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The fact is that the 2012 Doomsday scenarios are purely theories. There is no way to know if they will happen as predicted. But the fact also is that if they do happen as predicted, the only way to have a chance for survival is by being adequately prepared for such events. This is where the Planet X 2012 survival guide comes into play. You can't know if the 2012 events will happen until it's too late to prepare. So you should take steps now to prepare for the worst. In any Planet X 2012 survival guide, you need to prepare for all possible scenarios to happen, and all of these involved storing up food and water, as well as learning to live off the land. So begin your preparations for 2012 by storing about two weeks of food and bottled water in your home, and be sure to include enough for all members of your family for these two weeks. If you can store more, that's even better. As you select foods to store, choose foods that have a long shelf live and that are not nearing their expiration date. Some of the best foods to select are dried foods, which can last up to ten years in some cases. As you select the foods for your Planet X 2012 survival guide, also keep in mind that you are planning your meals for at least two weeks, so be sure that the foods you are storing will provide you with a healthy, balanced diet. Be sure to include rice, flour, sugar, and even honey on hand. It may be good to keep a store of multivitamins on hand as well to prevent the possibility of developing a deficiency once the calamities have taken place. Then you also need to know how to get more food for your Planet X 2012 survival guide. No matter how much food you are able to store away, the fact is that it will run out at some time or another, and the only way you will be able to survive is if you can live off the land. Take time now to begin learning more about the world around you. Learn which plants are native to your area that are edible. Also learn how to garden if you don't already know. When you can grow your own food, you will be better able to control your food supply than if you are scouring the land for food. If you don't know how to hunt and fish, take time now to learn how to do this, as well as to stock up on hunting and fishing gear. As for water for the Planet X 2012 survival guide, you simply need water to live. First, store two gallons of water per person per day, and keep a two weeks' supply on hand. Even though most people don't drink this much water in a day, even this amount of water will be depleted soon enough and you will need to find a way to gather and collect your own water. Develop a rain water collection system if you don't live near a natural body of water, and then make a home-made water filter. And be prepared to boil your drinking water on top of that. This guide serves as a building block for the vast amount of information you need to know to survive in 2012.

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==== ==== Watch this presentation and learn about what will really happen in 2012: ==== ====

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Watch this presentation and learn about what will really happen in 2012: