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In 1995, three visionary women - all mothers and


graduates of girls’ schools - turned a dream into a



reality and founded The Archer School for Girls.









A contemporary girls’ school, Archer offers a 21st century education fostering intellectual leadership, creativity, and an entrepreneurial spirit.

At the heart of an Archer education is

Ambitious, Joyful Learning


Who is an

Archer Girl?

Your daughter. Always a learner. Now she’s at that crucial stage where she’s beginning to realize what moves her. The stage where, under the careful guidance of teachers who understand her interests and motivations, she can go from steps to leaps.

The next seven years are all about her - who she’s becoming, what she’s pursuing, where her natural curiosity and well-practiced talents can take her. That’s where Archer comes in. We founded this school to orchestrate joyful and ambitious learning for every girl who steps through our doors. That means getting to know every girl on a personal level, uncovering what moves her, and giving her every opportunity to showcase her emerging intellect and talents. An Archer education is all about learning that there are no limits to a girl’s possibilities.


Archer is

Innovative & Intentional

Every programmatic decision is based on current research about how girls develop and thrive. As a school, Archer consistently reaches out to the knowledge base and partners with some of the nation’s leading universities to discover the ways girls learn best. Similarly, the curriculum is highly integrated and steeped in the experiential so that girls develop the confidence to become drivers of their own learning.


Our Approach


Archer does school differently. At Archer we never allow

“Learning and innovation go hand in hand. The arrogance of success is to think that what you did yesterday will be sufficient for tomorrow.�

our successes to keep us from continually evolving. We support and expect our students to achieve at the highest levels but remind them, and ourselves, that

- William Pollard

complacency and arrogance are obstacles to true excellence. Archer is a young, dynamic institution. We are not burdened by heritage or the false sense that the way we did things even five years ago is enough to prepare our students for achievement in the 21st century. In fact, it is in our mission to be reflexive and responsive to the changing landscape of education. Your daughter will experience the classroom like never before, surrounded by collaborative teachers who are expected to learn and continually improve their craft.


Excellence without arrogance


High Stress does not equal

High Achievement OUR APPROACH

At Archer we know that happy girls are highly motivated. School shouldn’t hurt. All the research shows that chronic stress impedes learning and high-level achievement. We do our best work when we are happy. The truth is that high expectations do not have to be stressful, and at Archer we know this hinges precisely on the quality of teaching. Any school can hold the bar high for students, but the best schools have teachers who take responsibility for getting them there. Thus, Archer takes pride in our unparalleled, research-based teaching methods, excellent outcomes and healthy culture, which translate into our motto – ambitious, joyful learning. In the 2014 NAIS High School Survey of Student Engagement, Archer scored above the national average in each dimension of student engagement including Cognitive, Social, and Emotional Engagement. Archer girls want to do it all; it is our job to help them hone their passions and channel their strengths so that they learn to lead generative yet balanced lives.


Independent Schools do not breed

“Mean Girls”


At Archer it’s clear: girls are not natural enemies. There’s a surprise in store for first-

can sit anywhere and feel at home. A

time Archer visitors: It’s precisely

culture where girls think learning is

not the common stereotype of an all-

cool, where they honor achievement,

girls’ school. Gone are the exclusive

applaud success, and have each

cliques, the petty jealousies, judgments

others’ backs when times get tough.

based on shallow circumstances.

It’s almost too unexpected to

In their place? A supportive

imagine. But once you see it for

sisterhood where every girl feels

yourself, you’ll probably find yourself

welcomed. Highly spirited lunch in

watching the interactions around

our courtyard where your daughter

you and thinking, “lucky girls.”


For Archer girls, it’s all about healthy competition. But here are some things Archer girls don’t compete about: boys, clothing labels, class rank, college choice. Competition at Archer transcends the superficial because it’s healthy– and productive. Your daughter– surrounded by supportive, highachieving girls–emulates the work ethic and dedication of her peers. She and her best friend discuss how, even though their essays on Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein adopt different points of view, they still arrive at similar conclusions about how society views “otherness.” She might ask her lab partner, “how did you balance that chemical equation?” In explaining it, both girls gain a deeper understanding of the material and concepts. Archer girls take pride in their classmates’ achievements and learn from them along the way.


