is already being carried out by virtue of the fact that the design work is created on your computer. Rather than printing it and using time-consuming knive-cutting, a laser enables you to cut and engrave directly from your CAD or design software package, saving you both considerable production time and costs. Trotec lasers are also able to engrave fine detail from images onto a vast array of materials. This makes an important distinction between a laser cutter which can only follow vector lines to cut, and a laser engraver, which will cut and engrave detail to produce the most desirable models. Perfect cutting and engraving results Trotec lasers can be used for both cutting and engraving with maximum precision. High-quality axis drives and intelligent air flow of the Trotec lasers ensure that the results are always optimal. Engrave surface textures, façade structures and cut building models with maximum quality and detail. Fine detail With Trotec laser technology, you can produce even the finest geometries with maximum precision. This gives you complete freedom when designing your models. And through high precision engraving, you can produce first- class presentation and competition models. One tool for all geometries Milling requires a different tool head for different materials, geometries and material strengths. The laser beam is the universal tool for all geometries and material strengths. Flexibility - in material and application Many different materials can be used with a Trotec laser in architectural model making, such as textiles, wood, veneer, MDF, synthetic materials, plastics, PMMA, cardboard, paper, foam, polystyrene, foils and films, acrylic, and many more. In order to achieve optimum results on different materials, Trotec offers a wide range of useful tools: vacuum table, pass-through, different lenses, gas kit, and many more. Easy to use and reliable Operating a Trotec laser system is as easy as operating a printer. Layouts for architectural models are printed directly from the design program and the laser parameters are indicated. Furthermore, sensitive components like the lens, mirrors, moving parts and electronics in Trotec’s laser machines are protected against dust, thanks to Trotec’s InPack Technology. They also offer a Protection Plan in the UK which also enables their clients to virtually extend their machine’s warranty to up to 10 years. This also covers the laser tube. You can thus be certain that Trotec lasers will cut your models quickly, efficiently and work reliably for many years. Visit or email to for more information or call 0844 800 0020.

Just call space-pod today on 08704 321 515 or visit our website

heVXZ"edY XgZVi^c\egdYjXi^kZldg`heVXZh

Precision Launch FastAeron becomes Precision Wellworking are proud to announce the launch of Precision this month. In exclusive partnership with Herman Miller, and building on 6 years of success with FastAeron, Precision is a service that offers an even wider range of Herman Miller seating, desking, storage and accessories, with the same high service levels offered with FastAeron. 72 hour delivery lead times, One hour delivery time slots, on site set up, user training and packaging removal all come as standard within a 50 mile radius of London. Precision, meaning that clients can have their desk, pedestal, chair and accessories such as desk lamps, monitor arms and CPU holders delivered together at a highly competitive price, still using the industry-leading Precision service. The Herman Miller Aeron, Mirra, Sayl, Embody, Setu and Celle ranges are all available from stock, as well as Sense desking, Kumi storage and CBS accessories. Clients will also still be able to take advantage of Precision’s “Try before you Buy” service, and all Precision products are covered by Herman Miller’s full warranties, members. Luke Dawson, Herman Miller’s Head of Marketing, EMEA, commented “Herman Miller are proud of what we have achieved with Wellworking over the last 6 years with the FastAeron programme . The excellence that we believe lies behind this proposition is in the consistently high levels of service Wellworking have offered. With the launch of Precision, we are excited that an even wider range of our furniture will be available through Wellworking’s unique 72 hour lead time, 1 hour time slot, installed and expert delivery service. Whether it’s the Aeron, Mirra or Sayl chair, or Precision’s bundles of Herman Miller desks, chairs, storage and ergonomic

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New Epson range of cost-effective, high-speed, wide format printers The Epson SureColor SC-T7000, SC-T5000 and SC-T3000 4-colour printers offer fast, reliable printing on coated and non-coated media up to 44-inch (1,118mm), 36-inch (914mm) and the printers feature sleek styling, small footprints and low noise levels, and are operated from the front to allow convenient placement against a wall. The SC-T7000, SC-T5000 and SC-T3000 are ideal for applications where speed and economy are paramount, such as printing architectural designs and plans, maps, presentations, posters and indoor signage. The printers take just 28 seconds to produce an A1 print in draft mode on plain paper, and offer optimised running costs with a choice of 700ml, 350ml and 110ml ink cartridge sizes. to set up, with automatic photo and matte black ink switching, and are so easy to use that operators do not need special training. All controls are at the front of the printers, while media is fed in at the top. The into a basket. Tracking how much paper is left on a roll is simple thanks to media barcode printing. Martin Johns, market development manager, prographics at Epson UK, says: “When developing a new printer, we always ask our customers what they need. easily into their current production environment, so we’ve added an HP-GL emulation mode. Another so we’ve given all three printers an optional 250GB Helping to reduce impact on the environment, the SC-T7000, SC-T5000 and SC-T3000 use water-based wide colour gamut and crisp, dense lines with a minimum width of 0.02mm. Epson’s Variable-size of colour.

