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2013 - 2014 ANNUAL REPORT

Dear Friends of Archer, We share the 2013-2014 Annual Report to recognize and honor our supporters who have so generously and kindly contributed to the advancement of The Archer School for Girls. We are grateful for every act of service and every gift, no matter the size. An institution flourishes when there is a clear and shared purpose among its members. Archer’s purpose is extremely clear: the empowerment of girls through innovative education in a happy, healthy, girl-centric environment. As we anticipate our 20th anniversary next year, we reflect on how rapidly Archer has established itself as a beacon for contemporary girls’ education as evidenced by our many markers of success, including bountiful support from a broad base of constituents. Archer’s commitment to ongoing innovation and research is made possible through the gifts and service of our devoted parent association, our dynamic alumnae association, and the many friends of Archer who see in our graduates all the promise of a new generation of women leaders. We are proud of our distinguished Board of Trustees and their philanthropic leadership. We are also proud of the participation among our parents, alumnae, parents of alumnae, grandparents, friends, foundations and corporations. This generous participation in the Archer Fund emboldens our faculty and staff who themselves give unanimously every year and stands as a strong statement of confidence in Archer’s mission and future. Our annual campaign, The Archer Fund, surpassed our 2013-2014 goal by 12%, raising over $2.1 million. The 2013-2014 Archer Fund made possible several initiatives central to Archer’s mission: educational access to a diverse range of girls through our ambitious flexible tuition program; continued research on gendered pedagogy through our partnerships with universities and research institutes; professional development for our superb academic faculty; and extraordinary new facilities for both the arts and sciences. The opening of our new MediaSpace and The Saban IDEAlab herald Archer’s bold and innovative commitment to preparing girls for ascension in the fields of media and engineering arts. These facilities were made possible because Archer’s singular purpose resonates with parents, alumnae families, and foundations who also believe that it is essential to have women at the highest levels of leadership as the world tries to solve its most pressing problems. In addition to the success of the Archer Fund, the quiet phase of our capital campaign, The Campaign for Archer, continues to gain momentum, adding close to $5 million to reach the current $17.5 million that has been committed so far. We are very proud to have raised over $7 million in 2013-2014 for the benefit of every unique and promising Archer girl. We thank each donor and volunteer for believing so passionately in our mission and funding the programs that have kept Archer at the forefront of education designed exactly for how girls learn and thrive.

Sincerely yours,

Elizabeth English Head of School

Barbara Bruser Chair, Board of Trustees

mission statement The Archer School for Girls is an educational community that supports and challenges young women to discover their passions and realize their true potential. • • • • • • •

We provide a rigorous, integrated college preparatory curriculum that fosters critical thinking and intellectual curiosity. We create and sustain a collaborative teaching and learning environment that explores and refines the ways girls learn best. We help girls to become leaders and life-long learners, strengthening their capacity to contribute positively to their communities. We strengthen girls’ voices in a diverse and culturally rich environment. We embrace possibility, promote challenge-seeking and support risk-taking. We encourage girls to develop meaningful relationships with peers and faculty rooted in honesty, respect and responsibility. We graduate courageous, committed and ethical young women who take responsibility for their own physical, financial and emotional well-being.

Board of Trustees 2014-2015 Barbara Bruser, Chair Justin Chang, Vice Chair Stephanie Darrow Suzie Doran Lauren Fite Beth Friedman Ann Gianopulos Mark Gordon Caroline Grainge Cathy Helm Michael Heslov Kathy Kennedy Lee Kort Debbie Lehman Scott Lord Jonathan Lurie Frank Marshall

Catrice Monson Barbara Natterson Horowitz Lawrence O’Donnell Karen Richards Sachs Ron Stone 2013-2014 Barbara Bruser, Co-Chair Justin Chang Stephanie Darrow Suzie Doran Beth Friedman Ann Gianopulos Mark Gordon Caroline Grainge Cathy Helm Michael Heslov Kathy Kennedy

Debbie Lehman Scott Lord Jonathan Lurie Frank Marshall Ray Michaud Catrice Monson Barbara Natterson Horowitz, Co-Chair Hillary Newman ’04 Lawrence O’Donnell John Ohanesian Karen Richards Sachs Jody Siegler Ana Serrano Ron Stone



Dear Archer Friends, There is no clearer statement of belief in an organization’s mission than the generosity of its donors. In every donor group−parents, faculty, staff, alumnae, parents of alumnae, grandparents, friends and trustees−The Archer School for Girls enjoys a participation rate in annual giving that is at the highest levels of independent schools. It is with the deepest gratitude that we take this opportunity to thank the entire Archer community for its generous support of our mission and for its commitment to advancing the school. As Archer looks ahead to its twentieth year, it is recognized as a school at the forefront of innovative education, led by our visionary Head, Elizabeth English. Archer’s mission is being realized every day, in every classroom. To further that mission and to enhance how we serve today’s students as well as future generations of Archer students, we are moving ahead with our Campus Preservation and Improvement Plan. In addition to providing the facilities essential to a school serving both middle and upper school students, the Campus Plan is architecturally beautiful and environmentally respectful. The design reflects the ways in which girls learn best and its physical spaces will provide the flexibility necessary to meet the evolving challenges of providing a 21st century education. As we continue to move forward with Archer’s Campus Plan process, we thank you for your unwavering and generous support of Archer and for joining with us to realize this shared vision. We are confident that together we will achieve great things. Sincerely,

Justin Chang Vice Chair of Board of Trustees, Chair of Advancement Committee

Financial Overview


Operating Income Tuition & Fees: 87% - $13,672,920 Archer Fund: 13% - $2,121,475.25

Operating Expenses


Program: 70% Flexible Tuition: 17% General & Administrative: 13%

Gifts to Archer’s endowment are invested in accordance to The Archer School for Girls Endowment Policy. We are grateful for these gifts, which provide long-term support for the School. Endowment Gifts: ♦ ♦

Cindy Harrell Horn Endowment Fund for Financial Aid Anonymous

Endowment: $6,471,225 Capital: $13,372,258

“Archer possesses the unique ability to reach girls in their adolescence and carry them forward, allowing them to find their purpose and set their goals. Single sex education can remove barriers and distractions, inviting girls to be full participants in their education and school community. I am proud of the wealth of opportunities that Archer offers, the standards it aspires to, and the tools it equips our daughters with to go out in the world and make a difference. I’m equally proud to join the Board of Trustees and be a part of Archer’s future.”

New Trustee Profile

Lauren is a graduate of UC Berkeley and earned her Physician Associate Degree from Duke University. After 24 years at HealthCare Partners, Lauren is now retired. Lauren and her husband, Austin, have three children. Lexi ’11 is a senior at George Washington University studying in a dual degree program, Political Communications, School of Media and Public Affairs. Their son, Aidan, is a senior at Brentwood School and Lauren’s stepdaughter, Anastasia, is a documentary filmmaker and videographer.

Lee Kort

Lauren Fite

New Trustee Profile

Welcome To Our New Trustees

“Thank you for the opportunity to serve on the Archer Board of Trustees. It is a great honor to be part of an institution that educates and shapes the future of its students, and a privilege to help shape the future of Archer. I look forward to contributing my expertise and experience to help Archer in all aspects of its operation and especially in the development project.” Since 1989, Lee has been a managing partner of Kort and Scott Financial Group which invests in and manages commercial and multi-family real estate properties. The properties include manufactured housing communities, apartment buildings and golf courses throughout the western United States. Lee is also a managing partner at Pacifico Partners in Los Angeles. Pacifico is in the home auctioning and home building business. Lee and his wife Jill have two daughters, Alexa and Erika ’16.


The Campaign for Archer As inspired and visionary as Archer itself, our campus plan seeks to embody the 21st century paradigm that has become synonymous with The Archer School for Girls. Archer’s plan provides an elegant background for the School’s historic building and expands upon the garden courtyard theme of the current campus while providing a creative and inspiring expanded campus for our faculty and students. We are confident this improved campus will take teaching and learning to new heights. Toward this end, Archer continues to be blessed by the unlimited support of its community. We are very grateful for this support, both in time and treasure, toward our Campus Preservation and Improvement plan and express our heartfelt gratitude to the following donors.

CONTRIBUTORS Anonymous (1) Yasmin & Salim Adaya Kerry & Robert Benderson Rick & Erin Benfield Bhavnani Family Justin Chang & Amanda Brown Barbara Bruser & Richard Clark The Cayton Family Dr. & Mrs. Jone Chen Cornelia Cheng & Brad Yamada Stephanie & Nicholas Darrow Suzie Doran Lillian & David Dulan Wendy Felson & David Goodman Lee Fox & Steve Beauregard Tena & Blair Frank

Sidney Kohl Family Foundation Stacey & Lawrence Kohl The Kort Family Karen Hirshan Krull & Craig Krull Deborah Lehman & Marc Wishingrad Patricia Lombard & William Simon Long Cove Foundation Susan Disney Lord & Scott R. Lord Nancy & Jonathan Lurie Laura & Kevin Marks Ray Michaud Catrice Monson David Moray

Beth & Josh Friedman

Barbara Natterson Horowitz & Zach Horowitz

Roy Furman

Winifred & Kenneth Neisser

Gary & Maria Gersh

Hillary Newman ‘04

Ann & Jim Gianopulos

Jeanne & Gary Newman

Aya Kimura Goldberg & Earl Lewis Goldberg

The Nye Family

The Goldrich Family Foundation

Ravich Family

Mark Gordon Caroline & Lucian Grainge George Harangody & Stephen Warren Kathryn Harrold & Lawrence O’Donnell Catherine & Mark Helm Lynne & Michael Heslov Leonard Hirshan Tia & David Hoberman Kathleen Kennedy & Frank Marshall Dr. Andrew B. Kim & Mrs. Wan Kyun Kim Felicia Paik Kim & Ty Kim

John Ohanesian Beth Rendeiro & Steven DePaul David A. & Karen Richards Sachs Michael & Kristin Sant Saya Foundation Luis & Ana Serrano Jody Cukier Siegler Ruth Sorotzkin & Bert Mandelbaum Sarah & Ron Stone The Tierney Family Kevin & Kim Traenkle The Zeller Family, Michael, Jennifer & Claire ’17 The Zaccaro Family

The Gary David Goldberg Gym

“One of the comforting realizations about Gary’s life is that he was not only a first-rate writer and creator and producer but he was beloved. We tried to think of some way to honor his legacy. We tried to think big because he always did. We thought about what he loved. Kids, women, friends. Coaching, mentoring, learning, laughing. Basketball. Maybe we could build a gym. The Gary David Goldberg Memorial Gymnasium. The young women, the athletes of The Archer School for Girls, would finally have a home court and their coaches, mentors and parents would have a place to teach them to be a team. I know Gary would like that.” Diana Meehan Thank you to the many friends of Gary David Goldberg for their generous expression of their love. We are very grateful.

Why We Give The Zeller Family,

Michael, Jennifer & Claire ’17 We support Archer because after merely one year, it is already proving to be a wonderfully transformative experience for our daughter. The questions she is being asked and the ways in which she is required to think are shaping her into the best version of herself–an articulate, self-assured and intellectually courageous young woman who will be a force to be reckoned with. We are grateful that under the visionary leadership of Elizabeth English, Archer may be the only school around that can boast of being an academic powerhouse with a warm and caring environment for girls. And we couldn’t have asked for a better parent community. We love Archer!