Healthy Competition is a good thing


We’re in this



At Archer we know a positive partnership between school and home is key to your daughter’s success. New parents at Archer are often

A positive school-parent partnership

surprised by how diverse and down-

is central to your daughter becoming

to-earth our families are. Our students

a healthy, high-achieving girl. Archer

come from 75 different zip codes, and

offers its parents ongoing education on

over half of our students come from

issues facing girls today – leadership,

public elementary and middle schools.

resilience, self-esteem, positive body

Our community reflects the face of

image, digital literacy and more.

greater Los Angeles; this is intentional

We foster thoughtful conversations

since we know that diverse communities

at school and at home to support

are more inclusive and kind.

parents as their daughter’s academic and social journey unfolds.


Teaching and

Learning 21

Great  Teachers

are not just experts in their subject area


Archer faculty are also experts in teaching children. We believe that every teacher should

Independent schools are famous for

have to take the Hippocratic oath:

hiring teachers with content area

“Do No Harm.” An experienced

expertise; however, having a Ph.D. in

teacher of girls knows that relationships

math does not necessarily mean one

are at the heart of everything.

can teach math. An Archer teacher

If you’ve ever heard your daughter say, “I don’t like (fill in the subject area); my teacher doesn’t like me,” that’s because for girls the relationship comes first. Archer girls know their teachers care deeply about them as individuals. As a result, they are willing to take risks and embrace challenges

recognizes that if a student has not mastered a concept, he or she has not taught it effectively. This is what we call reflective practice. As a community, we are explicit and extremely literate about what good teaching looks like – including the girls themselves who typically thank their teachers at the end of each class.

they might otherwise avoid in a less supportive and connected environment.



Taking notes all day does not result in

Real Learning Archer girls learn by doing. We take a brain-based approach to

and the Institute for Film & Video

teaching and understand that the very

Literacy, students have the chance to

structure of the school day must be

transfer and apply skills and concepts

designed to optimize every student’s

to authentic learning experiences.

learning. Believe it or not, the seven period, 45-minute schedule to which many schools still cling derives from a turn-of-the-century factory efficiency model. It’s sufficient if all a teacher does is lecture. An Archer teacher never just lectures, and our schedule reflects this.

Archer also recently partnered with the XPRIZE Foundation to offer a unique incentivized Challenge to Middle School students. The competition focused on designing innovative solutions around food sustainability issues. A total of 139 students (39 teams) accepted the

We train our faculty in research-based

challenge and used Archer’s exploratory

pedagogy and equip each teacher with

X-Block period to investigate issues

an instructional tool box and common

surrounding growing food, getting it

language with which to reflect on and

to the table, and managing food waste.

improve their practice. Our teachers

Students heard from experts in each

ensure that students engage actively

field before launching into their own

with the material, think analytically,

research and concept development. The

and construct their own meaning.

teams were judged on use of STEAM

Through programs such as the Saban

(Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts,

IDEAlab, Honors Research & Science,

Math) skills, creativity, and feasibility.


Archer partners with the country’s leading research institutes to hone our approach. We know a lot more today than we did 20 years ago about educating girls. While Archer’s ultimate goals and standards are those of any fine liberal arts institution, we pay close attention to the research to better understand the rapidly changing educational landscape. We take pride in our skillful faculty who make Archer the dynamic and innovative place that it is. In our partnerships with Stanford, UPenn, USC, UCLA and others, our teachers study issues of gender in education for the ultimate benefit of their students. Indeed, it is in our very mission to remain focused on the ways girls learn best.


Schools should be among our most

Dynamic Institutions TEACHING & LEARNING


Technology is not a fad

At Archer the future of education is happening now. Today’s students use technology regularly to

Let’s face it, paper is quickly becoming a

access information and construct knowledge.

thing of the past. At Archer, students can

This reality has fundamentally changed the

connect with classmates and teachers outside

nature of formal education and the role of the

the classroom, access online course notes and

teacher. Through the purposeful and natural

digital resources, and have 24/7 access to

integration of digital tools, Archer teachers

assignments and grades - as do their parents.

develop more innovative and individualized learning opportunities for all students.

As educators in the digital age, we teach our students and parents about the mindful

Archer is a leader in the use of educational

and responsible use of technology. We

technology. Our well established 1 to 1

believe that the best way to do this is

program provides every student with an

by embracing technology’s permanence,

Apple MacBook, fully loaded with the most

recognizing its potential for misuse, and

current and educational software on the

ultimately enjoying its endless benefits.

market. This commitment assures equity of access to the tools our teachers need to provide a true 21st century classroom.


