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Name Numerology is believed to be one of the oldest systems of divination on the planet. Like Astrology, Numerology uses information that is totally unique to the individual who is being charted. Most people think of the birth date in association with Numerology which is a common way to use the numbers to get information, but did you know that your name can also give vast amounts of accurate and powerful information about you as well? In Numerology, the letters in your name are converted to numbers using an ancient translating key. This process allows you to see which numbers, and thus which energies and attributes, are active in your life through your name. Why Your Name Is So Powerful The ancient cultures that practiced Numerology such as India, Chaldea, Arabia, and Greece all believed that sound had power. They taught almost unanimously that sound had vibration, vibration had form, and form could influence a person. For this reason, the name that a person is given and called throughout their entire life influences, affects, and responds to them at every moment. It is believed that our name not only dictates who we are, but was given to us because we are who we are! Our name is one of the most personal things we own, and when people call it out loud we respond. For this reason, Name Numerology allows us a deep insight into the more personal and private parts of our being. Names are a favorite among professional Numerologists for this very reason. What Your Name Numerology Can reveal About You Because each school of Numerology, each tradition, and each Numerologist will have their own system for defining and interpreting the various letters of your name, you'll find that there's a huge variety of potential out there in just what a name can reveal about someone through the power of a Name Numerology reading. From basic personality traits to secret fears and goals held deep within the heart, Numerology that works with your name can often approach the deeper levels of being. The vowels in Name Numerology are believed to speak about the inner soul, the heart's deepest desires, hidden fears, unclaimed talents, and secret longings. By looking at each of the vowels that appear in someone's full name, a professional Name Numerologist can explore the various 'ingredients' that make up the individuals outlook on and participation in life. Each vowel speaks of a certain element, influence, or potential in the person, and the sum of all the vowels gives a complex picture of the unique person. In addition to looking at each vowel letter individually, the letters can also be converted to numbers using a key. This key will explain which letter should be

replaced with each number. There are countless keys in existence, with the Pythagorean key and the Chaldean key being most popular in the West today. Once the vowels are converted to numbers, they are added up. If this total is a double digit, these two digits are added to one another to get a new number. This 'reduction' process continues until a single digit remains. This digit is then interpreted and analyzed using traditional Name Numerology and Nomenology techniques. In the same way that the vowels are analyzed and read, the consonants are also read. Most names have far more consonants than vowels, so the level of information gained by the consonants tends to be more general. The consonants are usually believed to speak about the outer person, their looks, health, outlook on life, attitude, personality, and behaviors. Many people find that learning about the consonants through Name Numerology is the quickest way to get a 'read' on someone without spending much time on their full Numerology chart. Some of the most common piece of information a Numerologist might get from analysis of a full birth name include: The best career for the individual Hidden talents Secret fears Situations that will bring the most joy Health issues Weaknesses Strengths Physical appearance Compatibility with others Money and financial information Education guidance Hobbies and passions Karmic or spiritual life lessons Secret wishes that will fulfill life Attitude, outlook, and personality' Behavior and mannerisms and more As you can see, Numerology Name analysis is a truly in-depth and holistic method of gaining information about yourself and other people in your life. Why A Professional Name Numerology Reading Is Helpful Many people, including top celebrities, consult a professional Name Numerology consultant to get more information about themselves and to learn which activities, actions, and goals will bring them the most success in life. Many people work with a Numerologist to select a good business name, stage name, pen name, or nick name to help increase the good kinds of influences they have in their life. It is believed that many celebrities consult Numerologists when choosing the best new name for themselves to support their stardom and popularity. A professional Numerologist can help find out if your name is right for you, explain how your name

influences your life, and help you make positive changes while accepting the name you were given. If you want to have a name change, your Numerologist can also help with that. You can even consult your Numerologist to help find the perfect name for your new company or business, your child, or a pet! Name Numerology can work with anything that has a name - from your name to the name of the country you live in an everything in between. Using the power of your own name is a great way to learn more about yourself, create more success in your life, and have a great time learning more about others at the same time! Š Josh Williams 2011

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==== ==== For a free Numerology reading and more information on Numerology click here: ==== ====

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For a free Numerology reading and more information on Numerology click here:

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