Contributors Anonymous (1)

Seth Freeman

Alan Mark

Air Royale

Kathy Garmezy

Alexander & Karen Mauskop

Leah Bishop and Gary Yale

Cliff & Leslie Gilbert-Lurie

Neil Napoleon

Kathleen Bonk & Marc Tucker

Lynne & Francis Glaser

NBC Entertainment

Friends of Barbara Boxer

Stan & Starr Goldberg

Winifred & Kenneth Neisser

Jean Brincko

Diana Meehan, on behalf of The Goldberg-

L.A. Nice Guys

Ira Brodsky

Meehan Family Foundation

Kurt & Nancy Ransohoff

City National Bank

Cailin Goldberg-Meehan & Rob Dubbin

Shirley & Howard Rosen

John & Diane Cook

Mark Gordon

Ed & Bobbie Rosenblatt

Adams Cowan Foundation

Perry & Martin Granoff Family Foundation

Katherine Ruppe

Peter & Kita Curry

Martha Henderson

Fred Sands

Katrina Dornig & Craig Zisk

The Horn Foundation (Cindy Harrell-Horn

Kim Scheiblauer

Sam & Lori Dubbin

& Alan Horn)

Pat Schroeder

Robert Dean Fead

Kathleen Kennedy & Frank Marshall

Leo & Barbara Sender

Leslee Feldman

Corinne Lapook & Wayne Pasternack

Shireen Shafai ’01

Brian P. Friedman Family Foundation

Lear Family Foundation

Bonnie & Mike Sikowitz

Thomas Fontana

Larry & Audrey Levine

Marge & Earl Tabankin-Katz

Richard & Shari Foos

Malkin Fund

Johnlyn Totten

MJ & Tracy Fox-Pollan

Marilyn Mann

Warner Brothers Entertainment

2013-2014 Archer Fund Master List of Contributors The Archer School for Girls gives heartfelt thanks to the following individuals, foundations and corporations for their gifts to the School from July 1, 2013 through June 30, 2014. This list acknowledges all annual giving through the Archer Fund, including Raise Your Paddle for Financial Aid and major initiatives, but exclusive of special events, endowment and capital gifts.

Founders Circle $25,000+

Anonymous (2) The Ammon Foundation Aqualia Foundation Ltd. Barbara Bruser* & Richard Clark Andrea & Barry Cayton Austin & Lauren Fite Austin & Lauren Fite Foundation The Floyd Family Edward E. Ford Foundation Doretta & Jona Goldrich The Goldrich Family Foundation Mark Gordon* Caroline* & Lucian Grainge Kathleen Kennedy* & Frank Marshall* Jennifer Kim Zeller & Michael Zeller Lee & Jill Kort Susan Disney Lord & Scott R. Lord* The Goldberg-Meehan** Family Trust Joshua Wayser & Richard Schulte Roberta Weintraub & Ira Krinsky

Head of School Circle $15,000+

Kerry & Robert Benderson Ann* & Jim Gianopulos Aya Kimura Goldberg & Earl Lewis Goldberg Zachary & Barbara Horowitz Fund Nicola & Jordan Kerner Nancy & Jonathan* Lurie Barbara Natterson Horowitz* & Zach Horowitz Palermo Ravich Foundation Karl Price The Purwin Family David A. & Karen Richards Sachs* Miriam & Stanley Rothbart Elisa & Steve Rubin Jennifer Schwalbach & Kevin Smith Shana & Scott Silveri Sarah & Ron* Stone The Tierney Family

Trustees Circle $10,000+

A & R Engineering Co., Inc. The Sheri & Les Biller Family Foundation Amanda Brown & Justin Chang* Tifanie & Chris Chaney Tena & Blair Frank Howard L. Gussman Kathryn Harrold & Lawrence O’Donnell* Catherine* & Mark Helm Anne Josephson Stacey & Lawrence Kohl Long Cove Foundation Laura & Kevin Marks

Drs. Ali & Giselle Namazie John Ohanesian* Nancy & Brad Rosenberg Brad & Nancy Rosenberg Family Foundation Cheryl & Haim Saban The Saban Charitable Support Fund Kristin & Michael Sant Murat & Linda Sehidoglu Carla & Michael Shamberg Dr. Ruth Sorotzkin & Dr. Bert Mandelbaum

Partners Circle $5,000+

Anonymous (3) Adrian & Jamee Alperovich James Archer Ares Operations, LLC Rick & Erin Benfield Karina & David Calvert-Jones CAM Foundation The Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation Ellen Danna, Shane ’15 & Shelby ’12 Gussman Stephanie* & Nicholas Darrow Dogeared Martha & Ron Doornink The Doornink Family Charitable Fund Suzie Doran* Alexandra & Joe Dwek Elizabeth English & Leigh Williams Ever Glades Fund Wendy Felson & David Goodman Lee Fox & Steve Beauregard Beth* & Josh Friedman Miho Fukuma & Songpon Thiankham Natalie & Simon Fuller Rob Jacobs & Ann Gentry Anita Greenspan-Mothersbaugh & Mark Mothersbaugh Jennifer Grey & Clark Gregg Christine & Chester Griffiths Jill & Michael Hall Elisabeth & Dan Halsted Dean & Christi Heck Lynne & Michael* Heslov Conrad N. Hilton Foundation Leonard Hirshan Leonard Hirshan Family Foundation David & Tia Hoberman Nicole & Peter Horton Paula Kaplan & Billy Goldberg Brooke Karzen & Leslye Gustat Sidney Kohl Family Foundation Karen Hirshan Krull & Craig Krull Lisa & Evan Lamberg Deborah Lehman* & Marc Wishingrad Marcia Maizel-Clarke & Merlin Clarke The Mihalke Family Catrice Monson* David Moray The Kenneth T. & Eileen L. Norris Foundation Mia & Norm Rille Sachs Family Fund Roger & Vicki Sant The Second Sister Foundation The Shintani Family Joy & Martin Stanley Robert & Judith Tuffias Westfield Century City Mall, LLC The Wood Family Vida Yaghmai & Kourosh Gohar

Leaders Circle $2,500+

Anonymous (5) Natalia & Ara Abramyan Phillipa Altmann & Damon Mamalakis Julie & Tony Bardin Helen Bartlett & Tony Bill Martha & Charles Bartlett The Benson Family Brett Lamm & Stephanie Blackman Michael & Tracy Blum The Helen R. Buck Foundation Kenneth & April Burgomaster Alexander & Linda Cappello The Cerone Family Martin R. Berman & Agnes Chouchan Coco Investment, Inc Barry & Kerry Cohen Natalie Diggle & James Barton Cheryl & Charlie Dimont Michelle Eslami & Jodi Friedman Jin & Marc Fenster Ken Sulzer & Lisa Ferreira Roy Furman Georgeta & Robert Gage Jennifer Galloway & Daniel Ediger Elaine & David Greenwald Paul & Tess Hechmer Shirley & Ronald Heck Rod & Carrie Henley Peter & Kerry Hernandez The Jewish Community Foundation Jennifer Justman & Steve Bersch Wendy & John Kretchmer Phyllis & David Lapin Amanda & Darren Leach-Rouvi Patricia Lombard & William Simon Maricopa Capital LLC Bruce McKinlay & Amanda Marks Sandra McClean Michael Katz & Holly Middlekauff Halima & Suleman Mohammed Bettina Tendler O’Mara Will & Sherrie Pastron Peter & Rose Pelikan Law Offices of Pflaster & Berman John Penney & Julie Rousseau Peter Choate & Claude Ruau Danielle & Gene Salomon Christopher Dunn & Catherine Sedwick Jody Cukier Siegler* The Slagermans Lisa & Darren Statt Thomas Family Foundation Vince & Jackie Thompson The Tollman Family Kevin & Kim Traenkle Mr. & Mrs. Robert Walston Wells Fargo Foundation Jennifer & Graham Woolf

Friends Circle $1,500+

Anonymous (2) Akzo Nobel Inc. Bank of America The Bode Family Jackie & Matt Bombeck Harry Hochman & Linda Cantor Shung & Dongchul Chung James Donnel & Samantha Coyne Donnel The Cull Family

Lara Baumgarten Marcia & Steve Berman The Berman Family The Bhavnani Family The Boeing Company Salvador & Noreen Brau Diana Braun & Frank Langen The Brin Family Gina Browne & Lee Feldman The Bush Family Luisa Carrera Franklyn & Rita Caruso William & Marisabel Casteneda John & Betty Chen Tony & Weining Chen Winston & Bessie Chin Penni Crenna Brian Varnum & Shannon Daley

Why We Give

Carla Daly Carol Dubron-Witlin & Steven Witlin The Evans-Katz Family The Frierson Family Gerhard & Katrina Fuchs Lorenzo & Marguerita Gasparetti Julie Gould Brian Pike & Sharon Graves Duncan Smith & Kathleen Hallberg Ann Hallin & David Russo Natalia Harriman Christy Hobart & Henry Shapiro Lisa Kaminir & Kevin Kelley Atsuko Kanai H. Karasik Lee & Lauren Karny Mati & Milvi Laan Timothy Miklaucic & Ana Loehnert

Andrea & Barry Cayton & Family We support Archer because we are aligned with the philosophy of the school and we feel the obligation and desire to contribute to the Archer Community. Over the years, we’ve watched our children be the recipients of the generosity of others who came before us. This is true here on Archer’s beautiful campus and at the Harvard-Westlake and Curtis schools our sons have attended. Since we only have one daughter, we wanted Lindsay to be in a school that feels like a community and is focused on how girls learn. Archer is that school for us. We were drawn to the leadership of Elizabeth English who had a vision of a school that empowers and supports girls to achieve excellence academically while emotionally supporting them and fostering self-esteem. Given that our daughter graduates in two years, she will not be the direct beneficiary of our support for Archer’s master plan, but we firmly believe that it’s important to give back and to model philanthropy for our children.