It’s not your mother’s

P.E. 30

At Archer, fitness goes beyond running the mile. Being a teenage girl today isn’t easy.

of the curriculum focuses on topics

Archer takes a holistic approach to

such as personal values, mindfulness,

fitness and wellness. Our curriculum

healthy decision-making, self esteem,

develops the whole girl and encourages

relationships, and body image.

her to live a balanced, healthy life – physically, emotionally, and socially.

Archer girls are encouraged to be self-advocates and take ownership of

The fitness component of our program

their own well-being. Programs like

is uniquely designed to introduce

Peer Support, X-Block, and Advisory

students to a wide variety of activities,

provide a safe space for girls to discuss

from kickboxing and flag football to

what matters most. The supportive

ultimate Frisbee and yoga. Students

atmosphere that exists among our

learn the importance of working as a

students is genuine, healthy, and fun.

team and making fitness a long-term personal goal. The wellness piece


It’s more than just a

Game 32

Archer Athletics push girls to new heights. Archer girls take to the field and court, competing in a variety of sports each season. While some of our graduates go on to compete in college, all of our student athletes gain valuable life skills through participation in athletics. Sports at Archer strengthen bonds, promote healthy competition, and foster resilience.

Fall Sports

Winter Sports

Spring Sports

Cross Country










Beach Volleyball Track & Field



Moving beyond a

Simple Elective Archer girls discover their creative voices through Visual and Performing Arts. An Archer education begins in the

Our heralded performing arts program

classroom, but girls find outlets–creative

stages plays and musicals in our on-

and athletic–across our campus.

campus Blackbox theatre. Likewise,

Archer provides an intensive visual

Archer’s award-winning choir, a capella,

arts program that supports girls’

and orchestra groups give public

burgeoning talents and trains them in

performances and play in competitions

genres ranging from drawing, painting,

throughout the year, while our dancers

sculpture, and ceramics to printmold,

perfect their technique for our annual

photography, and graphic design.

Night of Dance and Dance Showcase.

As an Archer artist, each girl has the opportunity to develop an in-depth portfolio for art school or explore photography as a novice. She can put on her own exhibition as part of a senior-year independent study or learn

For girls interested in working behind the scenes, the Archer Tech Crew provides students an opportunity to experience stagecraft from the inside – designing lights and sound, building sets, and managing the stage.

the basics of advanced design software.

Whether they specialize in visual or

It all depends upon her personal

performing arts, Archer girls quickly

interests, motivations, and talents.

find their individual niches and excel.



Why a

Girls’ School? It’s about climate. And the climate in co-ed schools remains “chilly” for girls. Dr. Bernice Sandler, co-author of the

In a girls’ school, the girls are always

landmark Title IX legislation, which

called on first, always the president

afforded girls equal opportunity in

of the student body, the captain of

education and athletics, coined the

the engineering and design team, the

term “chilly climate.” It describes the

CEO of the student store, and the

well-documented gender dynamics

lead chair in the orchestra. So, it’s

and biases inherent in co-ed

not surprising that comprehensive

environments. Whether in a classroom

studies done by the U.S. government

or a corporate boardroom, we call

and UCLA found that girls’ school

on men more, give them more praise

graduates exhibit higher achievement,

for what they say, and interrupt them

greater confidence, and more

less. Over the course of 12 years

inclination to assume leadership.

of schooling, this has a cumulative

Archer alumnae underscore these

and damaging effect on a girl’s self-

findings as they earn advanced degrees

esteem, confidence, and aspirations.

and top awards in medicine, law, business, journalism, and science.

Study - Women Graduates of Single-Sex and Coeducational High Schools: Difference in their Characteristics and the Transition to College, Linda J. Sax, Ph.D., Principal Investigator


The Reality is Men Still

Run the World Archer is determined to change that. According to the 2014 Catalyst

Of those who do ascend to the highest

Research findings, women currently

level of government and business, girls’

constitute half the total U.S. workforce,

school and women’s college graduates

earn 50% of bachelors degrees, and

are leading the way. Take for example

60% percent of masters degrees. Yet

the first three female U.S. Secretaries of

women hold only 4% of CEO positions

State, or the fact that over two-thirds

and only 19% of board seats in S&P

of female Heads of State world wide

500 companies. In addition, women

are graduates of single-sex schools.

suffer a pay gap that begins with their very first job and increases over time.

