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This is ARCHANA ARIVOLI. Iam seeking an oppurtunity in your firm to nurture my knowledge and experience in the field of architecture . I personally believe that it is very essential to inculcate my emotions into any design, because nothing speaks better than a personal touch . I would love to expand my horizons when it comes to experimenting with various spaces and spatial interactions and to bring in new innovation to the table . my plan of action in terms of design usually involves elegance,simplicity,efficiency and creativity . Iam also immensely interested in preserving ancient architecture and to give them a new skin of structure My experience as an architecture student has moulded me in all facets and has propelled me to make use of my ideas and talent in the best way possible . It would be privilege and a brilliant oppurtunity to use your firm as a platform to do the same.



Tamil , English


No.5,Arumai Nagar, Medical College Road, Keezhakasakudy, Karaikal-609 609 2014





Graduated 10th Std At Good Shepherd English School,Karaikal


Graduated 12th Std At SRVS National Higher Secondary School,Karaikal


Joined CARE School Of Architecture Trichy Conducted Annual Architecture Lecture Series (AALS ) @ CARE , Trichy

Took Part In Annual Nasa Design Competition ( ANDC )

Soft Skills

Lecture Series

W o Timberel Vaulting r Ar.Senthil kumar doss k Tie And Dye s Artist. M.V. Gurumani Mr.V. K. Subramanian h o How Do Building Stand ? Prof. V. R. Shah p s Ar.Mangesh Cauvery Archives Prof . Joseph Aranha

Terra Firma Ar. Ophylia Godwin

Traveller’s Transect Ar.Godwin Emmanuel

Understanding Structures Through History Prof . Durganand Balsavar

Clay And Papermesh Workshop Ar . Preetha Krishnan

Mould Making Artist. Mark Rathinaraj

Ar. Palinda Kannangara

Prof. Durganand Balsavar Ar. Peter Rich Ar. Chayya Ar. Arjit and Ar. Asha

Prof. V. R. Shah and Ar. Mangesh Ar. Alok Shetty


Ar. Frank Ching

Understanding Reinforced Cement Concrete Er.Rajendiran Ar.Murali

Ar. Arjun Malik Ar. Tamilarasan

Upscaling Used Tyres Into Play Furnitures Ar. Pooja Rai Ar . Nancy

Traders centre @ Mattu sandhai

Nursery and Primary school


Design Work The Albuquerque tile factory @ Mangalore

Fuel Station

Rural Studio

Basic Design

Brick bonding, arches and timber joinery

R.C.C Detailing

Architectural Design Detailing Steel structures

Building Constru

Terra firma

Understanding reinforced cement concrete

Timberel vaulting

Understanding structures through history

Upscaling used tyres into play Furnitures

Cauvery archives

Clay and papermesh

Tie and dye

How do building stand ?


g uction

Malakottai (ANDC)

Tharangambadi (ANDC)


Studio intent The intent of the design is to build on the existing character of the market and ensure the existing function of the market is not disturbed in any manner through these interventions.

Project brief

To design the following facilities to support the existing market.

A Place to meet – For meeting people from trade , address grievances, collective activities of the traders, an information dissemination center for day-length workshops on agriculture and animal husbandry.An allied wing that includes minimum facility for treatment of livestock. A Place to sleep-An overnight accommodation for traders, A place to rest for humans and animals , A place in shade for evenings.

T r a d e r s

The interface- the edge of the site adjoining the highway where the traders truck arrive , park and leave from, could be a thick zone with parking , refreshment , mechanics , as well as a commercial hotelm run by the association for revenue.

C e n t e r @

T r a d e r s C e n t e r @Manapparai Mattu Sandhai

Site Plan

Place To Meet

Place To Sleep

The Interface

The Albuquerque tile factory is one of the two authentic mangalore tile factories that survive till date. Despite the durability of the products produced, the factory faces several challenges as the oldest functioning tile factory in mangalore. The sticky clay deposits of the region, which makes the tiles so robust, are diminishing along with the demand for tiles. Factory owners are finding it extremely difficult to find labour and compete with contemprory trends in building materials. It was a vast factory with architecturally diverse and interesting experiential spaces throughout in which only a part of its functioning and the remaining parts are architectural ruins which adds more to its space value both aesthetically and experimentally.It had several characters which,these include : structural system, material and quality of light, character of volume and mass, ruined roofs, and more. Each and every part of the spaces plays an influential role within.

T h e

A l To solve advanced and complex problems involving large scale Multi-storeyed buildings and complexes for Residential/ Commercial/ Institutional/ Mixed-Use in an urban context with focus on visual characteristics, service integration and sustainable practices. b Project Brief u The factory to survive into the future , requires new ideas and strategies to prepare for a difficult future. The ownership have decided to invest in a Research and development program that will help their products and processes upgrade, and provide the world with new and q cutting-edge ideas in the world of terracotta building products. To do this, they must experiment and explore changes to existing available raw material to make tiles, to invent tiles which fit in u better with other new building technology, to come up with better bricks and other solutions for the building industry. They must be open to trying everything from scientific experiments to random, crazy, artistic ideas. e For this the facilities must be a mixture of uses, from high-tech labs to messy art studios. r At the heart of this institution is this activity: exploring, making, testing, producing, new ideas and objects of terracotta. q u e Studio Intent

T h e A l b u q u e r q u e Tile Factory @ Mangalore

Section A

Section B

D o c u m e n t a t i o n

We documented a small but interesting and pivotal part of the factory “ The feeding corridor�

Ground floor plan

Second floor plan

First floor plan


JT parking



play area



clay studio

material museum





Ground floor plan


service area

common kitchen

living area


living area

living area

meeting room

class room


meeting room dining

community kitchen

material museum

prototype lab

class room


physics lsb

chemistry lab toilet



First floor plan

Second floor plan

living area


Section A


T e r r a c o p t a t r a k

Project Brief Design a fuel filling station on a trichy-chennai highway for a national or international company of your choice.