Dawn & Joey Maddox Karen Makoff & Michael Chin Sloane & Robert Malecki Beth Osisek & Ken Fink Rena Ronson Tawny & Jerry Sanders Tawny & Jerry Sanders Charitable Foundation Sharon & Barry Schindel Richard & Julia Seaman Laurie Shearing & Riccardo De Los Rios Victoria Shorr** & John Perkins Richard & Bobbi Thompson The Wagner/Weinstein Family The Wakeham Family Anu Wangmo & Pramod Shrestha Emily & Jeremy Weitz Maureen & Bernard White Gary & Ronel Williams The Zaccaro Family Helen & Paul Zimmelman

Arrow Circle $500+

Anonymous (18) The Abrahams Family Ioe Adler Dale & Karen Alberstone Lisa Angel Hope & Arnold Anisgarten The Appelbaum-Schwartz Family Massimo & Maria Arteaga Tony & Linda Arzt Lisa Asterino & Michael Webber Cynthia & Scott Avila Karen & Jonathan Bass

The Dapretto-Iacoboni Family Blake & Brooke Davenport Steven DePaul & Beth Rendeiro DIRECTV Dayle & Charles Dolginer Charles I. Dolginer, Attorney at Law Kena & Ben Efraim Noa & Jonathan Ehrlich Geraldine Ellman Matthias & Katja Emcke Sasha Emerson, Sophie Kimball ’12 & Eden Levin ’11 Carlos & Debra Escobar Tatiana ’13 & Linda Evans Tim & Cynthia Florian Mark Freeman & Kelli Crews Freeman Tom & Patti Garrick Clara & Gilberto Gazcon Ingrid & Julian Girod The Goldstone Family Beth Gordie Brad & Marsi Gore Drs. Kim Gregory & Richard Casey Madeline Gussman Carolyn & Bernard Hamilton Sandra & Tony Hogan Kathy & John Hollister InTheCanyon, Inc. Pam & Larry Jacobson Craig A. Jameson The Joelson Foundation David Johnson Mark & Limor Johnson Nicole & Alex Khatibi Janice Kido Sandra & Brian Kiley

Veronica Klein Grant Tinker & Brooke Knapp Sabina & Xavier Koller Andy & Lorie Lassner Sandra & Robert Lehman Rhoda Leichter The Levy Family Theresa & Ryan Lindstrom Anita & Bill Lischak The Lyons Family Anna Macmassey & Stefano Raspi Kim & Randy Magnin Heidi Jo Markel & Avi Lerner Loretta & Jeffrey Marks Belinda & Joseph Masotta Ann & Don McLennan Melissa Merwin-Malina & Joshua Malina James & Barbara Mihalke Laura & Andy Mintzer Linda & Babak Mirdamadi Mildred Monson James & Annabel Montgomery Deidre & Malcolm Mumford Gary Natoli Gerda Newbold & John Adler Dana & Eric Newman Miles Feldman & Dana Newman Dorothy Nichols & Martin Smith Naila Osman & Mohammad Akram Keith & Melissa Parker Karen Pavliscak Richard & Suzanne Penney Diane Perez The Peyrot Family Lucy Pinkwater Katherine Porter Terry Press-Marx & Andy Marx

Michael & Liza Price Nancy & Yaron Rabinowitz Anthony E. Reading Robert Half International Stephen Fife & Hillary Rollins Joseph & Pauline Romano Harry & Christine Roussos Mr. & Mrs. Larry Russ The Saini Family Jim, Tyla, & Roz ’07 Sawyer Daniel & Helena Schwartz Luis & Ana* Serrano Lisa & Jeff Sherman The Shulman-Litwin Family The Simpson Family The Smyth Family The Solomon Family Sony Pictures Entertainment David, Negar, Yassi ’19, & Matthew Soufer Stephanie Sperber & Andy Davis The Spitz Family Lindsey & David Strasberg Dan & Lindsay Sturman Caroline Styne & Michael Kohn Bruce Chorpita & Catherine Sustana Symantec Maryam Talaie Barbara S. Topkis Elizabeth Topkis Michele Toppin & David London Ana Torres Marlene Tsuchii Dalston & Christopher Dalston The Tuffias-Mora Family Kambiz Taleghani & Adriana Vernon Nancy & Matthew Vescovo Catherine Walker Mark Kristof & Beth Ward Jeffrey & Maria Wauer Tara Wilson Peter Ferrera & Maria Wimmer Lucas Reiner & Maud Winchester Damon & Sheree Wolf Victor Wylie Tomoko Yamada

Purple & Green Circle Up to $499 Anonymous (38) Marc Abraham Simone Agee & Roy Cross Delores Agee Wimberly Leylie Aghili ’04 Stacy Alldredge Natalie & Charles Altmann Mildred Y. Alvarado Erika Amaya Cynthia Ambriz ’11 David & Mardee Ambriz Rachel Arditi ’13 Piers Armstrong Chad Attie Jenn Babin Jána Howard & Neil Bagg Josie Bahedry Melissa Bank ‘04 The Barker Family Jennifer Barnhill Lauren Bass ’11 Dorothy & Ray Beauregard Kristen Benjamin Remington Bennett ’13

Jenna Berger ‘05 The Berger-Schmitz Family Capucine Berney ’13 Shane Berning Robin Bernstein Ellen Bersch Elana Besserman ’02 Terry Blecher & Logan Palmer Jonathan & Paige Bobbitt Michelle & Christopher Boehm Laura Bomes ’09 Mr & Mrs. Stephen Bomes, Parents of Laura Bomes ’09 Nicole Bordeaux Madelyn Boudousque ’10 Dr. Kwame & Mrs. Beatrice Bowmani Hazella Bowmani ’02 Kimberley & Julian Brame Jacqueline Brand Kelly Broffman ’06 Noelle Brooks Ms. Lindsay Browder Jeffrey & Rachel Brown Tara & Carl Brown Tanya & Alex Bryzgalova Amber Buck Hamilton ’04 Mary Ellen & Frederick Burgomaster Kayla Burney ’13 Gabriela Cach ’13 Manuel Cach Julia Callaway ’04 Megan** & David Callaway Andy Callender Maria Calvo & Juan Cadenas Gina Campbell Marva Campbell April Carletto Perla Carlson ’03 Michael Carter Loren M. Castellon ’10 Sonia L. Castellon Bok Cha Catie Chase Maria Chavez Jasmine Chen ’13 Linda & Jack Chen Victoria Chen ’12 Anthony Chicco Alexandria Choe ’13 Stacy Chon Kylie Clark ’07 Angela Clarke The Cobb-Phillips Family Philip & Josiane Cohanim Roxane Cohanim ’03 Ariel Cohen ’10 Mark Cohen The Colby Family Kristen Cole-Ford ’01 Kim & Greg Connors Kelley Costello ’05 Huey & Wanda Cotton Beth & David Cranston Hannah Cranston ’09 Jessica Cranston ’13 Richard Crenna Carol Cromer Adele Cygelman & Bob Moore Stefanie Daehler Theresa Dahlin Jane Davis

Olivia (De Carlo) de Segovia ’04 Marsha & James de Vera Carla Delgado Amy & Richard DeLossa Rosy DePaul ’13 Marni Diamond Leslie Dick Collin & Jenny DiMaio Jennifer & Rick Dohr Annmarie Dominguez ’13 Alicia Dougherty ’08 The Downer Family Gwendolyn Dreyer Amy & Edan Duarte Caitlin Duffy The Duffy-Reddy Family Devon Dunlap ’03 Fairfax duPont ’06 Laurance & Lex duPont Sophie duPont ’10 Reed Farley & Ashley Dyer Isabelle Edwards ’03 Sylvie Escande Hannah Eshaghian ’13 Jennifer Evans ’04 Gloria & Douglas Farmer Debbie Feinerman Stephanie Ferri Grace Fetterman ’12 Lauren (Hochberg) Finkelstein ’01 Eileen Finney Lane Fischman Estela Flores & Efren Tuxpan Adena & William Frank Gavin Frank ’03 Julie & Steven Frank Merona & Martin Frank Ellen & Edward Freeman Amanda Freiler Cyndi Friedman & Arnold Diamond Catherine Fuller Catherine Fuller & Dean Allgeyer Goldie Gabriel Caila Gale ’11 Linda Galloway Tracy Ganzer Haferling Family Garcia-Euyoque Andres & Ely Garreton Reeca Gaspari Talia Geffen Mimi Gianopulos ’07 Cushman Gillen Beth Gold Elaine & Nate Goldberg Sarah Goldberg Cailin Goldberg-Meehan ’01 The Goldsmith Family Familia Gonzalez The Gonzalez Family Reena Gordon Dennis Gorman Demetress Graham Judith Grant & Darrell Vickers Anna & Don Greathouse Taryn Haar ’04 The Haley Family Cailey Hall ’02 Dave & Cindee Hallinan Christa Harris Nicole Hart ’03 Danielle Hausberg ’11

Lili Hermeline Jacqueline Hernandez ’12 The Hershey-Van Horn Family Joan Heyler Yvonne & Leon Higgins Korinne Hinderliter ’02 Hannah Hodgden ’04 The Holczer Family Ankhet Holmes ’13 Velina Hasu Houston & Peter H. Jones Ryan Hutchison Emily Ibarra ’09 Emily Idell ’11 Daniel In Alexandra Jacobson ’13 Robert, Darlene & Elissa ’10 James The Jamieson Family Elizabeth Jensen ’04 Edna & Kamton Joe Jerilyn Joel Erika Johansson ’04 Moira Johnston ’13 Barbara Jones & Gustavo Leclerc Ruthie Jones & Eric Taslitz Bob & Doris Kaminsky The Kantz Family Andrea Kay Lisa & Barry Kay Heather S. Keddie Anna Kelner ’08 Mary Beth & Kevin Kelso Janne & Chip Keyes Judith Kido Kathleen Kido-Savino Ebony King ’04 Amanda Kleiman ’07 Eunkyung & Jungmin Koh Laura Korman ’03 Mayumi & Keiji Koyabu Caitlin Kramer ’11 Annah Krepack ’13 Patty Lancaster Quinci Land ’05 Alyssa Lanz ’08 Jessica Lassner Jessica K. Laufer & Neal Halfon, MD Shirley & Tony Leach Elizabeth Leicester & Peregrine Beckman Mara & Jeffrey Lenkov Denny Lennon Rhonda Leshman Gayle Leventhal Laurey & Rob Levy Alexandra Lewin ’03 Lauren G. Linde Elaine Lipworth & Stephen Beech Andrea Hairston Locke Jacob London Genesis Lopez ’08 Marcos Lopez Christian Luhnow Janet Lyon Tali & David Mackay Brooke & Jonathan Maile Monna & Simon Mainwaring Ramona Maldonado & Miguel Sarabia Zoe Malecki ’09 Bonnie Mark Louise G. Martin Richard & Nancy Martin Sarah Martin

Familia Martinez Marrufo Marjorie Masters & Mark Robbins Amelia Mathis Edith Matthai & James Robie Malia McClurg Jessica McCullagh Christina McIntosh Sheldon & Linda Mehr Priya & Mehul Mehta Elida Mejia & Fernando Lugo Drs. Eleanore & James Meyer Ray Michaud* Dominique Miller ’01 Gabrielle Miller ’04 Eleanor Missaghieh Michelle Missaghieh & Bruce Ellman Amaya Molina & Jose Hernandez Franz & Rosa Moncada Enrique Montoya Kathy Moore-Sausedo & Robert Sausedo Kari Morioka Alexandra Moritz ’11 Haley Moritz ’13 Daniella Morrison ’13 Margot Morrison Christopher Mosier Sara Mottahedan ’03 Eurydice & James Mundy Esmeralda Munoz Bonnie Nadell & Patric Kuh Travis Nesbitt Bethany Neubauer Isabella Neuberg ’13 Hillary Newman ’04* Sofi Newmyer ’06 Jennifer Northrup Johnnie & Sadie Novello Adam Mehr & Jennifer Nye Peri & Gregory O’Connor Ava Ohanesian ’13 Morissa O’Mara ’11 Nancy Ortenberg & Doug Wilson Sadaf Osman ’04 Irina Oulko Maria Padilla ’03 Felicia Paik Patricia Palmer Nilusha Patel Marjorie Paulson Tyrone Callahan & Suzanne Paulson The Pavia Family Susie Pérez ’13 Mary Louise Piccard The Pinkett Family Tracy Poverstein Mr. & Mrs. C. P. Powell Margaret Pranchenko ’13 Evelyn Ramirez-Schultz & Jacob Schultz Kurt & Jennifer Ramlo The Raucher/Lee Family The Richards Family Vivian & Marcela ’16 Riddick Lisa Rinna & Harry Hamlin Luke Robertson Maria Rojas ’04 Shiva Rose Janet & Robert Rosenblum Sarah Rosenblum ’08 Mohamad R. Dezgaran & Maryam Rostami Fariba & Siamak Rouzroch Tom & Jane Rozanski

