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rio, the leading manufacturer of interior and exterior folding door and window architectural solutions has provided architects CGT Works with the solution for opening up a Georgian interior in a flexible manner. CGT Works describes itself as an architectural and construction service company operating in London and Italy with over 10 years’ experience specialising in residential buildings and retail premises looking for budget or high-level design solutions. “We are a team of architects and specialised professionals that enjoys the challenge of designing and constructing innovative buildings and interiors alongside more traditional projects,” says CGT Works director and project manager Enrico Trolese. A recent project for the company involved converting a two bed flat in a Georgian terrace in London’s Earls Court into a more flexible living space. It involved knocking down the wall between the living room and the second bedroom to open up the space and let in more light. The owner still wanted the option of closing it off so the decision was made to install custom 3.4m x 8m panel doors – three sliding and one

pivoting. The doors were made by a local joiner and installed using Brio’s top hanging Single Run Zero Clearance hardware system. According to Enrico: “Brio was the only manufacturer that provided kit that suited the requirements for such heavy doors – they weight 100 kilos a panel. You can see the tracks but they are very discreet, set into the ceiling and the floor. It has been so successful we are now using the system on another project in the same building”. Enrico found Brio when researching the project online. “The Brio website is very good. All the details we needed were there and easily accessible plus technical drawings. I also spoke to Brio HQ about some details and the technical department was very good and obviously experienced.” Because these floor to ceiling door projects can present their own challenges when it comes to sliding door hardware, Brio has designed and manufactured its Single Run top hung system with a Zero Clearance option. The Zero Clearance option, available across Brio’s Single Run 80 – Single Run 250 product portfolio, successfully achieves the modern minimalist look with hardware that is discreetly hidden from view.

Single Run Zero Clearance hardware allows minimal gaps between the door panel and hardware, offering a pleasing aesthetic finish to floor to ceiling installations. With no hanger plates or screws protruding above the top edge of the door, Single Run Zero Clearance has been designed to achieve clearances of 3mm between the track and the top of the door. And, to go with the discreet top, the new spring loaded guide and bottom rail can also be concealed within the bottom edge of the door thereby extending Zero Clearance to floor level. “The new Zero Clearance option has already proved popular with architects and specifiers as only 3mm clearance is required between the top of the door and the track. The track can be installed into the ceiling so the door looks as though it is floating as the hangers are difficult if not impossible to see. It is a very aesthetically pleasing effect,” says David Newton, General Manager at Brio UK. For more details on the BRIO product range visit

Archetech - Issue 19 2015  
Archetech - Issue 19 2015