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BOARD OF TRUSTEES Nicole Tonini, President Earl Humbird, V ice-President Regan Metoyer Peterson, Secretary Cheryl Harris, Trustee Julie Pickren, Trustee Vivian Scheibel, Trustee Tiffany Wennerstrom, Trustee DISTRICT ADMINISTRATION Dr. Buck Gilcrease, Superintendent Lisa Butler, A ssociate Superintendent Jennifer Valdez, A ssistant Superintendent of Curriculum Lisa Savage, Assistant Director of Fine Arts Brenda Music, Coordinator of Music Programs Stephanie Lirette, Fine Arts Secretary Wanda Riddle, Fine Arts Secretary Irma Rubio, Fine Arts Secretary

CAMPUS ADMINISTRATION Kelly Hestand, Principal Susi Roberts, Associate Principal Toni Acosta, Assistant Principal Kami Day, Assistant Principal Stephanie Gamble, A ssistant Principal Dana Green, A ssistant Principal Tony Taylor, Assistant Principal Raylon Walters, Assistant Principal

THE OFF BROADWAY THEATRE at SHADOW CREEK HIGH SCHOOL 11850 Broadway ‫ ٭‬Pearland, Texas 77584 (281) 245-3800 ‫ ٭‬

A Division of the Department of Fine Arts Kelly Hestand, Principal


David Soward, Department Chair




We are very proud of you! Love, Granny & Grandpa, Mom & Dad WITH

Trevor, PENNY WASHINGTON Independent Beauty Consultant 713.894.0118 Consider the Possibilities!

God First, Family Second, Career Third

It has been amazing watching you grow into the confident young man that you have become. You will succeed at anything that you commit to. Best of luck with your Fall Show! We will be cheering you on from the East coast. Love, Aunt Amanda, Uncle Tom, and Tristan

Abby Frye Katie Habermas Clyde Orehuela Jasmin Richards Sierra Salazar Macy Smith Jada Thomas Daryn Trube Trevor Van Auken Isaiah Woodard and Myles Davis as Hal LIGHT OPERATOR STAGE MANAGER SOUND OPERATOR Karyn South Luis Vira Samantha O’Neill TECHNICAL DIRECTOR LEAD TECHNICIAN David Soward Elliot Green DIRECTED BY

Waldron Archer

This production would not be possible without the support and assistance of The Mezza family and Robert Archer (Mr. Archer’s loving husband). Picnic is presented by special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service, Inc.


Myles Davis

Abby Frye

Katie Habermas

The Williams family is so proud of you! Break a leg! Clyde Orehuela

Jasmin Richards

Sierra Salazar


We are super proud of you! Thanks for inviting us to come see your lead performance. Break a leg playing “Madge�!

Macy Smith

Jada Thomas

Trevor Van Auken

Daryn Trube

Isaiah Woodard

Lots of love from your Las Vegas family, Nana, Aunt Gina, Aunt Patti, Uncle Chris, & Lucky

CAST LIST (in order of appearance)

Helen Potts Abby Frye Hal Carter Myles Davis Millie Owens Macy Smith Bomber Clyde Orehuela Madge Owens Katie Habermas Flo Owens Jasmin Richards Rosemary Sydney Jada Thomas Alan Seymour Trevor Van Auken Imar Kornkite Daryn Trube Christine Shoenwalder Sierra Salazar Howard Bevans Isaiah Woodard Understudies Justin Acklin Jacob Rainer

crew Dr. Kero Morkos, DMD General Dentist 12567 W. Broadway St. Suite 129 Pearland, TX 77584 Phone 832-672-8648 Fax 832-672-6869 Find us on Facebook.

Technical Director

David Soward

Assistant Director

Angy Abrigo

Stage Manager

Luis Vira

Sound Designer

Samantha O’Neill

Light Board Operator

Karyn South

Lead Technician

Elliot Green

Backstage Crew

Tristin Hauser Sofia Lopez Sasse

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Very proud of you! Hope you, the cast, and crew "Enjoy the Show". Break a leg!

Our Love Always, Aunt Susan & Uncle Jake


It’s so much fun watching your plays! However, the best part is knowing how much fun ‘you’ have performing in them. Congratulations to our Star!

Love, Mom, Dad, John, Maggie & Will

Jasmin, This time has gone so fast. We cannot believe it is your last high school fall production. You continue to make us proud. We expect to be following you in acting for many years to come. And now the song... We are proud of you! We are proud of you! Oh, Oh Oh!