Jaymie Rubin ’13 Tim Rule James Russo Rachel Sachs ’11 Allison Sagadencky Leasly Salazar ’11 Carly Salindong ’03 Courtney Salindong ’11 The Sallas Family Rebecca Samuelson ’13 The Sasson Family Tamar Saunders ’04 Ashley Sawtelle Photography Diana Schafer & David Howard Amanda Scharf ’09 Jeff & Suzanne Schneider Brittany Schoof Samie Schotz ’05 Carly Schwartz ’10 Alexa Schwarzman ’05 Phil & Madeline Schwarzman Pippa Scott Crystal Sengstaken Natalia Serrano ’02 Maria Servello Jill Shachat Bell & David Bell Jasmine Shackelford ’06 Shireen Shafai ’01 Nahal Shakib ’13 Jackie Shapiro Geri & Jim Sherman Hanna Shohfi Ferial & Farsheed Shomloo Anatora & Robert Shorr Krystyna Sikora ’13 Helen Simanowitz Martha Slagerman Kimberley Smith Susan Smith The Speiser Family Georgina Stage ’10 Cari Stahler & Roger Howarth Andrea Stern ’10 Benina Stern ’12 Marilyn & Jeffrey Stern Carly Steward Donna & Gary D. Stone Melinda Stone Lisa Stothard-Bernhardt & Daniel Bernhardt The Strouk Family Susan Sullivan The Suto Family Devon Leigh Swartz ’13 Robin & David Swartz Veronika Syrop ’08 Mr. & Mrs. Orest Tataryn Dorothy & Larry Tate Kaci Taylor ’05 Kristin Taylor & Drew Dalzell Courtney Teller ’10 The Teller Family The Steven & Ilyse Teller Charitable Foundation Dr. & Mrs. Bert J. Thomas Lindsay V. Thomas ’10 Wendy Thornton Noelle Tongue ’06 Top Commerical Property Services, Inc. Tom Towler Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc. Geffen Treiman ’13

The Treiman Family Kathleen Tundermann Niles Chelsea Tuomi ’10 The Turner Family UBS Matching Gift Program Maya Varga ’04 Carol Velasquez Isaac Velasquez Helen Vera ’02 Julio & Kukla Vera Maria Vera ’04 The Wallace Family Annie Wands ’01 Bruce & Donna Warber Elizabeth Warber Gretchen Warner

Hiromi & David Warren Mary & John Wauer Kate Webster ’07 Jodi & Ian Weingarten Betsy & Michael Weisberg Charmetha & James White Jo Wilder Emily Wilen ’13 Sharifah Williams Aundrea Williford ’04 Brian Wogensen Kay & Frank Wolf Pamela Wolf Sheila & Nestor Wong Scott Smith & Wilma Wong Gretchen Wu

Molly Wylie ’11 Jeanne Yang & Scott Cort Jae Yi Dan & Sherri York Valerie Yoshimura & Bill Shay Clarence Yoshino Mark Youssef Christine Zaccaro ’12 Louis & Dolores Zaccaro Linlin Zhang & Thomas Stockfisch *Trustee **Trustee Emeritus

Archer Fund Volunteers At the heart of the Archer Fund is an enthusiastic and dedicated group of outstanding volunteers who encourage a culture of giving. Volunteer participation made a significant difference in helping us reach our goals by connecting with every Archer family to enlist their financial support. It is because of their time, talent and dedication on behalf of Archer that we achieved 96% participation among parents and 100% among faculty and staff this year. We are very grateful to each of you for your leadership, commitment and enthusiasm. We could not do it without you. Middle School Chair Laurie Shearing Upper School Chair Ellen Danna 6th Grade Class Captain – Kerry Benderson John Penney Julie Rousseau Lindsay Sturman 7th Grade Class Captain – Danna Sigal Tena Fishman-Frank Amanda Shumow Ingrid Girod

8th Grade Class Captain – Joshua Wayser Marsha de Vera Tyla Sawyer Helen Simanowitz 9th Grade Class Captain – Julie Benson Wendy Felson David Goodman David Greenwald Elaine Greenwald Gerda Newbold 10th Grade Class Captain – Jeff Egger Linda Arzt Alice Goldstone Stephen Jamieson

11th Grade Class Captain – Charlie Dimont Julie Frank Clara Gazcon Jana Howard Ruthie Jones 12th Grade Class Captain - Jeri Okomato Floyd & Dan Floyd Katrina Fuchs Dean Heck Sabina Kruger Koller Debbie Lehman Sloane Malecki Alumnae Lauren Hochberg Finkelstein ‘01 Faculty & Staff Co-Chairs Kristen Benjamin & Brian Wogensen

Why We Give

Thank You To Our Donors 96% of Archer Parents contributed to the Archer Fund. 6th Grade 7th Grade 8th Grade 9th Grade

100% 100% 86% 97%

10th Grade 11th Grade 12th Grade

95% 96% 95%

The Rubin Family

Archer gave Jaymie an outstanding educational foundation, and the confidence, leadership skills, resilience and sensibility that enabled her to make a seamless transition to life at Emory University. She entered Archer as a timid 7th grader and, six years later, with Archer’s guidance and support, she’s emerged as a poised, empowered and ambitious young woman. Archer let Jaymie stretch her educational opportunities, literally and figuratively, through dance, science research, and numerous other pioneering programs. Archer is willing to innovate and explore new possibilities, and it motivates the girls to do the same. Dance was an integral part of Jaymie’s experience at Archer. She participated in Dance Troupe all six years and was intimately involved in the growth and development of the Dance program, as a dancer and choreographer, captain, and ultimately, Head Captain. We were so inspired by Jaymie’s evolution that our family made a gift to the Dance program to ensure its further expansion.

Archer Parents Class of 2020

Adrian & Jamee Alperovich Kerry & Robert Benderson The Berman Family The Bode Family Diana Braun & Frank Langen The Brin Family Kenneth & April Burgomaster William & Marisabel Casteneda Richard Crenna Brian Varnum & Shannon Daley Kena & Ben Efraim The Evans-Katz Family Jin & Marc Fenster Estela Flores & Efren Tuxpan Mark Freeman & Kelli Crews Freeman The Frierson Family Miho Fukuma & Songpon Thiankham Lisa & Bruce Gellman Demetress Graham Anita Greenspan-Mothersbaugh & Mark Mothersbaugh Jennifer Grey & Clark Gregg Peter & Kerry Hernandez Christy Hobart & Henry Shapiro Paula Kaplan & Billy Goldberg Janice Kido Anita & Bill Lischak Timothy Miklaucic & Ana Loehnert Anna Macmassey & Stefano Raspi Monna & Simon Mainwaring Bruce McKinlay & Amanda Marks

Priya & Mehul Mehta Linda & Babak Mirdamadi Minnie Mortimer & Stephen Gaghan The Pinkett Family Michael & Liza Price Nancy & Brad Rosenberg John Penney & Julie Rousseau Peter Choate & Claude Ruau Allison Sagadencky The Shintani Family Lisa Skinner & Michael Brodsky Cari Stahler & Roger Howarth Dan & Lindsay Sturman Maryam Talaie Vince & Jackie Thompson Nancy & Matthew Vescovo Tara Wilson Valerie Yoshimura & Bill Shay

Class of 2019

Phillipa Altmann & Damon Mamalakis The Appelbaum-Schwartz Family Lisa Asterino & Michael Webber Rick & Erin Benfield Ellen Bersch Jennifer Black Dea Michael & Tracy Blum The Bode Family Ginger Bower & Patrick Downes Jacqueline Brand Maria Calvo & Juan Cadenas Tifanie & Chris Chaney Martin R. Berman & Agnes Chouchan Shung & Dongchul Chung The Cobb-Phillips Family

The Colby Family Blake & Brooke Davenport Natalie Diggle & James Barton Jeffrey Egger Noa & Jonathan Ehrlich Carlos & Debra Escobar Estela Flores & Efren Tuxpan Tena & Blair Frank Lisa Freeman & Phranc Gottlieb Jennifer Galloway & Daniel Ediger Ingrid & Julian Girod Mark Gordon Reena Gordon Paul & Tess Hechmer Rod & Carrie Henley Pam & Larry Jacobson Atsuko Kanai Nicola & Jordan Kerner Mara & Jeffrey Lenkov Suzanne & Bret Lewis The Lyons Family Laura & Kevin Marks Loretta & Jeffrey Marks Tanya & Steven McMillion Deidre & Malcolm Mumford Bonnie Nadell & Patric Kuh Adam Mehr & Jennifer Nye Beth Osisek & Ken Fink Jenny Petersson & Martin Sandberg The Raucher/Lee Family The Richards Family Lisa Rinna & Harry Hamlin Danielle & Gene Salomon Daniel & Helena Schwartz

Why We Give

Murat & Linda Sehidoglu Laurie Shearing & Riccardo De Los Rios Amanda & Christopher Shumow Danna Sigal The Slagermans The Smyth Family David, Negar, Yassi ’19, & Matthew Soufer

The Evans-Katz Family Lee Fox & Steve Beauregard Catherine Fuller & Dean Allgeyer Family Garcia-Euyoque Andres & Ely Garreton Christine & Guido Germano The Goldsmith Family Ann Hallin & David Russo Elisabeth & Dan Halsted Natalia Harriman Nicole & Peter Horton Jennifer Justman & Steve Bersch Paula Kaplan & Billy Goldberg Sheryl Kataoka Endo & Rich Endo Mayumi & Keiji Koyabu Wendy & John Kretchmer Karen Hirshan Krull & Craig Krull Mati & Milvi Laan Amanda & Darren Leach-Rouvi Rhoda Leichter Sandra Lopez Laura Mack & Frank Webb Heidi Jo Markel & Avi Lerner Michelle Missaghieh & Bruce Ellman

Class of 2017

Natalia & Ara Abramyan Simone Agee & Roy Cross Adrian & Jamee Alperovich David & Mardee Ambriz Massimo & Maria Arteaga The Benson Family The Bhavnani Family The Bush Family Manuel Cach Harry Hochman & Linda Cantor Toni Casala The Cerone Family Kim & Greg Connors Adele Cygelman & Bob Moore Jennifer & Rick Dohr The Downer Family The Duffy-Reddy Family Matthias & Katja Emcke Wendy Felson & David Goodman Ken Sulzer & Lisa Ferreira Georgeta & Robert Gage Lorenzo & Marguerita Gasparetti Rob Jacobs & Ann Gentry

Roberta Weintraub I was looking for a school like Archer but didn’t know its name. When I met Elizabeth and the staff, I knew Archer was the right place. I have always been in favor of single-sex education for both genders from 6th grade on. For girls, single-sex schools meet their needs and provide the opportunity and desire to enter into STEM fields that women don’t typically enter into. I appreciate Archer’s spirit of wanting to make this happen; I appreciate their acceptance of all that is possible; and, I appreciate their accomplishments of the last three years which in my opinion have been unsurpassed. This is why I support Archer.