HINCKLEY COLLEGE STANDS OUT FROM THE REST North Warwickshire and Hinckley College has brightened up its exterior with the use of Knauf Marmorit’s render system. ECL Contracts who had previously used their products on another project recommended Knauf Marmorit’s Conni S to Pick Everard, one of the leading architectural and engineering partnerships in the UK. Although the insulation was incorporated within the main wall construction, Knauf Marmorit’s Conni S finish was used for aesthetic reasons too. Andy Smith, Associate of Pick Everard, commented, “We are very pleased with the results. The two colours work well together and enhance the dynamic appearance of the building.” North Warwickshire and Hinckley College is a Further Education College with campuses in Hinckley & Bosworth, Nuneaton & Bedworth and North Warwickshire. It teaches a wide variety of learning programmes to students ranging from school students and Further Education students to adult and Higher Education learners. Specified in the colours of white and yellow, Conni S is a water repellent vapour permeable long term protection against driving rain, that is resistant to algae and fungi, and has an impact resistant surface. It can be used as a render finish to all the Marmorit renders, along with the range of Marmorit insulated render systems, such as Warm Wall. Conni S is a pre-mixed silicon based render finish available in a wide range of colours from the Colour Concept colour range and is a textured finish, available in 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm and 3mm in classic and selected finesse colours. It is supplied to the industry in 25kgs buckets. Knauf Marmorit also supplies external insulation and manufactures its own base coats, finishes, render and scratch render for a variety of building types. The company also offers render systems for framed system solutions, façade paints, primers and insulation products. Knauf Marmorit are members of INCA, the Insulated Render and Cladding Association.

Archetech - Issue 7 [Page 12]

Archetech - Issue 7 [Page 12]

Further information on Conni S is available from Knauf Marmorit on 0117 982 1042, by emailing or by visiting the company’s website

Find us on RIBA Product Selector Where you can download NBS Plus specifications for this unique fixing system and explore the Fixfast product range

Telephone: 01726 822918 Mobile: 0780 1948766

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â&#x20AC;&#x153;â&#x20AC;Śthe new Fixfast unique fixing system helped to save 3 weeks off a 9 week programmeâ&#x20AC;Śâ&#x20AC;?

Request the case study Email: Call: 0845 450 7483

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Beautiful skin. Ask for the secret. Attractive and inspiring architectural fibre cement facades. With an extensive palette of colours and a selection of finishes and textures to choose from, Marley Eternit facades provide the ideal solution to create distinctively beautiful buildings. Combine this with excellent environmental credentials, outstanding durability and a life expectancy of at least 50 years and you can be sure your project will continue to look good, long into the future. For more information, samples and inspiration at visit or call 01283 722588.

Polygrow® - the next generation urban greening

Today, more and more cities look like concrete jungles: new streets and houses are built, solving the problem of missing space and increasing traffic. This leads to high CO2 emissions, flooding, noise and the heat island effect. To take a part in counteracting these environmental problems Recticel, Europe’s biggest manufacturer of polyurethane foam, developed a complete new solution for urban greening: Polygrow®. This unique product is hydrophilic, inert and has got a very light weight. Basically developed as substrate for the professionsl horticultural sector Polygrow® has already been running its course since 2005. In cooperation with a leading substrate company and more than 50 growers around the world, this product had been customized to the needs of this branch. Tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet peppers and eggplants can be cultivated perfectly on Polygrow®. Growers are notifying a higher yield up to 9% compared to stonewool substrates and an easier manageability due to its good rewetting properties. As green roof solution Polygrow® is mainly available as one single slab (PG D2) that combines the advantages of traditional multi-layer systems: it works as water buffer, substrate and drainage in one. Thus, Polygrow® is very easy and fast to install and additionally saving costs in transport. With its good water buffer capacity (min. 30l/ m2), its light weight (max. 50kg/m2 incl. sedum) and the possibility to create almost every shape and size, Polygrow® might revolutionize the total branch. Especially for architects and landscapers Polygrow® offers great opportunities to realise landscapes on rooftops by shapes, pitching or the combination with seating furniture. There are no problems with wind uplifts due to loose granules, because they simply don’t exist. What kind of plants to use? For typical extensive roof gardens, Polygrow® can be combined with sedum and herbs, but also wildflowers, grass and other plants are possible. Varieties of shrubs might enthuse the eyes on intensive roofs. Polygrow® also passed the FLL guidelines and had been already installed on several roofs in the UK, The Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Romania and India. With Polygrow® great vertical walls can be designed, too. Due to its good capillarity, rigid shape and its great rewetting properties it’s perfectly adapted for this application. The diversity of Polygrow® is almost unlimited.