It’s clear: single-sex environments empower future leaders and Archer

Additionally, while the 114th

girls come to learn that leadership,

U.S. Congress boasts the highest

in essence, is service and requires

numbers of women in the Senate

abundant courage, self-reflection,

and the House of Representatives,

and a great deal of good humor.

women still only represent 20% of senators and 19% of representatives. Of the nation’s 50 governors, only six are female, a mere 12%.


Girls’ school graduates have the edge. Girls’ schools have enjoyed a renaissance over the past decade, and with good reason. Girls’ schools create a proven culture of achievement. Think about it. During the school day your daughter is free to focus on what actually matters: finding her passion, developing her voice, and ultimately building the confidence that will underlie her every achievement. At Archer, girls expect to be called on, heard, and afforded every opportunity to succeed. Contrary to the claim that single-sex schools don’t prepare girls for the “real world,” research continues to validate and quantify the advantages of an all-girls education, citing higher test scores, superior math, writing, and science skills, higher numbers of girls majoring in STEM fields, and a more positive approach to learning. Simply put, Archer graduates exhibit higher confidence which, in turn, results in higher achievement.


Taking on the


Traditions, without being



Archer’s oldest tradition is joy. Being a young school has many benefits. As a community, we are willing to embrace change, but we also understand the importance of traditions as a way to foster school spirit and pride. Community-wide events such as Founders’ Day, One Book, Spirit Week, the Halloween Celebration, Moving Up Day, and the beloved Maypole Dance ensure a cohesive, happy culture where we celebrate the accomplishments of today, stay connected to Archer’s past, and look ahead to the future.


College Guidance Program 44

Your daughter deserves to attend a college worthy of her achievements. We are exceedingly proud of our college

The college application process can

acceptance record, and admissions

be stressful, but it doesn’t have to

officers routinely praise Archer girls

be. Balance is a word often used at

for their maturity, poise, humility,

Archer. In 9th and 10th grades, deans

and creativity. In any given year,

help students make appropriate course

Archer’s graduating seniors matriculate

selections, monitor individual student

to a wide range of highly selective

progress, and work directly with

colleges and universities. Our students

teachers and parents. Developing sound

attend small liberal arts colleges,

study habits while finding a balance

large public and private universities,

between academic and extracurricular

engineering schools, art institutes, and

endeavors positions every student to

professional academies specializing

thrive after graduation. While the

in visual and performing arts.

conversation about college starts early, we believe that freshman and sophomores should be focused primarily on their lives as Archer students.


Archer graduates can be found on the campuses of: American University The American University of Paris Amherst College Bard College Barnard College Bates College Brandeis University Brown University Carnegie Mellon University Columbia University Connecticut College Cooper Union Cornell University Dartmouth College Duke University Emerson College Emory University Eugene Lang College Fordham University Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering The George Washington University Georgetown University Harvard University Haverford College Harvey Mudd College Howard University Lewis & Clark College Middlebury College Mount Holyoke College New York University Northwestern University Occidental College Parsons School of Design Pomona College Pratt Institute Princeton University Reed College Sarah Lawrence College Scripps College Skidmore College Smith College Stanford University Swarthmore College Syracuse University Tulane University University of California, Berkeley University of California, Los Angeles University of Chicago University of Miami University of Pennsylvania University of San Diego University of Southern California Vanderbilt University Vassar College Washington University in St. Louis Wellesley College Wesleyan University Williams College Yale University For a complete matriculation list, please visit www.


College Guidance at Archer Archer boasts two full-time college

Just before classes resume in August

guidance counselors who work closely

of senior year, Archer offers a College

with students and their families

Jumpstart to work intensively on

throughout the process. Every girl is

applications, interviewing, and essay

assigned her own guidance counselor,

writing. Students continue to meet

and the Human Development

during the first semester to discuss

curriculum in 11th grade is designed

their individual application process.

to help them navigate the college

Archer’s thoughtful college curriculum

search process. Junior year is an

ensures an ambitious yet healthy future

opportunity for the counselors to

for all its graduates, empowering

get to know each student and her

them to choose a college worthy of

family personally. This partnership

her achievements and dreams.

begins the process of creating a list of schools that meet the student’s interests and push her to new heights.