The Speiser Family Maryam & Arthur St. Antoine Lindsey & David Strasberg The Strouk Family Bruce Chorpita & Catherine Sustana The Suto Family The Tierney Family The Tollman Family Kevin & Kim Traenkle Carol Velasquez Dionne & Keith Williams Kay & Frank Wolf Damon & Sheree Wolf Jennifer & Graham Woolf Mark Youssef

Class of 2018

Lisa Angel Julie & Tony Bardin The Barker Family Jacqueline Brand Amanda Brown & Justin Chang Marsha & James de Vera Marni Diamond Hazar & Iyad Duwaji Michelle Eslami & Jodi Friedman

Yasmyne & Ibrahim Mohammed Johnnie & Sadie Novello Naila Osman & Mohammad Akram Eileen O’Sullivan & Lance Richter Keith & Melissa Parker Diane Perez The Peyrot Family Josephine & Junior Roberts Fariba & Siamak Rouzroch The Sasson Family Jim, Tyla, & Roz ’07 Sawyer The Shintani Family Anatora & Robert Shorr The Shulman-Litwin Family Helen Simanowitz Jan Stinchcomb & Kurt Miller Vince & Jackie Thompson The Tuffias-Mora Family Joshua Wayser & Richard Schulte Emily & Jeremy Weitz Charmetha & James White Peter Ferrera & Maria Wimmer Kay & Frank Wolf Scott Smith & Wilma Wong Linlin Zhang & Thomas Stockfisch

Aya Kimura Goldberg & Earl Lewis Goldberg Brad & Marsi Gore Caroline & Lucian Grainge Brian Pike & Sharon Graves Elaine & David Greenwald Elisabeth & Dan Halsted Dean & Christi Heck David & Tia Hoberman David Johnson Brooke Karzen & Leslye Gustat Kathleen Kennedy & Frank Marshall Jennifer Kim Zeller & Michael Zeller Veronica Klein Eunkyung & Jungmin Koh Stacey & Lawrence Kohl Jessica K. Laufer & Neal Halfon, MD Lauren G. Linde Monna & Simon Mainwaring Karen Makoff & Michael Chin Katarzyna Marciniak-Turowski & Kamil Turowski Bonnie Mark Richard & Nancy Martin Sandra McClean Michael Katz & Holly Middlekauff

Halima & Suleman Mohammed Eurydice & James Mundy Drs. Ali & Giselle Namazie Gary Natoli Gerda Newbold & John Adler Miles Feldman & Dana Newman Dorothy Nichols & Martin Smith Nancy Ortenberg & Doug Wilson Peter & Rose Pelikan Nancy & Yaron Rabinowitz Kurt & Jennifer Ramlo Light Rand & Frank Military Lisa Rinna & Harry Hamlin Amy & John Robertson Stephen Fife & Hillary Rollins Rena Ronson Georgia Ruiz-Torres Kristin & Michael Sant Sharon & Barry Schindel Jennifer Schwalbach & Kevin Smith Lisa & Jeff Sherman The Slagermans The Smyth Family The Solomon Family Dorothy & Larry Tate Ana Torres The Turner Family The Wakeham Family Mr. & Mrs. Robert Walston Angela & Joshua Weltman Tomoko Yamada

Class of 2016

Dale & Karen Alberstone Mildred Y. Alvarado Lisa Angel Piers Armstrong Tony & Linda Arzt Helen Bartlett & Tony Bill Brett Lamm & Stephanie Blackman Terry Blecher & Logan Palmer Michelle & Christopher Boehm Jeffrey & Rachel Brown Alexander & Linda Cappello Andrea & Barry Cayton Stacy Chon Mark Cohen Kimberly & James Deck Alexandra & Joe Dwek Jeffrey Egger Goldie Gabriel Tom & Patti Garrick Sharon Gavin The Goldstone Family Familia Gonzalez Drs. Kim Gregory & Richard Casey Dorothea & Clabe Hartley Lynne & Michael Heslov Kathy & John Hollister Laila Hussain Murad Hussain The Jamieson Family The Kantz Family Eve H. Karasik Nicola & Jordan Kerner Nicole & Alex Khatibi Sandra & Brian Kiley Lee & Jill Kort Laurey & Rob Levy Elaine Lipworth & Stephen Beech Timothy Miklaucic & Ana Loehnert

Christian Luhnow Marcia Maizel-Clarke & Merlin Clarke Marjorie Masters & Mark Robbins Melissa Merwin-Malina & Joshua Malina Deidre & Malcolm Mumford Will & Sherrie Pastron Tyrone Callahan & Suzanne Paulson Kurt & Jennifer Ramlo Vivian & Marcela ’16 Riddick Jennifer & Matthew Rowland Richard & Julia Seaman The Spitz Family Lisa & Darren Statt Sarah & Ron Stone Richard & Bobbi Thompson The Wagner/Weinstein Family Elizabeth Warber Jeffrey & Maria Wauer Helen & Paul Zimmelman

Class of 2015

The Abrahams Family Jána Howard & Neil Bagg Jonathan & Paige Bobbitt Jackie & Matt Bombeck Kimberley & Julian Brame Noelle Brooks Tony & Weining Chen Ellen Danna, Shane ’15 & Shelby ’12 Gussman Marni Diamond Cheryl & Charlie Dimont Elizabeth English & Leigh Williams Tim & Cynthia Florian Julie & Steven Frank Lisa Freeman & Phranc Gottlieb Family Garcia-Euyoque Clara & Gilberto Gazcon Hugh Gelabert Julie Gould Howard L. Gussman Dave & Cindee Hallinan Christa Harris Carmine & William Hogan The Holczer Family Deborah & Paul Hopper Mark & Limor Johnson Ruthie Jones & Eric Taslitz Lisa Kaminir & Kevin Kelley Kathleen Kennedy & Frank Marshall Karen Hirshan Krull & Craig Krull Patricia Lombard & William Simon Kim & Randy Magnin Ramona Maldonado & Miguel Sarabia Familia Martinez Marrufo Ann & Don McLennan Elida Mejia & Fernando Lugo The Mihalke Family Laura & Andy Mintzer Halima & Suleman Mohammed Drs. Ali & Giselle Namazie Peri & Gregory O’Connor The Pavia Family The Purwin Family Mohamad R. Dezgaran & Maryam Rostami Miriam & Stanley Rothbart The Sallas Family Jeff & Suzanne Schneider Christopher Dunn & Catherine Sedwick Jill Shachat Bell & David Bell Ferial & Farsheed Shomloo Dr. Ruth Sorotzkin & Dr. Bert Mandelbaum

The Speiser Family Joy & Martin Stanley Caroline Styne & Michael Kohn Hannah Sussman Mark Kristof & Beth Ward Mark Ward The Wood Family

Class of 2014

Stacy Alldredge Cynthia & Scott Avila Karen & Jonathan Bass Lara Baumgarten Nicole Bordeaux Tanya & Alex Bryzgalova Gina Campbell Luisa Carrera Barry & Kerry Cohen Carol Cromer Carla Daly The Dapretto-Iacoboni Family Grenda & Richard David Collin & Jenny DiMaio Martha & Ron Doornink Carlos & Debra Escobar Marni & Ron Eshel Alyson Feltes The Floyd Family Gerhard & Katrina Fuchs The Gonzalez Family Jill Gordon & Scott Winant The Haley Family Dean & Christi Heck The Hershey-Van Horn Family Yvonne & Leon Higgins Velina Hasu Houston & Peter H. Jones Valerie Hsu & Paul Whitlock Barbara Jones & Gustavo Leclerc Lee & Lauren Karny Jennifer & Kenneth Kastner Lisa & Barry Kay Mary Beth & Kevin Kelso Sabina & Xavier Koller Phyllis & David Lapin Jessica Lassner Andy & Lorie Lassner Deborah Lehman & Marc Wishingrad The Levy Family Sloane & Robert Malecki Kathy Moore-Sausedo & Robert Sausedo Barbara Natterson Horowitz & Zach Horowitz Bettina Tendler O’Mara Irina Oulko Mary Louise Piccard Shiva Rose Harry & Christine Roussos Sun-Hui & Kyung-Suk Ryoo The Saini Family Diana Schafer & David Howard Carla & Michael Shamberg The Simpson Family Violetta & Tom Sternberg Michele Toppin & David London Mariann & Roger Urbancsik Kambiz Taleghani & Adriana Vernon Anu Wangmo & Pramod Shrestha Gary & Ronel Williams Lucas Reiner & Maud Winchester The Zaccaro Family

Alumnae Parents

Marc Abraham David & Mardee Ambriz Hope & Arnold Anisgarten Josie Bahedry Karen & Jonathan Bass Brett Lamm & Stephanie Blackman Mr & Mrs. Stephen Bomes, Parents of Laura Bomes ’09 Dr. Kwame & Mrs. Beatrice Bowmani Gina Browne & Lee Feldman Barbara Bruser & Richard Clark Manuel Cach Megan & David Callaway Sonia L. Castellon Linda & Jack Chen Philip & Josiane Cohanim Huey & Wanda Cotton Beth & David Cranston The Cull Family Ellen Danna, Shane ’15 & Shelby ’12 Gussman Steven DePaul & Beth Rendeiro Leslie Dick Laurance & Lex duPont Sasha Emerson, Sophie Kimball ’12 & Eden Levin ’11 Tatiana ’13 & Linda Evans Susan Fair Clark & Robert Clark Debbie Feinerman Ken Sulzer & Lisa Ferreira Austin & Lauren Fite Adena & William Frank Tom & Patti Garrick Reeca Gaspari Ann & Jim Gianopulos Jill Gordon & Scott Winant Judith Grant & Darrell Vickers Howard L. Gussman Jill & Michael Hall Duncan Smith & Kathleen Hallberg Elisabeth & Dan Halsted Lawrence O’Donnell & Kathryn Harrold Lynne & Michael Heslov Yvonne & Leon Higgins Deborah & Paul Hopper Pam & Larry Jacobson Robert, Darlene & Elissa ’10 James Edna & Kamton Joe Mark & Limor Johnson Barbara Jones & Gustavo Leclerc Anne Josephson Bob & Doris Kaminsky Eve H. Karasik Andrea Kay Mary Beth & Kevin Kelso Janne & Chip Keyes Veronica Klein Deborah Lehman & Marc Wishingrad Elizabeth Leicester & Peregrine Beckman Denny Lennon Elaine Lipworth & Stephen Beech Scott & Susan Lord Nancy & Jonathan Lurie Janet Lyon Dawn & Joey Maddox Brooke & Jonathan Maile Karen Makoff & Michael Chin