The Grow Your Own Green Roof Box Kit Like the idea of built-up green roofing systems but never seen one at close quarters? Now, here’s your chance to watch one grow under your own eyes and to see exactly how well they work. SIG Design & Technology has developed a Grow Your Own Green Roof in a Box kit which can easily sit on your desk or window sill. It measures only 18cm square and is 10 cm deep.

The SIG Blackdown Naturemat System

Vulcatec mineral based plant growing medium for exceptional growth Warm roof construction waterproofed with Rhepanol hg single ply membrane specially designed for green roofs

Self-sustaining plant layer choose pre-grown sedum blanket for instant greening or plug planting for diversity/lower cost

Drainage/Protection layer sustains plant life without waterlogging

The kit comprises the NatureMat® extensive green roof system which is suitable for both new build or refurbishment applications. It is a high quality pre-cultivated, tightly-rooted sedum carpet, comprising a variety of sedum species, purpose-selected growing medium and a biodegradable carrier. SIG Design & Technology are working with Blackdown Green Roofs to design, supply, install and maintain green roofing systems. Blackdown Green Roofs are guaranteed to stay green when installed correctly and supported by their dedicated maintenance contract. A high quality of installation is guaranteed through choosing SIG’s own expertly trained DATAC accredited contractors.

To request your own Grow Your Own Green Roof Kit, complete the reader enquiry card or request a kit at or call 01509 505714.

The King’s School Worcester and Associated Architects win Planning Permission on Bronze -Age Site Birmingham-based practice Associated Architects has won planning permission for a new sports and performing arts centre on an historic site in Worcester. The new facility for The King’s School Worcester will provide sports and fitness facilities for School and community use, as well as teaching spaces, dance and drama studios and new Sixth Form Centre. The development is provisionally known as the SPACE building (short for Sports and Performing Arts Centre). The site was identified by planners as a highly sensitive location of great archaeological significance, located on the former defensive line surrounding Castle Hill in Worcester. Although previously thought to be Norman, recent archaeological digs show the site was inhabited much earlier and predates the known history of Worcester, with fortifications which could date from the Bronze Age.

The design of SPACE responds sensitively to the history and context of the site. The building reflects the scale and proportion of the former Royal Worcester Porcelain works on Severn Street opposite, and bronze-coloured metalwork and artwork will be integrated into the façade to evoke memories of Bronze Age Worcester. A new flight of external steps forges a new route from Severn Street into the school and frames a dramatic view of the cathedral. The building will lead best sustainability practice, with renewable energy from wood-chip boilers and solar panels for heating, and free cooling provided via a ground source heat pump. SPACE will be partially funded by the King’s Foundation Development Trust and generous donations by friends of the School. It follows the recent completion of Associated Architects’ striking Michael Baker Boathouse for King’s School Rowing Club, which hovers above Worcester’s regenerated riverside promenade.

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Associated Architects director Matthew Goer said: “This successful planning application is the latest chapter in our long-

standing relationship with King’s and shows the trust and close working relationships built up between the School, local authority and our practice.” Headmaster of King’s School Tim Keyes said: “The SPACE building will complete the evolution of the school from a boy’s boarding school to a fully co-educational day school and is the final piece in the jigsaw of development to ensure that every King’s pupil can find, explore and develop his or her own potential.” The project is due to commence on site in February 2013.

