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ICE STUPA PROJECT Intervista a Conradin Clavuot a cura di Ovidiu Serghe Zeppelin magazine

Water management through architecture. In this exciting low-tech, high innovation project, India’s region of Ladakh and Switzerland’s Obergadin learn from each other how to answer the questions of freshwater availability on dry lands and rapid shrinkage of mountain glaciers. The project is about sustainable agriculture and touristic development during the dry heat periods of the year. But it’s also about responsible architecture and, fundamentally, about holistic sustainability and our relationship to nature. Ovidiu Serghe spoke to Conradin Clavuot, the initiator of this collaborative project. Conradin Clavuot’s internationally renowned practice is based on working with the existing qualities of the environment, enhancing them and trying to add new ones. He designs with clear elements based on strong basic expres-

sions, handcrafts, nature treatments, materials and techniques. His awarded projects and multiple won competitions in Switzerland are becoming a reference point on how to build in an environment with as much heritage, resources and strong character as the Swiss Alps. He was a visiting professor at the ETH Zurich during 2003-2006 and at the University of Liechtenstein, Vaduz during 2010 – 2016 for a Master course on „Cultural Sustainability in the Alpine Region“, mentoring students which won international awards with their diploma projects. Ovidiu Serghe: How did this idea of bringing Ice Stupa into the Alps from the Himalayas come up? Conradin Clavuot: I was teaching in the University of Liechtenstein. With my master classes we were working on the theme of “Sustai-

Morteratschgletscher, Egadin, Graubünden, Schweiz.



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