Sloane & Robert Malecki Marjorie Masters & Mark Robbins Edith Matthai & James Robie Diana Meehan Laura & Andy Mintzer David Moray Dorothy Nichols & Martin Smith John Ohanesian Bettina Tendler O’Mara Palermo Ravich Foundation Peter & Rose Pelikan Katherine Porter Anthony E. Reading David A. & Karen Richards Sachs Janet & Robert Rosenblum Elisa & Steve Rubin Mr. & Mrs. Larry Russ Jim, Tyla, & Roz ’07 Sawyer Diana Schafer & David Howard Jeff & Suzanne Schneider Phil & Madeline Schwarzman Richard & Julia Seaman Luis & Ana Serrano Victoria Shorr & John Perkins Maria Shriver Dr. Ruth Sorotzkin & Dr. Bert Mandelbaum The Speiser Family Marilyn & Jeffrey Stern Hannah Sussman Robin & David Swartz The Teller Family Dr. & Mrs. Bert J. Thomas Richard & Bobbi Thompson Elizabeth Topkis Michele Toppin & David London Tom Towler The Treiman Family Julio & Kukla Vera The Wallace Family Hiromi & David Warren Victor Wylie Dan & Sherri York The Zaccaro Family


Ioe Adler Delores Agee-Wimberly Natalie & Charles Altmann Martha & Charles Bartlett Dorothy & Ray Beauregard Salvador & Noreen Brau Mary Ellen & Frederick Burgomaster Marva Campbell Franklyn & Rita Caruso Bok Cha Winston & Bessie Chin Angela Clarke Penni Crenna Carol Dubron-Witlin & Steven Witlin Geraldine Ellman Merona & Martin Frank Ellen & Edward Freeman Cyndi Friedman & Arnold Diamond Catherine Fuller Linda Galloway Elaine & Nate Goldberg Sarah Goldberg Doretta & Jona Goldrich Anna & Don Greathouse

Madeline Gussman Carolyn & Bernard Hamilton Shirley & Ronald Heck Joan Heyler Leonard Hirshan Sandra & Tony Hogan Judith Kido Shirley & Tony Leach Sandra & Robert Lehman Gayle Leventhal Sheldon & Linda Mehr Drs. Eleanore & James Meyer James & Barbara Mihalke Eleanor Missaghieh Franz & Rosa Moncada Patricia Palmer Marjorie Paulson Richard & Suzanne Penney Gail & Ronald Pion Mr. & Mrs C. P. Powell Joseph & Pauline Romano Tom & Jane Rozanski Cheryl & Haim Saban Tawny & Jerry Sanders Roger & Vicki Sant Pippa Scott Jackie Shapiro Geri & Jim Sherman Martha Slagerman Donna & Gary D. Stone Mr. & Mrs. Orest Tataryn Robert & Judith Tuffias Catherine Walker Bruce & Donna Warber Mary & John Wauer Maureen & Bernard White Jo Wilder Pamela Wolf Sheila & Nestor Wong Clarence Yoshino Louis & Dolores Zaccaro

Faculty & Staff

Erika Amaya Chad Attie Jenn Babin Jennifer Barnhill Rick Benfield Kristen Benjamin Marcia Berman Shane Berning Lindsay Browder Andy Callender April Carletto Gena Carpenter Michael Carter Catie Chase Maria Chavez John Chen Anthony Chicco Samantha Coyne Donnel Stefanie Daehler Theresa Dahlin Jane Davis Carla Delgado James Donnel Gwendolyn Dreyer Amy M. Duarte Caitlin Duffy

Dan, Jeri, Rachel ’14 & Jacquelyn We believe in Archer’s mission to provide an academically rigorous, yet nurturing, environment that empowers girls to discover their passions and realize their potential. During our daughter’s sixth to twelfth grade journey, the Archer community embraced and enhanced her caring, intellectually curious and persevering attitude with an individualized attention that engaged, challenged and inspired. As an Archer graduate, she enters college with confidence, a resilient spirit and gratitude. In appreciation and with great optimism, our gifts are given in celebration of Archer’s commitment to diversity, financial aid and the promotion of the next generation of women leaders of distinctive character.

Elizabeth English Sylvie Escande Reed Farley Stephanie Ferri Eileen Finney Lane Fischman Amanda Freiler Tracy Ganzer Haferling Talia Geffen Cushman Gillen Beth Gold Lili Hermeline Jose Hernandez Daniel In Jerilyn Joel Heather S. Keddie Patty Lancaster Denny Lennon Rhonda Leshman Andrea Hairston Locke Jacob London Marcos Lopez Janet Lyon Sarah Martin Amelia Mathis Malia McClurg Jessica McCullagh Christina McIntosh Enrique Montoya Kari Morioka Christopher Mosier Esmeralda Munoz Travis Nesbitt Bethany Neubauer Jennifer Northrup Felicia Paik Rose Paik Nilusha Patel Karen Pavliscak Lucy Pinkwater Tracy Poverstein Evelyn Ramirez-Schultz Mia Rille Luke Robertson Tim Rule James Russo Cindy Schlothauer

Brittany Schoof Crystal Sengstaken Maria Servello Hanna Shohfi Kimberley Smith Susan Smith Carly Steward Melinda Stone Susan Sullivan Kristin Taylor Wendy Thornton Kathleen Tundermann Niles Isaac Velasquez Gretchen Warner Sharifah Williams Brian Wogensen Gretchen Wu Valerie N. Yoshimura


James Archer The Berger-Schmitz Family Robin Bernstein Tara & Carl Brown Karina & David Calvert-Jones Stephanie & Nicholas Darrow Amy & Richard DeLossa Dayle & Charles Dolginer Suzie Doran Gloria & Douglas Farmer Beth & Josh Friedman Natalie & Simon Fuller Roy Furman Beth Gordie Dennis Gorman Christine & Chester Griffiths Catherine & Mark Helm Ryan Hutchison Craig A. Jameson Kathleen Kido-Savino Grant Tinker & Brooke Knapp Lisa & Evan Lamberg Theresa & Ryan Lindstrom Tali & David Mackay Alyson & Ori Marmur Louise G. Martin Belinda & Joseph Masotta Ray Michaud

Why We Give

The Floyd Family,

Catrice Monson Mildred Monson James & Annabel Montgomery Margot Morrison Potesia Mosby Stephanie Murray Dana & Eric Newman Terry Press-Marx & Andy Marx Karl Price Jody Cukier Siegler Stephanie Sperber & Andy Davis Lisa Stothard-Bernhardt & Daniel Bernhardt Barbara S. Topkis Marlene Tsuchii Dalston & Christopher Dalston Jodi & Ian Weingarten Roberta Weintraub & Ira Krinsky Betsy & Michael Weisberg Vida Yaghmai & Kourosh Gohar Jeanne Yang & Scott Cort Jae Yi

Alumnae There’s no limit to our appreciation. Thank you to all of our volunteers who helped make this year’s Archer Fund campaign a success.

Archer Fund Volunteers Marissa Bass ’03 Zeja Benderson ’20 Elana Schwarzman Besserman ’02 Anouk Braun ’20 Anna Brodsky ’20 Audrey Choate ’20 Hannah Cranston ’09 Olivia De Carlo de Segovia ’04 Hollis Dohr ’17 Alyssa Downer ’17 Miela Efraim ’20 Lauren Evans-Katz ’20 Reed Farley Lauren Hochberg Finkelstein ’01 Mimi Gianopulos ’07 Nicole Hart ’03 Faith Hernandez ’20 Korinne Mitchell Hinderliter ’02 Erika Johansson ’04 Quinci Land ’05 Misha Mehta ’20 Hillary Newman ’04 Sofi Newmyer ’06 Alana O’Mara ’14 Rebecca Samuelson ’13 Carly Salindong ’03 Shireen Shafai ’01 Courtney Teller ’10 Billie Wakeham ’17

The [A] List

The “A” is for awesome and amazing. Archer is proud to celebrate this year’s [A] List of alumnae supporters of the Archer Fund. Thank you for putting your confidence in Archer and leaving your legacy for future generations of Archer girls. Also, for the first time, we’d like to honor and recognize the exceptional loyalty of our supporters who have given to Archer consecutively for three or more years. Thank you! Leylie Aghili ’04 Cynthia Ambriz ’11 Rachel Arditi ’13 Lauren Bass ’11 Marissa Bass ’03 Remington Bennett ’13 Jenna Berger ’05* Capucine Berney ’13 Elana Schwarzman Besserman ’02* Laura Bomes ’09

Madelyn Boudousque ’10 Hazella Bowmani ’02 Kelly Broffman ’06 Amber Buck Hamilton ’04* Kayla Burney ’13 Gabriela Cach ’13 Julia Callaway ’04* Perla Carlson ’03 Loren M. Castellon ’10* Jasmine Chen ’13 Victoria Chen ’12 Alexandria Choe ’13 Kylie Clark ’07 Roxane Cohanim ’03* Ariel Cohen ’10 Kristen Cole-Ford ’01 Kelley Costello ’05* Hannah Cranston ’09* Jessica Cranston ’13 Olivia De Carlo de Segovia ’04 Rosy DePaul ’13 Alyson Dodell ’01 Annmarie Dominguez ’13 Alicia Dougherty ’08* Devon Dunlap ’03 Fairfax duPont ’06* Sophie duPont ’10* Isabelle Edwards ’03* Hannah Eshaghian ’13 Jennifer Evans ’04 Tatiana Evans ’13 Grace Fetterman ’12 Lauren Hochberg Finkelstein ’01* Gavin Frank ’03* Caila Gale ’11 Mimi Gianopulos ’07* Cailin Goldberg-Meehan ’01* Taryn Haar ’04 Cailey Hall ’02* Nicole Hart ’03* Danielle Hausberg ’11 Jacqueline Hernandez ’12 Korinne Mitchell Hinderliter ’02* Hannah Zeiler Hodgden ’04 Ankhet Holmes ’13 Emily Ibarra ’09 Emily Idell ’11 Kamille Jackson ’09 Alexandra Jacobson ’13 Elissa James ’10 Elizabeth Jensen ’04 Erika Johansson ’04* Moira Johnston ’13 Anna Kelner ’08 Sophie Kimball ’12 Ebony King ’04 Amanda Kleiman ’07 Laura Korman ’03 Caitlin Kramer ’11 Annah Krepack ’13 Quinci Land ’05 Alyssa Lanz ’08 Eden Levin ’11 Alexandra Lewin ’03

Genesis Lopez ’08 Zoe Malecki ’09* Dominique Miller ’01* Gabrielle Miller ’04 Alexandra Moritz ’11 Haley Moritz ’13 Daniella Morrison ’13 Sara Mottahedan ’03 Isabella Neuberg ’13 Hillary Newman ’04* Sofi Newmyer ’06 Ava Ohanesian ’13 Morissa O’Mara ’11 Sadaf Osman ’04 Maria Padilla ’03 Susie Pérez ’13 Melissa Bank Poliseno ’04* Margaret Pranchenko ’13 Rae Ravich ’09 Zoe Ravich ’08 Maria Rojas ’04 Sarah Rosenblum ’08 Jaymie Rubin ’13 Rachel Sachs ’11 Leasly Salazar ’11 Carly Salindong ’03* Courtney Salindong ’11 Rebecca Samuelson ’13 Tamar Saunders ’04 Ashley Sawtelle Kietzmann ’02 Roz Sawyer ’07* Amanda Scharf ’09 Samie Schotz ’05 Carly Schwartz ’10 Alexa Schwarzman ’05 Natalia Serrano ’02* Jasmine Shackelford ’06 Shireen Shafai ’01 Nahal Shakib ’13 Krystyna Sikora ’13 Georgina Stage ’10 Andrea Stern ’10* Benina Stern ’12 Devon Leigh Swartz ’13 Veronika Syrop ’08 Kaci Taylor ’05 Courtney Teller ’10* Lindsay V. Thomas ’10 Noelle Tongue ’06 Geffen Treiman ’13 Chelsea Tuomi ’10 Maya Varga ’04 Helen Vera ’02* Maria Vera ’04 Annie Wands ’01 Kate Webster ’07 Emily Wilen ’13 Aundrea Williford ’04 Molly Wylie ’11 Christine Zaccaro ’12 * - Given consecutively for three or more years

Why We Give Jill, Michael & Cailey Hall ’02 Cailey is a member of the class of 2002, the second class to graduate from Archer. As a family, we lived through Archer’s early years in temporary buildings in the Pacific Palisades and its move to the Eastern Star Home in 1999. Those were heady days, with ups and downs, as the founders, teachers, parents and students came together and worked through a myriad of problems to bring a dream to fruition: the dream of a school that offers young women an empowering, first class education that will prepare them to be future leaders in any field they chose to pursue. Today, we can see what those early efforts have produced—how this small, committed group, working together in pursuit of a dream, resulted in The Archer School for Girls, whose graduates are sought after by the most elite colleges in the country. We parents and those students have a profound and enduring bond to one another, and to Archer, and we feel privileged to be able to support our school into its future.


