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The Board of Directors for the Council of Churches of Western Mass voted to partner with TimeBanks USA . TimeBanks USA was founded in 1995 and its central office is located in Washington D.C. The mission of TimeBanks is to nurture and expand a movement that promotes equality and builds caring community economies through inclusive exchange of time and talent. We are working with TimeBanks leaders across the US and internationally to strengthen and rebuild community, and use TimeBanks to achieve wide-ranging goals such as Social Justice

The Council of Churches of Western Massachusetts is working with the State of Massachusetts Department of Public Health Bureau of Substance Abuse Services, the Council of Churches is leading the faith based community to become providers of faith based services to serve those individuals transitioning from incarceration or those who have served in the US Military and are working to create new and healthy lives back in the community.


A-Access to Recovery (ATR) is a federally-funded 6 month program designed to give people who have substance use problems wider access to community services that help them on the road of recovery. Through the Access to Recovery Program, people who are motivated to change their alcohol and drug behavior, have the opportunity to work with ATR Coordinators to create recovery plans which help them define the path, the goals and the action steps they will take to achieve a life that provides more stability, less crime, and a better quality of life in terms of their mental, physical and spiritual health.

Along with the Council of Churches, many houses of worship provide services as part of ATR. They are part of the ATR Provider Network. Bringing together the strength of

the relationships they already have in the community and the wide and broad array of services that they have always offered, ATR allows individuals to get the support where they may be most comfortable. Church and those with a spiritual foundation have much to offer. By being a part of ATR people can receive support from those churches involved with Faith, Recovery in Action through some of the following services: Pastoral Counseling Recovery Coaching Spiritual Groups Support Groups Classes This past August many people from the faith based community attended the Recovery Coach Academy here in Springfield. By completing this training, these Churches are allowed to be reimbursed for coaching services through ATR.

bridges between diverse communities, home or to take custody and place the and local ecological sustainability. children into a foster home.

Time Banking takes the basic ideas of Co-Production™ and builds on the fact that people naturally want to give back, to make a difference, just as professional providers do. With CoProduction™ that giving back is encouraged. Recipients become partners and participants in building successful outcomes. We can take the Five Core Values of Time Banking and apply them to the basic idea of Co-Production™ in the fields of social services to create a renewed sense of membership, belonging and joint ownership in positive outcomes. This calls for all of the Five Core Values. Taking each in turn, this means that:

‘Co-Production™’ is about working together for a strong community and more effective social services. It starts from the idea that services are successful only when the people being served are involved. Teaching is an example. A "teacher will teach, but learning happens when students become engaged. That principle can be taken into almost every field of service. If clients don’t become actively engaged in achieving a successful outcome, the service provider will not succeed alone. The partnership between professionals, clients, and community is basic to CoProduction™. But there is another kind of partnership that is equally important. That’s the relationship between the world of money and the world of home, neighborhood and community.

your understanding of Co-Production™. For more on Co-Production™ and the economic theory that underlies it, you can read No More Throw-Away People, Edgar Cahn’s book about Time Banking and CoProduction™.

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