Studio Intent

The project has the scope to explore the following design aspects : spatial organisation, circulation/movement, functional efficiency, user perception and behaviour, user activity-space relation, site planning aspects, choice of approiprate materials and structural systems, safety norms and standards etc.

F u e l S t a t i o n

Section A

Ground Floor plan

Section B

Project brief

Design a Nursery & primary school in Residential neighbourhood.

Studio Intent The project has the scope to explore the following design aspects; Spatial organization, Circulation/ Movement , Functional efficiency , user perception and behaviour, User-activity-space relation, site planning aspects, choice of appropriate materials and structural systems, safety Norms and Standards, etc.

P r i m a r y S c h o o l

Ground Floor plan

First Floor plan

Section A

Section B

Intent of the Studio To understand People, Environment, Place, their Inter-relationships and the Practices as a result of Geographical/Climatic conditions.

The village thayanoor is an interesting farming settlement in tiruchirapalli. It is an developing village facing various problems due to the rapid unorganised urbanisation. The architectural character of the village is still vernacular and has its own heritage value. Although some parts of the village had undergone the characterless modernisation in means of its usage of building

R u r a l S t u d i o

T h a y a n o o r

B a s i c D e s i g n

These are the models where i explored with five elements of nature and emotions









530 530

698 1408




PLAN @ 2'6"


These are the working drawings of toilet and kitchen under architectural design





R.C.C Detaing

These sheets helped me to und Detailing.

Brick bonding , Arches , timber joinery These sheets helped me to understand the techniques of brick bonding, brick masonry, arches, and timber joinery.


derstand the techniques of R.C.C

Steel Structures

These sheets helped me to understand the techniques of steel structures, trusses, space frame.

H o w d o b u i s l t d a i n n d g ?

A week long intense process in understanding structures through analytical models , conducted by Prof.V.r.Shah, an academician and a reputed structural consultant,and Ar.Mangesh,a young and dynamic architect with a passion for structures from Ahmedabad. We had a few things to take back ,a new perspective on structures,a valuable hand- on experience in handling materials and models . It was a mind blowing experience witnessing the various form finding methods for mass, frame and tensile Structure. The technique using soap bubble to find the ideal form for tensile structures inspired by Frei Otto was spectacular to witness.

T i m b e r v e a l u l t i n g

An Exploration on the construction and technique of Timbrel Vaulting..mentored by Ar.Senthil Kumar Doss Founder and Principal Architect,Play Architecture, Bangalore. The workshop that have explored the lost technique of timbrel/Catalan vaulting. Hailed as the technology for the future and much researched upon worldwide the timbrel vault differs substantially from the Roman method of vault building by defying GRAVITY. Based on several layers of tiles that fuse together to work as a laminated shell, the thin profiles of the Timbrel vaults are to be seen to be believed....

C a u v e r a y r c h i v e s

a r c h i v e s

A long documentation workshop mentored by Prof.Joseph Aranha,Fulbright scholar and academician from the Texas Tech University at Moovar Kovil, Pudukkottai , where we had lectures amidst site visits and studio work . Here, we learned to observe and abstract information from buildings of historical and heritage value.

Understanding Structures Through History

A One day hands-on workshop to Ex Principles of Gothic Architecture. The Workshop involves Constructing Gothic p study of light.

Through a Series of Explorations with Gothic Arches were Constructed. The workshop Provides a Broade Cultural Aspects that Led to the Design of Gothic Arches

Terra firma

A workshop on unearthing hidden potentials for a context sensitive architecture , conducted by Ar.Ophylia vinodhini kadavur

We explored model making with different materials , contour mapping and site visit to

Work Shops

xplore the Construction and Structural

pointed Arches, Flying Buttresses, Catenary and

h Plywood Models built , we Understand how

er Understanding of Social Conditions and

Clay and paper meche

A workshop on Clay Modelling Techniques and paper mache by Ar.Preetha of Studio ART ‘O’ ARCH.. The Sculpturesque models are the outcome of the paper mache workshop The fluidity and mouldability of the technique offered insights into the usage of this medium in architectural model making.

Upscaling Used Tyres Into Play Furnitures

A hands-on workshop on upscaling us It was fun working with tyres and designing so It was conducted by Ar.prethi Shetty and Ar.

Understanding Reinforced Cement Concrete A two-day hands on workshop to understand reinforced cement concrete . It was conducted by Er.Rajendiran (structural engineer ) and Ar.Murali We were exposed to different grades of cement , concrete mix proportions , application of admixtures used in concrete,thumb rules for design of concrete,different grades of steel available in market and its applications We experienced concrete construction technique hands—on by casting a footing , a beam , a ferrocement domr and a filler slab

Work Shops

sed tyres into play furniture ome new things with waste materials .nancy from Anthill creations

Tie And Dye A workshop on the textile tradition of “Tie and Dye” and batik. The joyous, colorful outcomes were a pleasure to discover when the knots were removed. The workshop was aimed at sensitizing us to the resplendent craft traditions of our sub – continent. The workshop was conducted by Veteran Artist.Gurumani and Artist. Subramanian.

A N D C T r o p h y

Thank You Archana A +91 8248298090

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