Why I Give Gavin Frank ’03 I feel connected to Archer because I truly feel that it’s molded the person I am today. Archer has provided me with the skills I use on a daily basis in my career, the confidence to pursue my dreams, and the ability to confront any challenge. I feel so lucky to have attended a school that was more of a second home than an institution, to have found a place where I had such a strong sense of belonging and to have made lifelong friends. I support Archer because it’s my hope for other young women to have the same positive experience I did.

Matching Gifts Thank you to the following employers who sponsor matching gift programs which benefit education. We are also very thankful to those in our community who have taken full advantage of their companies’ matching gift programs. Akzo Nobel Inc. Anonymous (1) Bank of America The Boeing Company The Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation

DIRECTV Robert Half International Sony Pictures Entertainment Symantec Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc. UBS Matching Gift Program Wells Fargo Foundation

Why We Give Lisa Freeman & Phranc Gottlieb Phranc and I did not totally comprehend the magic of an all-girl learning environment until we toured Archer. It was at the request of our eldest daughter Lucie that we finally visited the campus. Seeing is believing. We believe in Archer, the inspired learners, founders, teachers, and administrators that we have come to know. It is a pleasure to give to the growing legacy. As Bea our younger daughter says, “Archer brings people closer.� There is a community here and we are glad to be a part of it.

Foundations & Corporations The support of foundations and corporations is vital to the growth and success of The Archer School for Girls. This year brought the renewal of several grants as well as the formation of new partnerships with local organizations whose missions are in alignment with our own. We are grateful for these partnerships which, many times, are the result of connections that Archer Trustees, parents, grandparents and friends have with the corporations and foundations in our community. If you have a connection to a private or corporate foundation, please contact Marcia Berman, Director of Archer Fund, at 310-873-7092 or Anonymous (4) A & R Engineering Co., Inc. The Ammon Foundation Aqualia Foundation Ltd. Ares Operations, LLC The Sheri & Les Biller Family Foundation The Otis Booth Foundation The Helen R. Buck Foundation CAM Foundation Coco Investment, Inc. Dogeared Charles I. Dolginer - Attorney at Law The Doornink Family Charitable Fund Ever Glades Fund Austin & Lauren Fite Foundation

Edward E. Ford Foundation The Goldrich Family Foundation Conrad N. Hilton Foundation Leonard Hirshan Family Foundation Zachary & Barbara Horowitz Fund InTheCanyon, Inc. The Jewish Community Foundation The Joelson Foundation Sidney Kohl Family Foundation Long Cove Foundation Maricopa Capital LLC The Kenneth T. & Eileen L. Norris Foundation Law Offices of Pflaster & Berman Brad & Nancy Rosenberg Family Foundation The Saban Charitable Support Fund

Sachs Family Fund Tawny & Jerry Sanders Charitable Foundation The Second Sister Foundation The Steven & Ilyse Teller Charitable Foundation Thomas Family Foundation Top Commerical Property Services, Inc. Westfield Century City Mall, LLC



Special Gifts Archer is very grateful to the following donors who contributed to the School in honor of or in memory of a loved one. These gifts are a thoughtful way of recognizing an individual on the occasion of a birthday, anniversary, graduation or other significant life event.

In Honor of Jordan Mamalakis ’19 Natalie & Charles Altmann In Honor of Frank Marshall James Archer In Honor of Isabel McKinlay ’20 Bruce McKinlay & Amanda Marks

Shorr Perkins Traveling Fellowship Fund for Faculty Victoria Shorr & John Perkins Maureen & Bernard White

In Honor of Amireh Leila Mirdamadi ’20 Linda & Babak Mirdamadi

In-Kind Gifts

In Honor of Bella Pendergast ’14 Nicole Bordeaux

Julie & Tony Bardin Jeffrey & Rachel Brown

In Honor of Jeanine Shade Quintanilla ’10 Huey & Wanda Cotton

Andrea & Barry Cayton

In Honor

In Honor of Sara Rabinowitz ’17 Nancy & Yaron Rabinowitz

Ann & Jim Gianopulos

In Honor of all the wonderful Faculty & Staff Genesis Lopez ’08

In Honor of Isabella Raspi ’20 Anna Macmassey & Stefano Raspi

In Honor of Zoe Appelbaum-Schwartz ’19 The Appelbaum-Schwartz Family

In Honor of Anabelle Maude Robertson ’17 Amy & John Robertson

The Hershey-Van Horn Family

In Honor of the Archer Parent Association Reeca Gaspari

In Honor of Sarah Rosenblum ’08 Janet & Robert Rosenblum

David & Tia Hoberman

In Honor of Chad Attie Georgia Ruiz-Torres

In Honor of Malia Rouvi ’18 Shirley & Tony Leach Amanda & Darren Leach-Rouvi

Jennifer Kim Zeller & Michael Zeller

In Honor of Sarah ’16 & Rachael ’18 Boehm Michelle & Christopher Boehm In Honor of Hazella Bowmani ’02 Dr. Kwame & Mrs. Beatrice Bowmani In Honor of Anouk Braun ’20 Diana Braun & Frank Langen In Honor of Julia Callaway ’04 Megan & David Callaway In Honor of Lindsay Cayton ’16 Andrea & Barry Cayton Doretta & Jona Goldrich In Honor of Shana Chin ’17 Karen Makoff & Michael Chin In Honor of Grace Clarke ’16 Angela Clarke In Honor of Sophia Crenna ’20 Penni Crenna In Honor of Hollis Dohr ’17 Patricia Palmer In Honor of Easton, Caleb, Henry & all the Archer babies born this year Elana Besserman ’02

In Honor of Samantha Russ ‘05 & Madeline Fenster ’20 Mr. & Mrs. Larry Russ

In Honor of Abby Gore ’17 Cyndi Friedman & Arnold Diamond In Honor of Katie Hershey-Van Horn ’14 The Hershey-Van Horn Family

Nicola & Jordan Kerner Geraldine May Morales Richard & Julia Seaman Cheryl Smith Dimont Caroline Styne & Michael Kohn

The Wood Family

In Honor of Danielle Simpson ’14 The Simpson Family In Honor of Harley Quinn Smith ’17 Jennifer Schwalbach & Kevin Smith In Honor of the Upper School English Department Lucas Reiner & Maud Winchester In Honor of Wednesday Webber ’19 Lisa Asterino & Michael Webber

Tara Wilson

In Memory Of Harris Hartsfield Lauren Bass ’11 Madelyn Boudousque ’10 The Dapretto-Iacoboni Family Marni Diamond

In Honor of Zoe ’19 & Olivia ’19 Woolf Jennifer & Graham Woolf

Amy M. Duarte

In Honor of Molly Wylie ’11 Victor Wylie

Reed Farley

In Honor of Juliet Youssef ’19 Mark Youssef

Talia Geffen

In Memory Of

In Honor of Julianna Goldsmith ’18 Jackie Shapiro

Christy Hobart & Henry Shapiro

In Honor of Alex Sherman ’17 Geri & Jim Sherman

In Honor of Jael Ellman ’18 Geraldine Ellman

In Honor of Molly ’20 & Sophie ’18 Goldberg Elaine & Nate Goldberg

Brian Pike & Sharon Graves


In Honor of Christine ’12 & Carolyn ’14 Zaccaro Louis & Dolores Zaccaro

In Honor of Sophie Rose Frank ’15 Merona & Martin Frank

Caroline & Lucian Grainge

In Honor of Ingrid Sant ’17 Roger & Vicki Sant

In Honor of Miela Efraim ’20 Kena & Ben Efraim

In Honor of Katrina Eroen ’10 Gina Browne & Lee Feldman

Elizabeth English & Leigh Williams

In Memory of Raymond Arroyo Jeffrey & Maria Wauer

Isabelle Edwards ’03 Tom & Patti Garrick Judith Grant & Darrell Vickers Nicole Hart ’03 Logan Howard ‘14 Ryan Hutchison Kamille Jackson ’09 Mary Beth & Kevin Kelso

In Memory of Olive Brail Robert, Darlene & Elissa’ 10 James

Patty Lancaster

In Memory of Olivia Cull ’09 The Cull Family Mary Louise Piccard

Alexandra Lewin ’03

In Memory of Lois Gordon Reena Gordon In Memory of Carolyn & Ernest Masler Kurt & Jennifer Ramlo

Quinci Land ’05 Marcos Lopez Dawn & Joey Maddox James & Barbara Mihalke Dominique Miller ’01 Vivian & Marcela ’16 Riddick Rachel Sachs ’11

In Honor of Lily Horton ’18 Nicole & Peter Horton

In Memory of Rose Mary Mundy, James Mundy, & Lucien Cortez Eurydice & James Mundy

In Honor of Lina Jegeus ’17 Sandra McClean

In Memory of John Tierney The Tierney Family

Amanda Scharf ’09

In Honor of Daniela Jimenez ’14 Luisa Carrera

In Memory of Judith K. Tuffias The Tuffias-Mora Family

In Honor of Candice ’04 & Courtney ’08 Joe Edna & Kamton Joe

In Memory of Leo Wolf Kay & Frank Wolf

In Honor of Erin Jordan ’14 Stacy Alldredge

Carly Salindong ’03 Courtney Salindong ’11 Kaci Taylor ’05 Courtney Teller ’10 Annie Wands ’01 Valerie N. Yoshimura Christine Zaccaro ’12

A Night at the Movies The Fault in our Stars On the night of the last day of school, Archer community members kicked off the summer with two pre-release screenings of the movie The Fault in Our Stars, starring Ansel Elgort and Shailene Woodley, at 20th Century Fox Studios. Presented by the Archer Alumnae Association, the back-to-back screenings were a sell-out and attended by nearly 200 Archer students, parents, alumnae and alumnae parents. Archer parent Kerry Hernandez (Faith ’20) said, “It was the best way to kick off summer!” This fun and entertaining theater experience was made possible by the generosity of 20th Century Fox and Ann and Jim Gianopulos, parents of alumna Mimi Gianopulos ’07. Thank you!