Tel: 0121 233 6600


The National Association of Shopfitters Could the NAS work for you? In 1919 a small group of shopfitters decided to form their own trade association. The Great War had ended and a post-war boom meant that construction was flourishing. What better time, therefore, for shopfitters to underline their independence and show the world at large the difference between themselves and the construction industry in general. Who would have thought that over 90 years later the Aims and Objects of the National Association of Shopfitters have not changed and we are still striving to promote the shopfitting and interior contracting industry through the good times and the bad. The NAS continues to encourage the highest levels of quality and professionalism, influencing the industry and guiding its members through the increasing raft of technology and legislation. Today’s shopfitter is professional, blending traditional skills with modern business ability and technical expertise. The NAS is here to help shopfitters develop every facet of their skills as their industry evolves – most recently, the introduction of the Shopfitting Management Standard PAS:82 giving clients, for the first time, a checklist of what can be expected from a chosen NAS member, the provision of quality training specific to our industry and up-to-date legal guidance on contract law. With excellence in mind, in 2007 the NAS took over responsibility for training specifically geared to the shopfitting industry. By re-branded and creating SITF (Shopfitting Independent Training Forum) this Forum,

supported by ConstructionSkills, has gone from strength to strength and now runs quality training courses across a whole variety of industries. The launch of the Shopfitting and Interior Contracting Competence Scheme (SICCS) in December 2009, supported and managed by our major stakeholder ConstructionSkills, further demonstrates the NAS’ commitment for recognition of vocational education and craftsmanship in shopfitting and interior contracting. This prestigious card will be accepted on all main construction sites. The Shopfitting industry has long relied on apprentices as a way of training the next generation. In encouraging this, the NAS acknowledges individual achievement with awards at each stage of an apprentice’s career. For the final year winners, this includes a ‘Managers of the Future’ bursary which provides support for further education. The NAS Design Partnership Award is a premier award which recognizes excellence in interior design and shopfitting contracting with emphasis on the special partnership between designer/architect and contractor that shopfitting demands. The judges, representing interior designers, architects and contractors, look for suitability of the design for its location, purpose and overall budget; strength of partnership between interior designer/architect and shopfitter; choice of materials; creativity and originality in interpreting the design brief and overcoming site conditions; special design features of

functional or decorative relevance; quality of fit-out and project management. In 2010, the winning entry was the Bengal Brasserie in Belfast, the runner up Galvin la Chapelle & Café De Luxe, London and Michael Kors, London being highly commended. Entry can be made by interior designers, architects and NAS members. The Award is open to any fit-out in retail, non-retail or leisure projects carried out within the European Economic Area by a member of the NAS and completed in the preceding year of the competition. Who can imagine what the next 90 years will bring? Whatever the challenges, the NAS will continue to be the voice of the shopfitting and interior contracting industry, offering expert guidance to members and clients… down to the last detail. Membership is open to companies based in the United Kingdom, including Northern Ireland and we welcome both shopfitters and those who supply goods or services to the shopfitting industry. Visit for further information.

Health and Safety Courses 5 Day ConstructionSkills Site Management Safety Training Scheme (SMSTS) 3 Day ConstructionSkills Site Safety for Shopfitters & Interior Contractors (SMSTS) 2 Day ConstructionSkills Site Safety for the Structural Elements of Shopfitting and Interior Contracting (SMSTS) 2 Day ConstructionSkills Site Supervisors’ Safety Training Scheme (SMSTS) 2 Day ConstructionSkills Site Management Safety Training Scheme Refresher (SMSTS) 1 Day Directors’ Responsibilities of Health and Safety (SMSTS) 1 Day ConstructionSkills Heath and Safety Awareness (SMSTS) 1 Day Site Waste Management 1 Day CDM 2007 Update 1 Day Achieving Behavioural Change (ABC) 1 Day How to Write an Effective Risk Assessment & Method Statement Health and Safety Mix and Match Courses ½ Day Asbestos Awareness ½ Day Fire Safety Awareness ½ Day Abrasive Wheels ½ Day Manual Handling ½ Day Hand Arm Vibration & Safe Use of Portable Power Tools inc. Nail Guns ½ Day Safe Working at Height ½ Day Health & Safety Update for the Shopfitting Industry Management Courses 1 Day Understanding of Commercial Awareness Other Courses 1 Day Tower Scaffold and MEWP 5 Day/3 Day/1 Day Refresher Fork Lift Truck 1 Day Various Plant Training available on request