Given the right tools, an Archer girl creates

Her Own Learning 48

The Eastern Star Gallery at Archer On the surface, the gallery is an

Girls occupy every position within

attractive, modern space for displaying

The Eastern Star Gallery at Archer.

the artwork of students and guest

Co-directors, managers, docents,

exhibitors. But like many things at

communications directors, exhibition

Archer, it’s more than meets the eye–it’s

designers, historians, and photographers

experiential learning at its best. We

all work together to create a publicly

start with girls in love with art. Then

attended, professional-level art

we put them under the guidance of an

exhibit. Our inaugural show in

expert teacher who knows the landscape

2006 featured the photography of

of the contemporary L.A. art scene and

the late Leonard Nimoy. Since then

the ins and outs of running a gallery.

we’ve hosted sculptors, painters,

Our philosophy: set up the perfect

photographers, and ceramicists.

conditions where the girls’ passion

And the girls do it all. They consult

for art helps them learn in areas

with museum professionals as well as

that diverge far from typical “art

with our own gallery director, getting

appreciation.” The girls form a

advice, tips, and techniques. They read

student board that oversees the

the books and do the research. They

production of a fully realized art

keep track of the finances. They help

show from conception to exhibition.

choose and mount the artwork. Most of all, they learn to surpass their own expectations every step of the way.



Empowering Women in Film The film industry has a long-standing

Archer’s annual student-run festival

reputation as a men’s club, and recent

is open to high school filmmakers

statistics certainly support this claim.

in California and all girls’ school

Of the 250 top grossing films of 2015,

students nationally. While the

only 19 percent of the all directors,

festival is dedicated to empowering

writers, and producers, were female.

female filmmakers, the goal is not

Women accounted for 9 percent of

to exclude men, but to include

directors, 11 percent of all writers,

women. Each year, participants get

and 26 percent of producers. This

the rare opportunity to screen their

calculates to a 2015 ratio of 5 males

films at the festival and learn from

to every 1 female behind the camera.

high-level industry professionals

Archer strives to encourage a new generation of female filmmakers through its courses in Film,

at a series of panel discussions. Statistics from 2015 study conducted by USC’s Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism

visitors and experts speaking on campus, the MediaSpace, and the annual Archer Film Festival.


National Outdoor Leadership School

Calculated risk-taking is part of Archer’s mission. Students are expected to explore their limits and in doing so discover their strengths. Our Arrow Week program allows students to gain self-knowledge and skill through challenging experiences outside of the classroom.


Learning the Art of Leadership Archer partners with the National

risk management, and environmental

Outdoor Leadership School

studies. Students learn about what it

(NOLS) to provide a program that

means to lead effectively and discover

promotes self-discovery and personal

their own leadership “style” as they

growth. Founded in 1965, NOLS

venture out on five-day backpacking

is a proven leader in worldwide

courses. Trips are an integral part

outdoor education. Archer is in

of an Archer education. While most

good company, as NOLS partners

independent schools offer some form of

with such notable organizations as

outdoor education, Archer surpasses its

NASA, Harvard Medical School, the

peers by offering the NOLS experience.

United States Naval Academy, The

Archer’s tenets of leadership, respect,

Nature Conservancy, and Google.

and responsibility are incorporated

The Arrow Week curriculum for grades

into all aspects of the daily life.

7, 9, and 11 is an opportunity for

Our students have backpacked through

students to gain an appreciation and

the mountains in Southern Arizona

respect for the natural environment,

and New Mexico, the canyons and

while learning valuable leadership

Anasazi ruins of Southern Utah,

and interpersonal skills. The core of

and the mountains and lakes in the

the Arrow Week/NOLS curriculum

Northern Cascades in Washington.

centers on leadership, technical skills,



STEM @ Archer Engaging Girls to Succeed Archer believes that every girl can excel

a connected approach to see the

at science, technology, engineering,

dynamic relationship between algebra,

and math (STEM). Students are

geometry, statistics, and probability.

engaged in a challenging curriculum that provides a deliberate balance between cultivating scientific and mathematical literacy and encouraging innovation. Technology is incorporated into all aspects of the curriculum with student-driven research at the core.

In high school, students have the opportunity to take a year-long Honors Research in Science course. During the first semester, students explore current research topics through close readings of scientific journals and presentations from local scientists.