Why I Give John Ohanesian I’ve always felt it’s important to get involved in my community. This was a lesson I learned early on from my parents. They taught me the importance of giving back one’s time, talent and treasury to one’s ability. Now I’m modeling this for my daughters, Adona ’07 and Ava ’13. My girls developed confidence, independence and a real sense of self while at Archer. I’m proud of them and I’m very proud to be a part of the School even when my girls are no longer students. In particular, I enjoy connecting my network of people with something I believe in. Someone may not know much about Archer but once they visit the campus, meet Elizabeth and the girls, their response is robust. When I see this successful outcome from my involvement, when connections are made that help the school, I feel I am doing my part. Over the last 11-12 years, I’ve watched the school grow. With Elizabeth as Head of School, Archer will have a true national reputation soon enough. People are engaged and the School is moving forward all the time.

Raise Your Paddle for Financial Aid By its mission, The Archer School for Girls is committed to providing access to the ambitious, joyful learning experience taking place in our classrooms every day. Archer is an educational community that supports and challenges young women to discover their passions and realize their true potential in a diverse and culturally rich environment. In the 2013-2014 school year, 26% of our students received assistance. Heartfelt thanks go to the following generous Archer friends who, by supporting this live auction item at The Archer Affair, donated over $200,000 to help make it possible for deserving young women to benefit from the outstanding academic and life experiences of an Archer education. Adrian & Jamee Alperovich Phillipa Altmann & Damon Mamalakis Jána Howard & Neil Bagg Julie & Tony Bardin Kerry & Robert Benderson Rick & Erin Benfield Marcia & Steve Berman Brett Lamm & Stephanie Blackman Michael & Tracy Blum

Jeffrey & Rachel Brown Tara & Carl Brown Barbara Bruser & Richard Clark Karina & David Calvert-Jones Michael Carter The Cerone Family Brian Varnum & Shannon Daley Carla Daly Stephanie & Nicholas Darrow Amy & Richard DeLossa Gwendolyn Dreyer Elizabeth English & Leigh Williams Sylvie Escande Marni & Ron Eshel Michelle Eslami & Jodi Friedman The Evans-Katz Family Gloria & Douglas Farmer Wendy Felson & David Goodman Jin & Marc Fenster Georgeta & Robert Gage Rob Jacobs & Ann Gentry Ann & Jim Gianopulos Aya Kimura Goldberg & Earl Lewis Goldberg Beth Gordie Julie Gould Caroline & Lucian Grainge Elaine & David Greenwald Jennifer Grey & Clark Gregg Christine & Chester Griffiths Paul & Tess Hechmer

Why We Give Aya & Earl Goldberg Archer is a very special school for our daughter, Mari. We have witnessed her transform into a strong and confident young woman because of Archer’s challenging academics, strong extra- curricular activities, supportive and nurturing environment, and exceptional faculty and staff. We also like that Mari is learning in a diverse community that is inclusive and reflects the face of greater Los Angeles. Elizabeth English’s clear vision and passionate leadership has unified the Archer community. We believe Ms. English recognizes the school’s current and future responsibilities and its obligations to its students, its community and to society as a whole. Because of all this, we are strong supporters of the Archer Fund and The Campaign for Archer. We believe that our support will contribute to the level of excellence that the School has attained today and will continue to achieve for many years to come.

Christy Hobart & Henry Shapiro Deborah & Paul Hopper Zachary & Barbara Horowitz Fund Craig A. Jameson The Jamieson Family Edna & Kamton Joe Ruthie Jones & Eric Taslitz Lisa Kaminir & Kevin Kelley Lee & Lauren Karny Kathleen Kennedy & Frank Marshall Nicola & Jordan Kerner Jennifer Kim Zeller & Michael Zeller Wendy & John Kretchmer Lisa & Evan Lamberg Deborah Lehman & Marc Wishingrad Patricia Lombard & William Simon Tali & David Mackay Anna Macmassey & Stefano Raspi Bruce McKinlay & Amanda Marks Laura & Kevin Marks Loretta & Jeffrey Marks Alyson & Ori Marmur Belinda & Joseph Masotta Sandra McClean Jessica McCullagh Christina McIntosh Diana Meehan & Gary D. Goldberg Halima & Suleman Mohammed Yasmyne & Ibrahim Mohammed Catrice Monson Barbara Natterson Horowitz & Zach Horowitz Dana & Eric Newman

Beth Osisek & Ken Fink Lucy Pinkwater Terry Press-Marx & Andy Marx The Purwin Family Evelyn Ramirez-Schultz & Jacob Schultz Mia & Norm Rille Miriam & Stanley Rothbart Richard & Julia Seaman Christopher Dunn & Catherine Sedwick The Shintani Family The Simpson Family The Speiser Family Stephanie Sperber & Andy Davis Sarah & Ron Stone Lisa Stothard-Bernhardt & Daniel Bernhardt Richard & Bobbi Thompson Vince & Jackie Thompson The Tierney Family The Tollman Family Marlene Tsuchii Dalston & Christopher Dalston The Wagner/Weinstein Family Jeffrey & Maria Wauer Jodi & Ian Weingarten Betsy & Michael Weisberg Angela & Joshua Weltman Dionne & Keith Williams The Wood Family Jennifer & Graham Woolf Vida Yaghmai & Kourosh Gohar Jeanne Yang & Scott Cort The Zaccaro Family

The Archer Affair 1


3 4

At Archer, we believe that parent involvement contributes to student success. In keeping with this belief, we are grateful for the over 300 parents who have devoted their time, talents and resources to ensuring the APA (Archer Parent Association) programs and events benefiting Archer were successfully executed. Thanks to the leadership of APA President Catherine Wood (Dana ’15), parent volunteers helped to raise a total of $503,000 for Archer through The Archer Affair, Raise Your Paddle, the Book Fair, and other fundraising efforts. Thank you, parents, for getting involved and making a difference at Archer.

On April 25, the Archer community came together to salute Broadway at The Archer Affair held at the beautiful Fairmont Miramar Hotel in Santa Monica. Raising a record $452,000, Archer would like to thank and congratulate our center stage stars, Event Chairs Debby Hopper and Geoffrey Evans, and their cast of committed and hard-working volunteers for creating another successful and amazing night for Archer. Thank you to all who attended the event and supported The Archer Affair. Special thanks go to the following generous event sponsors:


Caroline & Lucian Grainge Kathleen Kennedy & Frank Marshall


Ann & Jim Gianopulos Mark Gordon Catherine & David Wood

A Chorus Line

Amanda Brown & Justin Chang Beth & Josh Friedman Earl & Aya Goldberg David A. & Karen Richards Sachs Katy & Stephane Strouk Jamie & Patrick Tierney

All That Jazz

Kerry & Robert Benderson Barbara Bruser & Richard Clark Ellen Danna Mike Golpa Drs. Kim Gregory & Richard Casey Janice Kido Stacey & Lawrence Kohl

Lee & Jill Kort

Latham & Watkins LLP

Barbara Natterson Horowitz & Zach Horowitz Parallax Associates Terry Press-Marx & Andy Marx Nancy & Brad Rosenberg Sarah & Ron Stone


Diana Braun & Frank Langen Danny & Nicole Cannon Stephanie & Nicholas Darrow Alexandra & Joe Dwek Anita Greenspan-Mothersbaugh & Mark Mothersbaugh Jennifer Grey & Clark Gregg Elisabeth & Dan Halsted Nancy & Jonathan Lurie David Miller & Ryan Murphy Catrice Monson David Russo & Ann Hallin William Simon & Patricia Lombard Nancy & Jonathan Lurie David Miller & Ryan Murphy Catrice Monson David Russo & Ann Hallin

This year’s APA’s signature event, The Archer Affair, will be held on Friday, April 24, 2015. All Archer community members are welcome to attend. We hope you will join us! At left: Board of Trustees Co-Chairs, Barbara Natterson Horowitz and Barbara Bruser (Photo 1); Sarah Stone and Trustee Ron Stone (Photo 2); The Archer Affair Chairs Geoffrey Evans and Debby Hopper, Head of School Elizabeth English, and APA President Catherine Wood (Photo 3); Nancy and Brad Rosenberg (Photo 4)

A Culture of Giving

The Archer School for Girls is the dynamic and inclusive school that it is today thanks to the vision, active involvement and generosity of the Archer Community. Since the School’s founding in 1995, Archer has relied on the financial support and volunteerism of our community to develop our groundbreaking programs. We are very grateful for this partnership and the generosity of our parents, grandparents, alumnae parents, alumnae, Trustees, faculty and staff, foundations and corporations, and friends.

The Archer Fund

A gift to the Archer Fund is a direct investment in the Archer experience and goes to work immediately to benefit our students. Your meaningful gift may be directed to our ambitious academic programs, our enriching cocurricular opportunities, professional development for our faculty and staff, or to Archer’s enduring commitment to financial aid.

Major Gifts

Major Gifts secure the educational, physical and financial future of Archer and are directed to select key initiatives of the School, including financial aid, STEM, our NOLS program, The Eastern Star Gallery, and our current capital campaign efforts. This investment in Archer, separate from and in addition to the Archer Fund, helps Archer fulfill its mission to educate girls in the ways they learn best.

The Archer Parent Association (APA)

The APA raises funds for the School through volunteer-managed events and activities held throughout the year. As an Archer parent, you are automatically a member of the APA. The APA’s signature event, The Archer Affair, is the School’s annual dinner and auction. Funds raised from this evening go directly to the School. The Raise Your Paddle live auction item at the event supports Archer’s Financial Aid Program. Our Archer Party Book Plus is a series of parties and events hosted for parents and by parents. Ticket sale proceeds to events ranging from dinners to hiking and educational events benefit the School.


Advancement Office: Mia Rille, Director of Advancement • Evelyn Ramirez-Schultz, Associate Director of Advancement •Marcia Berman, Director of Archer Fund • Amy Duarte, bCRE, Advancement Data Manager • Brittany Schoof, Advancement Coordinator • Business Office: Rick Benfield, Director of Finance & Operations • Jane Davis, Controller • Cindy Schlothauer, Assistant Director of Finance • Janet Lyon, Assistant Director of Operations • Jessica McCullagh, Business Office Coordinator • Communications Office: Christina McIntosh, Director of Communications • Daniel In, Webmaster & Media Specialist • Gena Carpenter, Marketing & Communications Associate • Sharifah Williams, Communications Associate • Keisha Courtney, Communications Associate • Photography Daniel In • Printing by Budget Print & Copy •The Archer School for Girls is a not-for-profit organization and is accredited by the California Association of Independent Schools (CAIS) and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). Students of any race or ethnic origin are welcome. Flexible Tuition is available to qualified students on the basis of demonstrated financial need. This Annual Report provides a summary of the year’s fundraising campaigns and gratefully acknowledges the many donors who supported The Archer School for Girls during the period of July 1, 2013 through June 30, 2014. Every effort has been made to ensure that the listings in this publication are accurate. If, however, an error has been made, please accept our apologies and contact Mia Rille, Director of Advancement, to address any questions or concerns regarding content.

ambitious, joyful learning

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