First Aid Courses 3 Day First Aid at Work 2 Day First Aid at Work Re-qualification 1 Day Appointed Person Emergency ½ Day Basic Awareness First Aid Training

Shopfitting Specific Miscellaneous Courses 1 Day Theory of Shopfitting Estimating 2 Day Introduction to AutoCAD 1 Day Spray Paint Finishing for the Shopfitting & Interior Contracting Industry





t.020 7637 2930 f. 020 7637 2931 e. a. Southbank House, Black Prince Road, London SE1 7SJ






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David Morley Architect’s Hurlingham Club Outdoor Pool scooped the top award in this year’s hotly contested Wood Awards 2012 competition. The ceremony, hosted by chairman of the Heritage Alliance Loyd Grossman and with presentations by the Canadian High Commissioner Mr. Gordon Campbell, was held on the 27th November at the Carpenters’ Hall in the City of London. The

Wood Awards’ structural judge Andrew Lawrence of Arup praised the Hurlingham Club Outdoor Pool’s innovative timber structural solution. He said, “With its even front and repeating rhythm, the building is excellently resolved to make a special place. It is not only intelligent, but is as lovely as the images lead you to believe.”

The other Wood Awards 2012 winners are Stowe Gardens for the Commercial & Public Access Award; East London House in London by David Mikhail Architects for the Private Award; the eclectic Feering Bury Farm Barn in Essex by Hudson Architects for the Repair & Adaptive Reuse Award, and Anne Boleyn’s Gateway at Hampton Court Palace by McCurdy & Co. for the Small Project Award. The Production Made Furniture Award was won by Namon Gaston Design’s ‘Wu Bench’, and Rupert McBain’s “future antique” ‘Extending Oak Table’ took the Bespoke Furniture Award. AL_A’s Timber Wave, a temporary installation of a majestic 12 metre high American red oak three dimensional latticework spiral by Cowley Timberwork and engineered by Arup, created for the V&A entrance for the 2011 London Design Festival, was awarded the Wood Awards Judges’ Special Commendation.

The Wood Awards is made possible only by the support of its sponsors. Canada Wood, the joint initiative between the Canadian government and timber industry association partners representing producers in Canada and the timber industry’s sustainability and promotion campaign Wood for Good have this year become lead sponsors, alongside long-standing supporters the American Hardwood Export Council and the Carpenters’ Company. Other sponsors include TRADA and American Softwoods, with support from BRE. The Wood Awards is the UK’s premier architecture and furniture award for excellence in wood. For full project information on the shortlist and winners, visit

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The Hurlingham Club is recognised worldwide as one of Britain’s greatest quintessentially English private members’ clubs. Chairman of the judges, Michael Morrison of Purcell UK said, “The Wood Awards truly celebrates innovative design and craftsmanship, and the Hurlingham Club Outdoor Pool is without doubt a worthy winner; we were presented with a whole hearted complete package. The careful analysis of what was loved about old changing room pavilion was sympathetic and the recreation and integration of all the elements which mattered were carefully considered and achieved with great craftsmanship. Delightful.”


The Palace Chemicals range of Ceramic Tile Adhesive and Grouts range has long held an excellent reputation for quality,service and value with many of the largest outlets currently serving the tiling industry. The combined adhesive and grout range offers a product for every challenge faced by the professional fixer all in easy to identify pack designs which clearly illustrate the unique selling points for each product by using a distinctive bullet point layout highlighting each productsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; performance benefit clearly on the front of pack. With one of the broadest range of tile fixing and grouting products available in the industry, there are few limits to how and where the Palace adhesives and grouts can be applied. The increasing need to fix tiles on a wider range of surfaces has seen the development of enhanced adhesion strength products such as fast setting Multi-Flexi, or the long open time Easi-Flex, both available in grey and white and suitable for fixing porcelain and vitrified tiles in circumstances where subfloor heating or plywood substrates for the base on which tiles must be fixed. Palace Super-Flex offers an elastomeric, lightweight 2-part adhesive supplied within itsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; own mixing vessel, making even the most challenging applications more manageable. As there is a Palace adhesive and grout product designed to suit each tile type and application environment the professional fixer is likely to encounter. With key features such as â&#x20AC;&#x153;Anti-Mouldâ&#x20AC;? protection in the wall and floor grout range across all eight colours and â&#x20AC;&#x153;Flexiâ&#x20AC;? enhanced performance, all manufactured and distributed from their own state of the art factory in Liverpool. Palace have established a position as one of the market leaders the professional trade turns to when the key service demands of volume and logistics demand that a single source is the best option for quality and reliability. Palace Adhesives and Grouts have been developed to satisfy the demands placed upon the tiling professional a fact further demonstrated by a programme of both independent and factory process testing to verify conformity to â&#x20AC;&#x153;euro-normâ&#x20AC;? industry standards, which for adhesives is (BS EN 12004) and grout (BS EN 13888) thereby ensuring their full compliance with the forthcoming Construction Products Regulations.