Break a leg! We love you!! Mom, Dad, and Lloyd

The Center at Ridge Rock 117710 Broadway St. Suite 102 Pearland, Texas 77584


Trevor— While you EASE ON DOWN THE ROAD of life, remember this—all of life’s treasurers and baubles, you CAN’T TAKE THEM WITH YOU. I am not being glib, no sirree BOB! I realize that now, at this very moment, this is the time to GET SERIOUS. While your friends and neighbors may see you as just a BOY NEXT DOOR, I can say without a DOUBT that you are so much more than that to us. When you go off to school

in search of those BRIGHT IDEAS remember that your WIT will be your best weapon—keep it close at all times. And don’t wait until the engine light of life comes on to SLIDE A LITTLE OIL… And while you at times may think that your family is a few sandwiches shy of a PICNIC basket, know that we love you and support you in everything that you do! Love, Mom, Dad and Courtney

WHO’S WHO Isaiah Woodard (Howard Bevans) is a J unior at Shadow Cr eek High School. He has played Mr.Franklin in Children of a Lesser God, Bill in All in the Timing, Russ in Bright Ideas, Flying Monkey, and munchkin in The Wiz, Seymore in Why I Don’t Go to the Movies, Technician ( Student & Resident) in W;t. Isaiah has also served as Freshman Representative during his first year for The Off Broadway Theatre Department and is currently serving as an ambassador. He thanks his family and friends because without them, the possibility of success would not be possible. Jacob Rainer (Hal Understudy) is a Senior at Shadow Cr eek High School. Other roles at SCHS include: Mr. Klemper in Girls Next Door, Mr. Franklin in Children of a Lesser God, Rick in My Brother and Ben in Emergency Protocol. Jacob participates in the school's drama club and is a member of Thespian Society. Loves and thanks to his family and friends for their love and support. Justin Acklin ( Alan Seymour Understudy) is a J unior at Shadow Cr eek High School he has been involved in other SCHS The Off Broadway productions such as W;t, The Emergency Protocol, Children of a Lesser God, and Grave. Juston would like to give thanks to his family for all cher love and support.



So proud of all you have and will accomplish!


Myles Davis (Hal) is a senior at Shadow Cr eek High School and is cur r ently ser ving as treasurer for the Off Broadway Theatre Drama Club. Previously, he has been seen on the SCHS stage as the X-Ray Tech in W;t, a chorus member in The Wiz, and Lucian in Children of a Lesser God. Abby Fry (Mrs. Potts) is a senior at Shadow Cr eek High School. We have seen her on the SCHS stage before as a doctor in W ;t and as Sheila in The Boys Next Door. She currently serves as an officer for the Off Broadway Theatre Drama Club. Macy Smith (Millie) is a Fr eshman at Shadow Cr eek High School and is making her first appearance in a SCHS The Off Broadway Production. Other roles outside of SCHS include: Alice in Wonderland as Alice and Grandma Twiggins in the 1st place 2016 Junior High UIL Competition, The Wishin’ Tree. She gives thanks to her family and friends for their endless support. Clyde Gabriel Orehuela (Bomber) is a junior at Shadow Cr eek High School, he has been in other roles, Bix the Beaver and the Airline Steward in Bright Ideas, James Leeds in Children of a Lesser God, a Monkey and a Munchkin in The Wiz, as well as performing in two student directed One Act Plays. He wishes to thanks his friends and family for all their love and support. Katie Habermas (Madge) is a junior at Shadow Cr eek High School. She began her love for acting in 7th grade and has been performing ever since. She is a member of Thespians and qualified for Nationals last year in group acting. She currently serves as Member-at-Large in the Off Broadway Theatre Drama Club. Jasmin Richards (Flo Owens) is a Senior at Shadow Creek High School. Other rules at SCHS include Lucy in Girls Next Door, The Wiz in The Wiz, Professor Ashford in W;t. She had done eight years worth of youth musical theatre as well as worked professionally as an actress at the children’s museum of Houston. She aspires to be on Broadway one day in the near future. Sh is excited for her final season at Shadow Creek and would like to thank her friends and family for their support. Jaida Thomas (Rosemary Synde) is a junior at Shadow Cr eek High School, she has been in other roles Addaperle in the The W iz, Jadia has also been in numerous musical s at the Talented tenth theatre and is in SCHS’s Varsity mixed choir: Poseidon Choral. She wishes to thanks her family and friends for their love and support. Trevor VanAuken (Alan Seymour) is a senior at Shadow Cr eek High School. Other roles at SCHS include: Dr. Posner in W;t, Father Flynn in Doubt: A Parable, and the Tinman in The Wiz. Before High School, Trevor started acting as a member of The Pearl Theatre, seen in show such as: Macbeth, Twelve Angry Men, and All Shook Up! He loves his family and friends and thanks them for their support! Daryn Trube (Irma Kronkite) Is a senior at Shadow Cr eek High School. Her other roles at SCHS include technical work and building sets for Shadow Creek High School’s, The Off Broadway productions of Bright Ideas, The Wiz, and Emergency Protocol. Picnic will be Daryn Trube’s First debut as an actor. Her Accomplishments can be attributed to her teachers, Mr.Soward and Mr.Archer. Sierra Salazar (Christine Schoenwalder) is a J unior at Shadow Cr eek High School. She has been a part of multiple shows in and outside of school, such as Adventure in Wonderland and Beauty and the Beast Jr. In addition to this, she has been a part of the past two year of One-Act Play and SCHS’s first musical The Wiz as a specialty dancer. She is blessed to have a loving and supporting family.

Picnic Program  
Picnic Program