Classes are open-ended, with inquiry

During the second semester, they work

labs in science allowing students to

closely with an advisor to design and

design their own procedures and

execute an original scientific study

processes to answer a question or solve

utilizing cutting edge technology in

a problem. Engineering and robotics are

Archer’s on-site research lab. At the

integrated into the science curriculum

end of the semester, students present

beginning in 6th grade, with a coding

their findings at an annual conference.

class as part of their year-long study of the foundations of language. All Archer students learn to design, build, and program through classs offerings including Web and App Design, Introduction to Computer Science, and advanced Computer Science courses. Our integrated math curriculum

Each year, Archer proudly hosts a collegiate-level STEM symposium where local high school scientists are invited to submit their work for consideration at the event. The symposium provides an opportunity for students to present their work and exchange ideas with peers and industry professionals.

provides girls the opportunity to study all strands of math in


Ambitious &



Archer is Transformative We begin with exuberant, multi-

After Archer, she sees all the possibilities

talented girls. We surround them with

in front of her and possesses the

expert teachers attuned to how girls

wherewithal to seize them. She goes

learn best. We offer them a challenging

on to college with a keen intellect, a

curriculum, a classical visual and

healthy self-confidence, an awareness

performing arts program, competitive

of global realities, and the passion

athletics, and experiential learning

to make her contribution matter

opportunities ranging from study

in whatever field she chooses.

abroad to community service. We see their abilities accrue, their energy build, their confidence reach new heights. And we send them into the broader world, where they become leaders and pursue productive, joyful lives. We’re not in the business of changing

When we founded The Archer School for Girls in 1995, we broke the mold of Los Angeles independent schools. Today, Archer girls continue to break the mold of what girls can accomplish. It’s an attitude we instill, and one that lasts a lifetime.

a girl’s essential nature, but rather of drawing out her unique potential.


Across The Curriculum At A Contemporary Girls’ School

Research shows that adolescent girls’ brains exhibit high levels of communication between the left and right hemispheres, which means

Founded in 1995 by three mothers in search

girls naturally make connections

of the ideal school for their daughters,

between different subject matters,

Archer’s arrival on the L.A. educational

different cultural milieus, different

scene provided families an alternative that

time periods ... the list goes on. At

didn’t previously exist. Combining the latest

Archer, we teach to that strength by

research on how girls learn best with a 21st-

engaging girls in cross-curricular

century approach to pedagogy, technology,

projects and by widening the scope

and social issues, Archer provides more than a

of assignments to cover not just the

traditional, girl-centric learning environment.

subject matter, but also to embrace

The school equally prepares young women

the relationships to other disciplines

for leadership in our global world.

that emerge during discussion.

In A National Historic Landmark

At Archer,

Archer occupies the former Eastern Star Home for Women, a 1931 Spanish Colonial Revival building on Sunset Boulevard in Brentwood. Designated a National Historic Landmark

Alongside Creative, Dedicated Teachers

in 1989, the structure provides

Teachers choose Archer for specific reasons. They’re

Archer girls with a one-of-a-kind

passionate about teaching girls, passionate about

learning environment complete

their subject matter, and dedicated to continual

with dark wood beams, colorful

professional development that keeps them on the

mosaic fountains, and intricate

cusp of emerging best practices in the classroom.

architectural details around every

You won’t find rote lectures or passive learning

corner. True to its origins, the

at Archer; rather, in each classroom, you see

building feels more like a “home”

teachers learning shoulder-to-shoulder with

than a school, and girls quickly

students, engaging their minds in the type of active

grow attached to its unique charm.

learning that’s as effective as it is memorable.

About Finding Her Best-Fit College

Within An Energetic, Supportive Sisterhood

Archer girls choose schools that are worthy of their talents and accomplishments. Each year, they

Archer girls believe that excelling at school shouldn’t

collectively gain acceptance into

come at the expense of their classmates. They put

the finest colleges and universities

that belief into practice each day, sharing their

in the country and also wisely and

emerging interests, their newfound curiosities,

responsibly select the colleges that are

and their opinions on topics ranging from genetic

right for them, as individuals. That

engineering to national politics. And if an Archer girl

means you can find Archer girls just

happens to be going through an adolescent rough

about anywhere, from the Ivy League

patch, she has hundreds of sisters right beside her to

to art schools, regional liberal arts

support her, cheer her up, and see her through it.

havens to national research universities.

your daughter can learn... All That’s Possible In Her Life Because an Archer education instills an abiding love for learning in girls, it’s an experience that shapes graduates for the rest of their lives. Each Archer girl emerges as a stunningly confident young woman, fully prepared for her next endeavor and equipped with Archer’s lifelong gifts: the belief in a life full of possibility, the capability to achieve in most any circumstance, and the unquenchable desire to keep learning every day.

We invite you to contact us at 310.873.7037 to learn more, join a campus tour, or just talk about how Archer and your daughter might be a good fit. The Archer School for Girls 11725 Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90049


THE ARCHER SCHOOL FOR GIRLS 11725 Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90049

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The Archer School for Girls

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