Timberzone offering expertise in the production and finishing of bespoke and colour-matched floors Timberzone are Importers, Distributors and expert Installers of beautiful Engineered and solid Hardwood Flooring. They can source and supply virtually any species of flooring but their real expertise is in the production and finishing of bespoke and colour-matched floors. Clients may have specific look in mind or even just an idea of their requirements and Timberzoone are perfectly used to producing options to suit. They are also capable of colour matching other suppliers products at extremely competitive rates. Managing Director Patric Halili comments “more and more people are becoming warty of the sustainability issues surrounding exotic hardwoods and many of these species are being withdrawn from circulation and are being red-listed. The demand for specific or unusual floor colours, however, is on the increase and an obvious solution is to try to replicate the colours and tones using sustainable materials such as Oak. We are also acutely aware that many people have the perception that “Bespoke” means “expensive”. We offer beautiful hardwood solutions at surprisingly affordable prices.


Timberzone employs finishers, all of which come from the Decorating Industry and have been trained, in-house, in wood finishing techniques. Once a product has been selected, and a free-of-charge survey has been performed, Timberzone has nine fully trained installers to complete the project. As certified members of BWFA (British Wood Flooring Association) they are happy to offer full warranties on their installations.

Old English

With this level of craftsmanship, it comes as no surprise that they get many requests to refurbish existing floors. Timberzone’s own Floor Refurbishment Team specialise in this type of renovation. Outside of their own finished products, the company has partnerships with numerous UK and overseas manufacturers and can therefore source almost any type of wooden floor, again at very competitive rates.


For further information telephone 020 8952 2964 or Fax: 020 8905 7754 Email: Or visit - Tungsten

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Vision Developement manufactures and errects top quality timber frame houses and commerical buildings that have the highest u-values for environmentally friendly homes. We offer a range of timber frame pannelled systems including SIPs. Full design and building service available. Reduced time sacles CfSH 4 + Fixed cost Quality externaly joinery to suit your requirements Packages tailored to our clients’ needs

Temperate & Tropical Hardwoods & Softwoods from the log to the machined profile

■ Solid Hardwood Flooring • Engineered Flooring • Solid Hardwood Door Kits ■ Profiles • Architraves • Skirting all available ex stock and to customer design ■ Timber Oak Beams & Scantlings for restoration work ■ Timber for Joinery and Cabinet Making ■ FSC & PEFC Certified timber

John Boddy Timber Ltd Riverside Sawmills, Boroughbridge, North Yorkshire, YO51 9LJ. Tel: 01423 322370/320204 Fax: 01423 324334/323810 Email:

FINSA Super lightweight board at W12 At W12 Working with Design multi-national board manufacturer FINSA introduced their new SuperPan STAR high performance lightweight board. FINSA entered SuperPan STAR in the Design in Manufacturing Awards (DIMA) competition winning a highly commended award. The FINSA stand focus on two distinct aspects of their contemporary production â&#x20AC;&#x201C; lightweight board products and the very latest colours and trends in melamine surfaces that worldwide exhibitions. Within the context of advances and advantages of lightweight boards FINSA launched SuperPan STAR. The patented FINSA SuperPan board is already a much vaunted 3-component board produced in a continuous process where a core of chipboard is surfaced top and bottom with

SuperPan STAR has been developed in conjunction with German chemical giant BASF so that the chipboard core is infused with the new Kaurit LIGHT polymer substance in a foamed process that results in a high performance board that is up to 30% lighter than other SuperPan or chipboards but machines in exactly the same way and offers superior performance in terms of bending or sagging characteristics. The advantages to manufacturers are multifold and the Kaurit LIGHT polymer component offers further environmental considerations.

FINSA UK Tel: 0151 651 2400

Routledge Architecture

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