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Digital Site Model

All layers of site model should be completed.

Adapting the Mass Through adapting the mass, you will begin articulating the spatial ideas and sectional quality within the mass. Think how the mass begins to break down into layers such as, skin, double skin, structure, major openings, what is enclosed and exposed space, etc. Develop these ideas digitally by offsetting and trimming your digital mass model, you can also attach layers onto your small massing mode, or you can make some sketch or quick study models. Now that you have a massing strategy and program strategy, you need to start generating a material pallet which begins to inform the transformation of the massing into potential wall typologies. This means incorporating material swatches into your Axon diagrams. These materials should be similar to materials that you used on Project 1 so that you can adapt your structural systems to your current massing. Use any material you would like here. Plan Iteration 1 From your adapted mass model, you will cut a horizontal section to start generating floor plans. Use the plans to shift your program diagram into articulated walls, spaces, and circulations. The plans will also be beneficial to correctly size openings, future structural grid, material ideas, and skin thicknesses and details. Iterations of spatial variations are always desired. Print Iteration 1 at 1/8”=1’ +Typical Drawings Guidelines Surface Thickness - (Walls) Thick Walls (Concrete) 15”-24” Medium Walls (Metal Clad)8”-12” Thin Walls (Interior) 4”-6” Glass - .5”-1” usually drawn as a single thick line Corridors - Ramps - For every 1’ of rise you have 12’ of run with a 4’ landing. Stairs - 8” run to 6” rise with a 4’ land ing. Door swings - interior door is typically 3’.

Doors swing out of spaces.

First floor plan - shows the outline of the second floor plan with a dashed line. Primary Circulation - show with dashed line.

Dustin White | Visiting Assistant Professor

ARCH 3501 : Architecture Design Studio 4 _ Fall 2011

Exercise_004_a_Project 2  
Exercise_004_a_Project 2  

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